•{ . . . Metro Thoughts

He had a long way to go yet, to get to where he wanted. Always feeling like he was coming from the wrong side of the tracks, trying to slip into the high society lifestyle. It was going to take some work – a lot of work – for him to reach the goals he set.

An exasperated sigh left his lips as he leaned back to the steel fence that outlined the subway. Right now the day was quiet, a few people passed by here and there, but that was because the station didn’t open for a couple hours yet. He had arrived early in hopes that it would spark motivation. He gave a pat to the bag which hung off his shoulder. Its contents were his motivation.

His eyes followed the steps down and he tired to peer into the darkness. He was going to be the first in the station and arrive to work before everyone else, and work harder than everyone else. One day his dreams will not be dreams anymore.

Top: Legal Insanity – Dylan white clean tank top
Jeans: Legal Insanity – Wrynn denims @ FaMESHed
Shoes: ::GB:: Roll Down Boots / Black
Bag: ::GB:: Denim Shoulder bag / Blue (edited to opposite side)
Necklace: [VO.Z] Anchor Pendant Necklace -Iron
Hat: :::NOIR::: Jones Beanie @Fameshed
Beard: (( Mister Razzor )) Alain Facial Hair

Backdrop: MINIMAL – January Group Gift 2020

Pose is CKEY Poses – Joseph series @ The Mens Department 

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