Jingle the Bells


The Man in Red had dozed off in front of fireplace and the little deer was bored in the house with nothing to do. She loved to play games, and a round of hide and seek – especially when the seeker didn’t know they were it – sounded delightful.

Considering her choices, going out through the front door was not an option – the sudden blast of cold air would wake him up for sure. A more viable option was the window stationed on the far side of the room.

She crept her way towards the window as quietly, and softly, as she could – praying that the bells attached to her chest wouldn’t sound off and give her away. faunwindowkneel


Those bells betrayed her right as she climbed up on the sill and had started getting her legs over to the other side.

“Little one?” The Man’s voice called. “Where have you gone?”

He was awake! If she wanted to continue the game her escape would have to be now. Not caring about the jingle of her bells, the little deer jumped out of the window and into the cover of the snowy bushes. Peeking out she saw him go by the window and look for her. After a few moments he left, calling for her inside the house. Marveling at her own escape the little deer rose and sprinted away.

Before she got far, she came across a full deer grazing on the frosty grass. It gave her an idea. The Man had to still be looking for her (he never gave up that easily), and anywhere she went the *TINK TINK* of the bells was giving her away. But what if she put bells on this deer too? It was a delightful idea and the little deer giggled with glee. Cautiously she quickly made her way to the storage shed and shortly returned to the deer, arms laden with supplies.

“You’re going to help me play a game,” the little deer relayed to the animal. “The Man will be so confused with two sets of bells chiming off of the hills. I’m sure to win.” Around the deers neck she tied a bow and attached silver bells to the branches of its antlers.

Once completed she looked over her work and smiled. “Come on, let’s go!”

The two companions traveled here and there in the snowy woods, jingling all the way,  and never once did she hear, or catch sight, of the man coming after her. The game was no fun if there was no seeker. Soon the sun would start to set, and the little deer – who had been so joyful at the beginning – was no feeling disheartened. She removed the decorations from the deer and bade it to go where it wished. Then she sat down in the snow, frowning down at her hands.
“Little deer, finally you’ve stopped.” The voice belonged to the Man.

The little deer saw him emerge from the nearby trees and she sighed. “You didn’t come looking for me?” She questioned. “It was the deer, wasn’t it? I made it too difficult.”

The Man sat down opposite of her in the snow. His smile was warm and sincere. “You were so busy with everything, that you didn’t notice that I was always there. You can never truly catch something that doesn’t wish to be found.”

The little deer smiled and tipped her head to the side. “I guess this means you win.”




~Blacklace~ Laya: Sexy Little Reindeer @ Winter Trends SL
Izzie’s – Fawn Make-Up @ Winter Trends SL

hair: eXxEsS : X-MAS 2015

Coat .::Gabriel ::SANTA SET  Rare* @ The Men’s Department – December
Hat:  [Deadwool] Fedora – red
Hair: Unorthodox Fade Design Curl
1st picture – [Lost Angel] Little Cottage- Multipose
2nd picture – Le Poppycock *La Paix* Devotion @ the liaison – December
3rd picture –  Le Poppycock *La Paix* Bliss RARE  @ the liaison – December
4th picture – KaTink – You Win


Darling . . .

My Everything

Walked into a room of unfamiliar faces, yet yours caught my eye….

It was by chance that they met. What twisted hand of Fate had caused their eyes to meet from across a crowded room, knowing that their lives were on two separate paths? Society’s standards would never allow it. She was high-born, and he was not. The heart doesn’t play by man’s rules and that glance was all it took for the souls to recognize one another as its missing half.

One night with you and I forget my past….

For months they would catch glimpses of each other, or she’d find some excuse to place herself in his path. There was never time for anything other than a passing conversation or a casual touch, but each meeting held more meaning than could be explained.

War with the neighboring country arose and many of the  men were being sent off to fight. Finding out that the other part of her was being sent away was nearly more than she could take. The thought of having him gone from her life was maddening. She spent the entire day looking for him. She had to see him one last time.

Night came, and she hadn’t found him anywhere. Disheartened, and exhausted, weary with regret for chances missed and not taken in the past, she went back home. That is where she was surprised. He was waiting for her – had been all day. How he had gotten into the home she neither knew, nor cared.

He told her that he was leaving, but it wasn’t goodbye. It may be not soon, but someday, they would meet again and there would be no barriers in the way.

Darling I know, you’re a million footsteps away
But maybe someday
I can take all those footsteps and pray that I can run to you
Run to you anyway
Darling, darling, will we meet again?
Will we meet again?

[ Song credits: “Darling” by Max]


Dress: *{Junbug}* Helena [Ivory]
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. *  ROBERTA  * brunette (includes collar) @ My Attic – November

Hair: Unorthodox Fade Design Curl
Outfit: {Reverie} Barroom Hero

Pose: My Everything from KaTink

Shot on location at:  Obsession Exposed

I’m Fine

My Happy Place y KaTink

She always said that she was fine.
“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” Those were her constant words.

Even now, as she laid bleeding out in my arms, her tune wasn’t any different.
With her last vestige of strength she reached up and placed a hand on my cheek.
“Don’t worry,” she smiled, “I’m fine.”

[ Special thanks to my posing partner! ]

Discord Designs – Nisha (Cast Iron)
Johny: Men’s Sleeved Denim Jacket & Undershirt – Blue

Ryanna (Me)
Magika [Hair] Which Witch
Yasum *MESH*Country Jeans*
::NM:: Ladies “I’m Fine” Halloween Tee

Pose: My Happy Place  by KaTink

Summer’s Goodbye

Lifting You Up

Though the sun shone brightly, and the songs of birds still filtered through the air, it was the chill in the wind that declared Summer was at an end. Mornings were brisk and the merchant pulled on his jacket while stepping on his porch, ready to start another day.

Standing on the lower porch step, looking out onto the grassy field, was a fairy. Her thinly veined pink wings shimmered in the morning light and the wind was playing with loose strands of her hair. She had first appeared to the merchant many months before – on that very step – when the snow was melting. Before that day he had only heard stories of the fairy folk. Since her arrival the merchant had a swell of luck and a companionship which had been different than others he had known. Looking at her there now he felt a weight in his stomach.

“Tell me merchant, do you feel it?” Spoke the fairy, her voice light and mixing in with the air as it always did.

The man approached her slowly, stuffing his hands into the jackets pockets. A sense of dread slowly washed over him. “Mmhm,” he nodded, looking out at the field. “The weather is changing. Autumn is here. I’m not worried. I’m more prepared this year than ever I was before.”

With a small shake, the fairy’s wings spread out to their fullest. A small jump and suddenly she was already more than a few feet away from the porch and starting upwards to the sky.

“Wait!” The merchant yelled, running after her. The fairy had come and gone many times throughout the warm seasons, but this time her leaving felt different. Permanent. “Where are you going?”

She paused in her ascent, arms spread wide as she turned around to look at him. Sprinkles of magic fanned out from her wings. “Summer is over, Merchant, I cannot stay with you any longer.”

“You can’t leave. What am I to do without you?” The weight in the merchant’s stomach increased and he reached his arms out to the fairy. She had not only brought him luck over the last few months, but he had grown attached to the mystical creature. And now she was leaving.

The fairy came down and the merchant sighed as he felt the warmth of Summer in the hands she placed on his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her. Though she smiled at him it was sad and looked out of place on that face he had – until now – always seen filled with joy. She spoke softly to him. “I am a child of Spring’s birth, and Summer heat. There is no place for me in the short days of Autumn, or the chilly world of Winter.”

He shook his head, not in disbelief, but because deep down he knew it was true. “Why did you not tell me you were leaving? Were you simply going to leave without saying goodbye?”

The fairy began to pull away, and the merchant strengthened his hold. “I won’t let you go.”

She brushed a hand over his face, and the tips of her fingers ran through his hair. “Goodbye, Merchant. I will always be with you whenever you remember the warmth of the Summer sun upon your face, and the birth of Spring in your heart.”

The merchant loosened his hold and the fairy drifted away from him, once again climbing upwards in the sky. He watched her until he saw her no more, and then he looked longer still at the sky, watching the clouds.

Though he would always remember her, the merchant never saw the fairy again.

Lifting You Up 2

[ Special thanks to Broderick Logan for posing with me! Check out his blog for more great stuff! A Gentleman’s Game ]
Wearing : Ryanna
Dress: !gO! Meera dress
Hair : ””D!va”” Hair “Nene”
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Steel Blue

Wings: -AZUL- Pepeke Wing
[White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Mellow Silver w/eyeshadows  @ On9
Violent Seduction – Unicorn Shoes (White)

Wearing: Broderick
Hands – SLink Male Hands (AvEnhance) – Relax
Hair – Truth Jon – Black&Whites05
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord

(Clothes and Accessories)
Outfit – Yasum Vintage Suit Size 2*Male* EPIC
Piercings – RealEvil Industries Male Box
Rings – [ kunst ] Allegiant Ring (on left hand) Magnus Ring (on right hand)


Pose: KaTink –  Lifting You Up