•{ Never Be . . .

I’m trying to hold my breath
Let it stay this way
Can’t let this moment end
You set off a dream in me
Getting louder now
Can you hear it echoing?

Lyrics from “Never Enough” by Loren Allred

Dress : -AZUL-– Taja /Garnet @ Fetish Fair {Until March 2nd}
 Hair: Exile:: Liaison Natural Fusion

Bracelet: Earthstones Diamond Tennis Bracelet – Gold

Pose fromStardust – Emma @ N21

Other items:
+Half-Deer+Origami Dream – Crane


•{ The Color Red. . .

Red is Love
Red is Passion
Red is Blood and it is Pain

It is strength from within that makes them remember your name

Dress : -AZUL- – Noe @ Vanity
Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Clover – Browns
Make-up:-Birth- ‘Big Heart & Ornate’ Shadow & Lipsticks @ The Liaison Collaborative 

Yokai – Flower rain umbrella @ Love Bites Hunt 

Pose is my own

•{ Rain and Gold . . .

When it’s said and done
I already felt love
And I let it end up
End up dying by itself
And when it’s said and done
You were better off
You deserve real love
And I deserve to be by myself
‘Cause I’ve gone too far
And I started too young
To give up
And even if I changed
It would be too late
I exposed my ways . . .

– Lyrics “Tears in the Rain” by The Weekend

Dress : -AZUL- Erin. @ NEW Main store Release
Mask: #26  Blueberry–/ Show Time / Maitreya – Mask *Queen*
Shoes: #6  Blueberry–/ Show Time / Maitreya – Ree Heels *ALL * / RARE

Pose is from FOXCITY. . Legs for Days
Shot inside FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Escape

•{ Like I Care . . .

Sometimes you really want to care. Whether it’s about what is going on around you, or in the lives of others, or even about what will happen based on your decisions. You want to care because in your mind you know it’s important. However, try as you might, you can’t.

So you fake it. You know all the moves: how to smile on cue and all the quips to make so you appear authentic. Deep down you know the truth and that is you really don’t care.

Outfit: -AZUL-  Hansa /Garnet @ Sense Event
Hair base: Studio Exposure – CATWA VIP PARTY

Jewelry: ~~ Ysoral~~:Luxe FatPack Jewelry Romance:

•{ On the bridge, waiting . . .

From here she could hear the sounds of the city easing from workday to evening. The hurried bustle turned to anticipation and the chatter of work was exchanged for that of drinks and party plans. Even the buzz in the air had its own shift. Perhaps it wasn’t something everyone could feel but she could, and standing against the railings on the highest bridge in the city, she could see the change as well.

She watched street lights begin to come on and dinner lights glow in the windows of local restaurants as a way to lure in customers. It all made her smile. However, she wasn’t at this point to simply watch others but she was waiting for her companion of the evening. She had told him where she would be and in the fading light of day the green on her dress stood out. It was his favorite color.

Her watching was one-directional, and therefore flawed. While she was busy looking right, she didn’t notice that he was coming up on her left . . .

Outfit: -AZUL-– Olinda /Emerald LTD @ The Trunkshow {Until Jan 19th} 
Hair: ICONIC JingleJangle

Pose:DeePosed [DP]–Lean Back 7

Shot on location at Lutz City 

•{ After the party . . .

The last few days had been one social gathering after the other. When one party ended another was about to begin. She wasn’t a party girl – or one for multiple social engagements – but these were invites that could not be refused.

Now they were finally at an end. It was the last party and the last guest had finally left. For the first time in days there was quiet. She sighed deeply and slouched down. After all this, she was more than ready for a vacation from the holidays.

Outfit: -AZUL- Una FitMesh Dress
Hair: *booN Lab.007 hair brown pack

Fancy Decor: Spinet Harpsichord
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Ballroom
Apple Fall Confetti Balloon

Pose by me . . .