•{ Thinking Over Grief . . .

Not everything that is lost is forgotten. And not every loss will hurt your heart forever. . .”

One of the things I’m not good at is grief. I know what you’re supposed to do, and I know all the words that people say. Even the things you say to others. I’ve read the steps, I know all the lines but the actual grieving, is the hard part. When it comes to that, I’m the type who buries it away and carries on.

I’ve had more than one person past in the last year die, and I have two more funerals (virtual thanks to COVID) looming on the horizon. How do you actually handle these type of things when you are social distancing?

It’s a strange world that we are living in right now where the things we use to do are wrong, and the seemingly wrong things (like spending endless hours in front of a screen) are right. We’ve learned to communicate differently, learn differently, and even celebrate differently. However, so far, I haven’t seen anything on how to grieve efficiently during all this. Is there even such a thing?

For now, I suppose, I’ll continue doing what I know to do in hopes that it will help.

Outfit & Shoes: Art&Ko – Winter Set @ Vanity
Hair: Unorthodox: Niyah Hair

Pose is Amitie – On the rooftop

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