The Wrong Party

Wrong Party

She was on her way to a nighttime Galla. Having already been delayed, if she didn’t stay on track she would be late – but this was something she had to stop for. While going to her destination, an old house caught her attention. It looked like a manor that had seen better days, and it surely wasn’t anyplace she would go to while dressed in a ball gown. Yet, she had stopped the car, gotten out, and was now standing on the steps of the old house.

It’s speaking to me, she thought. The darkness of the house is calling out to me.

There was an ache inside of her – empathy for this run down domicile – and she saw past the overgrown vegetation, tarnished boards, and saw the beauty that lay underneath. On the winds she could swear a voice beckoned her to enter, and she was compelled to listen.

Her ache grew stronger once she was inside. This place wanted to shine, but it needed help. There were patches of light given off by flickering candles, but the darkness still prevailed. She picked up a candle and used it to light an unlit one, and then another. Slowly the darkness started to fade, but there was a lot to do if she intended to fill the place with light.

“Stay with me,” the dark whispered to her. “I need someone who can see past my darkness and bring me into the light.”

She looked around her, taking the candles into the darker corners as she tried to find the source of the voice. “Hello? Who’s here?”  There was no reply. “I can’t… I can’t stay. I’m already dreadfully late.”

Even while giving the excuse she knew that she wanted to stay and help the house. How many others had passed by thinking the place was of no use due to the darkness it held? Were the already lit candles made by people who wanted to help, but then gave up? As she thought on these questions the ache grew heavy upon her heart. She knew of many people who pass things up simply because they did not want to put forth the effort. This house was a hidden gem.

“Maybe I was going to the wrong party.” She had decided to stay and restore the house. Sometimes all it takes is faith and determination to restore the light in things covered with darkness.



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Keys of Life

Keys of Life

There was a lady sitting on a piano bench. Her fingers were resting upon the ivory keys and her back made a smooth curve to accompany her hunched over shoulders.  Taking a closer look I saw a thick layer of dust and dirt covering the other keys in the row; moss and flowers were growing from under the pianos hood. Dirt was also scrubbed over the wood. Only where her fingers rested were the keys still pristine.

I stepped closer and heard a faint note drift out into the air. I took another step and heard another note. It was slightly different this time but soft all the same. Taking two and then three steps more – all accompanied by the soft melodic notes – and I finally stood at the side of the piano lady. She was pressing down on the keys and making the music. Her fingers were the only part of her that moved.

Clearing my throat I spoke softly to her. “What is it that you are playing?”
The lady’s jaw worked and her lips parted. “Life.” Her voice gravely and dry.
I looked at the other keys all covered with growth and age. “What about the other keys?” I asked. “Are they not part of life’s song as well?”

“I do not know,” she confessed. “I’ve never played anything but these keys.”


Life is ever moving.   It’s ever changing.  There are highs and there are lows, and there’s a whole world to see with things to do. Don’t spend your life doing the same thing over, and over again. Reach out, and play a different key.

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Expectations hit with reality

Every day there are expectations. The coffee that was ordered (or made) should be hot, the light is suppose to work after flicking the switch. The car will start and get to the place we’re going. Big or small, life is full of expectations.

Influenced by the media – things read, heard, and seen – and by the people around us, expectations are slowly formed. The new job is about to start and, from what has been told about the place and of the people, the first day is expected to go a certain way. A whole week has been dedicated to reading all the required books and the student has crammed until their eyes were sore, so when it’s time to take that test they expect positive results. Two people meet for the first time and instantly click – it’s expected to be the start of a wonderful friendship. While things may go to plan, there are times when expectations go awry.

“I did everything right, even went beyond the call of duty, so what went wrong? That person didn’t do half the things I did and they succeeded.” Sound familiar? What about: “I didn’t expect it to be so easy!”

When expectations hit against the hard wall of reality it can either be great, or it can be a disappointment. It’s not too much of a problem when things go better than expected. However, when a lot of energy has been spent thinking about how things are going to be, and then nothing goes the way it is planned, disappointment comes to call. It can even be a deterrent from trying that particular thing again. Sometimes one can get accustomed to being disappointed, and let down, that they expect negative outcomes. The anticipation of failure and opposition seems logical because those are the only things that expectation has ever given as a reward.

Expectations are wishes, desires, wants: they are not final. If things don’t go as planned, try again! Keep working at it and find a way. Good or bad, reality always plays a hand that could throw everything for a loop.


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The thing about tomorrow…

Sky - Honey

Tomorrow. I’ve even seen it written that tomorrow is a mystical place where nothing ever happens or gets done. I’ll do it tomorrow. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. It can wait until tomorrow. Everyone has put something off until tomorrow.

In our minds we have magically created more time because the thing we were going to do today has been pushed to tomorrow. Now we have time to do something else. Sit back, relax, let your hair down, and take a breather. No worries! Everything will get done. Tomorrow.

Maybe you’ve pushed something into tomorrow because you’re unprepared? So now, instead of taking peace in the ‘time’ you’ve created, you are worrying and fretting. You keep telling yourself, “Don’t worry. Relax. Clam down. You’ll be able to handle it better tomorrow.” The problem with tomorrow is that it is not assured that it will come.

We take for granted that tomorrow we will have time to do what we could have done today. What if you don’t? What if the perfect opportunity to do something, to work on a problem, or to talk to someone is staring you right in the face, but you decide that you will do it tomorrow. When you get up the next day, that chance is gone. People don’t often realize that simply because you have put something off until tomorrow, doesn’t mean the rest of the world has done the same.

Life goes on, with or without us. That person may not be around tomorrow for you to let them know how much they mean to you. Tomorrow you’ll finally send in the application for the job you want – though by then it could be too late. That place you’ve always want to go? You could go today, but there are many excuses as to why tomorrow is the better option. I’ll face my problems tomorrow, because I don’t feel like it today. Who’s to say you’ll feel like it the next day?

We should live for today. Laugh today. Cry today. Go out and live today. And, if we’re fortunate to get a tomorrow, be sure to do it all again.

Sky - honey 2


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Follow the Script

The way you do things

The way you do things

Do it this way.  Like everyone else is doing it.  Here’s the script to follow, remember your lines, but – here’s the kicker – we want you to do it your own way. Ready?  You got it? GO!

And they’re off.  Everyone running to the same thing, getting the same things that are offered, and treating them all the exact same way.  They’re only following the script, right? I suppose that’s one of the conundrums in society – we like for people to do their own things, and yet we want that thing to be exactly what we’ve seen before.

I’ve been running into this a lot recently and, sometimes, I feel it’s easier to be the acceptable “different”.  Smile, nod, and follow the provided script, but be sure to add in bits of commentary to make it different. But is that really easier? For the moment, sure!  It’s having to keep it up time and time again that makes it difficult.

Therefore, be that circle in the square hole. Be the one that takes the script but never reads it. When you do things your way – make sure it’s your way and not the way of others.




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