•{ Autumn Walk . . .

“No. No. I am not getting into that debate.,” Ryanna remarked into her phone as she made her way through the park. It had been a lovely Autumn day with some needed time away.

She stopped and took a drink from her cup. It was hot, but not too hot. Her friends on the other end of the phone were being adamant again about the ‘Great Fall Debate’. “Listen,” she stated as she started walking again. “Some people like Apple, some like Pumpkin, I like both.”

And that was that. “Uh huh.. Yeah.. Okay.” With that she ended the call, laughed, and continued on her way.


Body:  eBody Reborn @ equal10

Outfit: – *Just BECAUSE* Velma @ FaMESHed

Pose is Focus. Hello Autumn w/accessories 
Shot inside the Focus. The Mall Autumn Park Backdrop

•{ Mastering Spells . . .

Wingardium Leviosa. It was the first spell she learned and, as it turns out, is one of her best spells. At first she could barely lift anything, or everything would backfire. Now? Now she could pull a person up by their clothing or move an object from across the room. Still, this didn’t mean she didn’t have to practice.

“Wingardium Leviosa,” she said quietly to herself and smiled as her books and papers lifted up around her.


Top: {Atherian}  Sila Hoodie – Green {Tweenster}
Hair :CAMO – Yara Locs – Browns
Necklace: *~*HopScotch*~* Potion Book Necklace

+Half-Deer+ Dragon Plushie – Earth

Wand: Ghoul – Gellert Wand
Pose and Prop: Synnergy// / Witchcraft [M/F] Bento Pose @ The Liaison Collaborative 

Shot taken at Mischief Managed

•{ Not First Years anymore . . .

It was nearing closing time for many of the shops and only a few people lingered here and there. Rya and Kulaan were making their way down the cobblestone street. They had spent the last few hours hanging out in the village, they had even found a shop selling dragon plushies.

Now they were heading towards the place her Aunt had designated for pickup. It was better to be on time then to have her look for them.

“Ey, Kulaan?” Rya paused and looked up to the fading sunlight.

He slowed and then stopped, waiting for her to catch back up. “Yeah?”

Rya’s brows were knotted in thought as she caught back up to him. “D’ya t’ink t’ings will be different t’is year?” Her question came with a slight tip of her head. “At sc’ool, I mean.”

“Of course, Rya,” Kulaan stated with his normal confident air. “We are not First Years anymore. We practically run the dungeon now.”

He would say something like that, and Rya regarded him a moment before she placed her arm against his. “Aye. T’ha tis true.”

The new school year was starting soon. A lot of things were learned over the summer and now it was almost time to put them into practice.

Top: Oni – Wizard Uniform @ Wizarding Faire 2021
Pants: Native Urban – Alpha Trousers

Outfit: ALTAIR* cassandra outfit @ Wizarding Faire 2021
Tights: ::C’est la vie !:: Emmi Tights (#2)
Shoes: Ohemo – Mantova suede ballet shoes
Hair: $$$PunkList: Cola

+Half-Deer+ Dragon Plushie – Earth @ Wizarding Faire 2021

Picture taken at Hogsmeade @ Mischief Managed

•{ New Phone . . .

The day was only half over and she had only begun to shop. The boutique shops on the upper-side of town always held little-known gems so they were the best places to if you wanted to find a unique piece.

Her phone rang while she made her way to her car. It had rung a couple times before she reached the car and pulled out her phone and looked at the number. Problem was, the phone was new and her contact list had not finished syncing yet. Did she know this number? With a shrug she answered. “Hello?”

“Hello?” Came the voice on the other end. “Is that how it is now? Hello?”

She knew who it was now, and she scoffed as she opened the car and put her bags in all the while expertly balancing her phone. “And what if it is?” That was her retort.

“I see, you got jokes.”

“What’s that? New phone, who this?” And she pulled the phone away and laughed as she hung up. *Click*. They’d call back and, if they didn’t, well, she had shopping to do.

Outfit: Scandalize – Lulu @ Tres Chic 
Hair: Magika – Gemma
Pose is K&S – // I need a taxi // Bento poses

:.:UNICORN::. / BACKDROP San Francisco

•{ Tell Me Afterwards . . .

The sun was setting by the time the War council was released. She left the room in hurry, wanting to take the news she had gathered back to her people sooner than later.

She was not yet halfway down the hall when she heard her name called out. Turning to see who it was wasn’t necessary and there. “I don’t have time for this.”

He rounded on her, blocking her path by placing a hand on the column besides her. “You can spare a moment.” When she made to move around him, he quickly reached out with his other hand and placed it against her side. “For me.”

A sigh was given and then her face softened. “We could all die tomorrow if we’re not prepared,” came her words as her eyes found his.

“That’s why I wanted to tell you —“

He was cut short by her finger being placed against his lips. “Save it.” She said, keeping her finger there a moment longer. “Tell me afterwards.”

He stood there for a moment longer before nodding his head. That is when she took her finger away. Now he, too, removed his hands and took a step back, allowing her to go on her way .

Cape: Freyr Cape Black by AtaMe @ We ❤ RP
Pants: Barbaria Pants by GTS

Ryanna (that’s me!)
Outfit:Art&Ko – Charming Sorceress We ❤ RP
Hair: Vanity Hair ::Solstice

Pose: Caress by Synnergy

•{ What’s That . . .


She sat down amongst the fairy circle in the field, equipped with her cup and ready for the day. The sun was beginning to rise and everything seemed to be pointing towards a peaceful day.

Then there was a loud BOOM in the distance. That was certainly not suppose to happen.

Perhaps it was something she could ignore – and she certainly had planned to do just that – when the noise happened again. A fawn came and laid besides her, as if seeking protection in the circle. She turned her head to see if she could see what was going on.

Outfit 1313 Mockingbird Lane  Tabitha Dress @ Hallow Manor
Hat: Yokai – Moon Magic Hat (red\gold)

Pose (and set) is Something New  Giselle @ TWE12VE

•{ The Squirrel Bargain . . .

She had fallen asleep on his chest after swearing up and down that she wasn’t tired. He knew, of course, that was a lie. He had planned this picnic for them out in the field, and even bargained for them to steal time away from all their responsibilities to breathe for just a moment – and she falls asleep.

He tugged her closer to him and looked up at the sky. He really didn’t mind. Truthfully he missed the quiet times that they use to have.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard scratching noises coming from the basket. Squirrels were crashing the picnic.

At being spotted two of the squirrels approached and chittered at him. Not being fluent in Squirrel, he had no idea what they were saying, but he assumed it was something along the lines of: We were never here.

He rolled his eyes and turned his head away. They could do what they wanted as long as they let her sleep.

Kulaan: Top : FurtaCor ◆ Santana Polo

Ryanna:  Outfit ◆ Scandalize ◆ Abnersy Outfit

Pose ◆ [west end ] ◆ Canopy – Couples

•{ Contemplate Chaos . . .

She sat back in her chair. It had been one of those days where ignorance seemed to abound more than usual.. Maybe it was the changing of the Seasons? Perhaps it had something to do with the arrival of the new moon? All she knew was that something had to be done about it.

With an upturn turn of her palm, her grimoire appeared. It could be – quite possibly – that chaos was in order. A knowing look came over her face and the pages of the book began to turn. The fire that was produced from the pages was the only indication of what she had in mind.

Hair :
.Shi Hair : Chokmah
Outfit: Art&Ko – Enchantress Set @ We love RP  

Laminak – Adult Gothic Throne
Laminak – Double Wheel Candelabra

•{ Surprise Attack . . .

He was fast. Almost too fast. But why was he coming after her?

She had wandered away from the rest of the group to get in some target practice, ignoring the warning of her leader that there may be savages in the wood. This man appeared out of nowhere and now she was on the run.

All she needed was one good shot

Kulaan (check out his Flickr)
Tattoo – GHOST’INK – SHUJAA Tattoo Celtic Blue @ We love RP  
Weapons!LR Weapons – Elfin Spear & Shield by @ We love RP  
Pants PFC – Pan Pants

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Hair: DOUX – Sonya hairstyle
Outfit: [JANGKA] HAWKEYES Outfit & Boots. @ We love RP  

{anc} forest bamboo @ We love RP  
HISA – Flora wildflower grass

**Custom poses made by Kulaan**