•{ The DoDo King . . .

No one had believed her when she told them she had found the fabled DoDo King. Everyone said her head was too full of stories and nonsense. She knew she was right and this time she brought a camera to capture evidence on film.

Unfortunately for her, the DoDo King has never been seen by mortal eyes. Whenever someone is near they are overcome with the need to fall asleep . . .

Shirt: [American Bazzar] Spring Crop Top Blueberry
Pants: Blueberry– DWL Fun – Midnight
HairVanity Hair:: The Nest-Greedy Pack @ Trés Chic

Pose is Fashiowl – Summer Feeling @ The Seasons Story

Set design:
03[Cubic Cherry] {DODO} landing dodo PINK @ MadPea Pet Friends Fair
24[Cubic Cherry] {DODO} sitting dodo LILAC @ MadPea Pet Friends Fair
01[Cubic Cherry] {DODO} King Dodo RARE @ MadPea Pet Friends Fair


•{ The Show Goes On . . .

Everything was going well before the phone call. It was the third night of her first tour and things could not have been better. The energy of the roaring fans invigorated her enough to where she could forget about all the things happening back at home. At least, for a little while.

Wanting to add a new song to her line-up, she was in the middle of a rehearsal. A member of her staff came to the stage and said she had a phone call. She had had a sinking feeling in her chest as she took the phone. The rest of the band went on a break and she had answered. “Hey, what’s up?…. Oh. Oh, I see. Y-yeah… Now she’s at peace. . . . Okay.” For the next few moments, the only thing she could do was look at the phone.

“I stood on this stage, night after night, reminding the broken it would be alright. But right now? Oh, right now I just can’t. . .“

A little while later the band came back and found her sitting on the stage with lyric sheets strewn about. When they asked if everything was okay she was snapped back to reality, for she had zoned out in the grief that had accompanied the phone call. What could she do? There was a performance that tonight and canceling was not an option. She was a performer. She would perform.

She forced out a laugh while quickly scrubbing her face with the palm of her hands. “It’s nothing,” she said. “I think I finally got the song for tonight though.”

They accepted her answer and paid attention as she picked up the sheets off the floor and began instructions for the song. Internally she was shaking and her head was dizzy with all the information she was trying to process, but this was something that would have to be dealt with later. For now, the only thing that mattered was getting through the night’s performance like everything was okay.

“It’s easy to sing when there’s nothing to bring me down. But what will I say when I’m held to the flames like I am right now?. . .”

[ Inspired by the song, “Even If” by MercyMe ]

Sleeves: *{Junbug}* Cher Sleeves @ Feverfete
Hair: ICONIC:: Alexandra
Accessories : Maxi Gossamer – Babette – Combo Small – JET SILVER

Set Design:

Madras Fame and Fortune Decor @ Feverfete
Nutmeg. Old Music Sheets. Floor
Serenity Style – Music is Life – Dj Speaker @ Feverfete
Pose and Background. {Bittersweet + Strange} Poses  – The Encore Room [FeverFete Exclusive] with poses @ Feverfete

•{ To the Window . . .

So bring me the night, send out the stars
‘Cause when I’m dreaming we don’t seem so far
Darken the sky and light up the moon
So that somehow you’ll be here with me soon
Bring me the night

Morning came and he was gone. Nothing new. He had told her when he came the night before, that it would be that way. Only. She had hoped to wake up before he had to leave. “That dummy,” she muttered to herself, “I told him to wake me if I was still sleeping.”

She stretched out on the bed and then grabbed his pillow close. It was still warm. Rays of the new day shot in through the window, slowly brightening up the room. She closed her eyes, wishing for the night to come.

“Swear I don’t know if the days are as slow as they seem
Wondering when you’ll be with me again and this
Finally can be more than just a dream
But when I close my eyes I want only to stay
Where the farthest you are is a heartbeat away”

The day crept on slowly. Three days since he had left that morning. When he could he’d call and they’d share a short conversation before work pulled them apart again. I love you. I’ll see you soon. I’m almost home. Those were the phrases that kept them both going.

Work and friends kept her busy during the day, even some of the evening, but every night she’d go to the window and look up at the stars. It was an intense feeling and she’d swear that he was out there calling to her.

“And it’s enough knowing you…
(I know that you’re) are calling to me
While you’re dreaming beneath the same moon
All it takes is imagining you
So that I can get through
One more long and lonely day”

(Inspired by “Bring me the Night” by Sam Tsui)

Outfit: The Muses . Aya . Blue @ We love RP  
Pose is Diversion  – Starry Night @ La Vie en Pose 

•{ Bought the cat . . .

Everything was set for their beach morning picnic rendezvous. The two of them had been so overly busy the last few days that a time to pause and relax was needed. She had sent out a confirmation last night and it was accepted. There was only one thing she didn’t mention. The cat. He wouldn’t stay at home and when she tired to be firm the kitty hit her with those big eyes and she couldn’t say no.

Well, hopefully he wouldn’t mind the cat.

Skin :Revoul. Enna Catwa Applier Tone 6
Outfit: 1313 Mockingbird Lane  Menagerie Swimsuit @ MadPea Pet Fair {Opening June 30th!}
HairVanity Hair::  No News Good News

Pose (and cat) from Image Essentials – Crazy Cat Lady – Gacha 11 (slightly edited for size)

Scenery :
[Merak] – Sandwich Tray
[Merak] – Picnic basket
[IK] Beach Day – Single Towels Adult
Le Poppycock *Castaway* Sunwashed (Raft)
[IK] Beach Day – Ball

•{ Messages . . .

They had been sending messages back and forth for hours. Each time she got a notification it was something that made her laugh or roll her eyes. Then she got a response that she wasn’t expecting and it caused her to look at his message a bit longer as she thought of how to respond.

She chewed the corner of her lip and tilted her head upwards. The sun was starting to set, bringing warm light into he room. She tapped her fingers against the back of the phone and looked back at the message again. Her answer to this could change everything .

Head: LeLutka Bento Head – KORINA
Skin: *Spicy* Meadow skin – Dark tones- Lelutka  @ Vintage Fair 2019 
Top: The Annex – Discordia Top  @ Vintage Fair 2019 
Hair: Stealthic – Desire
Accessories: [Eternus] Alexandria Headdress.  @ Vintage Fair 2019 
Tattoo: [CAROL G] Passione Arms TaTToo Color  @ Vintage Fair 2019 

pose is from Something New – Piano Princess @ Old Hollywood

•{ Wishing in a daisy field . . .

And right there, standing in a field of daisies, she saw a dandelion. How strange, she thought, to find one there when she saw no others. This one had to be lucky.

She plucked it and then looked up into the bright blue sky, holding her dandelion high. Her mom always told her that the these were made out of wishes, and blowing on one caused your wish to fly out on the Four Winds and travel all across the globe.

She laughed, took a deep breath, and made her wish . . .

Skin: LAQ ~ Monroe skin Tone 2.5 @ Vintage Fair 2019
Head: LAQ ~ Ivy head
Hair: DOUX – Jimena hairstyle

Outfit: Les Sucreries de Fairy * Josephine * Blue Dress / Hat.  @ Vintage Fair 2019 

Pose is Po^Z – Reach Him

•{ The Warrior and the Queen . . .

Slowly she made steady paces around the small pavilion, waiting for him to come. The leader of the strongest tribe in these parts. History said that these people use to be allies of her House for generations before her great-grandfather was killed. As such, her advisors had said that if she wanted to win back her throne and revenge her House, she would need the help of these warriors.

The people here were polite to an outsider like her, but she saw the way they cast glances in her direction and the whispers behind her back. In their eyes, she was inexperienced.

The wind ruffled the long curtains and sand blew across the stone steps. As she looked to the West she saw him. She had been here over two weeks and only now had he accepted her offer to meet. He was as tall and bulky as she had imagined, and he walked with heavy steps. A tangle of braids was pulled back from his face and his eyes held a cold edge even in the desert heat. I am a Queen, she reminded herself as she stood right inside the door, ready to welcome him in. I am a Queen and he will listen to me.

She drew in a slow breath and held her head high. When he arrived at the top she barely came to his shoulders. His dark eyes looked down at her a moment before he shouldered past and entered, taking a cursory look around. “Thank you for coming,” she said, though taken back by his rude behavior she was not going to let it get in her way. She tried to stand taller. “I have come to ask the help of your people who —“

He cut her off. “By ‘help’ you mean you want my people to die for a cause that is not theirs.” His voice was deep. The leader poured himself a drink then scoffed at the smell, placing the cup back on the tray.

She took a step towards him, her hands folded at the front. “In the past your people and my House were allies. There are generations of history between us. With your help and the help of the other tribes, I can get back what was taken from my family.”

“There is nothing between us.” He sprawled out on a long seat.

She was loosing and she didn’t come all this way to lose. It took only a few steps to close the distance between them and, to his surprise, she boldly took a seat in his lap. Her legs hung over the side is his own. Now that she was face to face with him a pang of fear gripped at her chest, but she wouldn’t let it show. His people respected bravery and strength. She had to show that she possessed them both. “My great-grandfather was betrayed and my House slaughtered. All but me.” She looked him dead in the eyes, never wavering as she spoke. “I did not survive to not take back what is mine. I will do so whether you help me or not.”

Silence filled the air. Neither one of them moved. She was so focused on holding her ground that she almost flinched when his hand lifted and he reached over to brush his fingers through her hair. “Perhaps we can come to an agreement.” The leader said.

“Yes,” she agreed. “Perhaps we can.”

Adalynne (Thanks for posing with me! Check her work here.)

Hair: MINA Emilia @ The Final Winter
Outfit: Una.. Cercei @ The Final Winter

Ryan (That’s me!)

Hair : no.match_ NO.WASTE.
Pants: 9.::GB:: Ryujin pants / Black

Set Design All @ The Final Winter
KOPFKINO – Royal Pavilion – Candle Stand (c)
KOPFKINO – Royal Pavilion – Tray (c)
KOPFKINO – Royal Pavilion – Table (c)
KOPFKINO – Royal Pavilion – Bench (c)
KOPFKINO – Royal Pavilion – Orange Tree (c)
KOPFKINO – Royal Pavilion – Chair (c)
KOPFKINO – Royal Pavilion – Pears Bowl (c)
KOPFKINO – Royal Pavilion – Bowl Pomegranate (c)

Pose ::LW: BENTO Poses – Chaise with poses Better @ Tres Chic