•{ Black Roses . . .

“I can see your eyes staring into mine. But it’s a battlefield and you’re on the other side . . . .”

The knock on the door was unexpected. It was late and she wasn’t expecting anyone. When she opened the door there he was. Leaning on the door’s frame with a couple roses covering all of his face but his eyes. Those eyes were staring into hers; they pierced right through.

The question of why he was there must have registered on her face, but the answer came only in the form of him stepping forward. She moved back and let him in. As she began to close the door and she felt rose petals against her neck followed by his words, “I’m going to take care of you.”

She didn’t realize how hard she had been gripping the doorknob, or how her hand was shaking, until he placed his hand over hers. His other arm dropped over her shoulder and his hand cupped tightly under her chin. He whispered, “You got nothing to be afraid of. You’re my Baby.” He took her hand from the door lead her backwards into the rooms interior. She gave no protest. She wanted to believe he was right. She made herself believe.

“She told me twice all her good advice, but I couldn’t see I was clouded by your lies.”

Love hurts, that’s something she had always heard. He hurt her, so it had to be love. She never told anyone how she felt, so there wasn’t anyone to tell her this type of love wasn’t okay. He always brought her flowers – roses – and once he placed them down she knew what happened next.

His words to her were honey sweet, but the marks he left stung like the roses’ thorns. She always focused on the flowers, there were so many now. “A rose for my rose,” that’s what he said.

“Now you only bring me black roses, and they crumble into dust when they’re held. Now you only bring me black roses, under your spell . . .”

A little while later he let himself out. She stayed where he had left her and pulled herself back together. Slowly she got up and drew herself a bath. Her whole body ached from the love he had shown her, and her mind waged war with itself. As she settled down in the tub she closed her eyes and tipped her head back.

He loves me, she told herself over, and over again. If that was love, then why did drowning sing of salvation . . .


| Abuse in any form is not okay. You’re not alone. Talk to someone. There is help. |

Song credit: Black Roses” from the Nashville soundtrack

Set Design:

Pixel Mode  – Ansley Tassel Chair @ The Arcade {Until Sept. 30th}
Pixel Mode – Ansley Bath Curtain @ The Arcade {Until Sept. 30th}
Pixel Mode – Ansley Bath Mat @ The Arcade {Until Sept. 30th}
Pixel Mode – Ansley Towel Ladder @ The Arcade {Until Sept. 30th}

Artis – Bathtub
{what next} House Plants – Set of 3

{anc}  garden. Looking-glass. {oval mirror} black

Serenity Style – Vintage Games Queen Frame

OHeMO – Gudme vintage set (shelf / wash basin) @ Ultra {Until Oct. 8th }

Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf
[KO SHIIT] Book and Glasses


•{ I love you, or whatever . . .

I sat at the kitchen table with my face buried in my hands, trying to hold back the tears in my eyes today. My voice was stronger than I felt, but even it was riddled with breaks. “I’ll send word. Every three days.” I said between my hands. “That’s what he said. He promised me. Every three days.”

The gentle touch of a small hand settled down on my shoulder. “You knew that was an impossible promise to make. Consider where he went.” The words were probably suppose to be comforting, but it only added anger to the rest of what I was feeling.

I huffed in frustration as I slammed my fist upon the table and stood up, knocking my chair and my mother, back from me. “He promised me!” I shouted at her. Pain escaping through my eyes as tears now that I had nothing to hold them back. “He promised!”

I ran from the kitchen. My feet pounded loudly on the stairs as I went up to his bedroom. The dog looked up from his spot on the floor as I ran into the room. Ever since my bother left for the War, Hawk had been staying in the room. I guess he missed him too.

I went to the window and looked out across the distance. From this vantage point I had a clear view of anyone approaching the house and, for maybe the hundredth time, I wished I’d see my brother striding up the path with his bag over his shoulder. He had been gone a few months now and every few days I’d get a letter. Fifteen days ago those letters stopped. Then mamma got a call: “We’ve lost contact with your son”, that’s what it said. We didn’t know if he was alive or dead. All we knew was that he was missing.

The way the phone dropped out of mamma’s hand; the look on her face, the world had shattered for her right then. I guess it did for me too.

I’m not sure which is worst: knowing someone is dead, or knowing that they’re missing in hostile territory. At least the last leaves room for hope.

I pulled out the last letter I received from him. He told me to keep smiling and keeping my chin up. I’m trying. I’m trying so hard. “I love you or whatever.” That was always how he ended his letters.

Just come home, brother. Alive. I love you, or, whatever. . .

(dedicated to my ‘brother’ . . . missing overseas)

Outfit: {B&S} Cayleigh – Red @ InspirationSL
Tights: REIGN.- Sheer Stockings (Maitreya-High)
Hair: +elua+ Lakia @ PocketGatcha

Set Design:
Apple Fall Milton Curtains
Apple Fall Victorian Radiator
[ zerkalo ] Dreamers corner – Suitcase
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult
:[The.Plastik]::– Trianne Planter The Arcade {Until Sept. 30th}

• The following items are from ..::THOR::..  The Summer Is Gone  and available with PocketGatcha
..::THOR::.. 3- The Vintage Radio
..::THOR::.. 2- The Vintage Nightstand
..::THOR::.. 13- The Old Rug
..::THOR::.. The DIY Bed – RARE
..::THOR::.. 10- The Old Books
..::THOR::.. 4- The Stacked Blankets
..::THOR::..11-The Travel Memories


•{ Sewn together . . .

Though things may look sewn together
they could actually be falling apart.

We’re all capable of constructing beautiful lies . . .

Scene Design:
• The following items are from TRIIN and available with PocketGatcha

TRIIN – mailtube
TRIIN – Old Metal Chair
TRIIN – Rug1
TRIIN – Wall Board
TRIIN – sewing table – ULTRA RARE

• The following items are from Serenity Style and available with PocketGatcha

Serenity Style– Janice Vintage Wall Telephone RARE
Serenity Style- Janire Vintage Radio
Serenity Style- Janire Vintage Sideboard

{RW} Fabric Bolt – Blue
{RW}Fabric Wall Rack – Laces
{RW}Fabric Roll (Green/Purple)

[PM]Pixel Mode – The Sewing Corner – Basket
[PM]Pixel Mode– The Sewing Corner – Pin Cushion
[PM]Pixel Mode– The Sewing Corner – Thread Organizer
[PM]Pixel Mode– The Sewing Corner – Fabric Piece

+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Tied
*AF* Book Stack
[Ginger Line] Tailor Mannequin
Soy. Papers – spread [A]

Pose: BellePoses – Amy @ Somber

•{ Dueling Pianos . . .

It’s after hours and the lights are low
The buzz beings at the end of the show

The stage is set for the war of the keys
Everybody’s waiting so eagerly

Soon the drummer will ratta-tat-tat out the beat
Waiting for its accompanying treat

Let’s see who’s the better: your song or mine
It’s Dueling Pianos, our after hours game
Here we go, only this time it’s not the same.

Scene Design:
The following items are from KraftWork and available with PocketGatcha, starting Sept. 15th

2 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Piano
2 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Piano Chair
3 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Drum Set
4 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Ashtray
8 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Bass Case
9 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Rustic Frames 1
10 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Rustic Frames 2
11 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Simple Chair
12 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Simple Table

[CYN] Victorian Station Clock w/shadow
.Reckless. – Shot Glass 7


•{ I got your letter . . .

I got your letter
at a half past eight
Funny, the mail doesn’t come this late.

Opened it up
I’m spilling petals on the floor
the words, they read, “When can I see you once more?”

Staring out the window
looking for a sign
Hold up
step back
let the scene rewind

Petals on the floor
Now I’m looking at the door
the mail doesn’t come this late

Set Design
The following items from :[The.Plastik]:: can be found at The Arcade {Until Sept. 30th}
:[P]:- Epla Set
:[P]:- Hunycomb Decor
:[P]:- Cheve Planter
:[P]:- Trite Mirror
:[P]:- Gilla Decor
:[P]:- Grid Planter RARE
:[P]:- Desic Beanbag
:[P]:- Steps Planter
:[P]:- Koza Table


:[The.Plastik]::– Plura Lantern:// Rose FPB

09 Fancy Decor: Letter and Rose Petals

{anc}  garden. rose 6Li. RARE (old gatcha)

Apple Fall – Throw Cloth – Blue Gingham
Apple Fall – Handbag & Scarf
Apple Fall – Clawfoot Height-Adjusting Table
Apple Fall – Magazine Files
Apple Fall – Coffee & Muffin

hive // her own fairytale rug [white]

Apple Fall – Paris Loft Skybox RARE

•{ Relax . . .

Do something nice for yourself everyday.
Do the things that refresh your soul and give you peace.
You owe it to yourself.

Scene design

Build:.Mushilu : Roman bath @ The Secret Affair {Until July 29th}

.:revival:. rattan ottoman small @ Indie Teepee { Until Aug 6th}
.:revival:. pottery & sand @ Indie Teepee { Until Aug 6th}

Trompe Loeil – Mischa Lounger Natural PG
NOMAD // Brocante // Lace Table

From the :[The.Plastik]:: ‘Starry Skies’ Gatcha @ The Epiphany {Until Aug. 15th}
:[P]:- Moonie Mirror Celestial
:[P]: -Globa Decor Heavenly EXCLUSIVE
:[P]:- Goddess Pillows Heavenly EXCLUSIVE
:[P]:- Goddess Pillows Celestial
:[P]:- Twinkle Wall Hanger Celestial
:[P]:- Moone Birdfeeder Celestial
:[P]:- Oscillare Decor Celestial
:[P]:- Starred Glass Celestial
:[P]:- Flora Observer Celestial
:[P]:- Flora Samples Celestial


•{ Refuge

If you need a refuge, let me be your shelter.


Set Design:

The following is from Death Row Designs currently @ Summerfest 2017 { Until July 20th }

DRD – Boho Backyard – Barbecue Pergola
DRD – Boho Backyard – Barbecue Clutter
DRD – Boho Backyard – Round Table
DRD – Boho Backyard – Dining Table
DRD – Boho Backyard – Wine Rack
DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – A
DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – E
DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – G
DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – H
DRD – Boho Backyard – Stack o Pots
DRD – Boho Backyard – Flower Urn
DRD – Boho Backyard – Rugs
DRD – Boho Backyard – Athena Couch
DRD – Boho Backyard – Roarke Chair
DRD – Boho Backyard – Hewett Chair – Five
DRD – Boho Backyard – Curtain (left/right)

Mushilu – LoveDay Gatcha  @ The Seasons Story { Opening July 10th}

Cosa stairs love pink RARE
Cosa Trunk candles pink
LoveDay picture Hanging Orange
LoveDay Donkey cloth white
LoveDay picture Hanging Orange