•{ Can’t ever express . . .

“For none of us can ever express the exact measure of his needs or his thoughts or his sorrows; and human speech is like a cracked kettle on which we tap crude rhythms for bears to dance to, while we long to make music that will melt the stars.” – Gustave Flaubert, Charles Bovary

Outfit: Una.. Elaine @ ROMP: Elegant Kink
Hair: ICONIC: Erakaeh
Accessories: MICHAN – Azalea Headpiece

Pose is :LW: BENTO Poses – I Lost A Friend @ The Liaison Collaborative

Little Branch Daisy{Field}
Tantacio – Daisy memories
andika/the seasonal treat-Limoncello set


•{ Talking Through Pictures . . .

Talk to me through pictures
Tell me what they say
Will it make you take a look
Or turn and walk away.

There is no one who’s perfect
That’s not who we’re meant to be
But what we say through the images
Can spark cascades of memories.

Remember when . . .
And then you . . . .
Those were the times.

So you talk to me in pictures,
And I reply in mine.

Outfit: Una.. Daisy @ FaMESHed X 

**RealEvil** Quinn Rings Set
Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Waldorf Pearl and Carved Roses

Pose is Po^Z – Off Limits (couch included).

•{ If Wishes Were Horses . . .

If wishes were horses then I’d ride away
Far from the worries that come with the day
Upon its back I would be free
None of the same life holding on to me

Can my wishes turn to horses
Even if just for a day
I need to borrow their strength so I can run away

Outfit:: Luas & Una Avery @ FeverFete festival event {Opening July 17}
Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Bloom – Browns

Other items:
arboREAL-Ruined Archway

Little Branch Bouton d’or Pink
Little Branch Bouton d’or Yellow

Pose is :LW: BENTO Poses – Everglow. (With horse prop) @ Trés Chic {Opening July 17th}

•{ Waiting for it . . .

I’m just waiting for it all to end
Though I ain’t pack no bags
Nor have I said ‘bye to any friends.

Don’t care for what comes next
You’re welcome to take a guess
But I got my headphones blaring
‘Cause I don’t feel like carin’

Soon it all will end
And I haven’t said g’bye to my friends . . .

Outfit: :SK:/: Una. Hye. @ Equal10 
Hair: {Letituier}  Beija Hair – Browns
Headphones: Unisex[MANDALA]  EARGASM Headphones
Shoes: ::ROC:: Patchwork Leather Boots.

Pose is from Diversion – Urban Girl
Set: VARONIS – StarDust Background

•{ Life can be tough. . .

“I know it seems hard sometimes, but remember one thing; through every dark night, there’s a brighter day after. So no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep ya head up and handle it.” – Tupac Shakur

Outfit: Una. M.Cosplay DressPink RARE @ The Arcade
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Solace – browns

JIAN Tiger Cub Collection
[ keke ] blown away rowan arch
[ keke ] black tree w/glitter
[ keke ] small leaf bush . black

Pose is my own