I remember

I remember

 Do you remember?

I remember what you said to me

There was a light in your eyes

A look of joy upon your face

Is there anything better?

Time passed

Now I can’t hear what you’re saying

Your eyes don’t shine the same

I can barely see your face

Is there anything better?




-mL- Kaylee Outfit @ The 24 Sept 11- 19
:::DC::: Malayalam Tattoo @ The 24 Sept 11 – 19
{MUA} – MakeUp Set – Desert
CATWA HAIR RockStar [Darks]
[Dolphin Design Mesh]Gothic Leather Boots
**{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – ASIAN GOLD


Atop the tower . . .

loosing religion

There’s a story of a lady who lives at the top of a dark tower in an old castle. It says that every now and then, people will climb the stairs to see her, but they never come back down.

From the ground the curious ones try to catch a glimpse of her in a window. They say they have seen her looking at the passerby below and beckoning to them with her coy smile of invitation. It looks so innocent and sincere, no one would ever think anything was amiss. Rumors said she had eyes of fire and nails that tore apart at your soul’s desires. But a cross made of diamonds blazed the front of the dress. Surely that marked her as innocent?

So what happened to the person who would climb up the tower steps to see if she was all the stories made her up to be? They were never seen again, nor did their voices ever echo out of the tower an into the wind. The story says that they became one of the purple nightshades that adorned the steps.

Who is brave enough to play her game? Who would climb the steps and be the next one in?

loosing religion2


::Slackgirl:: G-Geisha Makeup @ The 24 – Sept 11- 19
{MUA} Lipstick – Natural – 08
:Diamante: Gemma HV (Slink High & TMP) – Limited Edition @ The 24 – Sept 11- 19
*booN* cornrows hairbase
[sYs] KHALEESI bracelets (unrigged mesh)  – light gold

*PosESioN* Persa 6 & 10

Shot on location at: Incantre, A Fantasy/Medieval RP Sim

So she dances

learn to dance
Once there was a girl who processed a wild spirit. From the moment she was born her mother knew that something would have to be done to focus and contain it, not only for her daughter’s sake, but for those around her. This girl would have to fit in their society if she was ever going to succeed.

When she was two years old her mother gave her a pair of dance shoes. “You are a very spirited girl, and your flights of fancy are not suitable for this place. Take these shoes and learn to dance. Through it you can create what is needed to fit in, and with your movements your spirit can be free.”

So it was that the girl learned to dance. All of her energy; all of her thoughts; all of her emotions were focused to the soles of her feet and came out through the grace of her steps and motion. Day and night, night and day, the girl would dance. Picking up the rhythm of others, she came in contact with, she weaved into their pattern and melded with the tune. By the time she was a young lady even the gait of her walk had become an expression of its own.

Once in a while she would take the stage to perform. It always drew an audience. When she danced for herself that’s when the things she kept inside were supposed to be exposed for others to see. Some people were intrigued, and others were fearful. Was this the same person who walked among them every day? No, they told themselves, the dance on stage was the act, what they saw every day was the reality.

The truth was, that she had been dancing for so long that even she had trouble discerning once dance with another.



Outfit: !! maci ~ Carmen (Limited edition) [includes dress, shoes, and accessories] Exclusively @ The 24!  Sept 11- 19

Hair: HOMAGE — Inverse
Just Magnetized – Sparkly Lipgloss – latte 03

Pose: *PosESioN* Minerva 3 [first photo]

agapee-high pose049 [ second photo ]

Shot on location at: ~ The Vineyard at Checkmate ~