•{ After all this time . . .

“Even after all this time?” He softly whispered to her.
“Yes,” her voice cracked under the emotion she was holding back. Eyes stayed downcast, looking upon the ground. “Even after all this time.”

Though it was some time after the exchange of words, she still felt the weight of his hand on her shoulder and warmth of his breath against her skin. She felt hammered to the wall by the force of her own heartbeat. Her fingers flexed upon the handle of her golden mirror, using it as anchor to the here and now.

She could not stay out here forever. Yet his presence was all around her. Even after all this time.

Outfit: Una- Afrodita @The Lootbox Gacha
Hair: TRUTH HAIR VIP – Sugar
Tattoo: .::Nanika:: Scarab tattoo Gold

Pose: :LW: Poses – Grecian wall pose prop @ Tres Chic {Until July 10th}

•{ Readjust: a poem . . .

Here tomorrow
Here to stay
In the shadow’s where I play

Take the colors
make them free
leave me tranquility

The moon whispers against my walls
and ivy creeps throughout the hall

In the shadows
of this room
is where my rose is kept in bloom

Though the color’s faded away
it’s sheen is pristine
not ashen grey

Caressed by the moon
and kissed by dusk
open your eyes


Outfit::Una: – Medusa @ Tres Chic
Headdress: Belle Epoque { Faith Headpiece } White @ Reduex (Until June 21th )
Accessories: Luas – Pearls Harness White
Tattoo: .::Nanika::.Samaira

Pose: :LW: Poses – Never be Ashamed

Garden- by anc “in peace” Lily {soft yellow} @ The Men’s Department
[DDD] Twinkling Ivy – Wall

•{ Dreams in Light

“Dreams are the bright creatures of poem and legend, who sport on earth in the night season, and melt away in the first beam of the sun, which lights grim care and stern reality on their daily pilgrimage through the world.”

 Charles Dickens quotes

Though things may look different in the day when our eyes are open and we are faced with the realities of this world, it doesn’t mean that we should stop dreaming.

Sometimes it is hard to stand in the bright light of realities truth and you’re blinded by the things you don’t want to see. You’d rather return to your dreams where things are better.  Don’t turn away.  Bring your dreams from the night and into the light.


Dress: :Una: Rapunzel @ The Enchantment {Until May 31st}
Hair: Exile::- Way That I Feel  @ Collabor88 {Until June 6th}
Mask: Storybook – Curse @ The Enchantment {Until May 31st}

Pose: an lar [poses]The Heather Series @ Coming to Tres Chic !

Shot on location at: Winter Moon 


•{ Sunlight and Mask . . .

Every day, after dressing for her role she stepped outside to sit amongst the flowers and grass. The Sun caressed her skin and its warmth whispered promises in her ears. How sweet they were. How they sought to reach into her core and fill her with light, but today would not be that day.  As she felt the Sun beaming down on her she lifted her hand and brought up a mask.

When she turned her face towards the Sun again there was nothing for it to touch. Its words rolled off her mask and the warmth was forgotten.

It was time to start another day. Now she was set for the role she had to play.


Shoes: #EMPIRE – Azalea
Hair: Exile::- Spell On You @ The Darkness Fair {Until May 22nd}
Tattoo: Ab.Fab – Sakura tattoo- For the  Peace by Peace hunt  {Until May 31st}
Accessories: (back) Mushilu – Ornaments  red RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival {Until June 7th}
Mushilu – Crown Chen red @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival {Until June 7th}

Pose: Lil’Bug  – Behind the mask


Embrace yourself. Embrace the past, the present. Embrace everything around you and no longer be held by it. Your breakthrough is coming.  . . .

“A breakthrough is coming
I can see that a breakthrough is coming, coming for me
Cause my heart, it was made to fly
Destiny can’t be denied
I’m tired of waiting
I am overdue for a breakthrough…”

Breakthrough – Britt Nicole

Dress:  [Aleutia] Christiana @ Fantasy Faire 2017 – The HIll
Wings: Faeline Fairy Wings – Saki (snow) @ Fantasy Faire 2017 – The HIll
Mask: #26 Blueberry / Show Time / Maitreya – Mask *Queen* (old gatcha)

Pose: an lar [poses] The Tortured Series – Three @ Memento Mori 

Hope blooms . . .

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”

 Thich Nhat Hanh

What does it mean to have hope? Does it mean that you close your eyes to doubts and fears, because if you don’t acknowledge them they’ll go away? Perhaps it means that you must always wear a smile and be a beckon of positivity? Maybe having hope means that you never get angry at what life puts in your path?

Then I ask, how do you know what hope is when what you believe in has never been tested?

Skin: .:Soul:. G2 F – Ceredil – Gyouko – [SE Forest]- @ Fantasy Faire 2017 – Mudrana Sim
Accessories: *LODE* Head Accessory – Magone II [blossom]
Scene: Vita’s Boudoir -Bed of Flowers Photo Prop
Pose: Serendipity: delicate (1)