•{ Subway Lights . . .

Give me music to clear my mind
It can be anything
That’ll be fine.

I just need a little something
Maybe it is time,
But in the light of the subway
Things seem to be fine.

OutfitUna:: – Magisa (Dress / Fishnet / Headphones) @ PocketGacha {until June 14th}
Hair: Sintiklia – Cute Mania ULTRARARE  @ PocketGacha {until June 14th}
Pose: FOXCITY. Indulge 2

Backdrop: CK. Elite Studios  ~ Subway Backdrop

Additional things:
Newspaper box blue
KraftWork Bus Stop Concrete Bench


•{ Picnic on the hill . . .

We’ll have a picnic on the hill
And for a moment
Watch the world be still

All of our cares we’ll leave below
Take my hand
Come on
Let’s go . . .

Scene setup:

[ Organica ] River Erosion (rocky)
Little Branch – MoonFlowerShrub.V1.3 / V1.1 / V1.2 @ The Chapter 4 
[Merak] -Beach picnic – Cheese Board
[Merak] – Beach picnic – Sandwich Tray (slightly edited)
[Merak]– Beach picnic – Picnic basket

From :[Plastik]in the  May Deco(c)rate 
• :[P]:- Shannia Lighting [Gold]
• :[P]:- Shannia Table
• :[P]:- Shannia Bench

Apple Fall Throw Cloth – Blue Gingham

•{ . . . coffee. . .

A cup for you
A cup for me
The best thing about the day
Is coffee . . .

Scene Design:

Following items are from BackBone in the current round of  PocketGacha {Until May 14th}

BackBone – But First, Coffee – Cookie Jar
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Cookie Plate
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Frame
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Coffee Cup Lights
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Stack of Plates and Cups
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Espresso Machine RARE
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Tray
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Sugar & Creamer
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Hanging Hooks
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Coffee Bean Silo
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Grinder
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Shelf
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Coffee Jar
BackBone – But First, Coffee – Spoons

Other items:
Apple Fall Juliette Tea Cups, Stacked
Apple Fall Cherry Iced Tea
Apple Fall Throw Cloth – Blue Gingham
Apple Fall Charlotte’s Pears
Apple Fall Preserved Poppies

Backdrop: CK. Elite Studios – Kitchen Backdrop

•{ Under any stars . . .

Promise me the stars so I can hang them in my room.
Let us sit beneath the stars no matter where they are.

Scene design:

The following items are from :[Plastik]: and can be found at The Epiphany 
:[P]:- Cela Tapestry [Belong]
:[P]:- Cela Tapestry [Bright]
:[P]:- Artsy Stars
:[P]:- Dotiline Couch
:[P]:- Starmapp Rug
:[P]:- Pixielight Scorpius
:[P]:- Edras Daybed

Extra items from :[Plastik]Starry Skies gacha (old gacha)
:[P]: -Globa Decor Celestial RARE
:[P]:- Oscillare Decor Celestial
:[P]:- Starred Glass Celestial
:[P]:- Artsy Stars

•{ Where the heart calls home . . .

(back view)

“I believe wherever dreams dwell, the heart calls it home. So may you untangle yourself from the twist of melancholy and ley your thoughts carry you back to the birthplace of your truth.” –Dodinsky

The newest family home from BellaRose is available! This six-bedroom home is large, spacious and built for lasting memories. Lots of natural light from numerous windows adds to the realistic feel of the build.

(front view)


[BellaRose] Bella Villa VII
Little Branch FloweringDogwood{Animated}Seasons @ The Chapter Four

•{ New Day Living Space . . .

A new day is dawning
Don’tcha hear it calling?
Hear it sayin’ your name
Every day’s not the same
Let the sun rise on a new day.

The past is yesterday
No one’s going that way
Look ahead, come what may
Let the sun rise on a new day.

Set Design:

Following items from Serenity Style : Mozart Spring Set In the April Deco(c)rate

  • Serenity Style- Mozart Spring Sofa
  • Serenity Style- Mozart Spring Pictures
  • Serenity Style- Mozart Spring Books
  • Serenity Style- Mozart Spring Fishbowl branches
  • Serenity Style- Mozart Spring Table

The following is from Mesh India Pomme Decor at PocketGacha until April 14th

  • 04 MI Apples & Cinnamon Powder Decor
  • 05 MI TJ Books & Map Decor
  • 06 Notebook’s Decor
  • 07 MI Ele and apple tree Decor
  • 08 MI Bowling Stand Decor RARE

Other items
KraftWork Home Sundry Floor Cushions
{what next}   Hanne Fireplace Tools
{what next}  Draped Curtains (LINEN)
Nutmeg. Rug Creme, Group Gift
INDULGE Candle Shelf -Dream
[Black Bantam] Puppies At Play 2
JIAN Beagle Pup (Wanderer)