•{ Sunflowers . . .

You liked sunflowers because they grew tall
After you passed, I almost destroyed them all.

But I like them too
They remind me of you . . .
= r.i.p brother =

Scene Credits
Little Branch Sunflowers{Field}
Little Branch HazelNutTree.v1{Animated}*4Seasons @Sense Event {Until March 8th}

Serenity Style -Boone Vintage Tricycle Red @ February’s round of PocketGacha
Serenity Style– Bella Dreams Fountain @ Enchantment {Until Feb. 28th}
Serenity Style–  Clarrington Loft

[DDD] Twinkling Ivy
Apple Fall Bay Leaf Topiary, 3-Tier


•{ Food Truck Cafe . . .

On the outskirts of town, in the park down the road, there’s a little food truck where everyone goes. Serving up their famous burger and fries, and for the picky eaters there’s sauce on the side. The service is friendly and the setting is quaint. Each item cost a penny? Go quick, there’s no time to wait.

But each day the crowd gets shorter, there aren’t many placing orders. Odder still is the towns population, it’s been dwindling down since the Food Truck arrived at its destination.  Hungry folk ignore the signs that are seeable even to the blind. Where’s the truck getting it’s meat? The chef’s shopping is so discreet. None has seen them at the grocer. Maybe the food should be examined closer . . . .

The following is from the :Una: & Blackjack Lunch Day Gocha @ The Gacha Garden 

Lunch day gacha – chair
Lunch day gacha – table
Lunch day gacha – burger
Lunch day gacha – Squeezer
Lunch day gacha – Flowers pots
Lunch day gacha – Food Truck
Lunch day gacha – Cyan Bike

Apple Fall Spring Parasol

Serenity Style – Noelia Bench
Serenity Style – Luanes Lattice Wall

•{ Coffee at home . . .

The plan was to have coffee and dinner at home.  She had even poured the first drink before heading out to pick him up at the station. Though she did meet him on time, they never made it back for coffee.

The follow is from Serenity Style @ PocketGacha’s January Catalogue
Serenity Style- la buvette Large Table
Serenity Style- la buvette Bench
Serenity Style- la buvette Chair
Serenity Style- la buvette Sign
Serenity Style- la buvette Wallart
Serenity Style- la buvette  Coffee Machine RARE
Serenity Style- la buvette Bunch of Mugs
Serenity Style- la buvette Capuccino Mug
Serenity Style- la buvette Crepe Plate
Serenity Style- la buvette Lamp

{what next} Colonna Sideboard – Wood/Decor
{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus (stand)
{what next} Colonna Cannisters

:[Plastik]:- Rainala Mirror [Open-Silver]:// Pure (FPB) @ Shiny Shabby
.random.Matter. – Librarium – Rugs – Gold
*Artisan Fantasy* Origami Toy Trio – Love Letter
-DRD-  – MM1 – Side Table – 3
Apple Fall Book Shelf
Apple Fall Charlotte’s Pears
Apple Fall Design Books
ionic : Ladder Books

•{ Rooftop Dinner . . .

Through subtle questions, prodding, and a bit of investigating on his own he had found out about her rooftop hideaway. It was really quite quaint with it’s slate floor and chimneys outlining the edges, but it was quite and he could tell why she liked it.

One day – when he was sure she was going to be occupied going to and fro on various assignments – he set about a surprise. With some help from his friends he spent the morning, and the better part of the afternoon, cleaning the rooftop and hauling up furniture from the street level.

He set up a canopy to keep away some of the smoke and add to the scene he wanted to make. Next came the table, chairs, place setting, and of course candles for when the sun fully set.  Off to the side dinner was being kept warm. He had even left a note attached to her door with instructions. Now all he had to do was wait.

It wasn’t too long before he heard the door to the rooftop open . . .

Set Design:
!! Follow US !! Bistro – Wine tray
DRD – Boho Backyard – Wine Rack
Fabled – Bread Basket

The following is from [BellaRose] and can be found at the current round of Cosmopolitan
[BR] Wrought Iron Canopy & Drapes
[BR] Tropical Floor Plant
[BR] PlaceSetting neutral
[BR] TrIo Brass Candle Set
[BR] Roses CenterPiece
[BR] Corina Dining Table
[BR] Corina Dining Chair

•{ a Little Branch of Spring . . .

I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.       – Henry David Thoreau


Everyone is welcome to visit the new home of Little Branch.  There are many things to see and explore on this beautifully designed sim. One of the best things? Much of the landscaping is available for sale.

If you’re looking to shake the remnants of winter, take a trip to Little Branch and you just may leave with a bit of Spring.

•{ Day is done . . .

Done for the day
I’m calling it quits
Gotta get some rest, okay
There’s nothing left to fix.
. . . Anyway . . .

Scene Design:

The following are from Nani @ PocketGacha’s January Catalogue
• nani – cozy camp – fruit bowl
• nani – cozy camp – coffee table
• nani – cozy camp – chair
• nani – cozy camp – mini tree
• nani – cozy camp – picnic blanket
• nani – cozy camp – bed
• nani – cozy camp – sleepy tent

Other items
*~*HopScotch*~* Lightbox – Let Your Light Shine.
+Half-Deer+ Book Clutter – Stack – Pastel
Apple Fall Wooden Trunk (Decor)
JIAN Forest Cat @ faMESHED
-Nomi-My Little Unicorn-07 @ Etoile Event
Ariskea [RainyDays] Pillow [Cat].
Ariskea [RainyDays] String Light
*papermoon* Creator Burnout – Not Yet Burnt Out Laptop @ Gatcha Guardians
Serenity Style– My Attic- Old Memories Trunk