•{ A few moments . . .

She hadn’t even realized that she had fallen asleep. Though in her dreams she could make everything the way she wanted, not limited to laws of reality and logic. There in her dreams she wouldn’t be so tired. Not physically tired, but the type that wasn’t remedied by sleep.

All she needed was a few moments. A bit of time. She would be okay. Her intent was to simply lay in the field of flowers and soak in the energy from the setting sun and the Earth, then get back up and tackle the task she had yet to do.

That’s what she intended. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep.

Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work. Ralph Marston

Outfit:  Una. – Elia (Blue Dress / Jacket) @ July’s PocketGacha
Jewelry: **RealEvil** Aleena Necklace
Pose is from Stardust – Summer Breeze – @  The Seasons Story


•{ Looking out . . .

It was never just about getting away so much as it was the ‘getting to’ and, right now, getting away to the next point was more than anticipation would allow. 

She waited on the stairs and kept a look-out for his car. Wouldn’t he be surprised to find her waiting and ready to go. That morning she had pulled out the map and the guide book and charted out a few destinations.  This trip would take a few days with everything she had planned, but it would be well worth it. 

Just as she was about to put her hand down his car pulled into the driveway. She could see the surprised look on his face behind the windshield and it made her laugh. Grabbing the map she stood up.  It was time to head out. 

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•{ Meet at the beach . . .

She had been spending a lot of time at the beach lately.  Though the weather was hot and the sun was relentless on occasion, everything felt better when she was on the sands. While she had been spending time alone there, this time she had something else in mind. 

Earlier that morning she had picked up the phone and sent out a text, “Beach today? I’ll bring food.” She put the phone away and went to the fridge – she said she was going to bring food but the truth was she didn’t know if she had anything. Looking into the cool emptiness she twisted her lips. Yep. A store run was in order.

It was when she was heading out to the store that she got a reply.  The beach date was a go.

He had to  work that day so she knew she would have some time to get the other beach, set up a spot, and prepare for his arrival. The beach was busy as usual, but she was able to find a quieter spot that was a bit away from the noise, yet close enough to the water. It didn’t take long before everything was done and she stretched out under the umbrella to wait.  Picking up her phone she checked the time.  Everything was right on schedule. 

Presently she had drifted off to sleep but was awakened by the feeling of someone heading her way. Looking over she saw that it was him and a smile instantly lit up her face. That smile quickly broke into a light bit of laughter as she saw he was still dressed in work clothes. “But you’re not dres—-“  her words were by sudden laughter as he picked her up and held her in his arms. 

“If that’s how it’s going to be I’ll go home.” He said simply. 

She gave a quick “No!” And tighten her hold around him.  He only laughed and sat them both down on the blankets she had laid out. Once settled she help him take off his shirt so he could be a bit more comfortable at the beach.

He turned his head and gave her an appraising look as he tried to look impatient. “Better now? Got what you wanted?”

She blushed and reached out to touch his face. “Everything I need is right here.”


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Set Design
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[IK] Beach Day – Ball
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[IK] Beach Day – Sign
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Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Bag
SAYO – Palm Tree

•{ Thinking in the rays . . .

She almost left today, but she didn’t. Every now and then she took small trips to visit new places and even met new people. In the end she went back to the place she stayed.

There had been a few changes in her life recently, a few big ones, happy ones, so why were her feet still prone to roam? Today she had made it as far as the fields near the train station. She put her suitcases down in the grass and propped herself against them. The sun was setting and the colors in the sky were beautiful and warm. It made her feel good.

Closing her eyes she figured she’d stay there a while and soak up the rays of the fading sun.

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•{ Devil in the garden . . .

Once upon a time there was a Lady who possessed a special gift  . . .

Wherever she went the plants and trees came alive like never before, growing fuller, richer, and healthier. There was no plant that would not grow, nor damaged tree that could not be saved with a touch of her hand. As she walked about the fields and gardens she often hummed a tune that lifted the hearts of any who’d hear it. 

People came from all around to seek out the Lady and ask her blessings upon their harvest. In exchange for her help they gave her offerings and gifts. Although the Lady loved the life she brought from the earth she always felt something was missing within herself. 

One day, while she was lounging in a field of dandelions, a man came and sat besides her. The Lady was intrigued by his boldness and looked at him with curiosity in her eyes. He said nothing as he looked at her and she in turn said nothing back. 

After a moment he broke the silence and offered a rose to her. “Do you know what is beautiful?” He asked. 

The Lady took the rose and held it nimbly in her hand and though it was no longer a part of the earth it still seemed to brighten. She replied, “Life is a beautiful thing.”

“You are wrong,” the man said much to her surprise, “it is death. Life may be vibrant, but it cannot be appreciated if it is everlasting. It is death that makes life beautiful.” 

The Lady pondered what he said. For all her years she had been giving life to things around her, could the empty feeling she had be because none of it had meaning? 

“Come with me,” he whispered to her, “and I will grant you the power to make life beautiful.” He stood and extended out his hand to her.

The Lady looked around at all the life about her and saw nothing now but meaningless existence. She placed her hand in his and rose from where she sat, letting the flower he gave her drop to the ground.  Where it landed the other flowers started to wilt and the grass to die, but she did not notice. She had taken hands with the Devil, and he was going to show her how to make life beautiful. 

-inspired by the myth of Hades and Persephone

OutfitUna: – Claudia (short) @ Vanity Event 
Hair: DOUX – Leto
Pose: <EMOZIONE> Couple Pose **Adored**

•{ Little bit of quiet

She needed to steal time away for herself, just a few moments where there was no one else. Silently slipping out of the conversation, and careful to avoid further confrontation, she opened up the back door and slipped into the hallway. 

Moved away from the door and headed down the stairs. The sounds of revelry still lingered in the air. She took a deep breath and pressed her back against the wall, then exhaled slowly while sinking to the floor. It would be so easy now to just go home, she thought. Not like I’d miss a lot. 

Situations like these happened every few months. She’d fill up her social card and run amuck. Though she could always tell when she was starting to run low because as soon she’d get someplace she’d want to go. 

As she sat there in the dim light of the hallway and the stair she focused on recharging and feeling the energies in the air. The time to rest would come up soon, but for now there was still more socializing to do. . . 

Top: Dreams Couture – leather crop top – wine.
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Pants: Legal Insanity  – Ellie lace jeans darkblue/black
Hair: DOUX – Shawnte hairstyle [Brunettes]

Pose by me

•{ Beach and done . . .

It had been a long day. Correction – a long week.  There had been so much work to do that she had been more holed up with her camera and in work that usual. It was all worth it though in the end.  However, it was not without its drawbacks. Several dates had to be rescheduled and she could tell that the person she kept canceling on was staring to feel disregarded. 

It was on this evening that she put aside her work and headed down to the beach where they had first met.  She knew that is where he would be, he had told her earlier in the week that he would wait there for her, every night. 

She had been there for nearly a half an hour when she looked up and saw him walking over the dunes.  His head was slightly bowed and he didn’t see her. She smiled.  He looked tired to her, but she knew how to fix that.  “Missing something?” She called out. 

He paused and looked up at her direction, his face breaking into a smile. He shook his head as he spoke and continued towards her, “Not anymore.”

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