•{ Poor Unfortunate Souls . . .

I admit that in the past I’ve been a nasty. ..
They weren’t kidding when they called me, well, a witch.
But you’ll find that nowadays . .
I’ve mended all my ways . .
Repented, seen the light, and made a switch . . .

Lyrics from  “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid

(This post was inspired by Novaleigh Freng and her ‘Disney song-inspired challenge’.  Check out her incredible work )

Outfit:Mushilu – Elise
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ \\ Wispers in the wind @ Collabor88
Tail: :[Plastik]: Mora & Rona:// Spaded Tail RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival


•{ Once Upon a Time . . .

Once Upon a Time. . .

Once upon a time there was a girl. The sun always shined brighter when she was around and the birds’ melodies orchestrated the soundtrack of the days. She brought love, life, and laughter to all she was around. Full of light, she was, but light cannot live without the dark. One day shadows crept upon her and they stilled her heart.

They couldn’t bear to put her in the ground, perhaps they even wished that hope someone would find a way to make her heart would beat anew. The people made her coffin of wood and glass, and set her in the sun. This is the tale the villagers tell to anyone who ask:

Once upon a time there was a girl of the Light who was shrouded by the Dark . . .

Set Design:
Mushilu Snow White Bed (pose built in) @ Enchantment
JIAN Arctic Fox :: Static Stand / Static Sit
JIAN :: Fox – Adult 1/2
+Half-Deer+ Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goat – Neopolitan
+Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Kawaii
+Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Sleepytime
+Half-Deer+ Origami Dream – Butterfly – Mint
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Still and Quiet
+Half-Deer+ Climbing Rose Vine (Emerald)
[DDD] Twinkling Ivy – Curve

Build: ionic : Sacred Ruins

•{ Autumn’s Dance . . .

Hold the winds
Here comes the Fall
The time has come to take it all

It’s not time for winter yet
Autumn’s placing a final bet
The leaves have turnt to orange from green
And a cooler sun enters the scene

Life turns gracefully in Autumn’s dance
While whispers in the wind keep minds entranced
The Dance of Autumn is a little while longer
but the Winter Winds are getting stronger . ..


Top: [ abrasive ] Festive Foliage Bodysuit – Maitreya – Amber @ The Gacha Garden
Skirt: [ abrasive ] Festive Foliage – Skirt RARE @ The Gacha Garden
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Tempest hair – Colors

C L A Vv. Shattered Angel – Wings RARE  @ The Gacha Garden
C L A Vv. Shattered Angel – Choker Gold @ The Gacha Garden
*LODE* Headwear – Lilou Feathers [yellow]

Pose from: *PosESioN* Wicca Set

•{ Taste of Winter . . .

“It won’t be much longer,” Shayla said as she laid there in the snow, idly tracing lines on Adalyee’s leg, “but I’m growing impatient. When’s it going to be our turn?”

The younger fae was pouting again.  Adalyee couldn’t really blame her. The Fae of the Summer Court had gotten a bit carried away and went over their time. Autumn was here now but the Winter Court was knocking on their door. “Soon.  You know how the Humans can be when Winter comes too early.”  She had seen it many times over. How they would complain and end up cursing the snow.  “We want them to be happy to see us.”

Shayla sighed and puffed out a few snowflakes and looked away. The animals were still biding their time but soon they would get fidgety too. She loved the patterns on Adalyee’s skin, they showed her level of skill. She could create snow whereas Shayla could only manipulate what was already there. One day though she would get her own.

Adalyee saw her looking and picked up a hand.  Palm up a small snow swirl formed there.  “Hey Shayla?” She had a playful gleam in her eyes. When Shayla looked up, Adalyee  increased the size of her swirl until it engulfed her hand.  “Just because it’s Autumn, doesn’t mean we can’t give them a taste of winter.”

The two Winter Fae got to work and, on this day, the humans had a taste of winter….

Adalynne(Check out her blog!)
Skin: Lara Hurley CHristy Rose Pale Applier and Fae Skin
LipStick: Izzie’s A;; The color Matte Set
Hair: Truth Group Gift Makena
Tattoo: Plastik Koie Tattoo Pastelle
Wings: Soul Oree
Ears: Swallow Elf ears

Jewelry: Cae Sakura
Spell: Elk Ring Silver
Dress: Dead Dollz Cozy Ensemble @ Uber

Ryanna ( That’s me! )

Dress: !gO! Jasmin – white
Skin: :[Plastik]:- Kasje SE Skins:// Female
Hair: Exile::Kissing Strangers
Wings: Deviance – Titania Fairy Wings – Snowdrop
Necklace: !dM Jule – Snowflake Choker **ICE**
The Annex – Snow Queen Diadem
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears

•{ No Good Deed . . .

“One question haunts and hurts, too much, too much to mention.  Was I really seeking good, or just seeking attention . . . Sure, I meant well. Well, look at what well-meant did”  – No Good Deed – From “Wicked”

I’ve had a lot on my mind – likely more than I tend to give on.  Sometimes it seems as if the more good you do, the worse things become….

Dress: ::Tiffany Designs:: Raven Gown
Hair: .Shi Hair : Eleu / Unisex . E-Bronde

Pose: BellePoses – Gwen   @ Limit8 

•{ I’ve got a spell . . .

Come forth and enter in
A fortune and tale for you I’ll spin

I’ve got a spell made just for you
Close your eyes and count to two

Seek you pleasure?
How about fame?
I’ll pull the strings of this little game

I’ve got a spell, you want to hear?
All you’ve known will disappear. . .

Head: Genesis – Kiana Bento – limited edition
Skin: :[The.Plastik]:: Golha Skin @ Season of the Witch { Until  Nov. 4th }

Eyes: .:Soul:.  – Draglien Eyes @ Men Only Hunt
Hair: Mello. Creepin It Real. – Lamebrain – Color Crazy @ PocketGatcha

Hat:*LODE* Headwear – Black Pitch with feathers [black]

::SlackGirl:: Gipsy Bento Mesh Ring RARE @ PocketGatcha
::SlackGirl:: Spider 2 Bento MESH Nails @ PocketGatcha

Scene: Astralia – Horrorfest backdrops (Murder Telling) RARE @ The Epiphany

Shot at: Backdrop & You


•{ Just for this moment . . .

“Just for this moment, as long as you’re mine, come be how you want to and see how bright we shine. Borrow the moonlight until it is through, and know I’ll be here holding you. As long as you’re mine….” As long as you’re mine – from Wicked The Musical

It was never going to work
He was him
She was her
Neither wanting to be hurt

Fate pulls string they could not see
Trappings prisoners in it’s simplicity
It may be now
It may be then

They said ‘hello’
It started again . . .

(Special thanks to my friend for posing with me!)

Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F – Fala – [D6]
Dress: Apple May Designs – Earth Child – Sunshine

• The following is part of the gatcha set Ghastly Gatcha from :[The.Plastik]::
:[P]:- Cathedral Spellbook & Stand
:[P]:- Caris Hourglass
:[P]:- Tortura Hourglass
:[P]:- Eden Candle
:[P]:- Ouija Mirror

Pose: [DB]Poses – no fear