•{ A spy-deer . . .

School today was crazy, but what was even more so was the weather. It was so cold she could hardly feel her fingers and that meant she couldn’t hold her phone, let alone use it, to video talk to her friend Jazzy on the way home from school. Like, seriously, isn’t there some law about sending kids to school when it’s below freezing?

Navi trudged home through the cold and snow as fast as she could. Jazzy wasn’t at school today and she simply had to be told about what had happened in 3rd-period.

“An’on’ome?” Navi called out as soon as she got in the door of her home. She was checking to see if her mom was home. She wasn’t. At least not yet. All the better for now she could rave to her friend without her mom listening in.

Before she could even finish sitting by the window, she quick dialed Jazzy and her face was on the screen. “Girl . . . you should have been there today!”

“I miss all the good stuff when I’m out,” came Jazzy’s voice from the other side of the phone.

“Okay, you know Jason, right? He — “


“—Came right up to me and — “


“ —Put hand on my shou—“


“Oh my god, what?” Navi exclaimed. “What is so important?”

Jazzy pointed to Navi, “There’s a deer or, whatevah, behind you.”

Navi turned to see what her friend was talking about. Indeed, there was a deer looking in at them through the window. She started laughing as she turned back to her friend. “This animal is ‘bout to be all up in our conversation.”

Both girls laughed before getting on to more important matters . . .

Head: LAQ ~ Ivy head – Ivy
Top: neve  – duo plaid
Pants: neve– donna denim
HairVanity Hair:: Big Stuff

Pose and background from Something New~ Window Wonderland

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