•{ She Dances . . .

“But mother, I don’t want to dance,” the young girl told her mother. “Please don’t make me.”

She fiddled at her daughter’s skirt and combed her fingers through her hair to get it to hang just right. All the while she smiled at her daughter. “It’s not always about what you want, child. It’s about what you need.” The pair of them stood behind the closed red velvet curtains on the stage. Beyond that were the muffled sounds of the crowd mixed in with warm-up chords from the orchestra.

The young girl felt her heart beating out of her chest. Thinking of what she would see when the curtains were drawn was enough to nearly paralyze her with fear. The mother took her daughters hands. “Look at me,” she instructed. The young girl looked at her mother, eyes wide and lips pressed to a nervous thin line. “Take everything that you’re feeling now and use it. Push it out through your arms and down to your fingers so the audience can feel it. Let it run through your legs so they can feel the steps. Open yourself to the music and take them on a journey. Speak through your actions and let the dance heal comfort you.”

Though she did not fully grasp what her mother was saying the young girl nodded. Her mother let her hands go as the interlude began to play. The girl took her place at the center of the stage and the curtains opened . . .

That was many years ago. Now, that same stage had fallen into disrepair, only showing remnants of beauty it had once been.  The stage was not as polished and many of the seats in the audience had gone missing, but the memories of that night and ones thereafter remained. No longer a girl, the now young lady came back to the stage from time to time. And she would dance. Her mother’s words echoed in her mind with every movement she made.

She danced for herself. She danced to move through old memories and make pathways to her dreams. She danced to undo all the knots which were bundled up inside of her.

She danced so that she could feel.

Dance is the only art wherein we ourselves are the stuff in which it is made.” – unknown


Outfit: :Una: – Yui (Pink) @ Limit8
Shoes: .::Dead Dollz::. Legwarmers + Pointe RARE (old gatcha)

Pose: :LW: Poses – there is light  – mainstore release

Shot on location at: Lost Town

•{ Sunlight and Mask . . .

Every day, after dressing for her role she stepped outside to sit amongst the flowers and grass. The Sun caressed her skin and its warmth whispered promises in her ears. How sweet they were. How they sought to reach into her core and fill her with light, but today would not be that day.  As she felt the Sun beaming down on her she lifted her hand and brought up a mask.

When she turned her face towards the Sun again there was nothing for it to touch. Its words rolled off her mask and the warmth was forgotten.

It was time to start another day. Now she was set for the role she had to play.


Shoes: #EMPIRE – Azalea
Hair: Exile::- Spell On You @ The Darkness Fair {Until May 22nd}
Tattoo: Ab.Fab – Sakura tattoo- For the  Peace by Peace hunt  {Until May 31st}
Accessories: (back) Mushilu – Ornaments  red RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival {Until June 7th}
Mushilu – Crown Chen red @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival {Until June 7th}

Pose: Lil’Bug  – Behind the mask

Coffee and Sunsets . . .

The landscape was beautiful in the light of the setting sun. The world around her seemed to be slowing down as the day began towards its end. She stepped out on her porch and sighed into the cup she held in hand. A small dog ran about her feet and bounded off the porch to chase after the last few lingering butterflies in the field.

She sat on the edge of the porch and pulled up her legs. Watching the setting sun make its way through the trees put a longing in her heart.

“Every turn I take, every trail I track
Every path I make, every road leads back
To the place I know, where I can not go
Though I long to be . . .”
“How Far I’ll Go” – Auli’i Cravalho

Outfit: ::MirrorMirror::  [Lucy in the Sky] – For the Peace by Peace Hunt {Until May 31}
Hair: Exile::- Skyline – All or Nothing

Pose: FOXCITY. Bento Sits VOL1

Shot on location at: Shot of Tequila 

Can’t stop for coffee . . .

If I don’t see the coffee, I won’t want the coffee.  That was the lie she told herself as she walked down the all-familiar street on her way to work.

She had been stopping by the shop every weekday for the past month. She couldn’t help it. The smell which came from the open doors was intoxicating.  Freshly ground beans and and other spices called out to people from a block away. She would even find time during the weekend to stop by at least once. The logical conclusion, to her, was that there had to be something magical about their coffee. When her partner heard her talking like that he concluded that she was addicted.

“I am not,” she had said, “I can stop anytime!”  He had asked her to prove it.

Now she stood outside of the coffee shop, trying to shield her eyes from it with her wide brim hat. All she had to do was to keep walking, but her feet wouldn’t move. The aroma had wrapped around her and made her its prisoner. She took  backwards step towards the door and stopped.  No. She wasn’t going to cave.  She would prove him wrong and then, to celebrate, he could buy her a coffee.

With a firm nod she stepped forward and continued on to work.


Outfit: [Kenny Roland] PARIS DRESS -White-
Hair: little bones. Feline –
Accessories: :[The.Plastik]: Teller Jewelry:// Silver

Pose: MILA poses – 10

Shot on location at: -Saint-Pete City- 

-& | The Metal Men . . .

The food rations were about to run out. With the limited food, the people in the camp were growing hungrier. Everything had been burned or destroyed when the Metal Men appeared almost a year ago. They brought with them death, destruction, and the end modern civilization.

Scouts went out in teams.  Each time they brought back what supplies they could. Soon not only did the supplies start to dwindle, but the people started disappearing too. The ones who made it back told stories of the Metal Men attacking and taking away those who didn’t escape.  No one knew what had happened to them, as they were never seen again. Some people believed that they were used to create more Metal Men.

Last week a scout made it back to the camp – haggard and badly injured. He brought news a warehouse 20 miles to the West that may contain food. The only problem was that the area was guarded by Metal Men. He said that they looked old and rusty, maybe they were even nonfunctioning. It was decided that in a few days the scout would take a group with him and they would make their way to the warehouse.

However, one particular young lady, who had been listening, decided to go out and see it for herself.


Skin: :[Plastik]:- Carvera Skin (Femme):// Latitae  @ Skin Fair 2017
Hair: .:EMO-tions..  *SUN* -BLACK/WHITE @ We
Top: Yasum  *Xena Coat*Earth
Pants: Yasum *Xena Leathers*Earth

Pose: Del May  – Nothing to see here [male]

Mushilu.- Robot In stones Silver @ We
Mushilu.- Robot Ruins Copper @ We
Razor Bird – Broken gate, Posts and side fencing


Subway tunnel . . .

It was still a few hours until the subway station opened. Any station operators were behind closed gates further down at the terminals or platform. Call them eager, but the two of them had gotten to the station early with plans on taking the first train out of the city.

They were, literally, going to leave everything behind and get away.

He leaned back on the escalator railing and followed.  Her arms rested around his shoulders and his traveled around her waist. She turned her head to look around, though she knew the place was empty. “We have time before it opens,” she said referring to the station.

He smirked as he pulled her closer by the hips. “And I know the perfect thing to do.”


Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )
Hair: Exile::Vindicated
Glasses: [Steinwerk] – Alphabeat glasses
Rings: Kunst Allegiant and Magnus Rings
Facial Piercings: RealEvil Industries Rebel Face Piercings
Shirt: Egoisme Milano – EXMACHINA DOKTOR JACKET – Coal
Pants: Egoisme Milano – F.A.T Slim Fit Jeans Grey

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Dress: Storybook  – The Bomb
Earring – from *AvaWay* LOUISE_Pearl Set_White
Bracelet: [MANDALA]  Pearl Rain  Bracelet/White

Signature Pose – Captivated @ Love Interrupted by Depraved Nation until Feb. 27

[Bad Unicorn] 01 Hype-Beast Backdrop RARE

.| Ori & Bayde |. Whispers of treason . . .

Ever since Bayde had become a more prominent figure in her life, Ori’Ziya’s father, the King, had significantly reduced her role. The King treated Bayde as the son he never had. Ori’s duty was given to Bayde, and now he was always off dealing with their enemies and allies. The transition was a bit suspicious in her mind, but she didn’t question, too loudly, her father’s decision.

It was winter. Ori had spent the last few months in the King’s court and heard whispered words of treachery amongst her father’s council and generals for months. It was no secret that everyone was not pleased with the accolades given to the elf, who use to be human.

Something was going on.

Presently, Ori’Ziya rested in the fields outside of the house Bayde had been rewarded for his service. The last communication she had received from him had said that he would be back today.  That is when she would tell him her suspicions.

The sound of feet and hoof prints crushing snow sounded off ways behind her. Ori’Ziya turned and smiled upon seeing her companion. “What have you got there?” She asked, laughing in amusement.

She got up from the ground and went to them both. Bayde was leading a unicorn, and it whinnied as she came near, stomping its foot as her hand brushed the side of the animals face.  Ori was amazed. Unicorns were rare, even in the Elven world. That he not only saw one but was leading it, was something special. “How did you –”

Bayde piped in before Ori could finish speaking, “A rare mount for one who is equally as rare.” He hoped it would keep her from asking what he didn’t want to answer. “Hop on. Let’s go home.”

The unicorn nodded its head as though it understood, and Ori mounted. “Bayde,” she began to say, “You shouldn’t go back to Court.  Not yet.  You don’t have many friends there.”

Ori waited but he didn’t respond, only continued towards the house. She continued. “There have been whispers of treasonous acts and making you take the blame for them!”

She couldn’t see his face. He didn’t respond right away and Ori stayed silent, thinking that he was weighing what she had said.

They crested the hill, their home was only a short walk from here. Bayde stopped the unicorn and offered Ori his hand to help her dismount. All this time he hadn’t said anything, but now that she could see his face she saw hints of worry around his eyes. The unicorn wandered off to graze.

“You don’t get where I am without making a few enemies, Ori’Ziya,” Bayde said. His tone was strong and sure. He held her hands and looked at her steadily. Aside from the worry, Ori couldn’t tell much else. “I made it back, just as I said I would.”

“You should stay here. Lay low for a while.” Ori suggested. “Let me see what else I can discover.”

Bayde shook his head. “I’m a soldier. I do not cower.”

They both knew her father expected him back at court in a day or two in order to discuss what happened on the excursion. Ori sighed and then set her jaw. Not only was Bayde in danger, but her father was as well. She wasn’t going to loose either of them.

Bayde seemed to have read her mind for he nodded his head. “I have a plan.”


Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )
Hair: Exile::Unravel (messy)
Outfit: LostGem fantasy male v1 outfit

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Dress:  ::Una:: Kamila Dress – Sky @ We❤ RP December
hair: Truth Hair VIP – Sugar (with added bangs)
Ears: [MANDALA] Simple_ELF_Ears

Serendipity: eternity… (3) @ 2nd Level Event
Photo 2 Ryanna: Sam Poses – The Last Unicorn
Photo 2 Broderick: Sam Poses – The Last Unicorn (rezzed two unicorns, merged together)
Photo 3: Sam Poses – Feel My Heartbeat

Set Design:
Noble Creations [NC] – Old Village House @ We ❤ Rp Dec. Round