•{ Time to play . . .

Kitten’s ready
It’s time to play
I’ll be here quietly waiting 
For the end of the day

Be prepared
approach me slowly
I got the time 
But it’s for you only. . .

The following items are from :[Plastik]: and can be found at The Epiphany 

  • Ankle
  • Armlet
  • Bindi
  • Bracelet
  • Decorated ear (left and right)
  • Halo
  • Necklace
  • Sparkcloud
  • Marble (with hand hold pose)
  • Kitsune Mask – Crimson

Hair: Truth Hair/ Tinsley
Background: House Of Shade – Bae Window Backdrop


•{ Devil you know . . .

The Devil you know
Is out of your control
Sitting somewhere
And he’s praying for your soul

Heaven tryin’ get you
Look who’s lost their virtue
Better believe what is true
That the Devil’s praying for you . . .

Skin: :[Plastik] Araxxis Gatcha – Albino Skin [ RARE ] @ Lootbox { Until July 19th }
Necklace: amias – NEHA male 2

:[Plastik]– Araxxis Cuffs @ Lootbox { Until July 19th }
.random.Matter. – Reyn Septum

Pose from Ana Poses – Dhaka @ The Mens Department 

•{ Beyond the gate . . .

Curious as a fox, that’s what she was – especially when it came what may be beyond the gate. 

Ever since she was a little cub she had been told to stay away from the gate. No one would tell her what was past them, and the forest grew too thick to see for what was beyond.  Every time she had a chance she would play around the gate, looking to sneak out when no one was looking.

One day she had the chance. No one was watching the gates, one of them was even slightly pushed open. They were never open and, if not for her excitement, she would have taken note of that significant detail. 

But not today. Today she was finally go to go beyond the gate . . 

Outfit: Moon Elixir – Crystal Kitsune   @Lootbox
(Corset / Gloves / Stole / Tail / Ear)
Skin: Revoul Naoki Catwa Applier in Tone 2
Whiskers: .ARISE. Kittie Mesh Whiskers
Hair: Exile –Flowers in the Sun – All or Nothing

Scene: CK Elite Studios ~ Gated Entrance Backdrop @ VERSUS {Staring July 1st}

Pose by me. . .

•{ No One saw it coming . . .

No One saw it comin’
That’s why No One went runnin’
Blinded by the innocence
What can I say, in my defense:

It’s not what I use to be
But about seeing the real me.


The following is from Belle Epoque { Steampunk Extravaganza } found in the current  @Lootbox.
• Goggles Black
• Jacket Black
• Mask Brown
• Ring

Hair: .Shi Hair : : Eirene / Unisex . Apocalypse 1 Dirty.
Gun: **JPK Steampunk Assault Rifle
Backdrop: CK Elite Studios ~ Garage Backdrop

Pose by me

•{ a different type of heat . . .

It wasn’t just the heat that had been keeping her up at night, it was the thoughts running through her head.  How long since she had thoughts such as these? How long had it been since she felt something like this? 

Shadows crept across the room, lit by the light of the rising moon. It wouldn’t be much longer.  He’ll be coming home soon . . .


Accessory: Mushilu Fetish Mask White @ Red Light District. 
Outfit: Una. – Mandy  @ Red Light District. 
Hair: Exile – Drive Fast. @ Collabor88 – June
Pose: <K&S> Sophie bento poses @ June’s PocketGacha

•{ Part of that world . . .

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.” –  C. S. Lewis


Skin: :[Plastik]: Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Mauvena
Tail: *TSL* Daughters of Triton Gacha ~ Princess Ariel (RARE)
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Underwater – Browns
Top: .Una. Coral Silver

Pose: my own

A few other colors (from left to right). Please note that the full set has many colors for both female, and male, avatars!   Unedited, shot on Medium setting
Alabarus // Mauvena // Shadaren // Ereldenn

•{ It’s who we are . . .

Some days I’m a super b*tch
Up to my old tricks
but it wont last forever
Next day I’m your super girl
Out to save the world
and it keeps getting better


Thanks to AdalynneCheck out her Flickr) for posing with me!

We are both wearing.{PSYCHO:Byts} Cyberneon Destiny @ June’s PocketGacha {starting June 15th}
Goggles / Pants / Top / Boots
CyberArms RARE
CyberLegs RARE

Ryanna Hair: *ARGRACE*MAYU – Coppers
Adalynne’s Hair:Wasabi – Blake

Black Cats poses – anim – Katana female 2
Black Cats poses – anim – Katana female 5

Set: CK Elite Studios ~ Tunnel Backdrop