•{ Calm me down . . .

When my heart’s not pure
Would you kill my disease?
And when there’s no cure
You are just what I need.
When I lose my mind
Would you still remind me?
When I’m feeling lost
Would you come and find me?

Kindly calm me down – by Meghan Trainor

Outfit:Scandalize Originals . Ashley. @ Csomopolitan {Until Feb 24th} 
Pose: CKEY Poses – Yours…  @ Ultra 

Shirt: Giz Seron
Pants: BlankLine Jeans002 [Black]
Hair: DOUX – Hugo hairstyle
Watch: [Deadwool] 8. Peak XV chrono – vintage –

junk. picture doors.
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Mar 17 Cordelia Curtains Blue MT
Noble Creations [NC] – Spathiphyllum Vase
Trompe Loeil – Geonna Hanging Lantern
Apt B // Douze Roses – Cabinet RARE


•{ Paint a Rose . . .

“There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before he can do so he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted.”

 Henri Matisse quotes

Hair: Exile Jemma @ Shop your Heart Out 
Jewelry: ~~ Ysoral~~ .:Luxe Bracelet Venus:.
Tattoo: Stardust – Noriko – White Tattoo @ For Rose 

Pose by me

•{ Dragonflies . . .

For the skies are filled with dragonflies
And dreams are dancing in your eyes
The mouth speak with words memorized

Much too soon will come the dawn
You’ll look for me and I’ll be gone
Like cares that drift upon the sea
I’ll turn into a memory

For the skies were filled with dragonflies
And dreams danced within our eyes
But Time soon comes and with it goodbye . . .

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Hair: *ARGRACE* HARUKA – White
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[ keke ] even dragonflies dream
[ keke ] star glitter

•{ Rooftop Dinner . . .

Through subtle questions, prodding, and a bit of investigating on his own he had found out about her rooftop hideaway. It was really quite quaint with it’s slate floor and chimneys outlining the edges, but it was quite and he could tell why she liked it.

One day – when he was sure she was going to be occupied going to and fro on various assignments – he set about a surprise. With some help from his friends he spent the morning, and the better part of the afternoon, cleaning the rooftop and hauling up furniture from the street level.

He set up a canopy to keep away some of the smoke and add to the scene he wanted to make. Next came the table, chairs, place setting, and of course candles for when the sun fully set.  Off to the side dinner was being kept warm. He had even left a note attached to her door with instructions. Now all he had to do was wait.

It wasn’t too long before he heard the door to the rooftop open . . .

Set Design:
!! Follow US !! Bistro – Wine tray
DRD – Boho Backyard – Wine Rack
Fabled – Bread Basket

The following is from [BellaRose] and can be found at the current round of Cosmopolitan
[BR] Wrought Iron Canopy & Drapes
[BR] Tropical Floor Plant
[BR] PlaceSetting neutral
[BR] TrIo Brass Candle Set
[BR] Roses CenterPiece
[BR] Corina Dining Table
[BR] Corina Dining Chair

•{ Outside, at the bench . . .

It was an upscale party. A friend – and the hostess – had invited her because they had been worried she was spending too much time alone. Though a party was not her usual forté she agreed, if only to get the friend off her back.

From the house steps she could already hear the revelry from inside. She took a breath, adjusted her dress, and entered. Inside people were laughing and a general feeling of good cheer was in the air. Though that was all on the surface. All the conversations she engaged in and heard felt the same. Everyone was focused on themselves and the want to be more interesting then the next person.

When the opportunity came she politely excused herself and went outside. There was a small park across the street and that’s where she went. She only needed to recharge before going back inside and a decent reason to leave the party early.

A few short moments later there were approaching footsteps followed by a man’s voice. “I can see why you came outside,” the man started to say, “Nature isn’t pretending to be something it’s not.”

She recognized him from the party. He had been discussing market shares and stocks to a selection of avid listeners. She had not been one of them.

“Is that why you’re here?” She gave him a questioning look. “Tired of pretending?”

He shrugged and leaned against the bench where she sat. “Could say the same of you.”

Only a hint of annoyance wore on her face. Why was he here? Obviously she came to be alone, otherwise she would have stayed at the party. She had to look up slightly now if she wanted to talk to him properly. “I didn’t ask for company.” She stated plainly.

He responded smoothly. “I’m not company. I’m Jake.” His quip made her smile.

Already it was more interesting outside of the party then in.

Ali (Check out his Flickr!)
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Ryanna (That’s me!)
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Necklace: WAYNE / MIRA Necklace (GOLD)

Pose: CKEY Poses – Just One Touch (slightly edited)