•{ Totsiens . . .

Until we meet again
I’ll keep the lanterns high
Though time will pass like sunlight through glass
And flowers bloom throughout the room
I’ll always have a place for you . . .

Scene Design

Refuge – Ren Lantern

*naminoke*Terrarium – sakura Rare @ LootBox January
*naminoke*Terrarium – Cosmos Rare @ LootBox January
*naminoke*Terrarium – taniku 1 @ LootBox January
*naminoke*Terrarium – Maple 1 @ LootBox January

7 – crate Garden Garage ~ Plant @ LootBox January
15 –crate Garden Garage ~ Plant @ LootBox January
10 – crate Garden Garage ~ Bench @ LootBox January
24 – crate Garden Garage ~Wheelbarrow 1 Lootbox @ LootBox January
13 – crate Garden Garage ~ Potting Table Lootbox @ LootBox January
2 – crate Garden Garage ~ Rare 2 Lootbox @ LootBox January

..::THOR::..  4- The Stacked Blankets
..::THOR::.. 8- The Broken Bicycle- ground version
..::THOR::.. 3- The Vintage Radio
..::THOR::..12- The Broken Fender (wall)
..::THOR::..11-The Travel Memories 3
..::THOR::..11-The Travel Memories
..::THOR::.. 5- The Jar of Fireflies

Little Branch PottedPlant{BigLeaf}
-Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE {poet/rose}
hive // spiral boxwood topiary


•{ Grey Space . . .

Settle in to the grey areas
Where things aren’t always what they seem
Yet they’re always what they pretend to be.

Happy or sad, all-round melancholy
It’s peaceful and serene because you can simply be.

Scene design:
The following items are from @ LootBox January

02. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Kitchen PG Lootbox].
04. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Square Rug]
06. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Gold vase]
07. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Square Vase]
10. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Decopillow]
12. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Small Table]
14. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Sofa]

Raindale – Laverton Grandfather clock (black).
Raindale– Laverton branches wall art 2 (gold)
Raindale – Laverton branches wall art 2 (black)

[IK] Shabby Mudroom – Wall Deco.
[IK] Shabby Mudroom – Ilustration (A-D)
[IK] Shabby Mudroom – Mesa
[IK] Shabby Mudroom – Plant

Other items

Toronto-Kitchen air vent
Toronto-Kitchen shelf B

BackBone But First, Coffee – Stack of Plates and Cups.
BackBone But First, Coffee – Hanging Hooks
BackBoneBut First, Coffee – Coffee Cup Lights

[ zerkalo ] Shiny Shabby Boho-colored kitchen – Breadboard
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Pans
Apple Fall Books w/ Deer Head Bookends
GD: Kokeshi Tales – Prince of Hope
GD: Kokeshi Tales – Princess of Hope

Shot inside: 01. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Skybox] LOOTBOX

•{ A Curious Tent . . .

Down the road and at the start of the wood, lies a curious tent with someone you should meet. She sees all and knows all, like when you’ll come a’round. And just to help you settle down, there’s treats out front to be found.

Scene Design:

From the [IK]  -:Una. :-Mabel Circus Set currently  @ The Arcade

[IK] Mabel Circus – Food Cart
[IK] Mabel Circus – Fritters Bag
[IK] Mabel Circus – Bear Mask
[IK] Mabel Circus – Strongman Mask
[IK] Mabel Circus – Clown Cupcake
[IK] Mabel Circus – Corn Dogs
[IK] Mabel Circus – Fritters Tray
[IK] Mabel Circus – Popcorn
[IK] Mabel Circus – Caramel Apples
[IK] Mabel Circus – Cotton Candy

From the Refuge – Aftermath currently  @ The Arcade
Refuge – Fortune Teller Sign
Refuge – Game Room Sign
Refuge – 4 Point Star Light Pink
Refuge – 4 Point Star Light Blue
Refuge – 4 Point Star Light Yellow

Soy. Salon Tent & Tree Set.

•{ Got your present . . .

I got your gift,
It’s right here with me.
I thought that I’d give it personally.
Though, on second thought, I’ll put it under the tree.

Dress: [Aleutia] Candy Dress @ Shop & Hop 2018 {Opening Dec. 17th}
Hair: eXxEsS : X-MAS 2016 (retired)

Pose  is [ Focus Poses ] Group Gift {xmas} 1 (with bag)

Shot inside the [[ Focus Poses ] Christmas Loft w/ decor items

Other decor include:
Bygone Swag Pepper & Pomegranate (LTD Advent gift)
[BR] Sofa Christmas #17

•{ WorkSpace . . .

Fill your workspace with things that bring you peace . . .
Home is where you can always be . .

Scene Credits

Image Essentials – Abstract_Wall_1 @ The Boardwalk – Until Dec. 15th.

THEORY 2018 POINSETTIA (CRIMSON)  @ The Boardwalk – Until Dec. 15th.

~ASW~ The Llama Long Time Art II.  @ The Boardwalk – Until Dec. 15th.
~ASW~ The Llama Long Time Art I @ The Boardwalk – Until Dec. 15th.
~ASW~ The Llama Long Time Lamp -Mint @ The Boardwalk – Until Dec. 15th.

The Jewel Garden – Rustic Barn Chair. @ The Boardwalk – Until Dec. 15th.

dust bunny . blanket storage table.
dust bunny. rainboot cart

4. *Artisan Fantasy* Secretary Desk (Black)
*Artisan Fantasy*  Book Stack

MINIMAL – Forgotten Lamp 4

Fancy Decor: Pencil Holder.
Fancy Decor: Letter Opener & Mail

-DRD-  – Boho Backyard – Stack o Pots
-DRD-  – Boho Backyard – Planter – C

{what next} Camber Coffee Tray
{what next} Camber Newspaper Decor

Serenity Style– la buvette Large Table.

Astralia – Cozy radiator (VIU gift) Meow.

[ zerkalo ] Britain’s Bedroom – Curtain Light.

•{ Starting the season . . .

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.”
Calvin Coolidge

Una .Christmas Belts silver @ Tannenbaum {Until Dec. 22nd) 
Una .Leaf Silver @ Tannenbaum {Until Dec. 22nd) 
Una. Christmas ball 1 @ Tannenbaum {Until Dec. 22nd) 

Refuge – Classic Bauble Pink (gacha item) @ Tannenbaum {Until Dec. 22nd) 
Refuge – Classic Bauble Silver (gacha item) @ Tannenbaum {Until Dec. 22nd) 
Refuge – Drop Bauble Blue (gacha item) @ Tannenbaum {Until Dec. 22nd) 
Refuge – Wire Snowflake Pink (gacha item) @ Tannenbaum {Until Dec. 22nd) 
Refuge – Burst Bauble White (gacha item) @ Tannenbaum {Until Dec. 22nd) 

Refuge – Winter Scene Twinkling Stars @ Tannenbaum {Until Dec. 22nd) 
Refuge – Tree Frame Green Static @ Tannenbaum {Until Dec. 22nd) 

Apple Fall Wooden Trunk (Decor)
Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Spruce Green

*HEXtraordinary* Chestnut Pegasus Pony
<:*BoOgErS*:> Hermerner Berr
{what next} Hanne Fireplace Tools

dust bunny . diy rose tea . gift
17 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Strawberry cake-
17 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Cake Dish-

Shot inside the Trompe Loeil Ysela A-Frame Cabin @ Collabor88 November

•{ Take me home . . .

After everything I witnessed, after all of these decisions
All these miles, feets, inches
They can’t add up to the distance
That I have been through, just to get to
A place where even if there’s no closure, I’m still safe . . .

A place where I can go
To take this off my shoulders
Someone take me home . . .

Lyrics from “Home” song by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha

The following items are currently at The Boardwalk – Until Dec. 15th.

[PA] Tyler Side Table.
[PA] Tyler Picture Grouping
[PA] Tyler Tripod Lamp
[PA] Tyler Jute Rug – Black
[PA] Tyler Console

[Magnum Opus] Nautical Decorative Ship Wheel.
[Magnum Opus] Nautical Decorative Sailboat

[InsurreKtionK] Animal Collection – Flamingos, Owl, Unicorn

Z.O.E. Fireplace with Candles – Christmas.

Other items:
CHEZ MOI – World Map Wall Decor

Fancy Decor: Leaning Art
Fancy Decor: The Vordun: Book of Hours ca. 1450

Nutmeg. Pile of Vinage books Group Gift
Apple Fall Design Books
Apple Fall Books & Map
Apple Fall Unknown Specimen
AF Monogram Luggage Bag

[FOURTH WALL] Entry Bench (Dark)
Shot inside [FOURTH WALL] Winter Abode Skybox