Late Dinner


Evening. Ryanna stopped at the outdoor bistro which was not too far away from home.  Before she had gotten off of work she had received a text message from him. it read: Late dinner. Usual spot. Meet you there. Order the sandwiches.

It was direct and too the point, but then again, so was he.

“Good evening, Ms. Foxclaw,” the hostess, a young lady with long legs and a bright smile, greeted Ryanna as she came through the doors. The lady looked over Ryanna’s shoulder while plucking a menu from the counter. “Dining alone this evening?”

I must have gotten here before him, Ryanna thought to herself as she turned a smile to the hostess. “He’ll be joining me later,” she replied. “Is our usual table open?”

The hostess nodded. “Yes, ma’am. Right this way, please.”

Ryanna followed, though she could have navigated to the outdoor table with her eyes closed. That’s how often she had meals at this spot. Once at the table she waved off the menu. “Already know what to order. Two  Cajun turkey sandwiches please, one coffee and one tea.”

The hostess nodded, turned, and headed to the kitchen. Ryanna pulled out her phone to check the time. It wasn’t late yet, and he hadn’t left a message. She could wait.

Twenty minutes later the food had arrived but the chair across from her was still empty. If he didn’t arrive soon, she was going to eat without him. Ryanna tossed that idea back and forth. It was tempting. As she was eying the food she saw someone approaching the table.

Ryanna looked up and smiled. “I thought I’d have to eat these alone.”


Outfit: Belles Parisiennes -Tenue Veronique Pied de Poule&White- @ .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week 
Hair:  Vanity Hair::   The Crown-
eyeshadow: !Musa! Eyeshadow Avery Smoky

Shot on location at : Elysion


End of the day . . .


“Finally home,” Ryanna said with an exasperated sigh as she closed the door of her apartment and leaned her back against the wood. Head tipped up and she kicked off her heels before sliding down to the floor. She drew her knees to her chest and closed her eyes. It had been a long day of meetings, social networking, and working miracles with the hodgepodge of items given to her from clients.

Ryanna’s eyes began to drift shut, and she would have fallen asleep against that door had it not been for the sound of a forlorn meow coming from the other room. It was her cat, Patea, calling for her. She probably wants to know why it took me so long to come home, Ryanna thought.

She got up off the floor and made her way over to the living room and the source of the meowing. Ryanna laughed at what she saw. “Patea,” she said in a slightly scolding manner. “Did you scare Jiro again?”

Jiro was her golden retriever puppy. He was afraid of the cat and always jumped into the rolling crate whenever he wanted to get away from her. Ryanna sat down on the floor and held her hand out to the cat.

“Leave Jiro alone, okay?”

She stood and patted her dog on the head before making her way to the staircase. Time to get a few hours rest before the grind starts all over again.


**Lavian&CO -[SamJones] Another Star @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. *JAILY* -BRUNETTE @ Cosmopolitan

Pose: Poses found at the current round of {Pose Lover}
#1: [Shi.S.] My true love
#2 Serendipity: Serene

Set Design:

Picture 1:
Windlight Workz – Collection at the current round of ReVamped

[WW]Mesh Lamp-Black w/Light Switches
[WW]Mesh Nightstand
[WW]Mesh Puppy Stuff N Things Crate
[WW]Mesh Roses Art Decorative Panels

NOMAD // Industrial Coffee Table // .07
{CE} Farmhouse Mantle Clock

Picture 2:
Apt B // Old side of London – Chair
DaD DESIGN “15 Jazz Composition”
.:revival:. bucket of candles zinc
Sway’s [Birdcage] Candle holder A & B . silver
floorplan. old crate stack
{FB}Agoston Picture

Slight of hand


Today Mr. Curtis and Ms. Fox were walking along the streets of a busy downtown area. They had been out for hours and Ms. Fox was rather enjoying herself — that is until she started to get hungry.  Mr. Curtis tried to play it cool. He had insisted that she leave her purse at home – unbeknownst to her, he had done the same. He seemed wary about her being robbed and she found humor in the irony, though the thoughtfulness was appreciated.  Now he needed a plan.

After taking a quick look around, Mr. Curtis saw a guitar propped up against a stool not too far from where they were. A hat sat upside down on the stool and he was certain that it held money. Surprisingly no one seemed to notice, or care about the lone items. It must belong to a local street musician, thought Mr. Curtis, but where was he?

Leaving the crowds, he lead Ms. Fox down a pair of steps and towards the prize. Mr. Curtis didn’t know how much time he had before the owner of the hat and guitar would return so he would have to act quickly. He also had to make sure his companion didn’t know that he had taken her out empty-handed.

Mr. Curtis removed her arm from his and Ms. Fox wandered over to a nearby shop to peek in the windows. She heard singing and quickly turned around, her face filled with embarrassment when she saw that it was Mr. Curtis. Singing.  Badly. This had to stop.


“What are you DOING?!” She whispered loudly.

“What? No good?” He asked.

The roll of her eyes was the reply Ms. Fox gave. Smells of a nearby cafe took her attention and she looked that way, momentarily forgetting the bad performance. That’s when Mr. Curtis rolled his fedora down his arm, and switched it with the one on the musician’s stool.  He flipped the new up on top of his head quickly, keeping all of the dollars inside, and now, on his head, under his new hat.  His right hand on the front; left hand on the back brim of the hat, he adjusted it on his head and walked back to her. Perfect, she’d never know.

Leaving. The stool behind Mr. Curtis offered her his arm. “I’m hungry. Let’s eat.”

Ms. Fox smiled. Not only because they were finally getting food, but she noted the different hat.


Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )

Top: B Barbie Style: His Urban Spring Jacket @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Pants: B Barbie Style His Urban Spring Jeans @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Hat: Chapeau Couture Essex Linen Fedora – Tan
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Draco Boots – Toasted

Ryanna (That’s  me!)
Pants: Glitter Loose pants mesh glitter silver @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Shirt: Glitter Loose Blouse mesh glitter Fiesta  @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16

Tattoo:  .::Nanika::. Rose tattoo
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kasimire [Light Browns]


Ryanna –Glitter Poses–  Back Serie 2 – # 5 and 7  @ Pose Lover
Broderick –Poseidon Poses – Crooner M5 @ Pose Lover
KlubWerk Poses Homme 07 @ Pose Lover



It had been a long day at the small corner grocer she ran in the upper part of town. Normally she couldn’t wait to go home – especially after the last client she had who only seemed capable of complaining about what the store didn’t have – but today was different.

Three times a week, after the store was closed, she received a visit from a brawny pilot who brought her fruit from an island somewhere in the western sea. Those fruits were one of the shops best sellers. No other place in the city was able to acquire them and the pilot wouldn’t sell to anyone else. By some form of luck he had given her exclusive rights. He always came at the end of the day, having said it was his last stop on the journey home. She liked to think he came to steal a smile and one of her homemade muffins.

She sighed wishfully as she sat down on her stool which was placed between two of the outside stalls. Lost in thought she hadn’t realized her foot kicked the apple tray and a few of them were now scattered over the cobblestones. One leg was crossed under the other and she looked up, searching the sky for any trace of the plane.

She knew he was out there. All she had to do was wait a little bit longer and she’d hear the familiar hum of propellers and soon after see him walking down the street. Pack on his back and a large box in his arms.


Dress: ::MirrorMirror:: [When Doves Cry][Cream] @ .PENUMBRA. 2016 Fashion Week Starting May 14th

Socks: Maitreya Dahlia Socks * Lara  Flat * Cream
Shoes: Maitreya Stagioni Xtd Suede * M-L Chestnut
Necklace: ~Tantalum~ Peony Splendor Choker Necklace 1 @ ReVamped May
Bracelets: {Reverie}  Dirty Glass Bracelet – Gold

Pose: .::Nanika::.  Posing on a bar stool  @ Pose Lover

Shot on location at: Beaumont Grove

Fashion Week is coming!


May 14, 2016 – May 22, 2016

.PENUMBRA. Fashion Week, producer of Second Life’s acclaimed fashion events, provides top designers a stunning platform to showcase their collections. Each season .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week brings to you that season’s must see shows.

.PENUMBRA. proudly presents nearly 80 Spring/Summer 2016 men’s and women’s designers including several first time participants (marked with an *).

Featuring striking full collections are designers Petit Chat, Rayne, Sonatta Morales and Wicca’s Wardrobe.

Displaying impressive outfit collections are designers Alli&Ali Designs*, B Barbie Style, Belles Parisiennes, Bliensen + MaiTai*, Byrne, Carrie’s Lingerie, Chocolat*, Culco*, Designs by Sebastien*, Entice*, Finale Couture, Glint*, Glitter, Glitterati by Sapphire*, House of Elliot, Kunglers*, Lavian&Co., Loovus, Luna Body Art, LUXE Paris, LX Essentials, Marquesse Pret a Porter*, Masoom, MEVA, Mirror Mirror*, Oceane Body Design, October’s 4Seasons, Ooh-la-licious Skins*, Posh Pixels*, Prism, Rapture, Sage, Simply Me!*, Syl’s Fashion Boutique*, Tres Beau Designs, Vengeful Threads*, Vero Modero, Virtual Diva Couture, White Room Couture, Wynd*, Xiphora, Zanze & Zanze Men

Presenting stunning designer exclusives showcased at their respective monthly events: [SWANK] Events, Designer Showcase & the Stuff Groups.

.PENUMBRA. is also bringing to the stage the ToddleeDoo Experience showcasing ToddleeDoo designers AnkleBiters*, BabyBurp, BoWillow*, Little Badz Inc.*, Meshy Me*, Sweet Tots*, ToddleTeeZ* & Zanzadoodle.