School was just around the corner and her Aunt had been advising her to freshen up on her skills. They had taken a trip out of the country, to one of the Shadaon’s private labs. The place felt cool and dark, it reminded Rya of the dungeons at Hogwarts.

Rya saw a few various things, but what caught her eye were the small critters. She was informed that they were Pygmys. Taking them out of their cages she held one up. Its fur was soft and colorful. Alas, it was the wrong color.

“M’be…”. She mused as she took out her wand, “Ya would look bettah green. Colovaria! “


Skin: .The Honey Shop. Elise – Brownie
Outfit: Orange*Pekoe – (10) Off shoulder cardi w/ tee MLara @ Wizarding Faire 2021
Hair: CAMO – Robyn Locs – Browns
Wand: Kore: Lunar Wand @ Wizarding Faire 2021

Animals: [The Emporium] Wild Pygmy Puff // Natural, Floo, and Beauxbatons @ Wizarding Faire 2021
Accessory: #LuluB! – Potterhead. @ Wizarding Faire 2021

Pose is from Fashiowl – Hermione @ Wizarding Faire 2021

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