•{ Stealing The Boat . . .

This was monumental. This was the type of thing that would set the course for her entire life! Everything that she had done so far would be nothing compared to this. Visions of glory and fantastic places filled the head of 6-year old Scotia as she carried another armful of purple and pink wisterias to her small boat. She had placed her boat in the furtherest spot she could get to, and where her parents wouldn’t be too suspicious of her playing. It was a lovely day outside, and they let her play as long as she was safe.

Dorado, the golden retriever puppy, yipped and jumped playful in the grass. “Quiet. If you make too much noise they’ll get sus-pes-cious!” Scotia said as she started to drape the flowers along the side of the boat. A grand adventure needed a grand looking boat, and as a bonus this one would smell nice too. She had it all worked out: a quick trip down to meet the faires and then back in time for stories and bedtime. Her mother had told her that they were out there and now she was going to see them for herself!

It took her a few moments to get the flowers arranged the way she wanted, but when she was done, she was satisfied. Planting both feet firmly on the ground she pushed her little boat into the lake. “Dorado come on!” And she scrambled into the boat. A few yips and the pup splashed through the water and hopped in as well. She laughed as he shook off the water and ran around the boat.

“Sit down or we’ll fall,” she laughed, wiping the water off her face. “Silly doggie.”

The boat had no sail, nor did it have any oars, but none of that occurred to the little girl. Perhaps it didn’t as there was a slight breeze and the bouncing of the dog, had caused the boat to begin drifting. Scotia hummed happily to herself as she thought of all the wonderful things that were about to happen.

Little did she know that her parents knew actually what she was doing and were watching her from a hidden vantage point down stream. They had a surprise for her.

Body – ~ToddleeDoo – Kid
Skin: Baby Faces. FACE OLIVIA 500
Flowers: LOVE – Wisteria wall cover –

pose is from Something New~ Spring Butterfly (incl. Boat + dog + butterflies) @ Pose Fair Market

•{ Lights Shine . . .

I wanna magnify Your light
I wanna reflect the sun
Cut like precious diamonds
With the colors by the millions
This is the only world we know
And for now this rental’s our home
If we gonna be a reflection
Gotta make this third rock glow

. . . Lights shine bright everywhere we go. . .

From “Lights Shine Bright” by TobyMac

Skin: [ session ] April Tone02 (Lelutka Evo BoM)
Head: LeLUTKA Lake Head

Pose is from the Stardust – Aurelia pose set @ We love RP  

Shot on location at Kintsugi: Spirited Beyond

•{ Offer You a Flower . . .

Can I offer you this flower?
It’s a simple gesture,
I know

But can I offer you this flower?
I hope you don’t say no.

Please I can offer you this flower?
It will really make my day

Because if I offer you this flower
perhaps, then, you’ll stay . . . .

Skin: [ session ] skins Nadia Tone03 BoM (Genus) @ Ebento 
Hair: *ARGRACE* ICHIKA – Browns
Pose: Sweet Art – Daisy Pose GIFT (w/daisy} @ La Vie en Pose