Fox & Curtis || Bang, bang . . .

Ms. Fox waited patiently in the lounge of the mansion which belonged to her uncle, Eleuterio Minguez.  A few months had passed since Mr. Curtis had gotten shot while helping her steal back the financial documents, and deeds which were taken from her.  The two of them had been hiding ever since. Keeping a low profile and quietly establishing new aliases. The cartel was still after them, and they wouldn’t be able to stop running until her uncle’s empire was destroyed. Tonight, they planned to strike her uncle where it hurt, and take care of his wife.

In her mind, Mr. Curtis was born to blend in and work a crowd. He had left her to find the whereabouts of the target, while she scoped out the room.  It did not take long, and soon she felt his hand on her shoulder and around her waist.  No one else had a touch like that.

Ms. Fox lifted up her left hand to reached for the hand on her shoulder, prominently displaying the large rock affixed to her wedding finger. Their identities for the night, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, were new ‘power couple’ that had come into a large sum. This diamond was proof to the point.

Mr. Curtis nodded at the passing guest and greeted her. Speaking over her shoulder, “Mrs. Jones.  How are you enjoying yourself this evening so far my love?”

For her part, Ms. Fox chuckled politely and tipped her head back. “This party is the highlight of the year.”

Mr. Curtis spoke lower, trying not to move his lips in a ventriloquist fashion, “Keep talking. Act natural. Play it cool.  I found her.” He beamed and brought her hand up to his lips, kissing her knuckles tenderly, keeping the charade of husband and wife up.  Ms. Fox smiled beautifully, giving a small nod to show she understood what he said.

After a few couples made small talk with ‘Mr. & Mrs. Jones,’ the two of them made their way further into the festivities where various activities were set up: such as a dance floor,  photo booth, and the main buffet.  Mr. Curtis escorted Ms. Fox through the crowd to the first landing of the circular stairwell. Their target was upstairs. All they had to do now was get up there without being noticed.

Suddenly a commotion came from the upper landing.  Coming down the stairs, escorted by three police officers and her husband, was Mrs. Minguez, with her hands behind her back.

Shouting and fast arguing in Spanish accompanied the group.  All the guest had stopped their partying in favor of watching the scene unfold. Even Ms. Fox was transfixed and didn’t register that, while the wife may not recognize her, the uncle surely would.

Mr. Curtis moved the two of them to the other side of the stairwell, into a room, and pinned Ms. Fox against the wall like they were there for the privacy. They were still in site of the happenings and Ms. Fox turned her head to look out the doorway.  Her eyes blazed in anger as her gaze fell on her uncle, Eleuterio Minguez.  “Shhh baby,” Mr. Curtis said to her, “We’ll get our chance.”

This was wrong.  All wrong and Ms. Fox didn’t understand what was happening.  If she and her partner were not responsible for this, then who was?

As his wife was escorted out of the mansion, Eleuterio began to yell at his guests and swing his arms in a wide circle.  “Vete de aqui!”  And the guest started to file out in a rush.  No one wanted to be a victim of his anger.

They left their temporary hideout and Mr. Curtis moved them along in the crowd, but then made more of a sideways route than straight for the door. By the time he had tucked them into the photobooth unseen, Eleuterio was slamming the front door shut and barking at one of his six guards in the room still.

They were now trapped inside the mansion with the uncle who wanted her dead. The plan of action was clear. Mr. Curtis moved his hands from Ms. Fox’s body now, reaching inside his blazer to draw his colt out of his holster.  Suddenly, he groaned when Ms. Fox bent down, pushing her ass into him to pull hers from its own strapping under her skirt.  “For fuck’s sake Noa…. ”

Despite the situation, she couldn’t help it. The sense of danger heightened her desire.  “Just making sure you were loaded, Mason,” she quipped, turning her head to look at him over her shoulder a moment.

Mason whispered, “You always get like this when you hold that thing.”

Giggling softly, trying to not be heard, “Do I?  I didn’t notice.” was Ms. Fox’s reply.

Mr. Curtis squeezed her ass hard in his other hand, keeping an eye on the end of her gun, then froze once he heard her uncle and his guards getting closer.  Leaning into the back of her,  his lips against brushed against her ear as he spoke low.  “Ready?”

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Fox & Curtis .|. The Morning After

It was one of the best sleeps Ms. Fox had in a long time. Mr. Curtis’ heartbeat echoed in her ear as she lingered between dreaming and awake. The rise and fall of his chest was calming and though there were many things still on her mind, a huge weight had been lifted and the wall she had kept up around Mr. Curtis was crumbling. It all started after they left Rawcliffe Castle . . .

She and Mr. Curtis fled to the mountains as fast as they could. Mr. Curtis was still bleeding. The bullet was still in, but going to a hospital was out of the question. Fortunately he knew of a small cabin they could hole up in  for the night, and Ms. Fox knew how to stitch, that was as good as it was going to get.

It took less than an hour an the pair pushed through the cabin doors. Mr. Curtis seemed familiar with the layout and grabbed a whiskey bottle, taking a swig as he sat down on a stool in front of a  fireplace Ms. Fox had lit. She found the supplies she needed and when she looked at him, Mr. Curtis had poured her a glass.

“So…. Give it to me straight.” he said. “Who the hell are you, really?”

Before answering, Ms. Fox downed the drink and soaked the cloth in alcohol. She was on her knees and shouldered her way between his legs, taking the whisky bottle from him an preparing to clean his wound.  She took a another drink of liquid courage before the cloth made contact with his skin and she spoke.

“My Grandfather is the Marqué del Stry,” she stopped to see if that name registered and, from his reaction, it had.

Mr. Curtis growled out his response. “As in, the Stry’s that founded, and made money, off of the Spanish wars?  The same Stry who’s the head of the Spanish cartel?”  He inhaled and let out a “Fuck!”  That suddenly explained the photos that Ms. Burke had passed him in an envelope almost a month ago. They were photos confirming Ms. Fox as a mark. Someone wanted her dead. It’s why he was packing anywhere Ms. Fox and him went lately.

“That means the man we stole from… The men I just killed back there…..” He just nodded. It all made sense.  Thank God he trusted his instincts when he came around the corner in that castle and stepped back quickly.  If not, he likely would not have been able to get the drop on those guards before they had gotten to Ms. Fox.

She had turned her eyes away, rinsing the cloth while he took another few swigs of whiskey, and continued. “My father died when I was 15, and my uncle, Eleuterio Mînguez, thought that he would be next in line to inherit the family fortune. But my grandfather has always liked me and, even though I am the only child of my fathers, and a female.  My grandfather declared that I would have the inheritance. It made my uncle very upset that he was delegated to the end the line.  If I was gone, with no more heirs in my fathers line, then the money would be his. Attempts were made on my life and my mothers that caused a war between the two. My father had trusted friends in the States and my mother sent me over there to keep me safe.”

Ms. Fox used tweezers to go after the bullet, causing Mr. Curtis to  cry out in pain. It was lodged in pretty deep, and though he already had 8 shots of whiskey, he felt everything she did. Ms. Fox pulled out the bullet, and Mr. Curtis passed out.

Ms. Fox grabbed him quickly and laid him as gently as she could on the floor. She sighed and went to work stitching up the wound, glad for the reprieve in telling her story. His body temperature was dropping and she worked as fast as she could to finish.

Mr. Curtis wasn’t out long, because suddenly his hand was over hers.  He looked up at her, his expression soft, and simply said, “Mason.”

“What?”  She looked slightly confused after her obvious concern.

“My name…. My name is Mason.”  He winced as she knotted the last stitch, closing the wound up completely.

“Noa .” She smiled quickly and began to unzip the back of her dress.

His manners kicked in like a reflex, and he turned his face away. “That’s pretty.”  He stayed very still… He didn’t want to move.  The pain was finally ebbing and he took in a deep breath, feeling cold. Noa, Ms. Fox, grabbed a sheet from off the nearby bed and laid on top of him, being careful of his shoulder, and covering both of them with the sheet. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Shhh… You need warmth.  This is the best way.”

“I’ll say….”

He felt her smile, and his arm instinctively went around her back, stroking up and down.  They stay there in silence for a time, and he was thinking. “How did you become a thief?  With what’s going on in your family wouldn’t it had been wiser to stay away?”

“It just happened,” Noa answered. “The family I was with was attacked a few years after I got there and I ran.” She felt a tad uneasy as she recalled the old memories. She drew in a slightly shaky breath. Fear was etched into her voice. “And now I’ve got you into this mess. They’ll be coming after you too. I’m such a —”

Mason cupped her cheek in his hand, and carefully rolled them over, leaning on his good shoulder.  He cut her off with the sudden move and looked down at her.  “Don’t talk like that.”


Shh…” Mason said, his thumb caressing her cheek. He felt more for this woman than he imagined. His eyes traveled along her body and he shook his head slowly. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” Mason leaned into her and crushed his lips to hers. Noa’s arms wrapped around him; her fingers sliding up into his hair as he pressed his body down onto her, letting a low growl escape his lips and into their kiss. The hand that cupped her cheek was on the back of her neck now, holding her as he pulled back and looked down into her eyes.

They were both breathing harder, eyes searching each other’s before Noa pulled him back down to her lips and slid her tongue between  his teeth.  Mason bit down on her lip before he moved lower, kissing under her chin and down her neck towards her collar bone.  The sheet began to slide down as he moved lower……….


………….. Noa stretched and woke to find Mason smiling at her. “Good morning ma’am.”

His smile was greeted with one of her own. “Good morning.  How is your shoulder?”

“It’s there….,” he replied.

Noa squealed and caught the sheet, pulling it up as Mason sat them up and rolled over her, grinning. He leaned in behind her, kissing her shoulder and nipped at her ear, growling…. “I better….. Mmmm we need coffee.  And we need to leave.  If I stay here…..,” he trailed off and snatched his robe up, carefully pulling it around him and went to make coffee.

She watched him go and she got from the bed to check on the book.  Leafing through it she sighed.  All this trouble over the contents.

“Mason?” Noa called to him a she approached the door to the back deck where he was having his coffee.  The sheet was still around her.

He turned to walk in, but stopped in the doorway, leaning gently against the doorframe, struck by the way the light was hitting her.

She was looking down at the book in her hand.  “We have the book.  What do you suppose we do now?”  When Noa looked up at him, she blushed.  Mason had a small smile on his lips, and the way he was looking at her…. “I just…. I want to be careful.”  She watched him set his coffee mug down and moved to close the distance between them.  She kept her eyes on his, and eventually grinned up at him, “I thought we needed to get ready to leave?”

Mason’s hands went around her waist as he walked her backwards until the back of her legs hit the bed and she fell backwards on it.  “We’ll leave soon… ,” he said as he moved over her body again.

Noa couldn’t stop the mirth that escaped past her lips as she scrambled to keep a hold of the sheet that fell from her hand when she hit the bed. “They will come after us.”  though she wasn’t being discouraging, as she pushed back on the bed.

Mason crawled over her again, yanking the sheet away from her grip and tossing it beside them.  “Then maybe the moans and screaming you make will need to sound more like torture than……” He trailed off with a grin on his lips as he moved down on her neck again, reaching for her arms.  He pushed them up above her head and held her down as he pushed his body against her, biting her neck.  She’d need to work on sounding more convincing.



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Fox & Curtis .|. Royal Blood

Through her sources Ms. Fox found out that the person behind the theft and murder at the Marqué Estate in Saint Luca was Eleuterio Mînguez, her second Uncle and one of the leaders of the Spanish cartels. If he was still the same person she knew as a child, then he would have stashed the book with his antique collection at the old Rawcliffe Castle in York, England. Part of the old castle was used for tourism and rented for high profile events – it was a good cover – and Ms. Fox thought that retrieving it from there would be an easy task.

After she relayed this information to Mr. Curtis – leaving out her family relation – they were on their way. The family was not there, leaving the castle operated by employees to oversee tourism, and the two of them split up to cover more ground. Soon Ms. Fox found herself in library.

It has to be here, she said to herself, and she quickly looked around. After a few moments she thought she had heard something outside the door. It almost sounded like a scuffle. It didn’t last long, but it left her with a sinking feeling in her chest. Ms. Fox began her search again and found the book nestled secretly behind a large tome. Now that she had it, she was off to meet her partner in the Great Hall.

Ms. Fox gasped as she opened the study door. On the floor were a pair of dead guards. That must have been the noise she had heard, but why were they outside her door and who killed them? No time to waste, she stepped over the bodies. On the way to the Hall, she picked up a golden scepter from a weapons collection.  If the killer was still about, she needed to arm herself.

When she arrived at the Great Hall she saw Mr. Curtis sitting slumped over in the throne of the great Edward Langley. Relieved to see him safe, she eased on to the arm of the throne. “I see you’re doing your usual lazing arou-…….” Ms. Fox’s eyes widened now with worry as she looked down at the back of his shirt and grabbed his shoulder.  “What happened! Are you okay? Oh no….”

Mr. Curtis growled at her touch and pulled away. He looked at her and she let go, never having seen that look in his eyes before. In a moment that look was gone. He rolled his eyes and rested his elbows on his knees. A gun was in his hand.

Breathlessly he asked, “Did you….. Did you get what we came here for?”

Worry was etched all over her face. “It was you…. “ Ms. Fox said softly. “You killed those guards?”

“They weren’t guards… At least, they weren’t guards in that sense.  Those were hitmen.”  He wasn’t going to let it go this time.  She couldn’t see his face, but Mr. Curtis’ jaw was tight when he wasn’t speaking, and his eyes were dark.  “Perhaps you know why they were here.”

The only thing Ms. Fox could think of was that her source had betrayed her, and told Eleuterio Mînguez that she was coming. Ms. Fox was afraid to tell him the truth.  She didn’t know how he would react, but now that he killed those men, he was in danger himself.

Ms. Fox stood and laid the scepter against the throne and stepped in front of Mr. Curtis. He was watching her, she could feel his eyes, and she bent down and placed the book at his feet.

Mr. Curtis looked down. The book was open, blood on cut out pages. He flipped through the contents and found what he knew to be bank account numbers. His head shot up to look at her, but instead of her usual proud smile her face was heavy with worry.  There was even a wet trail from one of her eyes down her cheek.

“No….. No.  No,” he said, standing and reaching for her. Mr. Curtis pulled Ms. Fox into his embrace.  “I’m fine.”  Although he winced again, he let himself feel… Not just the pain that was increasing in his shoulder, but the warmth she gave him whenever she was near.

Clearing his throat, he collected his thoughts as he swallowed, pulled back and looked at her. Mr. Curtis then holstered his gun, and took her hand.

“We need to talk…..  Ms. Fox.”


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Fox & Curtis .|. The Marque Estate


Mr. Curtis had been mulling over plans for his next big score for over a week. It was a good plan. Solid. He only wasn’t sure if he should include Ms. Fox or not.  However, as he set course for the destination, and the days wore on, he decided to let her in on the details.

Mr. Curtis approached Ms. Fox with his idea of going to Saint Luca, location of one of the Marqué estates. The family was well known, not only for their wealth, but also their political influences. In a safe were bonds and, if he were able to get at least one of them, he would be set for a long time.

The estate grounds were usual bared off to the public , but once a year the gates opened for a grand charity gala. It was a highly coveted event and invitations were hard to come by – especially for a con-artist. As for Mr. Curtis’ plan,  they were going to go to the gala, break into the safe, and make off with the bonds. After years he had finally been able to acquire a ticket – or one that he was certain would pass for one – and gain entrance. He even had an idea for how to get her in as well, but Ms. Fox was only partially paying attention. Memories of years spent at the estate came to her, along with the reason why she left, and her mind was elsewhere.

Ms. Fox interrupted what he was saying, informing him that she had her own way in, and that she knew someone at Saint Luca that would be able to take care of the boat.  This revelation drew suspicion from Mr. Curtis and he was surprised.

“So….,” Mr. Curtis started to say as he leaned against the cabin’s roof of the boat, watching her as he slowly peeled a kiwi with his small knife. He looked away and watched the approaching shoreline.  “A friend, eh?  That you can ditch the boat with?”  Mr. Curtis was moodier than usual. Normally he wouldn’t care if the partner he was working with had their own contacts, but this was different.  It irked him. The job would get done, so why did he care?

Ms. Fox was watching him, even as she chose her words. “In this line of work, you have to have connections, right? I’m sure you have some too.”  Mr. Curtis ignored her question as he went to the wheel and prepared to steer into the docking area.

Ms. Fox left the deck to gather her bags, his too, and prepare for docking.  Once she was out of sight, Ms. Fox let out a sigh and checked over her shoulder to make sure he wasn’t watching. She didn’t know how he planned to get in, but she didn’t want anything to happen to him either.  Then there was the question of the boat.  They would dock in a few hours. Ms. Fox knew that he was curious of her actions, and going there, to the party, was a risk, but she couldn’t tell him her secret.  It was better he didn’t know.

Knowing they would be separated once they left the boat, she wrote instructions for him on a slip of paper.  Though she felt a pang of guilt over not telling him, she had to work fast.

It was not long before they docked. Mr. Curtis took her hand and brought her up to him. They were face to face and Ms. Fox used that moment to slip her note into his pant pocket. A smile on her lips, she patted his cheek and then bent to pick up her bags. She wanted to say something to him, but instead she walked past.  She had to get to the Harbor Master before he got to them.  “I’ll take care of the harbor master and see you tonight,” Ms. Fox said over her shoulder as she left him at the boat and the dock.

Ms. Fox didn’t bother to look back and after him, knowing that Mr. Curtis could take care of himself.  She  reached the Harbor Master just as he was exiting his office and he paused when he saw her. Ms. Fox recognized him and, by the look on his face, he knew her as well. “My dear, my poor, poor dear,” said the Harbor Master, reaching out and taking her hands.  “I’m so sorry.”

Ms. Fox’s brows furrowed in confusion and she shook her head. “What are you talking about?”
The Harbor Master’s face was clouded over with sadness. “You’ve been away for so long only to return today. Word is, there’s been a robbery at the estate. And a murder.” He shook his head. “But the gala is continuing. I can’t believe it.”

Ms. Fox felt pained and concerned for her partner.  He was on his way to the estate. “Wha.. what happened? Who died?”  As the Harbor Master told her what he knew, Ms. Fox grew more anxious. Quickly she told him about the boat and asked that he take care of it, then she rushed off to the estate.

By the time Ms. Fox arrived cops and detectives were weaving about through the throng of people gathered around the pool being questioned. She heard bits of conversation, and concluded that the murderer had not yet been found. As she didn’t want to get questioned, she slipped into the cottage by the pool and checked her surroundings.  No one was there. Ms. Fox moved to a back window and pulled out her phone from the holster on the top of her thigh. Where else would she be able to keep it in the small, black slip dress she wore?

The phone was answered on the second ring. “It’s me . . .  I’m at the estate, there was a murder here. Was it…..I’m fine, really…..  No, no I haven’t told anyone. Okay. ..  Yes.” Ms. Fox hung up. She was a bit shaken, but she had to find Mr. Curtis.  They had come here for a job.

Stepping outside she was surprised to see the one she was looking for standing there, almost waiting for her. Mr. Curtis stared at her a moment, his heavier breathing evident with the rise and fall of his chest. To Ms. Fox, he looked worried she gave him one of her gentle smiles.  Then, before she knew what was happening, he had pulled her into a dance. Ms. Fox couldn’t help herself and let out a short giggle. They were silent a moment, as he moved their bodies together to the sounds of a tango.
Ms. Fox grew silent.  She listened to the music that played from the hidden speakers out in the grass, and she felt the movement of their bodies as they danced and his hand upon her back but, most importantly, she looked in his eyes. He was worried, she could tell, and once again she felt a bit of guilt and suddenly she was unsure of what to do.

“It’s time…..” she said backing up from the dance and him. She would stick to the plan. The faster they got this over with, the faster they could leave before anyone gave her away, and away from the killer. It was then that she realized something that she was not yet ready to admit to herself.

His only reply was a nod. She walked back up to him quickly, her palm cupping his cheek, and slipped on a brave smile for him.  Mr. Curtis hesitated, but finally went to raise his hand to her waist, but she stepped back, turned, and hurried off towards their destination. Damn him.  Damn this job. Damn everything about this place.

Ms. Fox entered the estate easily and went to check one room while Mr. Curtis visited another. She knew the like the back of her hand and had only let him enter the other room alone so she could have a moment to sort out her thoughts.

Then she heard another voice coming from the room Mr. Curtis had entered and she curious. Rounding the threshold of the door, Ms. Fox saw a red-head in the arms of Mr. Curtis and her eyes narrowed.

“What’s going on here?”


Mr. Curtis looked up, but didn’t push the other lady away. Looking at the lady, it struck Ms. Fox who it was.  Ms. Burke.  At least, that was the name she was going by. It was a night for old memories, but what was she doing here, and what was she telling Mr. Curtis?

He had his hand out to Ms. Fox and she approached.

Ms. Burke smiled and pulled away from Mr. Curtis. “When you get a chance.” Those were her last words as she left the pair in the room together.

Mr. Curtis turned his attention to his partner in crime, and held her there against him.  He even tightened his grip on her waist, eventually letting go so he could try to maintain his composure.  He slowly leaned into her, and she didn’t move. Ms. Burke had told him something, Ms Fox could tell, an her pulse quickened pulse.

His jaw tightened, and he moved his head closer to hers.  He was so close…. Their lips perhaps only an inch apart.

“Who the fuck are you, Ms. Fox…. And furthermore, what are you doing to me?”

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Hitting balls and Catching sand


From the deck of their newly acquired boat, Mr. Curtis and Ms. Fox eyed the shoreline of the nearby beach. Places like this were full of opportunity. Even an amateur pick-pocket could make a decent score as long as they paid attention to their surroundings.

“How’s your ball game?” Mr. Curtis asked as he walked off along the deck, going to acquire a volleyball which was in the cabin.

Ms. Fox called after him, “Better than yours.” She could imagine him rolling his eyes at that. She had a habit of bringing that out of him. Ms. Fox looked at the beach and back to Mr. Curtis, who was now heading to the ladder, white ball in hand. “We’re not really going to…. Oh come on.” They were suppose to be heading further out in to international waters and letting the heat cool down about the boat, and they were stopping to play ball?

Mr. Curtis donned his signature smirk. Ms. Fox didn’t know the reason why he had picked this beach to stop at, and if she didn’t want to join in, then that was fine by him. After Cancun, Mr. Curtis had brought up the topic of their next grand score, and since then Ms. Fox had been rather quiet. It was enough to make him question – and not for the first time – her reliability. This was just another way to see if she was in, or out. He gave no response, only left the boat and began walking along the beach, tossing the ball in the air.

Fox and Curtis, a rising force in the white collar criminal division, playing in an amateurs playground, thought Ms. Fox. Maybe he really wanted to play ball?  Before he got too far, Ms. Fox left the boat.

“Heads up!” Mr. Curtis called as he spiked the ball in her direction. Ms. Fox quickly dived to catch the ball, narrowly avoiding a mouth of sand in the process.


Getting up she volleyed the ball back at him.  On the next pass, Mr. Curtis purposefully (she believed) missed the ball – and even knocked it behind him into the dunes. He held up a hand. “I got it”, and went to get the ball.

Ms. Fox frowned. He was up to something, but whatever he was doing she tried to be patient.  A moment or two passed and he came back through the trees, two glasses in his hand, a bottle of sangria, and a clutch purse hanging off his wrist.  A satisfied look on his face.

“That’s enough games for today,” he said, offering Ms. Fox the bottle.

She eyed the purse hanging off his wrist and took a seat in the sand. Don’t ask, don’t tell, was Ms. Fox’s usually way to be, but she was curious and nodded at the object.  “What’s that?”

He sat down next to her and offered out his glass for her to fill.  “Don’t you like pretty things?”
Ms. Fox answered with a smile.  “Cheers.”

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Top: F.A.T. Katsuo Tank Top @ Menswear Fashion Week
Bottoms: Katsuo Rolled Cuff Pant Slink @ Menswear Fashion Week
Necklace: ::Gaberiel:: Angel wings necklace( Male) / Silver
Tattoo: [White~Widow – NORMAL] Zoom  – Black @ Shiny Shabby
Coin Pouch: [UrbnW. Unisex Coin Pouch] Red @ Menswear Fashion Week

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Outfit: GizzA – Racquel Outfit [Pink & Lilac] @ On9 – June
Tattoo: .::Nanika::.Anika @ On9 – June
Shoes: {Reverie} Soho Sandals – Taupe
Hair: Analog Dog – sarah – dark browns
Bangs: from TRUTH HAIR Solace –  browns
Poses can be found at the current round of {Pose Lover}- June

Picture #1:  Baxe Urban FemaleB
Picture #2: {.::SkyPose::.} Beach – Dive
Picture #3 {.::SkyPose::.} Beach – Tomahawk
Picture #4:  .:Picture Perfect:.  Couples Pose – You Had Me at Merlot!

Noble Creations – [NC] – Tropical Palm Trees @ Cosmopolitan (June 6-18th)
DaD DESIGN Mediterranean Palm Trees @ LTD The Event (June 12-26th)



All Aboard

Spending a day on the beach in Cancun may have seemed like a good idea, if she wasn’t working. Stake-outs were long and boring work, but if this worked then herself and Mr. Curtis would have a rather large payday.  And a boat.  She had been standing at the door of cabin they had acquired – the boat was treading off the shoreline, not too far from the dock – and she decided to take a closer look.

Every since she had reacquainted herself with Mr. Curtis it has been fun trying to figure him out.  There was no doubt that he possessed skills to compliment her own, but just how reliable was he?

When she got to the dock she laid down and propped her feet up on one of the columns and pulled out her sunglasses. Ms. Fox held them up at a tilt – the lenses were special and acted a lot like mirrors. She was using them now to spy on Mr. Curtis who was perched high in the lighthouse part of the cabin.  He was watching her she bet.  Good.
Mr. Curtis was leaving his perch and she put the glasses down so he wouldn’t see what she was doing. She had closed her eyes and then, the next thing she knew….


Water came rushing up and Ms. Fox went from dry to drenched in a matter of moments. When Mr. Curtis came out the water she was wringing out her hair and wiping her face.  He reached for his sunglasses but he was too slow – she saw them and now had them in her possession. The look on his face, though, made it worth it.

“Hey…. You know I’ll need those for this.” Mr. Curtis was angry.

“Afraid you’ll miss out on seeing something?  Don’t trust me to be your eyes?” she asked.

“You know damn well I need those to….unlock…. the…..,” he slowed down because she actually began to hand them back.  She saw the ones they were waiting for leave the boat.  Finally.  Ms. Fox gave a nod to Mr. Curtis and he saw them too. It was time to get to work before they lost the opportunity.

She gave him his glasses back and he put them on.  Mr. Curtis turned his back to her and motioned to his shoulders.  “Giddy up.”



Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )

Shorts:~*Es Stylez*~ MESH – Male Beach Shorts_grey plaid_XL

Hair: Exile:: High and Dry


Real Evil Industries – **RE** Piercing Left Eye Male and Lip B Male
::Gabriel:: Angel wings necklace( Male) / Silver
Gudshu Glasses – Lauer – Scripted
[ kunst ] – Allegiant ring (L) and  Magnus ring (right)
[ kunst ] – Sentinel cuff & watch [M]

Ryanna (that’s me!)

Hair: Analog Dog – pi – dark browns
shorts: Addams // Electra Denim Short // Night Blue
top: Blueberry – Georgina – Yoga Tops – Maitreya
shoes: Apple May Designs – Aria Jewels –
Tattoo : -Endless Pain Tattoos– Elowen   @ Totally Top Shelf

Poses are from {Studio 15}  and currently available at {Pose Lover} June
#1 – Palm Trees
#2 – Splash
#3 – With you

Shot on location at:  Anarchist Keys

Slight of hand


Today Mr. Curtis and Ms. Fox were walking along the streets of a busy downtown area. They had been out for hours and Ms. Fox was rather enjoying herself — that is until she started to get hungry.  Mr. Curtis tried to play it cool. He had insisted that she leave her purse at home – unbeknownst to her, he had done the same. He seemed wary about her being robbed and she found humor in the irony, though the thoughtfulness was appreciated.  Now he needed a plan.

After taking a quick look around, Mr. Curtis saw a guitar propped up against a stool not too far from where they were. A hat sat upside down on the stool and he was certain that it held money. Surprisingly no one seemed to notice, or care about the lone items. It must belong to a local street musician, thought Mr. Curtis, but where was he?

Leaving the crowds, he lead Ms. Fox down a pair of steps and towards the prize. Mr. Curtis didn’t know how much time he had before the owner of the hat and guitar would return so he would have to act quickly. He also had to make sure his companion didn’t know that he had taken her out empty-handed.

Mr. Curtis removed her arm from his and Ms. Fox wandered over to a nearby shop to peek in the windows. She heard singing and quickly turned around, her face filled with embarrassment when she saw that it was Mr. Curtis. Singing.  Badly. This had to stop.


“What are you DOING?!” She whispered loudly.

“What? No good?” He asked.

The roll of her eyes was the reply Ms. Fox gave. Smells of a nearby cafe took her attention and she looked that way, momentarily forgetting the bad performance. That’s when Mr. Curtis rolled his fedora down his arm, and switched it with the one on the musician’s stool.  He flipped the new up on top of his head quickly, keeping all of the dollars inside, and now, on his head, under his new hat.  His right hand on the front; left hand on the back brim of the hat, he adjusted it on his head and walked back to her. Perfect, she’d never know.

Leaving. The stool behind Mr. Curtis offered her his arm. “I’m hungry. Let’s eat.”

Ms. Fox smiled. Not only because they were finally getting food, but she noted the different hat.


Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )

Top: B Barbie Style: His Urban Spring Jacket @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Pants: B Barbie Style His Urban Spring Jeans @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Hat: Chapeau Couture Essex Linen Fedora – Tan
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Draco Boots – Toasted

Ryanna (That’s  me!)
Pants: Glitter Loose pants mesh glitter silver @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Shirt: Glitter Loose Blouse mesh glitter Fiesta  @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16

Tattoo:  .::Nanika::. Rose tattoo
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kasimire [Light Browns]


Ryanna –Glitter Poses–  Back Serie 2 – # 5 and 7  @ Pose Lover
Broderick –Poseidon Poses – Crooner M5 @ Pose Lover
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