•{ Conferring with Bones . . .

It was past sunset – though not quite night yet – when the Skeletons in the graveyard rose from their resting place. They crawled out of graves while others pulled themselves out of cracks in the headstones. A fine night it was for Beverly. Even skeletons had their fun.

As the skeletons started to prepare for the night, into the graveyard came a small troupe of robed gnomes. Dressed in dark robes and hats they shuffled between the graves. This was very odd to the skeletons as they had never seen the like of those people here before.

Imagine, then, the surprise of one skeleton as a gnome approached him to ask for directions . . . .

Scene credits:

Bee Designs – Spooky Gnomes gacha @ GachaLand
:InkMe:  Funny Skeletons @ GachaLand

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