Stepping out in Autumn

“In the garden, Autumn is, indeed the crowning glory of the year, bringing us the fruition of months of thought and care and toil.  And at no season, safe perhaps in Daffodil time, do we get such superb  colour effects as from August to November.”

–   Rose G. Kingsley, The Autumn Garden, 1905


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Stock in small things . . .

Sometimes the only thing you’re able to do is get out of bed, and that’s okay.  There’s no rule saying that you have to do big and flamboyant things every day.  Who’s to say that getting out of bed isn’t a big accomplishment?

Oftentimes we may underestimate the small things in life, taking them for granted and acting as though they don’t matter.  Life is made up of small things. Moments in time that lead to something bigger.

So you say that all you did today was get out of bed? Well, good.  You’ve made it another day.


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Soy. Hand Platform with wrapped something
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Chez Moi Home Office Board Nob Hill


On the way to Nowhere . . .

There’s something about the autumn air.  It’s cool, crisp, feeling lends a spark to the hot and humid days of summer, and wakes up the senses. On this particular day, the two of them were racing their bikes down a dirt road on the side of the forest. The wind whipping past and fallen leaves crumbling under the bikes’ wheels.

“Hey! Wait up!” She laughed and yelled from behind as she pedaled faster to catch up to him.  He had been in the lead for half a mile now and wasn’t giving up any ground.

He turned to look over his shoulder, a wide grin upon his face. He cupped a hand to his mouth as he shouted back, “What’s that?  I can’t hear you over the sound of winning.”  He only wanted to take her to an outdoor fruit stand.  She was the one who said she could beat him to it and made it into a race.

There it was, right around the next corner, and he reigned in his bicycle – waiting for her. The seller wasn’t anywhere to be seen – probably out for a break –  but the food was labeled and he knew what he wanted.  He placed some money on the counter and took a couple of apples out of the bin.

He was already biting into his apple when she pulled her bike up besides his. “Glad you see you made it,” he quipped.

“Ha, ha, very funny,” she replied, and caught the apple he suddenly tossed at her.

“Leave the bikes, they’ll be fine.” He was already dismounting.

She groaned internally.  After all the hard pedaling her thighs felt on fire. She didn’t even have time to rest and he wanted her to go for a walk. Walking her bicycle back a bit it she propped it against his as she got off the bike. Just as she turned around to speak, he suddenly snatched her up in his arms; she squealed in both shock and delight.

“Off we go,” he announced as he carried her away from the stand.

Though she knew he’d never drop her, she held on to him anyway and asked,  “Where are you taking me?”

He looked down at her, his signature smirk playing on his lips.  His reply was short and his voice hinted on amusement. “Nowhere.”



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She takes forever . . .

They had a schedule.  There was somewhere they had to go and if they didn’t leave within the hour they were going to be late.  While she had everything already picked out,  and said she’d be ready in ‘less than 5 minutes’, he knew it would take a lot longer than that.

Standing at the bottom of the stairwell, he waited and let his thoughts drift back to the night before.  She had been so surprised when he gave her the ring.  He shook his head and rolled his eyes before making his way up and to the room.

It’s amazing the time that it’s taken
For you to come out here
I don’t know what you do in there
Only so many ways you can change
How light will hit your face
Or how you can fix your hair

He entered the dressing room quietly, watching what she was doing. She didn’t know that he was there so he was treated to the small quips of her mannerisms.  The way she leaned towards the mirror, the fuss she made over her dress to make sure it fell the right way; and even how she kept patting at her hair to ensure each strand was where it needed to be.

You only got two eyes, two lips, so why
It shouldn’t really take long at all
But when you finally smile cause it’s just right
Damn, you look beautiful

“Can you see the future in that thing yet?” he joked, pushing off of his stance and walking towards her at the closet.  His eyes didn’t move from her.  He rather liked watching her skin flush.

“It’s just new.  I can look at it if I want,” she quipped at him with a beautiful grin; her eyes following him in the mirror.

She was doing it again.  With just a smile she was re-writing the evening plans, even if she didn’t know it.  So what if she took longer than needed to get ready?  When she looked at him like that, nothing else really mattered.

Now, I know it’s time I realize
I will be spending half my life, yeah
With my back up against the door
Cause you take forever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever
But you’re always worth waiting for . . . (Lyrics from ‘Forever’ by Andy Grammer)


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Ryanna (that’s me!)

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Thieving squirrels

Have you ever had one of those days where it seemed that everything was going on at once? From the time you open your eyes, till you close them for bed, your day has been nothing but go, go, go. In an effort to get everything done we tend to streamline our focus. One thing at a time, and then another, blocking out everything else so we can stay on task.

I’ve had one of those days – to be honest it’s been a handful of days – where things kept coming at me left and right. Before I have time to finish one task, in comes another.  Before long I’m backlogged and hardly know where to begin. However, while I’m focused on all the big things, smaller things, are going unnoticed.

The thing about little things is, if they are ignored for too long, they become big things. So while we are busy wrapped up and concerned about big issues, pay attention to small things. Or the next thing you know, squirrels are making off with your nuts.


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Coming home . . .

It wasn’t the size of the house, and it wasn’t the location.  It didn’t matter if they had a little, or if they had a wealth of the most expensive things – or even if the room was cluttered with boxes. It wasn’t a material, or physical place. It was a feeling.  And when they were together, they were home.

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The Tango . . .

The Tango – written by Broderick Logan

Pulse steady; pumping.
Warmth of the retiring day blanketing over his skin.
Thoughts of fervor and flustered breaths…
Jolted movements and fluid grinds…
Clenched teeth to control peaking.

Air changed. Charged with her presence.
His eyes hidden by the brim of his fedora,
Gaze beginning at her slim ankles wrapped as a gift.
Traveling up, trimming her shapely legs.
Swallowing hard. Still… Regulating desire.

Time in fast-forward.  Had to touch her.
Behind… Lips breathe promises of pleasure.
Fingers tempt and edge her skin to the border of lust.
Her own breath caught; hanging in the air.
Then, like a key, sliding in; unlocking desire.

Tentative touches to begin.
Slow…. Movements.
Testing the fluidity of their bodies together.
Twisting. Swaying. Grinding openly and lasciviously now.
Dancing…. Dancing…. Bodies in sync to the beat of their song.

The pace quickens.  The steps are harder.
Pushing her body from him, only to slam back together again.
She moaned at that, but that didn’t stop him.
He only pressed harder…
Pushing her body to a new limit.

She wanted a deep breath. He could see it.
“Hold it,” he instructed her breathlessly.
He felt the tension in them both.  Their bodies perspiring. Ready.
Their dance frenzied as he pushed his rigid body against her soft one.
Again…. Again….. Again…..

“Open your eyes, my love,” he crooned shakily.
“I want to watch you as this ends.”
And there, right there. Their bodies twisted and thrust….
Giving in to the whirl of their bodies crashing as he bent her over backwards.
“Let go darling….” he sang to her. “Breathe”

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Ryanna (That’s me!)
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The Devil’s Secretary

It was another day in Hell, but production on the 4th level had slowed to a crawl. Usually notices would be flying in and Ky’lar, his succubus secretary, would be ferrying assignments to various demons and fallen angels. Not today. Today she was sitting at her desk and idly drumming her nails on the wood.  She turned her attention to the map on the wall. In all the world there were only 60 of this Hell’s minions on assignment. Pitiful.

The office door opened and out walked the levels Devil. The only thing more smoking than his suit was his cup of coffee. His swagger and sway lead him Ky’lar’s way and he leaned against the desk. She eyed him as he took a long pull from his cup. “If you could get to work?” he told her, an annoyed tone to his voice. “I got a quota to fill.”

Ky’lar dropped her hand on the table and gave him a rather pointed look. “There’s nothing happening up there. The guys are bored.”

“Bored?” The Devil snorted. “They’ve got to raise Hell. That’s what we do.” The creeping mirth in his tone was swallowed up by another drink from his cup. “You do remember how to do that, right? My little docile demon?”

She wasn’t a fan of his quips – even if he was right – and Ky’lar pushed back from the desk.  A sly smile working on her lips as she came around to meet him. “You know. Devil.” Weaving in her natural hypnotic tones in her voice. “Remove my bonds and I can bring you a wealth of souls.” It was the tattoo markings that indentured her to him and this… office. He had found a way to trick her years before. and the rest was history.

The Devil only smiled and drew her to him, mocking laughter coming from within his mask. “How many other Devils, besides THE Devil, can say they have succumbs for a pet?” He put down his cup. “ No, no, this arrangement is too much fun.”

Wearing :

Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )
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Change of perception . . .

Life is all about perception. Many times whether something is good, or bad, depends on how we look at it. There are two sides to every story, right? So why can’t there be multiple ways of perceiving things, too?

I’m an optimistic person – always looking on the bright side of things – but sometimes that’s hard to do. I can turn a situation six-ways to Sunday and still not find anything good. Maybe what I need to change is not the situation, but myself.

What’s going that prevents me from seeing things in a new light? Perhaps I’m to boggled down with other things to think clearly? Maybe I need a Snickers (for those who get the joke….)? The point is, maybe it’s not always the situation that needs a change, maybe it’s ourselves? So get up and shake off the dust of your usual to-do, then look at things again.


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