Making magic . . .

I’m making magic
just wait and see.
Open up to possibilities.

Maybe I’ll read your mind
Look at what I find,
everything’s there between the lines.

I’m making magic.
Come play with me
Be introduced to a new reality.

::Una :- Margo : Top Red/ Belt  @ The Gatcha Guardians

Hair: Exile::- Feels Like Tonight @ Collabor88

::Una :- Dancing Lights Cards Blink
::Una :- Tarot Set (carpet, tarot box, table & Magic ball) RARE

The following are from :[The.Plastik]::- Wytchflame Gatcha @ The Epiphany – April
Moona Shelves & Decor RARE
Art Canvas Print:// Goddess
Ilume Lantern:// Red
Rholite Succulents (Good Witch)
Crystal Clutter (Exclusive)
Poe Candle:// Crow & Candle
Agate Casting Circle (Exclusive)

Pose: *Come Soon Poses* The Covenant (female pose)

Can’t stop for coffee . . .

If I don’t see the coffee, I won’t want the coffee.  That was the lie she told herself as she walked down the all-familiar street on her way to work.

She had been stopping by the shop every weekday for the past month. She couldn’t help it. The smell which came from the open doors was intoxicating.  Freshly ground beans and and other spices called out to people from a block away. She would even find time during the weekend to stop by at least once. The logical conclusion, to her, was that there had to be something magical about their coffee. When her partner heard her talking like that he concluded that she was addicted.

“I am not,” she had said, “I can stop anytime!”  He had asked her to prove it.

Now she stood outside of the coffee shop, trying to shield her eyes from it with her wide brim hat. All she had to do was to keep walking, but her feet wouldn’t move. The aroma had wrapped around her and made her its prisoner. She took  backwards step towards the door and stopped.  No. She wasn’t going to cave.  She would prove him wrong and then, to celebrate, he could buy her a coffee.

With a firm nod she stepped forward and continued on to work.


Outfit: [Kenny Roland] PARIS DRESS -White-
Hair: little bones. Feline –
Accessories: :[The.Plastik]: Teller Jewelry:// Silver

Pose: MILA poses – 10

Shot on location at: -Saint-Pete City- 

Closing time . . .

It’s quiet now in the old cafe
all the people have gone away

Voices of memory echo ‘round the room
Tell of merry times that ended too soon

Turn out the light
close to door
The shop isn’t open anymore.

Scene Credits:

Building: 1 [[RH]]  CAFE IN THE PARK -Cafe Building- RARE @ The Arcade – March 2017
4 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Sign- @ The Arcade – March 2017
5 [[RH]]CAFE IN THE PARK -Cafe Table- @ The Arcade – March 2017
6 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK  -Chair- (Yellow) @ The Arcade – March 2017
9 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -coffee beans- @ The Arcade – March 2017
13 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Espresso machine- @ The Arcade – March 2017
PLAAKA KettleShelf – @ The Arcade – March 2017
{what next} Colonna Coffee Station & Decor (Cannisters)
{what next} Colonna Sideboard – Wood/Decor
SAYO – Syndey Cafe Gacha – Cafe Menu
:[The.Plastik]::- Sohkis Teacup:// Regal @ The Secret Affair {until March 31st}

There will be days . . .

There will be days where nothing goes as planned.  Days where you can’t roll your eyes enough.  Days in which every single thing gets on your  nerves.

There will be days.

There will be days where the “I told you so’s” abound. Days in which everyone will have a contracting opinion to your own and they will “know what you should do.” There will be days where you’ll say, “That’s it!  I’m not going to be nice anymore!” and even being evil backfires.

When those days come and you feel that you’re at your wits end, don’t forget to breathe.  Remember, you’ve made it through all your bad days so far – this is simply another victory waiting to be had.

Outfit: Yasum *MESH* Snow Queen* EPIC (old gatcha )

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Bianca Mesh Hair – Style 2 – Browns

Accessories: From :[The.Plastik]: @ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival { Opening Feb. 7th }
:[P]:- Daemonus Gatcha:// Aea Eyes LIGHT / Bone Jewelry / Viki Bindi
:[P]:- Daemonus Gatcha:// Dae Headdress RARE
:[P]:- Daemonus Gatcha:// Dae Makeup RARE
:[P]:- Daemonus Gatcha:// Dae Tattoo RARE

Pose: <K&S> ~Portrait photography~ 7

Called upon . . .

She could see it all
inside the confines of a glass ball.

She watched it through the day,
and through the night,
trails of the human plight.

Laughed with others joys
cried with others tears
Endlessly watching throughout the years

When her heart, to help, was moved
never would she personally intrude.

Called upon to sit and watch
And though given power to help, she would not.

“It’s not my place to get involved,” she’d say.
“Those things don’t concern me anyway.”

Though her eyes were open-wide
she failed to see.
the damage done to her own being.

Dress: Ghee  Peace on Earth Gown From the Peace on Earth 9 Hunt {Until Dec. 31}
Hair: Analog Dog  – vanessa – @ Hairology { Until Dec 30 }

:[The.Plastik]:- The Scara Mask @ Winter Solstice  { Until Dec. 19 }
:[The.Plastik] :- The Scara Icicle Jewels @ Winter Solstice  { Until Dec. 19 }
Le Poppycock  *Make a Wish* Star Antlers Women’s Only Hunt {Until Dec. 24}
Nails: alaskametro “Snow Queen” nail art appliers  – Women’s Only Hunt {Until Dec. 24}
lipstick: ARISE. Ice Angel Face Lipstick
@ Winter Solstice  { Until Dec. 19 }
.::Nanika::. Kashvi tattoo White

Serendipity: simple things.. @ 2nd Level Event
Reel PosesFrom Women’s Only Hunt {Until Dec. 24}