•{ And Fight Again . . .

Put on your armor and get up
The day looks lovely but it’s going to tough
Lift up your head, I know it’s rough.

You’ve waged these battles again and again
Hearts given up that they’ll ever end
Your armors worn and dress is torn
And of the losses there’s no time to mourn

Those cracks and dents don’t mean defeat
They’re proof that trials can be beat

Though that load be heavy, now you’re ready
The road is long, but your feet are steady . . .

The following is from .MushiluSigfrida coming to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Shoulder pads
Shield RARE

Outfit: :Una: – Medusa White
Hair: tram F1124 hair.
Pose: from Poseidon – Wild Child


•{ Afternoon Fields . . .

“How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”

 Dr. Seuss quotes

Top: -Pixicat- Linn.Top (White)
Hat: :MoonAmore: Mariposas Hat&Butterflies.
Skirt: [Aleutia] Thalia Skirt (Right)
Asteria “Lisa” [Maitreya] Panties – White.

Scene Design:
Little Branch – OrangeTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons
Little Branch – Snakeweed{Animated}
Serenity Style– Aegeas  Poles & Fence – Fence
Mushilu – Garden TeY  Bench @ The Gacha Garden 
Mushilu – Garden TeY  House RARE

Pose: LW: BENTO Poses – Rebirth @ Tres Chic

•{ Poor Unfortunate Souls . . .

I admit that in the past I’ve been a nasty. ..
They weren’t kidding when they called me, well, a witch.
But you’ll find that nowadays . .
I’ve mended all my ways . .
Repented, seen the light, and made a switch . . .

Lyrics from  “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid

(This post was inspired by Novaleigh Freng and her ‘Disney song-inspired challenge’.  Check out her incredible work )

Outfit:Mushilu – Elise
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ \\ Wispers in the wind @ Collabor88
Tail: :[Plastik]: Mora & Rona:// Spaded Tail RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

•{ Once Upon a Time . . .

Once Upon a Time. . .

Once upon a time there was a girl. The sun always shined brighter when she was around and the birds’ melodies orchestrated the soundtrack of the days. She brought love, life, and laughter to all she was around. Full of light, she was, but light cannot live without the dark. One day shadows crept upon her and they stilled her heart.

They couldn’t bear to put her in the ground, perhaps they even wished that hope someone would find a way to make her heart would beat anew. The people made her coffin of wood and glass, and set her in the sun. This is the tale the villagers tell to anyone who ask:

Once upon a time there was a girl of the Light who was shrouded by the Dark . . .

Set Design:
Mushilu Snow White Bed (pose built in) @ Enchantment
JIAN Arctic Fox :: Static Stand / Static Sit
JIAN :: Fox – Adult 1/2
+Half-Deer+ Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goat – Neopolitan
+Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Kawaii
+Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Sleepytime
+Half-Deer+ Origami Dream – Butterfly – Mint
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Still and Quiet
+Half-Deer+ Climbing Rose Vine (Emerald)
[DDD] Twinkling Ivy – Curve

Build: ionic : Sacred Ruins

•{ Do You Remember . . .

Sometimes she still went there. Back where it began.

“Don’t forget about me,” she whispered out to the wind as she walked along a path that was nearly grown over from months of neglect. The Wind responded by blowing wisps of memories past her; she could hear the echo of long ago laughter in its wake.

Ahead was the circular arch, tall and majestic, even it could not escape the bonds of time as vines and moss now covered the once polished marble. As she stepped closer to it each footprint awakened another memory from slumber. One memory – for she was sure it was that – sprang to life so vividly in front of her that she caught herself mid step. She stared at it, and the memory spoke words she could not hear before it faded into the light, but she knew what it had said.

“How could I forget you . . .”

Dress: ::Tiffany Designs:: Manuelle Gown with Appliers ~ Pink
Hair: .ploom. Tina – Indecisive

Pose: an lar [poses] The Kindred Series @ We ❤ RP ( September )

Scene design:
Mushilu Circle Arches  @ We ❤ RP ( September )
Heart – WILDFLOWERS – Petunias
Garden- by anc  “in peace” Lily {soft yellow}

•{ Behind the mask . . .

I take my time / To set the stage / Make sure everything / Is all in place. / Even though I’ve got the lines rehearsed / A picture only paints a thousand words . . .

I sat in front of the mirror and expertly affixed the mask to my face. It fit perfectly. I knew it would. My eyes looked out from beneath the black leather, watching the movements of the girl in the mirror. As I finger-combed my hair to frame my face, I wasn’t too sure the mirror’s reflection belonged to me. She looked so different.

You may think / I’m just fine / How could anything / Ever be out of line?

They were waiting for me as I walked onto the set. The stylist came over and fussed lightly over my appearance giving it an extra tug here and there. Off to the side, my manager chattered excitedly to someone on the other end of her phone. The look on her face said she booked another photo shoot for me and was already calculating her fee.

As I reached my spot I saw the photographer appraising me while he tapped his camera against his chin. He was assessing my personality so he could capture it. This is it, I said to myself. Three, two, one, and right on cue came my coy trickle of mirth and eagerness of doing something exciting that had a way of lighting up a room. Yeah. That’s it. People like that.

Things aren’t always what they seem / You’re only seeing part of me / There’s more than you could ever know / Behind the scenes . . .

The photographer crouched near me as I laid with my back against the floor. “You’ve never been more lovely than you are right now.” He backed away and I drew in a slow breath as his camera clicked.

The producer of the photo shoot gave instruction and I followed without skipping a beat. Flick went a switch and I shut my eyes to the sudden bright light. I was reminded of child’s logic: if you can’t see them, they can’t see you. But they could see me, even with my eyes closed. It was okay because, in my imaginary world of animosity, I wasn’t me.

The girl in the mask, the girl on the floor, she was confident. She was alluring. She was sexy. She wasn’t me.

I’m incomplete and I’m undone / But I suppose like everyone / There’s so much more that’s going on / Behind the scenes . . .

Lyrics from: Behind The Scenes – Francesca Battistelli


Outfit: Mushilu – Elise (Dress black) @ The Fetish Fair { Until Aug. 25th }
Mushilu Elise necklace @ The Fetish Fair { Until Aug. 25th }
Addams // Sury Evil Bracelet // Maitreya – N*9

Pose: :LW: Poses – Beautiful Pain @ The XXX Event ( Exclusive ) Until Sept. 5th