•{ Can’t Miss the Train . . .

The train was pulling into the station. This was it. As she pulled her trolley cart down the platform she still couldn’t believe that her time had finally come. Her enrollment papers for the Academy had arrived two weeks ago and she started packing her bags immediately.

The day was a bit breezy but having the wind pull through her hair only added to the mystisim of where she was going. A particularly strong gust whipped through the station and managed to knock open the lock on one of her suitcases. Books fell on the platform and loose sheets of paper flew out, hitching a ride on the wind.

“My papers!” She yelled. She did a few spins trying to catch the escapee’s but to no avail. Behind her she heard the train whistle and the ‘All Board!’ Call from the conductor. She could not miss this train!

She quickly grabbed her umbrella and flicked it open. Time for a little magic. . .

Outfit: Una. Luna (Top, skirt, glasses) @ World Of Magic. 
HairVanity Hair:: Druida-Greedy Pack
Shoes: [Dolphin Design Mesh] Gothic Leather Boots (retired) 

Pose is Le Poppycock -Humour (Doves & Umbrella)

Kalopsia – Flying Paper

Serenity Style– Kynne Station Clock
Serenity Style– Kynne Station Luggage cart
Serenity Style– Kynne Station Bench

KraftWork Wizard Open Luggage @ World Of Magic. 
KraftWork Wizard Books @ World Of Magic. 
KraftWorkWizard HP Luggage @ World Of Magic. 

Backdrop: KraftWork Trams of Old London


•{ Dance for Me . . .

And he said,
“Dance for me, Girl, I want to see you move
Be a delight for me, you need me to approve.“

She smiled at him
With a twinkle in her eye
And sashayed her hips
As she walked on by.

There was magic in her steps
There was captivation in her thighs
Every move she made bent him to her will
By the time she was done
She had him truly beguiled. . . .

Outfit: Una. Alesandra (Green) @ We Love Role-Play {Opening Feb. 4th}
Hair: Unorthodox Maddy Hair

Accessories: [The Forge] Face Chain, Gold

Pose is my own . . .

•{ Don’t Think About You . . .

Things had been going well. It took some time but now she felt that she finally got her life back on track. Removed some people from her life and had started over from the bottom. When everything is working out, that’s when life tosses in a wrench. The phone rang. Without checking to see who it was she answered, “Hello?”

“Did you forget about me?”

The voice on the other end was unexpected. Her whole body clenched and she felt her heart start to beat faster as anxiety started to creep over her. She looked at the phone. His number was blocked so he had called from a new one.

“Oh, you tore me to pieces
Turned my strength into weakness…”

Her shock lasted only a moment before she was able to reply. “You must be bored and lonely. I’m hanging up now.” Amidst his pleads on the other end for her to hear him out she hung up.

“I feel freedom where I stand now
And I feel proud from who I am now
Yeah, I learned a lot along the way
I love the woman that I became . . .”

Before she put her phone away she labeled the number. If he called again from that number she would be prepared.

The day progressed normally and whenever her phone rang again she checked the number before answering. He didn’t call back. She wondered if some part of her did want him to call. It was crazy. Insane. It took her forever to get past what had happened between so there was no way she would want him around again. Right? Right.

The phone rang again as she was getting ready for bed. She thought about letting it go to voicemail, but she reached over and got it. She knew it was him even before she looked at the ID.

She answered the call.

“I’ve changed,” said the voice. “Think about it.” That was all they were able to get out before she hung up and tossed the phone to the side.

Letting out a deep exhale she laid across her sheets. “I don’t think about you . . .”

{ Inspired by the song: “I Don’t Think About You” by Kelly Clarkson }

Outfit: Una. Alyona Set ( Robe / Top ) @ Kinky Event { Opens Jan. 28th }
Hair: DOUX – Sonya hairstyle [Brunettes]

**RE** Raven Rings Set – Bento 2.0
**RE** Aleena Necklace

Pose by me . . .

•{ Coffee date . . .

How about we meet for coffee a quarter after Eight
Don’t mind the hour, it’s hardly late.
Let’s get together for a coffee date . . .

Jacket :Una.. Yume Jaket RARE @ The Epiphany {Opening Jan. 15th}
Dress : Una.. Yume Sequins Dress RARE @ The Epiphany {Opening Jan. 15th}
Hair: .ICONIC: Jewel @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Accessories Lazuri Classic Pearls Drop Earring / Necklace

Pose is :LW: BENTO Poses  – So Close @ Pose Fair January 

Backdrop:  BUENOMulder Loft Building-Gray

•{ No reply . . .

She glanced down at her phone. Again. She had checked it so many times in the past few hours that she had lost count. While various notifications would pop up here and there, they were never the one she was waiting for. To say she was anxious was an understatement.

There was work that needed to be done – deadlines that were creeping up – but she couldn’t focus on any of it. Every time the phone lit with a notification she felt her breath catch. And every time it wasn’t what she wanted her heart sank. While she waited she had sent out messages of her own through various channels all for the sake of getting a reply. No response. She sighed, loud and deep.

“Please respond,” she pleaded to her phone. “I need to know you’re okay . . .”

Dress: :Una.. Sandy @ Unique {Until Jan. 10th}
Boots: Scandalize. Maggy

Pose is from Lyrium..Bento Sits Set 1

Other items :
floorplan. notebook clutter
Nutmeg. Chesterfield Sofa Brown Store Gift PG
.: ryvolter :. Printed Gabardine Backpack – Burrberry

•{ A Curious Tent . . .

Down the road and at the start of the wood, lies a curious tent with someone you should meet. She sees all and knows all, like when you’ll come a’round. And just to help you settle down, there’s treats out front to be found.

Scene Design:

From the [IK]  -:Una. :-Mabel Circus Set currently  @ The Arcade

[IK] Mabel Circus – Food Cart
[IK] Mabel Circus – Fritters Bag
[IK] Mabel Circus – Bear Mask
[IK] Mabel Circus – Strongman Mask
[IK] Mabel Circus – Clown Cupcake
[IK] Mabel Circus – Corn Dogs
[IK] Mabel Circus – Fritters Tray
[IK] Mabel Circus – Popcorn
[IK] Mabel Circus – Caramel Apples
[IK] Mabel Circus – Cotton Candy

From the Refuge – Aftermath currently  @ The Arcade
Refuge – Fortune Teller Sign
Refuge – Game Room Sign
Refuge – 4 Point Star Light Pink
Refuge – 4 Point Star Light Blue
Refuge – 4 Point Star Light Yellow

Soy. Salon Tent & Tree Set.