Embrace yourself. Embrace the past, the present. Embrace everything around you and no longer be held by it. Your breakthrough is coming.  . . .

“A breakthrough is coming
I can see that a breakthrough is coming, coming for me
Cause my heart, it was made to fly
Destiny can’t be denied
I’m tired of waiting
I am overdue for a breakthrough…”

Breakthrough – Britt Nicole

Dress:  [Aleutia] Christiana @ Fantasy Faire 2017 – The HIll
Wings: Faeline Fairy Wings – Saki (snow) @ Fantasy Faire 2017 – The HIll
Mask: #26 Blueberry / Show Time / Maitreya – Mask *Queen* (old gatcha)

Pose: an lar [poses] The Tortured Series – Three @ Memento Mori 


Hope blooms . . .

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”

 Thich Nhat Hanh

What does it mean to have hope? Does it mean that you close your eyes to doubts and fears, because if you don’t acknowledge them they’ll go away? Perhaps it means that you must always wear a smile and be a beckon of positivity? Maybe having hope means that you never get angry at what life puts in your path?

Then I ask, how do you know what hope is when what you believe in has never been tested?

Skin: .:Soul:. G2 F – Ceredil – Gyouko – [SE Forest]- @ Fantasy Faire 2017 – Mudrana Sim
Accessories: *LODE* Head Accessory – Magone II [blossom]
Scene: Vita’s Boudoir -Bed of Flowers Photo Prop
Pose: Serendipity: delicate (1)

Why I relay . . .

Growing up, and into the early part of my adult life, I learned about cancer.  It was a “disease without a cure” that needed to be caught in the early stages for a person to have a chance at survival. It was something that held no bias on who it attacked and there were support groups and fundraisers to help raise awareness and help find a cure.  I would be saddened by the people going through, but it never truly affected me.

Until my grandmother was diagnosed and died in 2006. That’s when cancer became more real to me. It became a more real part of my life when, shortly after that, my mother was diagnosed with four different cancers.  All of them at Stage 4 and the doctor told us there was nothing to be done, but try the treatments and see.

Suddenly I was faced with the realization that this vibrant woman – who was so so full of life and into everything – was going to die.

For two years I watched this happen. I saw the good days, and the bad days. I saw her fight and win small victories, and I saw her loose. One of the most saddening things to me was seeing how people would treat her once they knew she had cancer.

Suddenly she wasn’t a person anymore, she was Cancer. People saw the disease instead of the person, but she was still a person. She still wanted to experience life as much as she could. She still wanted to be a part of things. My mother wasn’t Cancer, she was a person who happened to have cancer.

People who are diagnosed with cancer, or any condition, still want to be treated like people and experience life. They are not their circumstances.

Relay for Life is one of the largest fundraisers for the American Cancer Society to help raise funds and cancer awareness.  There are events all across the US that raise millions of dollars each year. The Fantasy Faire in Second Life is one of the largest virtual events, bringing people together to raise thousands of dollars for the cause. It is your chance to help bring about an end to cancer by supporting the event. Don’t have any money? It cost nothing to volunteer and spread the word.

It’s too late for my mom and my grandmother. My other grandmother is in her second year of battling cancer. This is why I relay. Maybe cancer is real in your life, maybe your heart goes out to those who are going, or have gone, through it.  Maybe you’re a survivor. Whatever the case may be, if we all come together and help, just a little bit, we can start to see an end to cancer.

Skin: :[The.Plastik]::– Koie Skin (Femme) :// RFL Hope – Fantasy Faire 2017 – Chaddul Ro Sim
Hair: Analog Dog  – merida  – Fantasy Faire 2017 – The Hill Sim
Accessories: *NAMINOKE* Rafflesia – Fantasy Faire 2017 – San Mora Sim

Pose: Artis – The shame stand posing prop @ The Pose Fair {Until April 29th}



Why I relay


I remember it as though it was yesterday.  It was a Wednesday morning and I was packing up my two young boys (ages 1 and 3 at the time) for our trip to my moms house. For two years I witnessed her waging war against the four different cancers that plagued her body. They were all Stage 4, inoperable. She had already defied the doctors expectations by living longer than the time frame they gave her, but every time I saw her, there was a little less life in her eyes.

I took on the task of ferrying my mother back and forth to treatments while my dad went to work. My kids were the only grandkids at the time, and I wanted to give her a bit of joy as I could by letting her see them and hear their laughter as they played.  It was bittersweet.  She would talk about seeing them in school and graduations.  Buying things for their birthdays and going on family vacations.  All things that I knew would never happen. However, for her sake, I played along and always brought the smile and laughter.

I was about to leave the house and my phone rang. It was my sister – she was already at my parents house.  She took the early morning shift there before she had to go to work herself. I had thought it was a standard call – her letting me know what needed to be done and not to be late. She told me that she had a fun conversation with our mom about making pancakes. My sister had gone into the kitchen to make breakfast and, when it was done, she took it to our mother only to find that she had passed away.

There are many people with stories similar to mine. Cancer doesn’t only affect a single person, but it effects the people in their lives. Currently there is no cure for cancer but, if you’re lucky enough to detect it early, your chance of survival is greatly increased.  Relay for Life  – from the American Cancer Society – raises funds to help find a cure for this disease and raise awareness. Throughout the year various campaigns are held throughout the community, and online, to help open people’s eyes.

Hope is – to me – the most powerful weapon we have in the fight against this disease. Even if you are not able to make a monetary donation you can help raise awareness by simply spreading the word about the campaign, or leading a helping hand to those dealing with the effects.

It has been seven years now since I lost my mother and I miss her still to this day. I like to think that she is up there, smiling at the things I have done and watching over the grandkids she never really got to know. Why do I relay? I relay so that one day people will not have to have stories like mine. I relay to let family members and friends know they are not alone, and there is support.  I relay to give people hope that one day we will find a cure.


Outfit: *N* – Sakura Petal @ The Fantasy Faire
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – DROW Sloth
Hair: Analog Dog – iota – light browns @ The Fantasy Faire
horns: Spyralle Lightbearer of Hope (RFL) with headpiece  @ The Fantasy Faire

Tattoo: .::Nanika::.Mahika tattoo @ SaNaRae 

Scene: Simply Shelby – Summer Ruins (pose included) @ The Fantasy Faire

Lost in our thoughts

So I was thinking about . . .

So I was thinking about . . .

There are times when we get lost in thought.  Good ones, bad ones, thoughts that we didn’t even know that we had, come sneaking up and take us prisoner for a while. How long we entertain these thoughts is completely up to us.

The other day I had a thought about what it would be like to be a Queen. It’s true that there isn’t a monarchy around today as in the olden days, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t think about it. The thought stayed with me all day and, whenever I would encounter people I’d imagine them filling some courtly role or yelling ‘Off with their head!’- taking a cue from the Red Queen – if they did something particularly annoying.  It was fun and it made me laugh.

Sometimes my thoughts are not so pleasant. When anxious, sad, or upset the thoughts turn inward and start to feed into my negativity.  It can really be quite crippling and, before you know it, everything has gone wrong and you find yourself drifting on a sea of despair without a lifeline or sail. Once you’ve gone that far it’s struggle to pull yourself out, or even to accept the life jacket tossed out to us by our friends.

The world isn’t perfect and life certainly isn’t fair (where’s my no-limit credit card?), but does that mean we should dwell on the bad until we’re lost in thoughts of negativity? Of course not! It’s okay to be mournful over things, and even upset, just don’t stay there. I bet if you look in your dark spots you will find something to be happy about.

Let’s get lost in good thoughts – leave the rest to scatter across the winds. newshotHeadDone

Dress: .:SF:. “Vedris” Bodice  [ Fantasy Faire Exclusive! @ Tangleshimmer Grove ]

.PoshTale. Cequi : Bracers & Collar @ Fantasy Faire 2015
!Musa! Eyeshadow Jasmine RFL1 @ Fantasy Faire 2015
[MUSE] Maiden of Tuatha – White (Crown & Earrings)  @ Fantasy Faire 2015

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Snowdrift – Browns

Poses from*PosESioN* Secret Set
Shot on location at:  Obsession Exposed Gardens

I wish . . .

Give your wishes wings and let them fly

Give your wishes wings and let them fly

As a little girl I was told a few things about wishes: that I could wish upon a star, make a wish  while tossing a penny into a fountain, and even that they could be made as I blew out the candles on my birthday cake.  As I grew older, wishes became the substance of dreams to which I had to bring into reality.  Whether as a child, or an adult, there is one thing about wishes that hasn’t changed: wishes are something that you wanted. They are things you work towards and do what you can to make them happen.

Some people wish for a lot money, other wish to have the latest game, or see someone that they idolize, and many other things.  For some people, what they wish for with all their heart is a cure for cancer. It’s a disease that has no cure and doesn’t discriminate.  It effects the lives of those who have it, and those of the people who care for them. For those effected, their wish is simple.  They wish a cure.

Six years ago I lost my mother, she battled cancer for the better part of two years, and during that time the only thing I wished for was for her to return to being the woman I knew.  Before that I watched my grandmother fight and loose her battle with cancer as well. Even now my other grandmother is having her own battle with cancer. There is something I can do instead of simply wishing for a cure – I can help fund resources to make this a reality.  Relay for Life – from the American Cancer Society – raises funds to help find a cure for this disease.

At this years Fantasy Faire – Azul – is offering two dresses – one of them being Pepeké. When you purchase this item, 100% of the sale will go to Relay for Life. There are also multiple kiosks around where you can donate to help bring us closer to finding a cure, and you can even donate online.

So what do I wish for? I wish I had a better job. I wish that I could eat that double-fudge devils food cake with caramel topping and not gain a pound. I wish I could open my mouth and say all the things I’m afraid to say.  I wish that one day there will be a cure for cancer. I wish that everyone would do their part in helping to find a cure, and spread awareness about this disease.

I wish . . .



Dress: -AZUL- Pepeke /Exclusive FantasyFaire2015 
Tattoo & eyes: DeLaSoul~ Ceredil – Candace @ The Fantasy Fair
Hair: Exile::Dream of Paradise Naturals
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

pose: Eternal Dream – Fata @ The Fantasy Fair

Taken on location at : *StoryBrooke Gardens*