•{ Drifting . . .

In the end maybe all that we do is with a wish and a prayer. Lost in a galaxy of stars we set adrift on dreams. Wanting, and regretting, the time we wake.

Dress/Boots:-AZUL- Zivah – Sugilite [LTD] @ Vanity {Until April 25th} 
HairVanity Hair::  Let’s Tango

Pose and prop from the FOXCITY. Crescent Bento Pose Set


•{ Join me . . . ?

It’s the end of the night
You know what to do
Come on over
There’s room for two . . .


Skin: Revoul. .Arabella Genus Applier in RE20 @ Mainstore
Hair: [NYNE] ‘Springlay’ Hair @ We love RP  

Mug – Flower Child – #3 Daisy Headband @ LootBox
Mug – Flower Child – #7 Daisy Arms @ LootBox
Mug – Flower Child – #8 Daisy Legs @ LootBox

Pose from the FOXCITY. . Milk Bath VOL2

•{ After the party . . .

The last few days had been one social gathering after the other. When one party ended another was about to begin. She wasn’t a party girl – or one for multiple social engagements – but these were invites that could not be refused.

Now they were finally at an end. It was the last party and the last guest had finally left. For the first time in days there was quiet. She sighed deeply and slouched down. After all this, she was more than ready for a vacation from the holidays.

Outfit: -AZUL- Una FitMesh Dress
Hair: *booN Lab.007 hair brown pack

Fancy Decor: Spinet Harpsichord
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Ballroom
Apple Fall Confetti Balloon

Pose by me . . .

•{ Got your card . . .

Play your card
Show me what you got
I’m willing to bet
It’s not a lot

You think you’ve won this
I can’t not agree
You got an Ace to play

And that’s me . . .

Head: CATWA – Umi
Shape: My own . . .
Skin: Revoul Thembi Catwa Applier in RE25  @ Kustom9 {Until Nov. 10th}
Hair: Truth HairFenella [Hat]

Eyes: Avi-Glam. Prestige Eyes –

Pose: #6 <K&S> Cute portrait. Bento pose 4

RAW Shot – Unedited. Shot on Ultra Settings with WL

•{ From the rail . . .

She stepped out of her apartment and went to the railing. Some people would say that city life is busy. People were always on the go and things were always rather fast paced.  That’s why she liked the city. In a place that was always on the go she didn’t have much time to idle about. Never made much time for it – except for a few moments. 

She would come out here and look at the people below going to and fro and wonder where they were going. Sometimes she would even make up stories about the people she saw. There was Mr. Sawyer, he was always in a hurry and pushed through the crowded sidewalks every day.  Then there was Sylvia who stood on the corner waving down a taxi. And who could forget Jared? His cellphone conversation was so loud that even she was invested in his conversations. 

From her perch at the railing she could look down on this portion of the world and imagine many things. She only had a few moments, but in that time she could change the pace of the city.

Outfit: [Kenny Roland] ] Nikita @ Cosmopolitan 
Hair: RAMA.SALON – Amber  
Ears: .:[PUMEC] :.  – / Mesh Ears\     August Group Gift
Pose from FOXCITY. Chill Bento Pose Set