•{ I’ll decorate . . . whenever

She needed to decorate for the season, but the feeling simply wasn’t there. Even the festive outfit didn’t do much to up the mood.  With a huff and a sigh she laid out on the couch and watched her cat dig around in the box of lights.

The  cat came to her with a purr and a happy grin, by the looks of it, he had gotten into the spirit. Literally. Absently she shooed him away and placed her chin in her palm. “I’ll decorate . . .whenever.”

Outfit: Exile:: – Santa Baby
Hair: Exile:: – Weekender
Tattoo: Stardust – Soraka – White Tattoo

TFF White Owl Shoulder Pet @ Pixie Snow Hunt
LISP – Mesh – Artemis Panel Wall Low – Dark
~Nerido~ Gray Kitten with garland (gift) @ The Chapter Four
ROIRO – Kugel box (gift) @ The Chapter Four
[f] Gramma’s Garland A{Cranberry}

Pose: :LW: Bento Poses  – Always Kiss me Goodnight


•{ End of day . . .

End of the day
Let the stress fade away

This is my peace
You can’t come in
Don’t want your din

Steam falling over me
Don’t care for your plea

I can’t hear your prayer
Oh, you’re still there?

Scene Design . . .

[BellaRose] Wintery Bathroom Sink ANIMATED
[BellaRose] Wintery Tub/Curtain ANIMATED

Sway’s [Emmi] Dresser . birch
Apple Fall Victorian Radiator
*Purple Moon – CandyCane Wreath @ For the Peace On Earth Hunt

:HAIKEI: like a humid day_Gacha {1}
:HAIKEI: like a humid day_Gacha {3}
:HAIKEI: Just lazy Rug / V.3

{what next} Summer Garden Hanging Planter 1

•{ Seeing Possibilities . . .

Snow had fallen over night and the bright light of morning filled the atmosphere. She stretched as she stepped off her porch and headed out into the field.  It was a little chilly, but she didn’t mind, it was the perfect weather for clearing her head and it that was certainly something that was needed.

“Hey there ole’boy,” she said to Hygee – her reindeer – as she settled down next to him in the field.  The warmth he admitted was all she needed to fend of the chill. “What’s on your mind for today?”  He replied with a snort and a shake of his head and she looked down to the hot cup in her hand and laughed.

“I know you don’t like it, but this stuff is magical.”  She slid down in the snow and let out a sigh before taking a long pull of her drink.  “You know what?”  she asked, turning her head to look at her companion for the morning. He fixed her with a look that was partially skeptical.  She brought the cup up to her lips, the smile she wore betraying her. “I’m actually looking forward to something.”

Hygee huffed and nosed the snow.  As for her? She looked out at the cold winter day and saw nothing but possibilities.

Outfit: {B+S}
POE 10 Hunt – Selene – @ For the Peace On Earth {Starting Dec 1}
Shoes::{MV}: Jingle This Holiday Boots

!dM Jule – Snowflake OrnamentChoker
:NerdALERT: Santa Hat with Lights @ For the Peace On Earth {Starting Dec 1}

Pose: :LW: Bento Poses  – It’s time for hygge

•{ Season of hospitality

“Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.”

 Washington Irving quotes

Scene Credits
Apple Fall Canvas Tote
Apple Fall Wooden Trunk
Apple Fall  Coffee & Muffin
Apple Fall  Leather Moccasins

JIAN Pudgy Persians 18. Grey Grubbin’ Kitten
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult

[BellaRose] Sofa Christmas #17
[BellaRose] Christmas Plaid Blanket Chair PG
[BellaRose] SnowFlake Floor Lamp Copy
[BellaRose] Potted Snowy Christmas Tree

!! Follow US !! Christmas lights fireplace (wreath)

Little Elk Family – Music Globe @ For the Peace On Earth Hunt {Starting Dec 1}
BM – May your Christmas be bright: Santa & pals set @ For the Peace On Earth Hunt {Starting Dec 1}
Simply Shelby – Let There Be Peace on Earth @ For the Peace On Earth Hunt {Starting Dec 1}
[Park Place] Holiday Stylized Tree Area Rug @ For the Peace On Earth Hunt {Starting Dec 1}

•{ Last Train Gone . .

Everything is shut down now
There’s no going back
The last train is miles down the track

Set design:
Serenity Style– Kynne Station @ available with November’s PocketGacha
Serenity Style- Kynne Station RARE
Serenity Style- Kynne Station Waiting Bench
Serenity Style- Kynne Station Bell
Serenity Style- Kynne Station Sign
Serenity Style- Kynne Station Luggage cart

[ zerkalo ] Dreamers corner – Suitcase
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Campaign Study – Box with Books
..::THOR::.. 10- The Old Books
Belle Epoque { Parisian Painter } Bag Brown
Apple Fall  Books & Map
!! Follow Us !! Newspaper rack (vintage black) COPY version
[Black Bantam] Puppies At Play 2 @ The Chapter Four

•{ Once Upon a Time . . .

Once Upon a Time. . .

Once upon a time there was a girl. The sun always shined brighter when she was around and the birds’ melodies orchestrated the soundtrack of the days. She brought love, life, and laughter to all she was around. Full of light, she was, but light cannot live without the dark. One day shadows crept upon her and they stilled her heart.

They couldn’t bear to put her in the ground, perhaps they even wished that hope someone would find a way to make her heart would beat anew. The people made her coffin of wood and glass, and set her in the sun. This is the tale the villagers tell to anyone who ask:

Once upon a time there was a girl of the Light who was shrouded by the Dark . . .

Set Design:
Mushilu Snow White Bed (pose built in) @ Enchantment
JIAN Arctic Fox :: Static Stand / Static Sit
JIAN :: Fox – Adult 1/2
+Half-Deer+ Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goat – Neopolitan
+Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Kawaii
+Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Sleepytime
+Half-Deer+ Origami Dream – Butterfly – Mint
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Still and Quiet
+Half-Deer+ Climbing Rose Vine (Emerald)
[DDD] Twinkling Ivy – Curve

Build: ionic : Sacred Ruins

•{ Anticipation . . .

The tick of the clock
Strikes a beat upon the heart
Anticipation’s set to spark
When the key turns the lock

Open up and enter in
It’s time for a new round to begin . . .

Outfit: Asteria “Viola” Belted Bodysuit – White
Shoes:  ~~ Ysoral ~~  .:Luxe Shoe Lili :.

Set Design:

Mesh India 06 MI Hanging Pot 2 @ Cosmopolitan 
Mesh India 08 MI Table with Elephant[ 2 LI] @ Cosmopolitan 
Compulsion Log Table @ Cosmopolitan 
Death Row Designs LN Tabledecor plate
Death Row Designs – Boho Backyard – Round Table
[Noble Creations] – Wall Pendulum – Working Clock
[Noble Creations] – Antique Fireplace (Grey)
[ zerkalo ] The Piano Bar – Candles
NOMAD // Classical Bust // .08
Ariskea [RainyDays] String Light
.random.Matter. – Librarium – Rugs – Gold

Pose: CKEY Poses – Private