•{ Somewhere . . .

Somewhere out there
Someone’s saying a prayer
That we’ll find one another
In that big somewhere out there

— From Somewhere Out There – by Linda Ronstadt

Outfit: Una Gloria Dress @ Dubai Event
Earrings: PROMAGIC Mai Earring

.peaches. Scia Entryway – Light (Bronze)
[IK] Shabby Mudroom – Plant
.random.Matter. – Precarious Plants – Bookstack
.Architect. Caspian Industrial Loft Wall Art [COMMON]
Howl – Wooden cart table
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 13. Sleepy Pup

Shot inside Diversion – Perspective Backdrop
Pose from Diversion – Sighted

•{ New Phone . . .

The day was only half over and she had only begun to shop. The boutique shops on the upper-side of town always held little-known gems so they were the best places to if you wanted to find a unique piece.

Her phone rang while she made her way to her car. It had rung a couple times before she reached the car and pulled out her phone and looked at the number. Problem was, the phone was new and her contact list had not finished syncing yet. Did she know this number? With a shrug she answered. “Hello?”

“Hello?” Came the voice on the other end. “Is that how it is now? Hello?”

She knew who it was now, and she scoffed as she opened the car and put her bags in all the while expertly balancing her phone. “And what if it is?” That was her retort.

“I see, you got jokes.”

“What’s that? New phone, who this?” And she pulled the phone away and laughed as she hung up. *Click*. They’d call back and, if they didn’t, well, she had shopping to do.

Outfit: Scandalize – Lulu @ Tres Chic 
Hair: Magika – Gemma
Pose is K&S – // I need a taxi // Bento poses

:.:UNICORN::. / BACKDROP San Francisco

•{ How’s Your Handlin’ . . .

Oh, who? You’re looking at me
Tell me how good is your handlin’
‘Cause you’re looking at trouble
when you’re lookin’ at me
Who ya callin’ ba-a-be?

I admire your attention
But from afar
So keep your hands right where they are . . .

-To my forever sister Tiffany, whose always standing by me ❤ –


Tiffany (check out her blog!)
Top: Blueberry – Authentic Crop Top & Bra
Hair: Truth – Elixir
Shorts: Vagrant – Stella Leather Shorts

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Hair : CAMO – Amber Dreads @ Access 
Outfit: Scandalize. Brianha. @ Collabor88 

Backdrop is Synnergy// Black Gloss Backdrop @ La Vie en Pose 
Pose is R&T + Synnergy// Booty Sisters Bento Pose @ La Vie en Pose 

•{ Boss Lady . . .

Taking care of business is what I do
I’m not in competition with you.
We can both succeed, yes it’s true.

We’ll be making that money
While they’re looking at us funny.
Don’t care about the haters
We’ll be each other’s motivator.

Boss Lady
Holding it down is not a ‘maybe’.
All legit with nothing shady.

The following items can be found at The Vintage Fair 2020!
Eyebrows: A R T E – Fiore Eyebrows vs. 1
Eyeshadow: Gorsimi – Anarchy Shadow 1
Glasses: RARE1 – Romazin – – Glasses
Earrings: RARE2 – Romazin – – Earrings
Necklace: Romazin – Choker
Hat: Ohemo – Doris pillbox hat –

Pose is  from Diversion – Strawberry Season Poses @ TLC 

Vintage Fair 2020

•{ Don’t impress me much. . .

She wasn’t the type that was easily impressed. Her disenchanted stare was one of the best. Therefore when she got a call from the office on this early morning, asking her to hear the latest clients pitch, she all but rolled her eyes over the phone. Her calendar was filing up and she really did not have the time.

She had agreed anyway.

This guy had likely been very persistent in getting a meeting with the company. When he came to her office he was overly lively and spoke faster than a mile a minute. She raised her hand to silence him and gave him a polite smile as she took a seat took a seat on her couch.

He was motioned over to chair and directed to place his things down. Soon he was ready to start his presentation, and, from what she saw, she already wasn’t impressed.

Outfit: Giz Seorn – Bexley Dress @ FaMESHed January
Boots: Eudora3D Raven Boots @ FaMESHed January
Necklace: **RealEvil** Aleena Necklace
Hair: DOUX – Mecca hairstyle

Pose from Amitie –  Breakfast at Tiffanys (couch included)

•{ True Colors . . .

This world makes you crazy
And you’ve taken all you can bear
Just, call me up
‘Cause I will always be there
And I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors
– Lyrics from “True Colors”

Outfit: Scandalize . JOLENE.MAITREYA.
Hair: {Letituier} Hami Hair – Mesh
Tattoo: Stardust – Sahara @ SummerFest ’18

Pose from:  FOXCITY. Chill Bento Pose Set @ Blush {Until July 25th}
Set  FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Neighbourhood (With ‘sun’ light) @ Blush {Until July 25th}

•{ Play the Music . . .

“We all develop personal relationships with music.”

 Cheryl Dileo quotes

Music is the heartbeat that fills my soul
The rhythm runs through me to the bones

Can you fell the rocking down in your core?
So come and play this music just a little more . . .


Pants:  JACKALOPE / Corduroy Bell-Bottoms @ Vintage Fair 
Top: JACKALOPE / Lori Tied Tee @ Vintage Fair 
HairVanity Hair::  Taxi @ Vintage Fair 
Accessories: .::Nanika ::. Elle Necklace @ Vintage Fair 

Set: CK Elite Studios ~ Music is Life RARE


•{ School Daze . . .

The hallway echoed with the shrill of the bell that signaled the end of the school day. Moments later students began filling out of their classrooms, some headed to their lockers while others roamed the hall to their next destination. I went to my locker.  Number 176A. It was the best locker in the entire school because it was only a few lockers down from KT’s. Captain of the football team, leader of the wrestling squad, Senior, and choice pick for this years Prom King. He could have any girl in the school, but no one ever saw him with anyone. 

He was already at his locker by the time I reached mine. I kept staring at him as I fiddled with my combination lock.  No sooner had I opened my locker than Shay, my best friend since middle school, obstructed my perfect view. “You can have a lot better view if you just go over there and talk to him instead of drilling holes in his back like a serial stalker,” she said. 

“Keep your voice down!” I hissed at her, my eyes were wide.  “He’ll hear you!”

Shay grinned and said loudly, “What’s that Rya? You fantasize about being KT’s ——“ I covered her mouth so quickly that the rest of what she was going to say was muffled. Shay licked my hand and I pulled back, slightly scowling at my friend. I sighed and hung my head, reaching in my locker for the books I needed to take home.  I sighed, “I’m going to talk to him, I will. Just not.. today. Probably doesn’t even notice me.”

“Girl…” Shay started to say, “He’d be blind to not notice you in that.  You’re colorful enough for a blindman to see you.”

“Oh my god. I look horrible don’t I?”

Shay picked up one of my books and shook it at me. “If you don’t go over there…” 

“I will!” I exclaimed.

“Not later. Now.”

Shay had that no nonsense tone in her voice that said if I didn’t go talk to him, she was going to do it for me.  I took a deep breath and pushed my glasses up my nose. Okay. I could do this. Gathering up all the confidence I could, I stepped towards KT . . .


Sherrie (Check out her work here!)
Outfit: =Zenith= autumn sweater with skirt (brown).
Shoes: =Zenith= autumn long boot with socks(Begie)
Bag: =Zenith= Leather Sling Shoulder Bucket Backpack – RARE
Hair- *PinkHustler – PH8061.
Accessories: *N-core* Black Glasses- Clear glass.
Pose: [DeePosed] Lean Back 7

Terry (Thank you for posing with me!)
Jacket: N&N UK Sport Jacket.
Pants: Cold-Ash Riley Straight Jeans.
Pose from FOXCITY. Mens – Night Owl

Ryanna ( That’s me!) 
Outfit: !gO! Marzia – RARE 1 @ The Clique 
Glasses: [Cubic Cherry] {Nerd} glasses @ The Clique 
HairVanity Hair:: Amorous
Pose: from L y r i u m bento set 9

Background : Ariskea [Otaku] Nerd Locker @ The Clique