•{ Plans and Cola . . .

She had had a day. It was the beginning of the week and already she could feel herself being tired tomorrow. Though, on the bright side, it was evening.

Grabbing a cola out the fridge she stood outside on the balcony. The sounds of the city drifted up and florescent lights from windows and street lamps cast about shadows on the tall buildings. She turned for a moment to watch the cars below, letting the stress of the day melt off as she laughed to herself. It may have been a long day, but she had evening plans that promised to make it all better.

But first, she was going to finish her cola.

Top: Giz Seorn – Debbie Bandeau Top
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Hair:  Lamb Ocean Bed – Ginger
Backdrop: Paparazzi – Urban View BACKDROP

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•{ Not all Black and White . . .

Not everything is black and white
Sometimes there’s shades of grey

Where the truth blurs
And lies are absurd
You can never be sure of what you heard

But there’s truth, you see
In every fallacy
Black, white, and grey
They all equal me . . .

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•{ What flowers bring . . .

Flowers had come for her that morning. They were delivered to her doorstep still in the early part of the day. Simple flowers with no return address or any indication who sent them except for one thing. Attached to the flowers was a note and on that was drawn a smile. That was all she needed and she knew who they were from.

He was on his way back.

She took the flowers and walked down to the overlook a few blocks from town. She could look out into the sea and feel the wind as it blew through her hair. The seabirds flew around the lighthouse and she could hear the distant sounds of the fishing boats on the water. She could almost imagine his ship coming in over the horizon.

With a small sigh she leaned against the railing and brought the flowers close. The season was changing, and it was bringing him with it

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•{ The Evening Transition . . .

The sun was slowly giving way to the moon. City lights began to glow and a mist crept into the air. For him, this was the perfect time of day. It was this scene that he planned for his date to witness – even if she didn’t know it yet.

He was leaning against his balcony railing when he heard the doorbell.

“Right on schedule,” he said as he opened the door.

Her smile caused him to smile and she took a few steps inside. “I haven’t been to your place before,” she said, and the way he saw her eyes glancing over things he assumed she was cataloging his items.

“Don’t worry,” he assured her, “we won’t be here long.” He placed a hand on her elbow and ushered her towards the balcony. “There’s something I want to show you.”

A sarcastic remark played on her lips but was quickly forgotten once she stepped outside. The air was cool – but not too cold – and the din of the city below was soft. The air felt different. His apartment was on the 30th floor.

She moved away from him and took in the scene. “Everything looks peaceful from up here,” she remarked.

“Something like this only happens once a day,” he said, coming up behind her. “During that time I let go of any worries from the day as I watch the sky transition into Night.”

She looked thoughtful. Having known him to be insightful from time to time, she also knew that what he said often carried other meanings. She slowly asked, “What are you getting rid of today?”

He was quiet for a moment then raised his arm up to drape it around her. “Everything I don’t need.”

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Kalopsia – Flying Curtain

•{ Weekend Plans . . .

Everything was set for the weekend getaway. Both of them have had a grueling week. She didn’t know about him, but she needed this time away like a person needed air. A few nights ago he told her that they were going to ‘run away’. It was the most wonderful thing she had heard all week. The only thing was – she wasn’t told what to bring or where they were going.

He knew how she felt about surprises.

The day of the trip bag was delivered to her door along with instructions. Bring yourself and this bag. The problem was, there wasn’t anything in the bag but flowers, a bottle, and a box of candy.

He was planning something. But what?

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dust bunny . overnight bag
dust bunny. postcards
dust bunny . hanging shelf . natural
dust bunny . hoya plant

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•{ Rain and Gold . . .

When it’s said and done
I already felt love
And I let it end up
End up dying by itself
And when it’s said and done
You were better off
You deserve real love
And I deserve to be by myself
‘Cause I’ve gone too far
And I started too young
To give up
And even if I changed
It would be too late
I exposed my ways . . .

– Lyrics “Tears in the Rain” by The Weekend

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•{ Winter Thoughts . . .

I don’t know about anybody else but I’m exhausted. I mean that in possibly every meaning of the word. January has been one big rollercoaster of a ride for me in the Real World and the fun isn’t over yet. (I mean that sarcastically.)

When things get overwhelming I tend to withdraw. I need the quiet and peace to work myself back to a sensible state of mind so I can function normally instead of an auto-pilot automaton. I know we all struggle with something, whether it be big or small. It’s my hope that when you’re in that situation, that you can find the time to get away and pull yourself back together too.

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