•{ Part of that world . . .

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.” –  C. S. Lewis


Skin: :[Plastik]: Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Mauvena
Tail: *TSL* Daughters of Triton Gacha ~ Princess Ariel (RARE)
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Underwater – Browns
Top: .Una. Coral Silver

Pose: my own

A few other colors (from left to right). Please note that the full set has many colors for both female, and male, avatars!   Unedited, shot on Medium setting
Alabarus // Mauvena // Shadaren // Ereldenn


•{ Drift away . . .

I heard you’re voice calling out me
Drifting on the winds of eternity
Though even with eyes we cannot see
The distance that rest between you and me

Come a bit closer and you will find
All the worries get left behind . . .

Head: LAQ Scarlet Head.
Skin: Lumae LAQ – Elvi – Ethesi  @ Fantasy Faire 2018
Hair:  Wasabi // Mayra Windblown Mesh Hair @ Fantasy Faire 2018
Accessories::[Plastik]:– Cepheus Horns [Adorned]  @ Fantasy Faire 2018
Impulse Control –  Starry Facepaint @ Fantasy Faire 2018

•{ Under any stars . . .

Promise me the stars so I can hang them in my room.
Let us sit beneath the stars no matter where they are.

Scene design:

The following items are from :[Plastik]: and can be found at The Epiphany 
:[P]:- Cela Tapestry [Belong]
:[P]:- Cela Tapestry [Bright]
:[P]:- Artsy Stars
:[P]:- Dotiline Couch
:[P]:- Starmapp Rug
:[P]:- Pixielight Scorpius
:[P]:- Edras Daybed

Extra items from :[Plastik]Starry Skies gacha (old gacha)
:[P]: -Globa Decor Celestial RARE
:[P]:- Oscillare Decor Celestial
:[P]:- Starred Glass Celestial
:[P]:- Artsy Stars

•{ Don’t forget dessert . . .

“Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal, since it will be the last thing your guest remember before they pass out all over the table.”

 William Powell

Scene Design

MINIMAL – Princess Skybox -RARE- @ The Clique 
MINIMAL – Princess Chair *4* @ The Clique 
MINIMAL – Princess Table *2* @ The Clique 
MINIMAL – Princess Lamp *3* @ The Clique 

MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Small Plates. @  PocketGacha {Until April 14th}
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Plates @  PocketGacha {Until April 14th}
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Grinders @  PocketGacha {Until April 14th}

[InsurreKtion] The Bakery – Cherry Pie  @  PocketGacha {Until April 14th}
[InsurreKtion] The Bakery – Cream Cake. @  PocketGacha {Until April 14th}
[InsurreKtion] The Bakery – Bundt Cake @  PocketGacha {Until April 14th}

:[Plastik]:–- Samovar Tea Dispenser (Purist)
:[Plastik]:–- Samovar Teacup (Purist)
:[Plastik]:–- Napkin & Fork:// Creme
:[Plastik]:–- Strawberry Cupcake [Rez]

floorplan. French plates
{anc} Looking-glass. {oval mirror} black 2Li
9 -DRD-  – MM1 – Side Table – 1
{what next}  House Plant – Rubber Tree (stand)

•{ Garden Getaway . . .

And we can start a garden on the far side of town
A place away from all the hustling and bustling sounds.

Tell me that you’ll come
And tell me that you’ll stay
It can be our own garden getaway . . .

Scene design
:[Plastik]:– Aedrian Divider – Peony @ Blush

Llama Inc – Let’s Grow – Tomato/Cube @ Lootbox
Llama Inc– Let’s Grow – Basil/Pods @ Lootbox
Llama Inc – Let’s Grow – Watering Can @ Lootbox
Llama Inc – Let’s Grow – Tomato/Cups @ Lootbox
Llama Inc – Let’s Grow – Empty Pots @ Lootbox

..::THOR::..11-The Travel Memories
..::THOR::.. 12- The Broken Fender (wall)
..::THOR::.. The DIY Bed – RARE
..::THOR::.. The Old Shed SUPER RARE

Kalopsia – Flying Curtain

Little Branch LimeTree{Animated}4Sesons @ The Clique 
Little Branch Mushrooms.V1 and  Little Branch OrangeTree{Young} included.

•{ Cold winter’s night . . .

“On a cold winter’s night that was so deep. . . .”

Scene Design:

:[Plastik]: Arizona Desert Platter @ The Arcade
:[Plastik]: Galshi Pop Box [Dragon]  @ The Arcade
:[Plastik]: Catpuchino [Rez] @ The Arcade

Yokai – Little friend (as decor) @ Pixi’s of snow hunt

NACH Wolstencroft (bear) @ Peace On Earth 10 Hunt
{anc} vintage bell chair {milk}
9 -DRD-  – MM1 – Side Table – 3

{what next} Holiday Nutcracker – Trumpet (LARGE)
{Roawenwood}  Deco Holiday Tree @ Paying it Forward (Gift)
dust bunny . winter decor . hanging lighted sphere

•{ I’ve got a spell . . .

Come forth and enter in
A fortune and tale for you I’ll spin

I’ve got a spell made just for you
Close your eyes and count to two

Seek you pleasure?
How about fame?
I’ll pull the strings of this little game

I’ve got a spell, you want to hear?
All you’ve known will disappear. . .

Head: Genesis – Kiana Bento – limited edition
Skin: :[The.Plastik]:: Golha Skin @ Season of the Witch { Until  Nov. 4th }

Eyes: .:Soul:.  – Draglien Eyes @ Men Only Hunt
Hair: Mello. Creepin It Real. – Lamebrain – Color Crazy @ PocketGatcha

Hat:*LODE* Headwear – Black Pitch with feathers [black]

::SlackGirl:: Gipsy Bento Mesh Ring RARE @ PocketGatcha
::SlackGirl:: Spider 2 Bento MESH Nails @ PocketGatcha

Scene: Astralia – Horrorfest backdrops (Murder Telling) RARE @ The Epiphany

Shot at: Backdrop & You