•{Soul of a Flower . . .

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”  — Gerard De Nerval

It has been a busy day for me and I don’t see the rest of the week letting up any time soon. Nevertheless, we are nearing the end of another week. Soon the seasons will change and, where I am, it will be Spring. A time of new beginnings as the old adage goes.

Just like the seasons, we change as well.Make sure you bloom in whatever season you are in.

Outfit: !dM deviousMind “Cherry” – CherryFawn -FawnCrown *RARE* @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 

 Hair: Exile:: – Flowers in the Sun

*NAMINOKE* RubyNecklace1 Eyemask @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 
*NAMINOKE* RubyNecklace1 armlet  @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 

Skin: !Lumae Sylryth Group Gift


•{ Can’t Miss the Train . . .

The train was pulling into the station. This was it. As she pulled her trolley cart down the platform she still couldn’t believe that her time had finally come. Her enrollment papers for the Academy had arrived two weeks ago and she started packing her bags immediately.

The day was a bit breezy but having the wind pull through her hair only added to the mystisim of where she was going. A particularly strong gust whipped through the station and managed to knock open the lock on one of her suitcases. Books fell on the platform and loose sheets of paper flew out, hitching a ride on the wind.

“My papers!” She yelled. She did a few spins trying to catch the escapee’s but to no avail. Behind her she heard the train whistle and the ‘All Board!’ Call from the conductor. She could not miss this train!

She quickly grabbed her umbrella and flicked it open. Time for a little magic. . .

Outfit: Una. Luna (Top, skirt, glasses) @ World Of Magic. 
HairVanity Hair:: Druida-Greedy Pack
Shoes: [Dolphin Design Mesh] Gothic Leather Boots (retired) 

Pose is Le Poppycock -Humour (Doves & Umbrella)

Kalopsia – Flying Paper

Serenity Style– Kynne Station Clock
Serenity Style– Kynne Station Luggage cart
Serenity Style– Kynne Station Bench

KraftWork Wizard Open Luggage @ World Of Magic. 
KraftWork Wizard Books @ World Of Magic. 
KraftWorkWizard HP Luggage @ World Of Magic. 

Backdrop: KraftWork Trams of Old London

•{ I’ll be the Watcher . . .

They say we are what we are,
But we don’t have to be,
I’m bad behavior but I do it in the best way,
I’ll be the watcher (watcher) of the eternal flame,
I’ll be the guard dog of all your favorite dreams . . .

— Lyrics from “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy

Outfit: [Have Unequal]  #31 Cindy Outfit_Black Fire_Maitreya_ULTRARARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 
::Taisce:: Blessed Shoulder Plate @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 
[Fallen Arms Rough] Energy Blade Unscripted (*note: mod to fit smaller  size) @ We love RP  

Pose is from the ::Poseidon:: Shinobi set
Set: VARONIS – StarDust Background

•{ Catch me! . . .

No one ever said that this ride would be easy. Down in the mines, riding in a mine cart no less, was anything but smooth sailing. Two girls held on through the dips and turns that had them bouncing out of their seats on more than one occasion.

“Hold on!” Addy yelled

“I’m trying!” Said Ryanna. And indeed she was. However, she wasn’t holding on tight enough. The cart took a sudden sharp turn, a dip, and Ryanna bounced out of the cart with a scream.

Addy was fast and turned around to grabbed Ryanna’s hand. “I told you to hold on!”

“Pull me in! Pull me in!” Doing so, wasn’t as easy as it seemed….

Adalynne(Check out her blog!)
Hair: *ARGRACE** MAYU – Coppers
Top: Just Because – Daphne @ Access.

Ryanna ( That’s Me!)
Jacket: Sabotage /trendy girl gacha/ Altered Denim Jacket
Jacket: Petite Mort– Tied Plaid Shirt
Pants: Blueberry– – Jolene Jeans – Vox
Hair: *ARGRACE**Saki – Dark Brown
Shoes: Scandalize. KaroleSneakers.

Pose / Prop: {Bittersweet + Strange} Poses –– They Might Have Noticed…(with poses) @ World of Magic {Opening Feb 15th }

•{ Dance for Me . . .

And he said,
“Dance for me, Girl, I want to see you move
Be a delight for me, you need me to approve.“

She smiled at him
With a twinkle in her eye
And sashayed her hips
As she walked on by.

There was magic in her steps
There was captivation in her thighs
Every move she made bent him to her will
By the time she was done
She had him truly beguiled. . . .

Outfit: Una. Alesandra (Green) @ We Love Role-Play {Opening Feb. 4th}
Hair: Unorthodox Maddy Hair

Accessories: [The Forge] Face Chain, Gold

Pose is my own . . .