Free to be


There are times when you have so much going on in your life, and around you, that you can’t find time to deal with anything. So you keep moving. Move. Move. Go. Go. If you keep going, keep reaching, then you will rise above all of it and nothing will be able to stop you .

That’s how we think at times. Then, before we know it, life has turned into one, big, complicated dance between the things we have to do, want to do, and what we’re pressured into doing. Even the best dancers cannot keep going forever. No matter how you pace yourself, the human body will eventually run out of steam and pass out.

Take the time to recognize your own limits: mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s okay to take a step back. It’s okay to turn down people and ‘opportunities’ when you already have a full plate. Life has a rhythm and, if you’re going to dance, make sure it’s to a beat you created.

Dress: BamPu Legacies ~Sugar Bell Ballerina Dress FULL SET CORAL @ Fair Play – June
Hair: HOMAGE — INVERSE : Coffees

Poses found at the current round of {Pose Lover } June
Signature Pose –  Free
Signature Pose –  Air

Taste of Sin


Captured by the smile
And so easily beguiled

Come take a taste of sin
let the merriment begin

Step up to my level
and meet a different devil


Hair: Magika – Which Witch
Accessories: From the Dark Life – Nastasica Gatcha @ Fair Play June
– ( Red apple [posed], red horns, silver collar, Snake [Rare] )

Cup of joe


I made you a cup of joe
Come sit a while and drink
In here, time will slow
you don’t even have to think.

Take a breath and close your eyes
let your mind start to visualize
The rich aroma that fills the air
The kiss of sweetness that awaits you there.

Take the extra cup
coffee made for two
The day is ready to begin
All I need is you.




Shirt: Myth – Ravish Indian Red @ ReVamped May
Shorts: Blueberry – Side Tied Shorts
Hair: *booN Lab.007 hair brown
Shoes: .:KC:. MINA

Tattoos: .:AS:. Krila Head Tattoo Gacha @ Fair Play May
-Endless Pain Tattoos- Romantic Butterfly 1.2

Nose chain: [CX] Aurora – Red
Earrings: Empyrean Forge: Yang Earrings GOLD
lipstick: Just Magnetized – Sparkly Lipgloss – latte 04

Poses: XXY – Lassitude 1 & 4 @ Pose Lover

Traveling Roads


Familiar roads are comfortable. We like them because we know them. We’ve memorized the grooves and dips.  We know what to expect when different circumstances arise. Some roads we have been on for so long that we can traverse them with our eyes shut and not miss a beat.

This is our road, and whether we like it or not, we’re going to stick with it.

No one told us that to achieve our dreams we could never steer to the left or right.  It’s often the things we experience, while on the way to our destination, which enable us to grow.  How many opportunities have you missed out on by refusing to deviate?


AnLar Daphne


Dress: .::KL Couture::. La Croisette @ ReVamped
Hat: :MoonAmore: Mariposas Hat&Butterflies @ The Seasons Story
Watch: **RE** LUX Kitty Watch @ The Seasons Story
Necklace: Empyrean Forge: Circadian Necklace
Hair: Magika [01] Honest
Photo #1  ICHULY – Goddess of War Poses -Calm @ Fair Play
Photo #2: an lar [poses] The Daphne Series – @ The Seasons Story

Shot on location at: Playa Flamingo

Talk with a fish


Do you remember the story of Cinderella? It’s about how girl’s fairy godmother helps her get away from her wicked stepmother, and she consequently ends up marrying a prince. Yeh-Shen is the Chinese counterpart of this story. In it, the girl is kind to a Koi-fish, feeding it everyday, and showing it love and attention. It was the only thing in the girl’s life which brought her joy.

One day the stepmother, jealous of Yeh-Shen’s attention to the fish, kills the creature and serves it to the family for dinner.  Yeh-Shen was sad at the loss of her friend, and kept the bones as a reminder of their times together. The girl starts speaking to the fish, telling it about her life and her heart’s desires. As a result, in the end,  Yeh-Shen gets what she wanted  – all because she spoke to a fish.

How often do you keep things to ourselves? How many times have you let the things that you’ve wanted to say die on your lips?

Speak up for yourself! Maybe you’re not getting what you want out of life because your lips are shut?  You don’t have to tell the world, or the first person you see, but can you admit, out loud, to yourself, the things that you want?

Or, perhaps, you need to have a talk with a fish.


*{Junbug}* Anastasia Corset [Floral Dream]
[LB Face Paints] Organic Tribals Set 3
*LODE* Head Accessory – Parrot Tulips [spring]
Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Ada @ Fair Play – April

Fish : +Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish – Dream –
Pose: [evoLove] – Marie @ Pose Lover – April

In Dreams



What fills your mind when you close your eyes? What about when you dream? Where do your thoughts go when they wander?  Are your thoughts influencing your actions, or are your actions influencing your thoughts?

Maybe we dream to experience the things that are not possible in reality? In dreams we can make things the way we want. We can find peace and be inspired by our own imaginings. No one can stop us. You don’t even have to close your eyes to go off on a whim of fancy – that’s called a daydream.

With so many sad things in the world, shouldn’t we strive to make our dreams pleasant? Here’s to smiles. Here’s to a world of our own.  Here’s to dreaming – where we can make our own realities.

“Within that world of my own I could listen to a babbling brook and hear a song that I could understand. I keep wishing it could be that way, because my world would be a wonderland.” – In a World of my Own, from Alice in Wonderland

Mistique- Samia Red @ FairPlay [ Starting April 1st ]
Hair: Vanity Hair::Ole HP- browns

Pose: Lil’Bug Boudoir Sofa @ Pose Lover

In a book


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Suess


Once upon a time people use to read. A lot. They would sit down with a book in their hands and get lost in other worlds and realities. They would garnish new ideas and learn lessons from the morals of stories, and people’s imaginations took flight. Now, in the days of wearable tech and video games, books are taking a back seat.

More young kids are finding reading to be a chore or something uninteresting. Sadder still are the amount of people who are not able to read. Why read the book when they can watch the movie? Why read about great explorers when they can find a video game that relates to the topic?

I love to read. I’ll read practically anything that is put in front of me.  I can escape reality and experience many things from the comfort of my own home.

When was the last time you read a good book? I’m not talking about a random fly by read-out-of-boredom book, but a book that excited you. One that you couldn’t wait to pick up and delve into. A book where you got so engrossed in the story that it put you in the midst of everything.

Now that’s a good book.

Perhaps more people need to be told of the wonders of reading? Let’s get people reading again and away from the glowing lights of a screen – at least for an hour.  There are all types of books out there, and I’m sure that the perfect one is waiting for you.


top: Myth – Jezebelle @ ReVamped – March
Jeans:  Oddity Jean @ ReVamped – March
Hair: TRUTH Delphine –  browns
Necklace: ^^Swallow^^ Friendship Necklace Female
Set: [TR] Old Reading Ruins @ Fair Play March

Pose: :LW: Poses – recharge your Soul (with props) @ Pose Lover March

Dreams and Imaginations


The world is so diverse and the multitude of people – with their varying thoughts and ideas – help make the world go around. We have big dreams and wild imaginings, but if we are not careful, society will seek to diminish them.

From the way we look, to the state of our living conditions, the world sees us and instantly draws their own conclusions. We get told that our dream is too big. Or that we don’t really want to do this, here is something more reasonable. These words can come from anyone: family, friends, or even those who think they know us.

People have an inborn desire to fit in and be accepted, many let go of their dreams and settle for the next best thing because that will gain the approval of the ones around them.

Great things didn’t come from the people who sought to fit into another persons vision. The  wonderful things that we have now didn’t come about because someone gave up on their dream. If the people you associate yourself with are not pushing you to do better – in whatever aspect of your life – then perhaps it’s time to change.

Don’t abandon your wants because those around you don’t understand it. Find those that do. Find someone who’s doing what you want to do, who has dreams as big -or bigger- than your own, or even those who may not have big dreams but cheer you on towards your own, and you associate with them.

If the people in your life are not going to bring out the best in you, then why are you spending your time on them?  We never forget how to dream, or how to imagine great things, we only have a tendency to let others dictate the way our lives should go.

It’s your dream, not theirs, and you have a right to it.




Dress: {POSH PIXELS} Cennie – Fire – OMEGA @ ReVamped March

Accessories :

Makeup:  !Musa! Eyeshadow Avery Smoky
gloves: L’Emporio ::*Lace Gloves*:: 5Colors with Applier_
wings: Le Coq D’or – Rainbow Butterfly GACHA @ Fair Play March
Headdress:  BamPu Legacies Great Gatsby Headdress @ ReVamped March
Necklace: Son!a Cabaret Lace Necklace -Silver Onyx @ J & A Expo
Pose from:  an lar [poses] The Enchante Series

Fairy Tale


Every culture has its fairy tales – stories of impossible things where the odds are stacked high, yet the hero triumphs in the end. These are the stories that give us hope. They seek to inspire the readers into thinking that no matter how bad the situation, everything will work out.

But not all fairy tales have a happy ending. Sometimes the protagonist doesn’t make their goal. Sometimes evil actually wins.

When the story doesn’t end the way we think that it should, does it mean that it didn’t teach us anything? Are we often too busy trying to find the ‘happily every after’ that we don’t pay attention to the lessons that are being taught?

The point of a story is to teach a lesson – to open our eyes to concepts and ways of thinking that we may not have otherwise thought. Each day we are filling the pages of our own storybook. We are writing our own fairy tale.

Maybe today you’re faced with some impossible odd. Maybe today your dreams are coming true. Maybe today is the last day.

What have you learned from your story and how does your fairy tale read? As you flip through the pages of your book – even as you’re writing a new page – have you learned anything?

Life can be a fairy tale, and though they don’t all have a happy endings they all teach a lesson.


Dress:  Mistique- Lea Beige @ Fair Play – February
Hair: Stealthic – Solace (Female Hair) @ Fair Play – February

Accessories: Lilith’s Den Verdandi Upper Arm Bracelet Antique @ Fair Play – February
Le Coq D’or – crystal flowers GACHA –  Wreath (Rare) @ Fair Play – February
Maitreya Vintage Collar & Pearls

Pose:  an lar [poses] The Colette Series

Shot on location at: *StoryBrooke Gardens*

Mirrors and Doors


When one door closes, another one opens. That’s the old adage that gets frequently tossed around. People tend to say it as a way of justifying why they didn’t get what they wanted and to signify that they have moved forward. It sounds good in theory – moving on – but many people say that they’ve closed a door, only to have leave a small stopper in place to keep that very door from closing all the way.

Who knows, maybe they may need to go back.

“I’ve closed that door, and I’m not going back,” comes a persons bold proclamation. A few weeks later and you see them peeking through the crack that they left, relishing in what they professed to have left behind.

Mirrors. They take what is given and spit it back out. This causes the viewer to examine what they are portraying. There are tales about mirrors reflecting the contents of a persons soul, and that’s why – when a person does a deplorable act – they can’t look at their reflection.

Having done, or said, something against their own moral code that they are unable to recognize the person staring back from the other side of the mirror. So the mirrors get covered up so the reflection can’t be seen. Or, when faced with the reflection – this stranger wearing our face – the mind warps it into what we deem right.

Don’t close any doors if you’re going to leave a crack, and don’t do anything that turns your own image into something you can’t face.

Life is full of things that cause us to slip and fall. But, if you’re not careful you may find yourself lost in a room of mirrors and doors where everything you said you were leaving behind is being reflected back at you.


Dress: Poet’s Heart – Winter Poem @ The Secret Affair – January

Pure Poison – Natalia Headdress – White – V2 @ The Secret Affair – January
BMe Fur Stole @ Fair Play – January
Pose: from an lar [poses] The Honour Series  @ Shiny Shabby – January