•{ The Faun . . .

“And in a universe of people that spend their todays searching for tomorrow, hope is the most powerful weapon you can have.” – Romina Russell

Head: BeSpoke  – Faun Piper @ Skin Fair 2022
Skin: BeSpoke – Faun Piper – Skin (f) – Dream @ Skin Fair 2022
Eyes: BeSpoke Faun Piper – Eyes – Bright @ Skin Fair 2022
Hair: DOUX – Medusa

Top: A Breakfast Convo: {ABC} Spring Blossoms Top Mauve @ Dream Day
Accessory: *LODE* Head Accessory – Summer Garden [pastels]

Taken at the lovely : The Forgotten Gardens

The BeSpoke Faun head comes ready to use out of the package. The skin is BoM compatible and applies to a persons own mesh body (I am wearing Legacy), and the provided head – which is also Bento and allows for a bit of personal shaping. It comes in both Male and Female skins. The pictures below were taken in the Firestorm Viewer, Mid Settings, and a Neutral Windlight.

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