•{ Play the Music . . .

“We all develop personal relationships with music.”

 Cheryl Dileo quotes

Music is the heartbeat that fills my soul
The rhythm runs through me to the bones

Can you fell the rocking down in your core?
So come and play this music just a little more . . .


Pants:  JACKALOPE / Corduroy Bell-Bottoms @ Vintage Fair 
Top: JACKALOPE / Lori Tied Tee @ Vintage Fair 
HairVanity Hair::  Taxi @ Vintage Fair 
Accessories: .::Nanika ::. Elle Necklace @ Vintage Fair 

Set: CK Elite Studios ~ Music is Life RARE


Called upon . . .

She could see it all
inside the confines of a glass ball.

She watched it through the day,
and through the night,
trails of the human plight.

Laughed with others joys
cried with others tears
Endlessly watching throughout the years

When her heart, to help, was moved
never would she personally intrude.

Called upon to sit and watch
And though given power to help, she would not.

“It’s not my place to get involved,” she’d say.
“Those things don’t concern me anyway.”

Though her eyes were open-wide
she failed to see.
the damage done to her own being.

Dress: Ghee  Peace on Earth Gown From the Peace on Earth 9 Hunt {Until Dec. 31}
Hair: Analog Dog  – vanessa – @ Hairology { Until Dec 30 }

:[The.Plastik]:- The Scara Mask @ Winter Solstice  { Until Dec. 19 }
:[The.Plastik] :- The Scara Icicle Jewels @ Winter Solstice  { Until Dec. 19 }
Le Poppycock  *Make a Wish* Star Antlers Women’s Only Hunt {Until Dec. 24}
Nails: alaskametro “Snow Queen” nail art appliers  – Women’s Only Hunt {Until Dec. 24}
lipstick: ARISE. Ice Angel Face Lipstick
@ Winter Solstice  { Until Dec. 19 }
.::Nanika::. Kashvi tattoo White

Serendipity: simple things.. @ 2nd Level Event
Reel PosesFrom Women’s Only Hunt {Until Dec. 24}


Wading in the reefs . . .

You can find her in the waters
wading in the reefs.
she waits for ships that pass,
and offers sailors relief.

She’ll hold you in her arms
and sing you softly to your rest.
With the strokes of her fingers
you’ll start to weaken.

Too late.
Your soul is now at her behest.


Top: .:EMO-tions:. * NAYRA *  @ We ❤ RP
Bottoms: Blueberry – Dana Set – Bottoms
Chains: .aisling. Makeba Style 2 @ We ❤ RP
Hair: MINA – Neah – Light brown @  The Crossroad Event
Bracelet: .aisling. Aphrodite – Bracelet&Hands – Gold
Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Kashvi tattoo Black @ The Liaison Collaborative

pose:  an lár [poses] The Sarah Series @  The Crossroad Event

Time to slow down . . .

In life there are times where we simply have to slow down. Stop going so fast. Stop trying to cram as many things into the hour as you can. Stop trying to do everything at once.

So much of life is being missed due to the inability to slow down. People spend so much time on the ‘go-go-go’ that they start getting stressed, their nerves go on end, and relationships with others around them can even start to suffer.  We get tired and grumpy, but we can’t stop so we hook ourselves up to a hypothetical caffeine drip so we can keep go-go-going.

“It’s okay, I’ll rest later,” and “I’ll rest once this is done” are common excuses we tell ourselves to justify why we can’t slow down. In some cases this is true – something is suddenly tossed in your lap and it has to get done right away.  That doesn’t happen everyday. That’s not life.

If you don’t take the time to slow down and appreciate the things around you, if you don’t take the time to enjoy – actually fully enjoy – the things that you have, the opportunity to do so may pass. You may never have a second chance at a missed opportunity.

How many things have you missed simply because you were going too fast?  When was the last time you slowed down to enjoy life?


Top: Elegance B. -Outfit “Sara” – Navy/Ivo  @ TREND FASHION FAIR {Opening July 15}
Tattoo: .::Nanika::.  Scarab tattoo Gold @ The Secret Affair {Opening July 15}
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Delphine –  browns (with hair butterflies)
Make-up: *Sinful curves Skin* Mesmerizing Eyeshadow @ TREND FASHION FAIR {Opening July 15}

Pose: RM ~ Art of poses ~  Deep inside me (with butterflies) @ Pose Lover & Friends {opening July 15}

The truth is . . .


The truth is, that sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing. I get so good at going with the flow, or simply acting like I know what I’m doing, that I fool myself.

The truth is, sometimes I can be a bit pushy.  I may not seem like much – quiet and recluse – but get me going and I can steamroll a person over.
The truth is, that sometimes I have to be a different version of myself just to make it through situations.

The truth is, sometimes I can’t do everything and I break down like every one else.

But here is something else.

The truth is that I know whatever bad things are going on, there is a brighter day around the corner. Sometimes all you need is a beach, a bar, and drinks with someone you care about, to turn things around.


Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )

Shirt: Ever For Men – EFM – Back From The Beach – Oahu @ Menswear Fashion Week
Hair: Exile:: High and Dry
Tattoo: [White~Widow – NORMAL] Zoom  – Black

Ryanna (that’s me!)

Outfit: {POSH PIXELS} Seaside Breeze @ ReVamped
Shoes: Maci ~ Caprice Mules
Hair: Magika [01] Rewind
Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Karina tattoo @ Tres Chic (until July 10th)

Set Design (poses included)
CHEZ MOI Hakuna Beach Bar @ Tres Chic (until July 10th)

Breaking to the surface . . .


Shalas stumbled as she broke through to the surface from the Underdark. The moon was bright. After having lived a couple hundred years in near total darkness, its light was blinding. Her eyes became like slits as she fumbled forward, navigating the terrain as best she could and putting distance behind herself and any attackers that may be following.

She should have seen this day coming. For weeks now there had been tension between her Drow House, Kil’an’dara, and the High Priestess. Shalas had shown disrespect to the Drow goddess, the Spider-Queen Loth, and that offense was punishable by death. Nothing had happened to her then but, on this day, while she was out, the High Priestess and her followers had struck. Shalas had arrived home to find all the members of her House killed. Even the servants.

Now here she was, alone and on the surface, in a land where all she knew about the creatures here came from stories. Shalas did not hear anyone following. It must be the light, she thought. The shine was hurting her eyes and she used a bit of magic to place a dark cast over her vision.  That was better, at least for now.  She would have to find shelter before the sun came up – stories said its light was brighter than the moons – then she would figure out a plan.



outfit: Storybook – Bard @ The Fantasy Collective
Shoulders: Storybook – Morrigan – Raven @ The Dark Style Fair
Skin: [Gauze] Chronicle – Drow – Silver
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kera [Black & Whites]

Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Jiya tattoo @ SaNaRae Event
Maitreya Vintage Collar – Black
Suicide Gurls – Riona Body Chain
* May’s Soul * chain face black
shoes: [Hopes Creation] Button Boots

Picture#1:  Nanika:  Girl with a Dagger
Pictur #2: {.::SkyPose::.} Hips Hands @ Pose Lover Begins May 31st!

Shot on location at: Forest of Shara

Into the Light


“There is no denying that there is evil in this world but the light will always conquer the darkness.”
― Idowu Koyenikan,

“Maybe your spark is just beginning
And maybe it burns from a lifetime long ago
Darkness doesn’t stand a chance

Even when you’re close to midnight
Even when the walls are closing in
There’ll always be a star that’s shining
And the night will never win
Where the light is.” – “Where the Light Is” by Anthem Lights


There is a bit of darkness in all of us. Some call it evil, other people refer to it as sin. Everyone falls short.  Everyone does things that they are not proud of at times.  Everyone finds themselves in a state of despair sometimes.

We were created to be in the light.  We were not made to chain ourselves down to things that are bad for our souls. Simply because things happen in our lives to put us in a bad place it doesn’t mean that we should root ourselves there, in the darkness.

Who among us has done nothing wrong? Is anyone better than the next person?

You may be sinful.  You may have done, or are doing, something wrong.  You may be in a dark place in your life. Whatever the case may be, you pick yourself up and step into the light.  Tell yourself that you are not your darkness. You are not your sin.. You are not the bad things that have happened to you.




Outfit: Storybook – Hell Bound – Succumbus @ Whimsical – May
Hair: *Calico* Magli
Tattoo:  .::Nanika::. Prisha  @ Tres Chic – May

Picture 1: from an lar [poses] The Lina Mini Series @ Enchantment – May
Picture 2:  from Baxe: Pin Up Poses @ Pose Lover – May

Shot on location at : Winter Moon

To Heal the World

The Faes
Once upon a time the world was overseen by two groups of fae: Earth and Air.

The Earth fae ruled over the ground and to them fell the responsibility of bringing life. Without them plants would not grow, and the creatures of the world would starve. Clearly, these fae were the most important of the two.

The Air fae ruled over the heavens. They positioned the clouds and orchestrated the patterns of the sun and moon. Rain and snow would at their bidding and the wind blew in accordance to their instruction. Without these fae there would be no seasons, nor water or sun to give to the world. Certainly they were the most important of the fae.

However, the two groups were very prideful and thought themselves more important than the other. One day a fight broke out over which group was more important to the world. This led to a feud and the two groups – that had worked together since time began – broke apart. Neither would help the other anymore.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks became months. Months became years. Without the sun to bring its warmth the world grew cold and, without the rain to wash away impurities, the air grew stale and toxic. Plant life disappeared without the nourishment from the earth. Famine and drought spread over the world and its inhabitants starved. Dry ground cracked in many places causing sections of earth to split away from one another.

Slowly the world was dying and the fairies, too, began to disappear. In spite of this the feud continued.

One day, an Air Fae came to the ground seeking a respite from the toxic air above. The dry earth nicked at her feet and her heart sank at seeing the wasteland all around her. Up ahead she spotted an Earth fae kneeling upon the broken ground. Her initial reaction was to flee before she was seen. She fluttered her wings and rose back into the sky.

“This has to stop.” A voice called after her and she stopped. Of course, it was the Earth fae, looking up at her with sadness in her eyes. The Fae held a crumbled flower in her hand. “Look at what we’ve done to the earth.”

The Air Fae regarded the one on the ground and spread out her arms. “Look at what we’ve done to the sky.” She came back to the ground.

The two of them silently studied the other. They were both fae, even though they looked different, and they shared the same desires. They both were needed for the survival of the world. All of this had started over pride and it was time to make it right. Change has to start somewhere.

“I need you,” confessed the Earth fae as she stepped forward.

“We need each other,” responded the Air fae as she took the Earth fae’s hand.

At once they could feel energy passing between them. It ran through their bodies and out into the ground and sky. Where the two Fae stood, life returned and the sky was cleansed. They were only two, and they couldn’t heal the world alone, but all it takes is two to start a change in the world. From their example others would follow and the world would be whole once again.



Deva (Thanks for posing with me! Check out her blog ‘DevastatingSL’ )
Dress – Maitreya:  Zene Dress in Silver Blue
Wings –  .:Soul:. – Oree
Hair: Lode – Sweet pea
Accessories: Hydrangea on Forearm and Hand in white from *NAMINOKE*
Melide flower vines on arms and legs from *Sweet Kajira*

Ryanna ( That’s me!)
{POSH PIXELS} Sibylline (Crown, arm and leg vines) @ The Fantasy Faire
~Soraida~ Springbok Silver (top/skirt) @ The Fantasy Faire
Wings: Faeline Fairy Wings – Ayano (rose) @ The Fantasy Faire
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kera @ The Epiphany

Set pieces:
Sylvan Water Sprite @ The Fantasy Faire
Sylvan Fire Sprite @ The Fantasy Faire
Jinx BE: Mystical Unicorn Reclining – “Lao” @ The Fantasy Faire

Pose: .::Nanika::. Our Secret @ Pose Lover

After a year. . .

Longing Main

It was last year when the lady and her courtier had to say goodbye. The time was not right for their indulgences. They were the wrong people. Circumstances mounted up and where the courtier had to go, the lady was not able to follow.

The day before the separation was to occur, the courtier took the lady by the hand and lead her to their secret place. It was decrepit greenhouse. Overgrown with vines and moss, the place had not been cared for in a number of years. Nothing had grown inside for a long time and the floor was a collection of hard packed dirt and rocks. The glass of the house was either mucked over with dirt and moss, cracked or broken. The stone walls – which had to have been quite lovely in their prime – were chipped, crumbling, and missing in many places. Even on the brightest of days the interior of the place was dim as sunlight didn’t reach in very far.

On that day the courtier lead the lady to the center of the green house. Earlier, he had worked a bit of the soil and now it was fresh for planting. Letting go of her hand the courtier knelt down in the dirt, not caring for the stain it would leave on his pants, and pulled a seed from within his jacket pocket. He looked up to the lady and said, “With this seed, life and color will grow again in this barren place. If you have patience, you will see something beautiful.”

Then the lady and the courtier said goodbye. Longing 2

Each day the lady went down to the greenhouse to check on the seed, and also work on repairing the old building. Doing this made her days a little more fulfilled. After a few months the seed started to grow, but to her surprise more sprouts grew up around the spot as well.  At the end of the year a wonderful rose garden had grown, and the greenhouse was neither dark, nor barren, anymore.

When it was a year to the day that the courtier had left, the lady gathered a few of the roses from the greenhouse.  She stood atop her balcony and looked out over the land. There was a path that lead out into the rest of the world and maybe, just maybe, she dared to think he would appear.

The courtier had been right. She had been patient throughout the year and had seen something beautiful, and she gained something else, too.  Hope.
Longing 3

Dress: ::Just Darling:: Johanna Gown Gold
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * YERIAK * brown
Tattoo: .::Nanika::.Keya Silver tatoo  @ Tres Chic

Pose: .::Nanika::. Girl with Roses @ Pose Lover