•{ Looking Out . . .

She loved living in the city. The bright lights, full streets, and sounds of a city that hardly slept wasn’t an environment that worked for everyone, but it did for her. Ironic even as she wasn’t known to hang around crowds or revel in the limelight of the night. Though she did enjoy the people and the view from her apartment on the 30th floor gave her a good view of the streets below.

The long day had come to an end, and she was fairly certain that she was in for the night. Though, as she looked at the window and gazed out to the nightlife, she started to change her mind. Maybe, just maybe tonight she will head out and see what there’s to see. Rest can wait.

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Backdrop: Synnergy – City Lights Backdrop
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•{ Series of Doors . . .

And it was that she came across two nearly identical looking doors, neither of which had a sign to say where they went. She turned around and thought about going back the way she had come, but what was the point in that? The whole point in coming out here was to explore.

“Well,” she said to herself, “I suppose one door is just as good as another.”

Stepping to the closest door, the reached forward. . .

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Accessory: *LODE*Head Accessory – Magone Crown [violet]
HairVanity Hair:: ::Bloomed

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hive// spiral boxwood topiary . lighted
-Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE

Shot inside FOXCITY.Photo Booth – Grand Entrance

•{ Paths We Take . . .

Life is full of decisions and directions. There are always things trying to pull us one way or another. She knew the path she had to take, but this realization did not make it any easier.

The path was familiar to her. She had planted the roses her herself and it was where she often liked to go. Though now the place that had brought her joy and peace now felt cold and hard. Talks had transpired and many meetings were held, and the only decision that made sense was finally realize.

What happens now? As she walked down the path she not only felt the weight of every step, but also the wheels of change.

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