•{ Pretty Can’t See . . .

And he said, ‘Pretty Baby you’re so special to me. With my eyes how I wish you could see, the visage of your majesty. Pretty Baby please come onto me. Can’t you see it’s our destiny.”

Words like honey with a touch that was warm, can cloud the mind like a mid-summer storm.

Striving to see with eyes that aren’t yours. The failure of it keeps making you unsure. And every day he’s there knocking on your door saying, “Pretty Baby, you’re more beautiful than before.”

So you close you eyes, you’re blind and cannot see through the many layers of past insecurity. Knowing deep down that it could never be that the ‘Pretty Baby’ he speaks of is me . . .

Outfit 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Heartastic @ FaMESHed X {coming soon}
Hair: Analog Dog – zoe – dark browns

Tattoo:Stardust– Grace Tattoo @ Collabor88

Pose is :LW: BENTO PosesThe ‘Romantic Mood’ @ Belle. 
Decor items are from *Tentacio* Flower memories

•{ Build a Snowman . . . .

The snow had come down heavily the day before. They had watched it for a while from the warm comfort of their living room. It was the first real snow of the season. When morning came the snow was still falling outside.

Nova turned to Dragon with a sly grin on her face. He kew that look and knew what was coming next.

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Nova said in a sing-song voice.

Dragon groaned. “Please, no.”

“Come on let’s go and play . . .”

“You can just ask you know,” Dragon told her as he got up from the couch they had been sitting on.

Nova’s grin widened as she followed him to the closet. “I never see you anymore.”

“You see me everyday.”

“Come out the door”

“I’m going to hide behind the door,” he threatened, stepping in the closet and closing the door.

“It’s like you’ve gone away!” Nova leaned against the door. “We use to be best buddies, but now we’re not.”

Dragon spoke up from inside the closet, “I wonder why!”

Nova gave two knocks on the closet door. “Do you want to build a snowman?”

As soon as she finished, the closet door swung open and Dragon hopped out, dressed in his heavy coat and gloves. “Okay. Bye!” Laughing, he ran out the front door to start working on the snowman.

– Inspired from the lyrics “Do you want to build a snowman” – from Frozen

Shoes: L&B Swear Ranger Leather Boots – Mens
Pants: [Deadwool] Kojima jeans – washed navy
Gloves: [i.mesh] – unisex BENTO Gloves – WINTER
Coat: Howl – Alfen Duffel Coat (Black)

Jacket: [HU] Carys Jacket Red @ Belle Event
Pants: Blueberry – DWL Classic – Sky
Boots: Scandalize. Amber Boots.

Scene Decor:
llorisen // hedda dutch farmhouse with snow
JIAN ’15 Holiday Decor :: Wreaths & Garland (Wear me!)
Hedge with Wall (2m Straight)
(Fundati) Snowy rock

Pose is :LW: BENTO Poses – To Build A Snowman @ Pose Fair {Open till Dec. 28th!} 

•{ Wine and Done . . .

They were on their second bottle of wine, or maybe it was the third. Somewhere along the line they had lost track. There were things in the works, plans and arraignments that were still in the early stages, and they had to be discussed.

He stretched as he laid back on the floor pillows, arms crossing behind his head. “I believe we talked about this before, and you said —“

She cut his words off with a groan as she grabbed her glass of wine and got down on the floor next to him. “Sshhh,” she said as she straddled his waist and sat down, resting her legs on either side of him. His hands came up and instinctively reached for her legs. “That was then. This is now.” Her hand dangling the glass of wine in front of her while her arm rested on her knee.

He huffed and cuffed a hand on her leg. “Oh? Oh I see how it is.” He said with a smirk.

“Do you?” She returned that smirk right back, shifting on him as she took a sip of her wine. “Maybe I need to explain it again….”

BRACELET : MarCatPlace Kenny Bracelets Trio (for him) 3
BRACELET: GMan BR – Dragon Bracelet – Silver
BRACELET + RINGS **RealEvil** Nemesis Rings

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Outfit: Ricielli – Ella Lingerie Black

Pose is KJim: Taste Test Couples Pose @ Flourish Sales Studio {Opens Nov. 23rd} 

N4RS – Opera Sofa
dust bunny . wood beaded curtain
{YD} Moment Bedroom – Clothes Rack
{YD} Vintage bedroom – Rug
MADRAS Tiffany Mirror Decor

•{ Ready for Autumn . . .

The Autumn season is in the air
Fresh warm scents are everywhere
Don’t forget the sweets and treats
And a glass of mulled wine, that can’t be beat . . .

Set Design

The following is from andika[mulled wine] set @  Uber 

  • Cup Cake-a Dispenser
  • Cup Cake-b Dispenser
  • mulled wine Dispenser
  • apple board
  • mulled wine Pot
  • wine Bottle

Other items:
*LODE* Head Accessory – Wild Strawberry [white berries] (used as decor)
*LODE*  Head Accessory – VESNA [dry vintage] (used as decor)

•{ Dragons on Board . . .

Off the sands and by the sea,
(if you’re not sure it’s by the shore)
There’s a boat that will take you away.

To far off places you will go
The trip’s not fast, nor is it slow
Don’t know exactly where you’ll go.

‘Cause the dragons are a-steering

Scene design

Boat: Serenity Style– The Lost Kingdom boat @ The Final Winter
Dragons: RINKA & AMPRENTA – Dragon @ The Final Winter

Trees: Little Branch : TropicalPalm.v2
Cat tails: Little Branch :_CatTail
[ba] lily pad cluster
Skye Tropical Beach

•{ Day End Dreams . . .

Settle down and take a rest
The day is done
Gave it your best.

Let the water absorb the stress
For tonight we dream
And tomorrow’s the test.

Scene Design

Refuge – Lun Bubble Bath Original. @ current offering in the Builder’s Box

Orange*Pekoe – Sitting doll 2 (Static) – Badger @ World Of Magic. 
Orange*Pekoe  – Sitting doll 2 (Static) – Eagle @ World Of Magic. 

[Cubic Cherry] {Oeilvert} orb @ World Of Magic. 

[Krescendo] Headmasters Desk @ World Of Magic. 

Noxturnal – Rose Petals Vial. @ World Of Magic. 
Noxturnal – Magic Witch Ball – Gold @ World Of Magic. 
Noxturnal -Spiral Witch Hat @ World Of Magic. 
Noxturnal – Wall Art-Dwell on Dreams @ World Of Magic. 

Dahlia – Always – Wallart – Gold. @ World Of Magic. 

Fapple– Bistro Planter
15. GA Home – Stool RARE
16-DRD-  MB small bathroom mirror
NOMAD// Improvised // Laundry Basket and Soap
On A Lark – *SP Asilah Rug.
!gO! Good night – Towel hanging 2 set White (old gacha). 

Fancy Decor: Timber Table
Fancy Decor: Jacques Sink

[DDD] Twinkling Ivy
{what next} Bellevie Light String -Longer

Shot inside the {Candle and Cauldron} The Gryffin’s Perch Skybox @ World Of Magic.