•{ After all this time . . .

“Even after all this time?” He softly whispered to her.
“Yes,” her voice cracked under the emotion she was holding back. Eyes stayed downcast, looking upon the ground. “Even after all this time.”

Though it was some time after the exchange of words, she still felt the weight of his hand on her shoulder and warmth of his breath against her skin. She felt hammered to the wall by the force of her own heartbeat. Her fingers flexed upon the handle of her golden mirror, using it as anchor to the here and now.

She could not stay out here forever. Yet his presence was all around her. Even after all this time.

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On a slow jam

….I’ve waited all night long just to dance with you
And when you touched my hand
I knew you were the man
To turn my world around
And make my dreams come true
The magic in your eyes, made me realize
That everything I feel, has got to be real
And we danced and fell in love
On a slow jam ….

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Subway tunnel . . .

It was still a few hours until the subway station opened. Any station operators were behind closed gates further down at the terminals or platform. Call them eager, but the two of them had gotten to the station early with plans on taking the first train out of the city.

They were, literally, going to leave everything behind and get away.

He leaned back on the escalator railing and followed.  Her arms rested around his shoulders and his traveled around her waist. She turned her head to look around, though she knew the place was empty. “We have time before it opens,” she said referring to the station.

He smirked as he pulled her closer by the hips. “And I know the perfect thing to do.”


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Waiting. . .

“If you’d be patient. . .” he said to her as she walked away.

They had met up for a light dinner at the corner cafe after work. The soothing atmosphere and tranquil music made it the perfect place to unwind after their busy week.

When dinner began to wind down he had taken out his phone and ordered a car to take them home. That was a half hour ago.

She let out an exasperated sigh while scanning up and down the street for any sign of their ride. “What’s taking them so long?” She asked. Her shoulders dropped in a small sign of defeat. They had a lovely meal and now she wanted to go home.

“We could have taken the bus.”

He was right, but she wanted to take a car for the ambiance.

From behind he motioned to her and spoke softly yet firmly. “Come here.”  When she came over he pulled her to his side. “Sometimes you have to wait for what you want.”

She took a deep breath and willed herself to relax.  “You’re right. I can wait.”

And, when she stopped being impatient for things to happen, they did.

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.| Ori & Bayde |. Whispers of treason . . .

Ever since Bayde had become a more prominent figure in her life, Ori’Ziya’s father, the King, had significantly reduced her role. The King treated Bayde as the son he never had. Ori’s duty was given to Bayde, and now he was always off dealing with their enemies and allies. The transition was a bit suspicious in her mind, but she didn’t question, too loudly, her father’s decision.

It was winter. Ori had spent the last few months in the King’s court and heard whispered words of treachery amongst her father’s council and generals for months. It was no secret that everyone was not pleased with the accolades given to the elf, who use to be human.

Something was going on.

Presently, Ori’Ziya rested in the fields outside of the house Bayde had been rewarded for his service. The last communication she had received from him had said that he would be back today.  That is when she would tell him her suspicions.

The sound of feet and hoof prints crushing snow sounded off ways behind her. Ori’Ziya turned and smiled upon seeing her companion. “What have you got there?” She asked, laughing in amusement.

She got up from the ground and went to them both. Bayde was leading a unicorn, and it whinnied as she came near, stomping its foot as her hand brushed the side of the animals face.  Ori was amazed. Unicorns were rare, even in the Elven world. That he not only saw one but was leading it, was something special. “How did you –”

Bayde piped in before Ori could finish speaking, “A rare mount for one who is equally as rare.” He hoped it would keep her from asking what he didn’t want to answer. “Hop on. Let’s go home.”

The unicorn nodded its head as though it understood, and Ori mounted. “Bayde,” she began to say, “You shouldn’t go back to Court.  Not yet.  You don’t have many friends there.”

Ori waited but he didn’t respond, only continued towards the house. She continued. “There have been whispers of treasonous acts and making you take the blame for them!”

She couldn’t see his face. He didn’t respond right away and Ori stayed silent, thinking that he was weighing what she had said.

They crested the hill, their home was only a short walk from here. Bayde stopped the unicorn and offered Ori his hand to help her dismount. All this time he hadn’t said anything, but now that she could see his face she saw hints of worry around his eyes. The unicorn wandered off to graze.

“You don’t get where I am without making a few enemies, Ori’Ziya,” Bayde said. His tone was strong and sure. He held her hands and looked at her steadily. Aside from the worry, Ori couldn’t tell much else. “I made it back, just as I said I would.”

“You should stay here. Lay low for a while.” Ori suggested. “Let me see what else I can discover.”

Bayde shook his head. “I’m a soldier. I do not cower.”

They both knew her father expected him back at court in a day or two in order to discuss what happened on the excursion. Ori sighed and then set her jaw. Not only was Bayde in danger, but her father was as well. She wasn’t going to loose either of them.

Bayde seemed to have read her mind for he nodded his head. “I have a plan.”


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Fox & Curtis || Bang, bang . . .

Ms. Fox waited patiently in the lounge of the mansion which belonged to her uncle, Eleuterio Minguez.  A few months had passed since Mr. Curtis had gotten shot while helping her steal back the financial documents, and deeds which were taken from her.  The two of them had been hiding ever since. Keeping a low profile and quietly establishing new aliases. The cartel was still after them, and they wouldn’t be able to stop running until her uncle’s empire was destroyed. Tonight, they planned to strike her uncle where it hurt, and take care of his wife.

In her mind, Mr. Curtis was born to blend in and work a crowd. He had left her to find the whereabouts of the target, while she scoped out the room.  It did not take long, and soon she felt his hand on her shoulder and around her waist.  No one else had a touch like that.

Ms. Fox lifted up her left hand to reached for the hand on her shoulder, prominently displaying the large rock affixed to her wedding finger. Their identities for the night, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, were new ‘power couple’ that had come into a large sum. This diamond was proof to the point.

Mr. Curtis nodded at the passing guest and greeted her. Speaking over her shoulder, “Mrs. Jones.  How are you enjoying yourself this evening so far my love?”

For her part, Ms. Fox chuckled politely and tipped her head back. “This party is the highlight of the year.”

Mr. Curtis spoke lower, trying not to move his lips in a ventriloquist fashion, “Keep talking. Act natural. Play it cool.  I found her.” He beamed and brought her hand up to his lips, kissing her knuckles tenderly, keeping the charade of husband and wife up.  Ms. Fox smiled beautifully, giving a small nod to show she understood what he said.

After a few couples made small talk with ‘Mr. & Mrs. Jones,’ the two of them made their way further into the festivities where various activities were set up: such as a dance floor,  photo booth, and the main buffet.  Mr. Curtis escorted Ms. Fox through the crowd to the first landing of the circular stairwell. Their target was upstairs. All they had to do now was get up there without being noticed.

Suddenly a commotion came from the upper landing.  Coming down the stairs, escorted by three police officers and her husband, was Mrs. Minguez, with her hands behind her back.

Shouting and fast arguing in Spanish accompanied the group.  All the guest had stopped their partying in favor of watching the scene unfold. Even Ms. Fox was transfixed and didn’t register that, while the wife may not recognize her, the uncle surely would.

Mr. Curtis moved the two of them to the other side of the stairwell, into a room, and pinned Ms. Fox against the wall like they were there for the privacy. They were still in site of the happenings and Ms. Fox turned her head to look out the doorway.  Her eyes blazed in anger as her gaze fell on her uncle, Eleuterio Minguez.  “Shhh baby,” Mr. Curtis said to her, “We’ll get our chance.”

This was wrong.  All wrong and Ms. Fox didn’t understand what was happening.  If she and her partner were not responsible for this, then who was?

As his wife was escorted out of the mansion, Eleuterio began to yell at his guests and swing his arms in a wide circle.  “Vete de aqui!”  And the guest started to file out in a rush.  No one wanted to be a victim of his anger.

They left their temporary hideout and Mr. Curtis moved them along in the crowd, but then made more of a sideways route than straight for the door. By the time he had tucked them into the photobooth unseen, Eleuterio was slamming the front door shut and barking at one of his six guards in the room still.

They were now trapped inside the mansion with the uncle who wanted her dead. The plan of action was clear. Mr. Curtis moved his hands from Ms. Fox’s body now, reaching inside his blazer to draw his colt out of his holster.  Suddenly, he groaned when Ms. Fox bent down, pushing her ass into him to pull hers from its own strapping under her skirt.  “For fuck’s sake Noa…. ”

Despite the situation, she couldn’t help it. The sense of danger heightened her desire.  “Just making sure you were loaded, Mason,” she quipped, turning her head to look at him over her shoulder a moment.

Mason whispered, “You always get like this when you hold that thing.”

Giggling softly, trying to not be heard, “Do I?  I didn’t notice.” was Ms. Fox’s reply.

Mr. Curtis squeezed her ass hard in his other hand, keeping an eye on the end of her gun, then froze once he heard her uncle and his guards getting closer.  Leaning into the back of her,  his lips against brushed against her ear as he spoke low.  “Ready?”

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