•{ Around the bend . . .

“I don’t know what lies around the bend, but I’m going to believe the best does.”
-L.M. Montgomery

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•{ Be Secure . . .

“Nothing is more impressive than a Woman who is secure in the unique way God made her.”

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•{ Rooftop Confessions . . .

Rooftop confessions
Tell me what to say
The words don’t measure up anyway . . .

I’ve been here thinking to myself.
Trying to block the words of everyone else
But it’s a struggle only time will tell.
Say you’re really handling it,
Though not that well.

Up on the rooftop no one can see
It’s just the world spread in front of me
And for a moment every thing is right
Seeing shadows cast by the fading light.

Rooftop confessions
I know what to say
But the words don’t come out anyway. . .

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•{ . . .Contemplation . . .

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.”

 Albert Einstein


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•{ Hard yet soft . . .

And he said, “Baby you’re so hard could you be soft for me? Let down your guard for a minute and let me see.”

But she took a step back. Said, “I don’t know about that. The guards stand at the walls, they got my back. When your soft all the world wants is to watch you bleed.”

“Give me some time,” he said, “then you’ll see. I’ve been where you are, so put some faith in me.” 

She gave him her hand and he started his mission. The most important thing he did was listen.  There were some cuts and scraps but that didn’t phase him. Though she was guarded he found a way in. 

And he said, “My Baby’s hard, just like a diamond. This treasure I treasure for what I found.”

There was a guy, he turned her world around. She may hard for the world but what they don’t see, is the soft tender touch hidden underneath. 

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•{ Jingle the coins . . .

She remembered the first time He strapped the chain of coins around her body. Every move she made was followed by a sound. A clink here. A rattle there. Her whereabouts were known every time she moved. 

“You’re too fast. Random.” He had told her. “I have a solution.”  That’s what He had told her before the adornment was gifted.  “You will wear this, and you will learn to move without sound. Any noise you make will be purposeful. Not that of clumsy movement” 

It wasn’t an easy task. The coins were in the worst of places and she swore they moved on their own.  Though, as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months, she learned to master this skill. She went about her day, her tasks, getting things done for Him without making a sound. 

The hard work did not go without reward. He was very pleased at what she had learned and now, whenever she did make a sound, he knew it was her calling out to him. And he answered every sound. 

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•{ Cautionary Shed . . .

Come inside the garden shed 
The beams are low
So watch your head.

The sun is bright
Things look inviting
Could their be a secret hiding? 

With all the delights to see
What danger could their possibly be . . .

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•{ Waiting for . . .

He had been gone for a while – business that sort of thing – but tonight he was coming home. She was not to pick him up at the airport. She was not to have dinner waiting and ready for when he walked in the door. All that he asked was that she be ready for him. To wait.

Typically waiting was not her forte, but she had learned many things lately and that was one of them.

She took her time getting ready for his arrival and took everything into consideration from the fragrance of her bath, how she pulled up her hair, the color of her nails, and the right outfit. It had to flow in a certain way for his first night back.

When she was done she took herself to the game room where the billard table was positioned in the center. She smiled to herself as she drew her fingertips along the green velvet. He enjoyed this game. It was one of their favorites to play together. Here, she thought, was where she would wait for him.

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•{ Only beautiful excuses . . .

A week ago he left. He shouldered his backpack, murmured a barely audible ‘be back’, and exited out the door. It wasn’t anything shocking. He had known for weeks that he’d be going away – even had the courtesy to mention it so that his absence wouldn’t come as a surprise. Though even with that he knew this goodbye would be different. He never explained that part. He couldn’t. Not to her.

I won’t pick up the phone // I’ve said all there is to say  // Gotta be strong because it’s wrong for me to stay

It wasn’t long before the phone calls and text messages started.  He knew they would. ‘Hi! Hope you’re okay!’ ‘Take care of yourself.’ ‘Be safe! See you when you return.’ Soon the messages got further apart. He read every one of them but he never responded.  Every time his phone buzzed and he saw that it was her he sent out a sent plea that  maybe this time, this time, she would actually forget about him. He said all he had to say before he left. He spent weeks preparing her for the loss that was to come in his absence. It was all a mass of beautifully crafted excuses that he hoped solidified to one thing: that he wouldn’t come back. 

I’ve made all the perfect turn of lies // And I’ve sugar coated my disguise // But I can’t cover this up with sweet goodbyes, no // There’s only beautiful excuses in my eyes . . .

The only things he had with him were what he could fit in his bag: enough clothes for a few days.  He sat down and pulled his book from his bag and opened it to one of the letters she had given him. It was years old and worn from all the times he had read it. In it, she said she would never stop believing in him, and would always be waiting for when he came back. 

Tell me what the use is // Trying to find a way to come back home // How can we correct this if we’re disconnected? // I don’t know, I don’t know . . .

They had such history together. She had pulled him back from the edge so many times he had started to call her his Angel. He was the Devil but she didn’t care. Everyone knows that Angels and Devils can’t mix. In so many ways over the years he told her that he loved her even though he never used those exact words. Would she love him now that he’s gone? 

What makes an angel fall in love? // What makes a good man turn and run? // How do you know if she’s the one?

He sighed and put the note and the book away.  It didn’t matter how far he went, he’d always remember her but he could never go back.  All he had were beautiful excuses. 

{inspired from “Beautiful Excuses” by Rixton}


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