•{ Roads of Hope . . .

The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination. ~Marian Zimmer Bradley

I’m going through a very delicate balance right now between hope and despair – I believe all travel that road various times in our lives. My wish for everyone its that we spend more time traveling on the side of hope. It’s like a flower. With care it can spring up anywhere.

Skin: Revoul.Candy Catwa ( Applier in RE15 ) @ Equal10
Hair: Stealthic – Desire (Browns)
Tattoo: Stardust–- Asteria hope tattoo @ 100% Donation to RFL – Fantasy Faire 2019

Pose::LW: BENTO Poses – All Of Me @ Tres Chic
Headpiece: *LODE* Head Accessory – Valley Crown [mix]

•{ Who’s the boss . . .

Go ‘head and count your losses
We both know who the boss is

It’s not like yesterday
I came prepared to play

Outfit: Una. Sexy Police @ Kinky Event {Opens April 28th}
Hair: Unorthodox – Chelli Hair -Chocolate-
Accessory: **RE** ReVoX Unleashed Necklace

Pose by me . . .

•{ The enemy is Cancer – Why I Relay

When a loved one is fighting a battle for their life we want to do whatever we can to help them win; at the very least we want them to know that they are not alone. Battles are long, hard, and they test a person in ways they never imagined. No one goes into a fight expecting to loose. One such fight, is the fight against cancer.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI)  reports that, “In 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 609,640 people will die from the disease.”

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) there are more 70 different types of Cancer. It takes many forms and doesn’t discriminate on age, gender, religion, or ethnicity. It can attack anyone. While some risk factors of this disease can be changed, there are those that cannot.

Cancer not only affects its chosen target, but the lives of the people around them. My grandmother – on my mother’s side – died of cancer after a year of fighting in 2007. After a two-year battle my mother also died of cancer in 2009. I have seen first hand how the disease takes once vibrant person and slowly strips them away.

The weight a person feels when the report comes in that they have cancer, or says that there’s nothing to be done, is nearly indescribable. How does a person go on with a time-bomb over their head? How do you deal with the fact that any time you see the person could be the last time? Currently I am in the process of watching my other grandmother loose her 5-year battle with cancer. This is the third time I am having to watch and go through seeing someone I love die due to this disease. Sometimes it is too much to bear.

While it may be too late for my grandmother, and all the others who have lost their battle with cancer, there is still hope for others.

Relay for Life (RFL) is a principle fundraiser from the ACS encouraging people to raise money for cancer research. In SecondLife one of the largest RLF events is the Fantasy Faire which, so far, has raised over $20k US for the cause. The event has over 100 shops with designers giving percentages of sales to the cause. RLF reports that in August of 2018 $410 million had been raised to fund cancer research. This organization also helps provide resources, free rides, and places to stay near hospitals.

Relay for Life gives people a chance to help fight. Donate, volunteer, or simply spread the word. With everyones help, someday, this battle could be won.

To donate in SecondLife check out  Relay For Life of SecondLife  for various kiosk locations or to donate online.

There are also numerous kiosk at the Fantasy Faire!

Outfit: :[Plastik]:– Sangara.  @ Fantasy Faire 2019

Pose from ::Poseidon:: – Tauriel @ Fantasy Faire 2019

•{ Not Impressed . . .

“Excuse me if I seem little unimpressed with this
An anti-social pessimist, but usually I don’t mess with this
And I know you mean only the best
And your intentions aren’t to bother me . . .

I’m stand-offish, don’t want what you’re offerin’
And I’m done talkin’, awfully sad it had to be that way . . .”

Lyrics from Alessia Cara “Here”

Lingere: Giz Seorn – Becky @ FaMESHed X 
Hair . .ICONIC.Bobbi @ FaMESHed X 

Chair: Nutmeg. &RK Poses. Red Vintage Chair
Pose: -RD- Static Female Pose “Glamour Girl”

•{ The Water Spirit . . . .

Off the beach that leads to the sea, the Water Spirit waits for me.

She called me out so sweetly, come here my darling come quickly.

And blinded by her spell I could not see the layers of witchery she put upon me.

I couldn’t tell what was real, or what was fantasy. The only thing I knew was her wanting.

In the far back of my mind warning bells were sounding. Once upon a time tales tell of this subsequential ending.

Could someone help me please, I think I’m drowning . . .

Skin: Fallen Gods. ~ Oceanica, Indian Argentum @ We love RP  
Hair: Sintiklia – Trendy girl – Hairs Leba @ LootBox
Bra: :: ANTAYA :: Shell bra –

Pose is my own

•{ Plans and Cola . . .

She had had a day. It was the beginning of the week and already she could feel herself being tired tomorrow. Though, on the bright side, it was evening.

Grabbing a cola out the fridge she stood outside on the balcony. The sounds of the city drifted up and florescent lights from windows and street lamps cast about shadows on the tall buildings. She turned for a moment to watch the cars below, letting the stress of the day melt off as she laughed to herself. It may have been a long day, but she had evening plans that promised to make it all better.

But first, she was going to finish her cola.

Top: Giz Seorn – Debbie Bandeau Top
Skirt: Giz Seorn – ‘Joan’ Skirt
Hair:  Lamb Ocean Bed – Ginger
Backdrop: Paparazzi – Urban View BACKDROP

Pose: from Animosity – 111 Pose Pack w/ Prop @ AnyBody