•{ Relax . . .

Do something nice for yourself everyday.
Do the things that refresh your soul and give you peace.
You owe it to yourself.

Scene design

Build:.Mushilu : Roman bath @ The Secret Affair {Until July 29th}

.:revival:. rattan ottoman small @ Indie Teepee { Until Aug 6th}
.:revival:. pottery & sand @ Indie Teepee { Until Aug 6th}

Trompe Loeil – Mischa Lounger Natural PG
NOMAD // Brocante // Lace Table

From the :[The.Plastik]:: ‘Starry Skies’ Gatcha @ The Epiphany {Until Aug. 15th}
:[P]:- Moonie Mirror Celestial
:[P]: -Globa Decor Heavenly EXCLUSIVE
:[P]:- Goddess Pillows Heavenly EXCLUSIVE
:[P]:- Goddess Pillows Celestial
:[P]:- Twinkle Wall Hanger Celestial
:[P]:- Moone Birdfeeder Celestial
:[P]:- Oscillare Decor Celestial
:[P]:- Starred Glass Celestial
:[P]:- Flora Observer Celestial
:[P]:- Flora Samples Celestial


•{ Refuge

If you need a refuge, let me be your shelter.


Set Design:

The following is from Death Row Designs currently @ Summerfest 2017 { Until July 20th }

DRD – Boho Backyard – Barbecue Pergola
DRD – Boho Backyard – Barbecue Clutter
DRD – Boho Backyard – Round Table
DRD – Boho Backyard – Dining Table
DRD – Boho Backyard – Wine Rack
DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – A
DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – E
DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – G
DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – H
DRD – Boho Backyard – Stack o Pots
DRD – Boho Backyard – Flower Urn
DRD – Boho Backyard – Rugs
DRD – Boho Backyard – Athena Couch
DRD – Boho Backyard – Roarke Chair
DRD – Boho Backyard – Hewett Chair – Five
DRD – Boho Backyard – Curtain (left/right)

Mushilu – LoveDay Gatcha  @ The Seasons Story { Opening July 10th}

Cosa stairs love pink RARE
Cosa Trunk candles pink
LoveDay picture Hanging Orange
LoveDay Donkey cloth white
LoveDay picture Hanging Orange

•{ Stay a while . . .

Stop in for the night
Everything’s gon’be alright

Leave your keys with me
‘Cause you don’t have to leave

Hang the sign upon the door
We’ll break waves just like the shore…

Scene Design:
MINIMAL  – RUST Backgrounds ( 4 and 2 ) @ Summerfest 2017 { Until July 20th }
Second Spaces – Surf’s Up Motel sign @ Summerfest 2017 { Until July 20th }
Second Spaces – shark bite lamp – blue chevron and green colorblock @ Summerfest 2017 { Until July 20th }
JIAN – Flamingo Collection @ Summerfest 2017 { Until July 20th }
Calm.  Summer Solstice . Wall Art @ Summerfest 2017 { Until July 20th }
[Jammin] Wood & Rope Fencing @ Summerfest 2017 { Until July 20th }

Babylonia:  Hanging Ivy
[DDD] Twinkling Ivy – Wall
Mushilu – My Car – Green
Mushilu – Kawai : suitcase_black
{POSH PIXELS}  Beach Babe Beach Bag

•{ Cat’s will play . . .

The cats wandered in and they took a look around. Their Mistress was gone, she was nowhere to be found. Trinkets and bottles were littered around, the room was now their virtual playground. All glitz and the glitter that bounced along the floor, but what they sought was the coveted grimoire.

Hurry cats, complete your revelry before the Mistress catches thee!

These items can be found at the current round of The Lootbox Gacha from :[The.Plastik]::
:[P]:- Apotheus Shelf RARE
:[P]:- Apothe Case RARE
:[P]:-Bubblejar Short
:[P]:- Faceted Herbal Jar:// Matcha Beads Green
:[P]:- Ribb Bottle
:[P]:- Morocco Bottle
:[P]:- Woodtop Jar:// Medium
:[P]:- Crystaltop Bottle- Frashe Herbs
:[P]:- Lale Morter & Pestle

Mushilu @The Lootbox Gacha
ShelfAndBook B
Boxes B
CoinsAndVases B

Other decor:
:[The.Plastik]::– Potter Table Light RARE
Garden- by anc . oldbook4Li
Garden- by anc . whitebook 4Li
dust bunny . wanderlust . ivy apothecary cabinet
ionic : Ladder Books
Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE {poet/rose}
junk. diamond rug.

+Half-Deer+ Winged Cat – Oooh shiny
+Half-Deer+ Winged Cat – Contemplate