•{ Forgot Something . . .

He was in a bit of hurry, though that wasn’t unusual. She had made him late again. Even now that devious smile was playing across her lips as she watched him dress for work. It wasn’t her fault it took him forever to get dressed. He should be more efficient – like her.

“This is the third time this week. Where does the time go?” Hearing the mock annoyance in his voice made her laugh a bit.

She got from the chair and picked up his briefcase. She pushed it against his chest just as he finished doing up the buttons of his jacket and remarked, “I stole it.”

“Like everything else.” A kiss was stolen and with it he gave a warning. “Be good” before he headed out the door.

Sure. She would be good. Smiling to herself she looked around the room and a glint of metal caught her attention. She picked it up and went out the door and saw him at the door to his car about to get in.

“Hey!” She called out, a smirk coming out to play as she walked halfway down the steps. He had stopped and now looked at her. She outstretched her arm and the handcuffs clinked as it dangled from her hand. “You forgot something.”

The look he gave her was all the response she needed.

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Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~Nyoki Hair

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•{ Start this charade . . .

Let’s play a game , just us two
I got the rules, so I’ll tell you what to do.

First loosen that tie
then unbutton the shirt
It may sound like fun, but I’ll make you work.

You don’t understand
I’m not eating from your hand.
Show me what you got
You’re either in or you’re not.

I set the stage
Now let’s start this charade

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•{ I’m not that . . .

Who’s to say what’s wrong with me?
I’m not who you thought I’d be . . .

Sitting so pretty
Soft and preen
You want that girl
But that girl ain’t me

I’m strong as iron
Fragile like glass
I donned faces like a carnival mask

That’s over now
You asked to see
Now the girl you want?
That girl’s not me.

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•{ of Peace and Love

“Everyone’s really saying the same thing: Love, forgiveness and peace; just saying it in different ways.”

 Heather Clarke quotes

Signs of peace and love are everywhere but, if they do not present themselves in a way in which we are use to often times it goes unnoticed. In life it’s important to understand that not everyone will show love the same way that you do. Not everyone will respond to situations in the same way.  We are all people with our own thoughts and ideas. That someone shows love in a manner that is different from your own, that doesn’t mean their sentiment is any less sincere.

Maybe if the world would start accepting that everyone is different, if they would accept the fact that not everyone does things in the same way, then maybe, maybe we could take real strides towards love, forgiveness, and peace.

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•{ I Am Woman

I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.

I say,
It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman

Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

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•{ Not going to write you a . . .

It was a quite day and she found herself walking about the attic in her old home. Light came in from the window and gave the place an old feel. Everything was covered in a layer of dust, but she didn’t mind. There were lots of memories here and she felt them.

“I’m…usually, hard … to hold on to…” The words came softly as she stepped lightly, bringing up small puffs of dust where her feet hit the floor. She spoke to no one, believing she was the only one in this place. “You mean well, but… you make this hard…on… me.”

As she traversed the room her eyes fell on the piano. It was heavily coated with dust that it was hard to tell at first glance the original color. She headed towards it and ran her forefinger along the hood, wiping up the dust. “They all say things you want to hear,” she sing-sang the words as she pushed back the bench and sat at the dusty piano. A hard blow of air given to the keys to remove some of the dust before her fingers settled over the ivories and tested the chords. “And my heavy heart… sinks deep, down, under you.” She continued to sing.

The old piano was only slightly off tune, but that didn’t matter much at the moment. There was no one else here. Right? Just her, the piano, and the dusty figures. She hung her head over the keys and drew in a deep sigh, strands of her hair falling over her shoulders.

Remnants of the last played note were fading from the air. She was so focused in on herself that she failed to hear the faint footsteps heading up the attic steps.

When her fingers hit the keys again the music was stronger and faster. “I’m not going to write you to stay. If your heart is nowhere in it, I don’t want it for a minute. Oh, I’ll walk the seven seas when I believe that there’s a reason to write you . . .” The music and words suddenly stopped as her dusty fingers now cradled her head. At the same time the one who had been walking up the steps was now leaning in the doorway watching. She was still oblivious to any other occupants in the room.

The person stepped forward and stopped just as another note hit the air. “I’m trying . . . to let you hear me as I am.” Her fingers hovered over the keys, head still bowed and eyes downward.

Silence. The silence hung until the new entrant spoke. “I hear you.”

[ dialog taken from the song “Love Song”  by Sara Bareilles ]

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