Holiday Ramblings . . .

The holidays are here.  In the United States we just finished with Thanksgiving and now it’s full speed on to the next big thing: Christmas.

In all this time of running about, gatherings and a myriad of social events, do you ever stop and wonder what it’s all for?  What does it all mean?  What is it that you are thankful for this holiday season? Or are you simply acting thankful because that’s what you’re suppose to be doing.

With Christmas fast approaching, many use material possessions to express emotions. The price tag, being reflective of their feelings towards the other person, causes people to break open their piggy banks and spend money that they don’t have. All this in an effort to prove how much they care.

But, if you ask me, the best gift has no price tag.  It can’t be brought in a store, exchanged, or lost. The greatest gift is love.  It’s time.  If you’re wondering what you can give people this holiday season, why not give them a little love.


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Simply put . . .

Simply put:

You can pretend you don’t see it, and shield your eyes, but the Light is always there. Open your eyes and look around. Partake in all the things you’ve made yourself blind to see.


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Shipwrecked . . .

One moment she was out on her dingy, slowly drifting on the peaceful waters in the land of tranquilly, then along came a storm. The turbulence rocked her small craft and threw it across the water. She wasn’t prepared for this. It was suppose to be an easy day, and she had not come prepared for a rough day at sea.

When the wind and ocean had settled down, she found that her raft had come aground on the rocks. It didn’t take her long to realize that she was no longer in familiar waters. The bright, colorful sky, and rich colors of the sea and land that she knew had been replaced by washed out, or muted, tones. Even her own attire of pink didn’t even seem as cheerful as it did back home.

Where am I? She wondered. For the moment she left her raft where it was and climbed up the rocks, moving forward to the last one and looking around. Which way had she come from? She turned one way, and then the next. It was logical to think that there would be land nearby, and this was shallow water, because of the rocks. The young pirate expect to at least see signs of a reef, or land, but there was nothing.

She was lost in this land of uncertainty, with no clear direction of where to go. One thing was for certain – nothing would be attained if she stayed in one place, so she walked back over the rocks and to her raft. It was time to get back in the water, and set off into whatever lay ahead.


Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we get knocked out of our peaceful situations and end up in unknown territory, or a place we would rather not be. When this happens, it does no good to stay there. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and tackle the circumstances.


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Chasing happiness

take me thereDone

Sunshine, roses, bright fields of flowers, and rainbows. It would be great if life was comprised out of good things all the time – but it isn’t. Flowers die and storm clouds roll in to cover up the sun. You can get soaked in the rain, and you could even burn your food (there is nothing quite like burnt food when you’re hungry…..).

Life is made out of everyday moments. The good ones and the bad ones and when the day is going south, it can be a real struggle to bring it back up. Fake it till you make it! It’s a bad day, not a bad life. Chin up buttercup. I’m sure we can drum up a few more sayings about finding the road back to happiness. These phrases may be cliché, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth a bit of attention. Ninety percent of the time I tend to be an optimist, the other 10% I’m a realist, and I’m going to find the good out of whatever situation I’m given – even if I have to use a cliché.

Sometimes that bit of happiness, the glimmer of hope in your otherwise humdrum day, is dancing around outside the edge of your fingertips and you have to chase it. Good things come to those who wait? Okay, sure. I’ll agree with that, but what I won’t do is wait forever and neither should you. What about the saying ‘work for what you want’? You can’t wait for something and work for it at the same time.  Are you working on waiting?

The reason we wait is to make sure about the things that we want. Once you know what it is, it’s time to stop waiting. Stand up, get a good stretch, bounce on your feet – one, two, three, times – and go after what you want. Don’t be afraid of the chase.

take me thereDone2


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Tuxedo dress

I usually find solace within the pages of a book
This time I found none.

Every chapter was about you.
Between the lines
In the blank spaces
Were all the things I never said.


Dress: Ricielli – Cara tuxedo Dress / red  @ Shiny Shabby January
*~*Illusions*~* “Carmen” Fedora Hat
~tc~ CP Baroque Necklace Simple – Gold
-AZUL- Gina (Mesh) Gloves

Hair: Exile:: Kissing Strangers Naturals

Pose:  from the An Lar [poses] Constant Series III

Shot on location at Angel Manor Estates

Mirrors and Doors


When one door closes, another one opens. That’s the old adage that gets frequently tossed around. People tend to say it as a way of justifying why they didn’t get what they wanted and to signify that they have moved forward. It sounds good in theory – moving on – but many people say that they’ve closed a door, only to have leave a small stopper in place to keep that very door from closing all the way.

Who knows, maybe they may need to go back.

“I’ve closed that door, and I’m not going back,” comes a persons bold proclamation. A few weeks later and you see them peeking through the crack that they left, relishing in what they professed to have left behind.

Mirrors. They take what is given and spit it back out. This causes the viewer to examine what they are portraying. There are tales about mirrors reflecting the contents of a persons soul, and that’s why – when a person does a deplorable act – they can’t look at their reflection.

Having done, or said, something against their own moral code that they are unable to recognize the person staring back from the other side of the mirror. So the mirrors get covered up so the reflection can’t be seen. Or, when faced with the reflection – this stranger wearing our face – the mind warps it into what we deem right.

Don’t close any doors if you’re going to leave a crack, and don’t do anything that turns your own image into something you can’t face.

Life is full of things that cause us to slip and fall. But, if you’re not careful you may find yourself lost in a room of mirrors and doors where everything you said you were leaving behind is being reflected back at you.


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Pose: from an lar [poses] The Honour Series  @ Shiny Shabby – January

The Dancer


The stage was set. Completely dark but for the strung lights which dotted the artificial night. She let out a smooth breath as she took her position and rose up on her supporting leg – the right one – to the tip of her toe. The other leg lifted and turned out, the knee bent at a approximate 90-degree angle behind her, and she extended her arms upward and out. Her knee and ankle were in perfect alignment. She was perfectly still as she held the pose.

Soon ‘A Kiss in the Dark’, by Ernesto Cortazar III, filled the air. She waited out the count of the first few measures before her left leg moved around to the front and she turned into a fifth position stance. A temps levé – a hop from one foot to the other with the foot arched – and she began to dance.

For the dance she did a partner was not required and she sought to drown out everything and let the music fill her. But it had a long way to go, the music was peaceful, her soul was not. That is why she was dancing.

With each turn she spun away one of her cares. With each spring she lifted a worry and pushed it underfoot. Her movements were dramatic and expressive as the music reached its crescendo, yet they were precise and fluid at the same time. The complexity of the moves were executed flawlessly.


There was a story in every piece of art – but not everyone has the ability to see anything besides a beautifully performed dance and not the illustrated internal struggle.

Side-step move with a waltz turn, then one leg stretched forth, foot at a perfect point, before a partial turn while the toe dragged on the floor. A quick jump and the action repeated with the other leg, adding in a turn to the other direction.

No matter how close her fingers came to her body, they never made contact. It was a caress without physical connection that expressed a desire for touch. Her back and neck bent to form a smooth compositional arch while she stood on the pointe of both feet. Her hands were  turned out at her sides.

The movements continued for the length of the song, all the while her breathing was smooth and controlled. She didn’t focus on anything but the song and the movements of the body. The end was marked by ten continuous perfectly executed spins. The music died down with the last spin, and she slowly pulled out of it. Arms fully extended above her as she stood again on the tip of her toes. Then, as the last few notes hung in the air, she came down from the position, legs moving out as she slid into a vertical split; ending with her forehead bowed to the floor and arms laid out in front.


Outfit: Dead Dollz – The Rehearsal Collection @ Shiny Shabby – December
Hair: booN cornrows black

Poses: from [Black Tulip] Poses – Snow Dancer #3 Set