•{ Behind the mask . . .

I take my time / To set the stage / Make sure everything / Is all in place. / Even though I’ve got the lines rehearsed / A picture only paints a thousand words . . .

I sat in front of the mirror and expertly affixed the mask to my face. It fit perfectly. I knew it would. My eyes looked out from beneath the black leather, watching the movements of the girl in the mirror. As I finger-combed my hair to frame my face, I wasn’t too sure the mirror’s reflection belonged to me. She looked so different.

You may think / I’m just fine / How could anything / Ever be out of line?

They were waiting for me as I walked onto the set. The stylist came over and fussed lightly over my appearance giving it an extra tug here and there. Off to the side, my manager chattered excitedly to someone on the other end of her phone. The look on her face said she booked another photo shoot for me and was already calculating her fee.

As I reached my spot I saw the photographer appraising me while he tapped his camera against his chin. He was assessing my personality so he could capture it. This is it, I said to myself. Three, two, one, and right on cue came my coy trickle of mirth and eagerness of doing something exciting that had a way of lighting up a room. Yeah. That’s it. People like that.

Things aren’t always what they seem / You’re only seeing part of me / There’s more than you could ever know / Behind the scenes . . .

The photographer crouched near me as I laid with my back against the floor. “You’ve never been more lovely than you are right now.” He backed away and I drew in a slow breath as his camera clicked.

The producer of the photo shoot gave instruction and I followed without skipping a beat. Flick went a switch and I shut my eyes to the sudden bright light. I was reminded of child’s logic: if you can’t see them, they can’t see you. But they could see me, even with my eyes closed. It was okay because, in my imaginary world of animosity, I wasn’t me.

The girl in the mask, the girl on the floor, she was confident. She was alluring. She was sexy. She wasn’t me.

I’m incomplete and I’m undone / But I suppose like everyone / There’s so much more that’s going on / Behind the scenes . . .

Lyrics from: Behind The Scenes – Francesca Battistelli


Outfit: Mushilu – Elise (Dress black) @ The Fetish Fair { Until Aug. 25th }
Mushilu Elise necklace @ The Fetish Fair { Until Aug. 25th }
Addams // Sury Evil Bracelet // Maitreya – N*9

Pose: :LW: Poses – Beautiful Pain @ The XXX Event ( Exclusive ) Until Sept. 5th

•{ The day everything changed . . .

I remember like it was yesterday.

The sky was bright blues and the clouds were white. A troupe was setting up for the carnival which was to happen in a few days. The whole place was abuzz of activity. Then it happened. The ground erupted as bombs pelted the ground and suddenly the air was filled with chemical gas and smoke from fires.

Panicked screams replaced the sound of birds and the gurgle of the fountain. People dropped to the ground, some dying, others buckled over in pain. I was one of the latter. As I laid on the ground, my body wracked in pain, I saw men in mask walk through the gas ladened air. Some carried bags and a few of them dragged a flat wagon.

To weak and disoriented, the living were rounded up and tubular devices were implanted in their arms. I don’t know what it was for, but the moment I received the impact I was able to breath better. The dead were tossed in the wagon. The men with mask left as suddenly as they had arrived and gates were erected over the city to keep us from getting out

And that was the day everything changed. . This city use to be so pretty. Full of color. Full of life. Now it’s just a wasteland and the people, well, we are something else.

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[RA] Runaway Backpack [Black]
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FATEplay – ArmPod – Alternate (Weathered)

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•{ On a Donut . . .

She had just gotten out on the water when her phone rang. Never fails. She let it ring for while, knowing exactly who it was. Eventually the phone went to voicemail and she grinned to herself – merriment that lasted only a moment because the phone rang again.

Pulling the phone out she answered it on speaker and a voice came out from the other side. “You couldn’t wait five more minutes? Five. Minutes.”

“Deadlines wait for no one,” came her cheeky reply. Even though she couldn’t see the person on the other end she had a good feeling that they had just rolled their eyes.

Then the person spoke again. “Where are you?”

“On a donut on the water.” She replied like it was a perfectly normal thing to say.

Laughter came from the phone. “You’re going to get eaten, and I’m going to laugh.”

“You’re going to have to find me first!” Striking a pose she took a selfie,  sent it, and ended the call.

Outfit: Petite Mort-– Cerulean Diamond Bikini @ The Aloha Fair { Until Aug. 11th }
Hair: Exile: – Shape of You @ Uber { Until Aug. 23rd }
Accessories: *LODE* Head Accessory – Magnolia II Single [white]

Pose: [ Focus Poses ] Donut’s Float (Donut included)

•{ What I see . . .

Would you believe
if I told you what I see?
The globe reveals it all to me.

The joy and pain
they fall like rain
and under the sea
they still reach me

But light shines brightest in the dark
Everything starts with just a spark

Skin :[The.Plastik]:: – Farore Skin (Femme):// Myaamira @ Indie Teepee { Until Aug 6th}
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:Una: Coral Collar Silver Pink
ERSCH  – Galaxia Accessory @ Indie Teepee { Until Aug 6th}
:Moon Amore:  Amphirtrite / Tiara / RARE@ Indie Teepee { Until Aug 6th}

Pose: *{( konpeitou )}* rose

•{ Already there . . .

After having spent the night in an abandoned shack on the far side of a deserted town she woke up early to head out. The sun was creeping its way into the horizon, but it didn’t do much to brighten the air that was filled with ash and smoke. She was still about 20 clicks from the rally point to meet up with the rest of her team and she was in unknown territory.

As she headed away from her overnight retreat she pulled a cell phone out of her pocket. She didn’t have reception out here but that didn’t matter. She wasn’t going to make a call, she was going to listen to the message on the voicemail. She pressed a button and a voice came over the phone. “Hi Mommy.” It was the voice of her child who was safe back home. “When are you coming home? I miss you.”

The message ended and she held the now silent phone against her cheek and sighed. “I’m already there.”

Outfit::Una: : Military ground @ The Kinky Event { Opens July 28th }
Hair: *booN Lab.007 hair
Necklace: Mandala  – SHAMIRA DOG TAG Necklace

Pose: BellePoses – Dhonnas @ The Stage

Shot on location at : Titan’s Trailer Town

•{ She Dances . . .

“But mother, I don’t want to dance,” the young girl told her mother. “Please don’t make me.”

She fiddled at her daughter’s skirt and combed her fingers through her hair to get it to hang just right. All the while she smiled at her daughter. “It’s not always about what you want, child. It’s about what you need.” The pair of them stood behind the closed red velvet curtains on the stage. Beyond that were the muffled sounds of the crowd mixed in with warm-up chords from the orchestra.

The young girl felt her heart beating out of her chest. Thinking of what she would see when the curtains were drawn was enough to nearly paralyze her with fear. The mother took her daughters hands. “Look at me,” she instructed. The young girl looked at her mother, eyes wide and lips pressed to a nervous thin line. “Take everything that you’re feeling now and use it. Push it out through your arms and down to your fingers so the audience can feel it. Let it run through your legs so they can feel the steps. Open yourself to the music and take them on a journey. Speak through your actions and let the dance heal comfort you.”

Though she did not fully grasp what her mother was saying the young girl nodded. Her mother let her hands go as the interlude began to play. The girl took her place at the center of the stage and the curtains opened . . .

That was many years ago. Now, that same stage had fallen into disrepair, only showing remnants of beauty it had once been.  The stage was not as polished and many of the seats in the audience had gone missing, but the memories of that night and ones thereafter remained. No longer a girl, the now young lady came back to the stage from time to time. And she would dance. Her mother’s words echoed in her mind with every movement she made.

She danced for herself. She danced to move through old memories and make pathways to her dreams. She danced to undo all the knots which were bundled up inside of her.

She danced so that she could feel.

Dance is the only art wherein we ourselves are the stuff in which it is made.” – unknown


Outfit: :Una: – Yui (Pink) @ Limit8
Shoes: .::Dead Dollz::. Legwarmers + Pointe RARE (old gatcha)

Pose: :LW: Poses – there is light  – mainstore release

Shot on location at: Lost Town

•{ Sunlight and Mask . . .

Every day, after dressing for her role she stepped outside to sit amongst the flowers and grass. The Sun caressed her skin and its warmth whispered promises in her ears. How sweet they were. How they sought to reach into her core and fill her with light, but today would not be that day.  As she felt the Sun beaming down on her she lifted her hand and brought up a mask.

When she turned her face towards the Sun again there was nothing for it to touch. Its words rolled off her mask and the warmth was forgotten.

It was time to start another day. Now she was set for the role she had to play.


Shoes: #EMPIRE – Azalea
Hair: Exile::- Spell On You @ The Darkness Fair {Until May 22nd}
Tattoo: Ab.Fab – Sakura tattoo- For the  Peace by Peace hunt  {Until May 31st}
Accessories: (back) Mushilu – Ornaments  red RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival {Until June 7th}
Mushilu – Crown Chen red @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival {Until June 7th}

Pose: Lil’Bug  – Behind the mask