•{ Start on the way . . .

The sun is rising
It’s a brand new day
Get up
Get going
Start on the way

Yesterday is gone
And tomorrow’s ahead
Let’s live in the present
Make new memories instead

Scene Design:

The following is from [ kunst ] & [ILAYA] @ July’s PocketGacha
• Country table RARE /  Country stool (a) /  Candlestick holder / Bread and cake box
• Tin metal box (a) / Tin metal box (b) /  Soup plates / Soup saucers / Clay vase (a)

MADRAS 07 Doux Door wall decor @ July’s PocketGacha
MADRAS 05 Doux Rug Decor @ July’s PocketGacha

[Merak] – Butterflies Love. @ July’s PocketGacha
[Merak] – Decorative Basket @ July’s PocketGacha
[Merak] – Books Decor @ July’s PocketGacha
[Merak] – Geo Shelf @ July’s PocketGacha

Other items to note: 

Apple Fall  Throw Cloth – Blue Gingham
{what next} Draped Curtains (LINEN)
*Artisan Fantasy* Origami Toy Trio – Love Letter



•{ Life in a Circle . . .

Sometimes you’re up and other times you’re down. Sometimes all you can do is keep going because if you stop you’re going to break. As we strive to keep going, often we’ll get stuck in a pattern. A circle. 

The pattern is safe. The pattern is what you know. The pattern is something you know how to deal with. Everything outside is chaos but my circle has everything that I understand. When things go wrong in life we go to that circle. We go to that safety. We go to what we know. 

There’s nothing wrong in going to a place where you feel secure. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to deal with whatever it is that made you retreat to your circle. All things in their own time.  

We know that eventually we’ll have to step out and deal with things on the outside but until then we’re just focused on getting by.  And that’s okay. It’s okay because while we’re in that circle we’re allowing ourselves to find peace and come to terms with whatever it is we’re going to face.

That must be faced.

It can be tempting, but we know that we can’t keep living life in a circle . . .

Outfit: Cotton – Safietou 
HairVanity Hair:: Baccara. @ Trés Chic 

Pose/Prop: Glamrus . Focus Cube 

•{ Looking out . . .

It was never just about getting away so much as it was the ‘getting to’ and, right now, getting away to the next point was more than anticipation would allow. 

She waited on the stairs and kept a look-out for his car. Wouldn’t he be surprised to find her waiting and ready to go. That morning she had pulled out the map and the guide book and charted out a few destinations.  This trip would take a few days with everything she had planned, but it would be well worth it. 

Just as she was about to put her hand down his car pulled into the driveway. She could see the surprised look on his face behind the windshield and it made her laugh. Grabbing the map she stood up.  It was time to head out. 

Outfit: Una. – Lipa @ Vanity {Until July 25th}
HairVanity Hair:: Team Single @ On9
Pose: FOXCITY... Stairs (Sitting) Bento Pose Set
Backdrop: CK. Elite Studios  Island Retreat Backdrop @ Dazzle

•{ Devil you know . . .

The Devil you know
Is out of your control
Sitting somewhere
And he’s praying for your soul

Heaven tryin’ get you
Look who’s lost their virtue
Better believe what is true
That the Devil’s praying for you . . .

Skin: :[Plastik] Araxxis Gatcha – Albino Skin [ RARE ] @ Lootbox { Until July 19th }
Necklace: amias – NEHA male 2

:[Plastik]– Araxxis Cuffs @ Lootbox { Until July 19th }
.random.Matter. – Reyn Septum

Pose from Ana Poses – Dhaka @ The Mens Department 

•{ Morning ambition . . .

“Ambition is a lust that is never quenched, but grows more inflamed and madder by enjoyment.”

 Thomas Otway

Scene design: 

Serenity Style– Harter Suit Stand @ What Men Want {get the HUD here}

The following is from .Architect. Caspian Industrial Loft at the June round of PocketGacha
{ Books / Sideboard / Table / Wall Art / Rug }

Other items

floorplan. be ambitious.
Fapple– Bistro Planter
Fapple– Shakespeare Tulips
Fapple– Angel Oak Book Shelves
Mesh India –  Hanging Pot 2 [ 2 LI]
.08 [ kunst ] – Floor lamp / silver
*pm* Creator Burnout – Not Yet Burnt Out Laptop
{what next} Draped Curtains (LINEN)
NOMAD // Industrial Bed // RARE

•{ Beyond the gate . . .

Curious as a fox, that’s what she was – especially when it came what may be beyond the gate. 

Ever since she was a little cub she had been told to stay away from the gate. No one would tell her what was past them, and the forest grew too thick to see for what was beyond.  Every time she had a chance she would play around the gate, looking to sneak out when no one was looking.

One day she had the chance. No one was watching the gates, one of them was even slightly pushed open. They were never open and, if not for her excitement, she would have taken note of that significant detail. 

But not today. Today she was finally go to go beyond the gate . . 

Outfit: Moon Elixir – Crystal Kitsune   @Lootbox
(Corset / Gloves / Stole / Tail / Ear)
Skin: Revoul Naoki Catwa Applier in Tone 2
Whiskers: .ARISE. Kittie Mesh Whiskers
Hair: Exile –Flowers in the Sun – All or Nothing

Scene: CK Elite Studios ~ Gated Entrance Backdrop @ VERSUS {Staring July 1st}

Pose by me. . .

•{ No One saw it coming . . .

No One saw it comin’
That’s why No One went runnin’
Blinded by the innocence
What can I say, in my defense:

It’s not what I use to be
But about seeing the real me.


The following is from Belle Epoque { Steampunk Extravaganza } found in the current  @Lootbox.
• Goggles Black
• Jacket Black
• Mask Brown
• Ring

Hair: .Shi Hair : : Eirene / Unisex . Apocalypse 1 Dirty.
Gun: **JPK Steampunk Assault Rifle
Backdrop: CK Elite Studios ~ Garage Backdrop

Pose by me