Welcome to The Ark! || Press Release

Welcome to the Ark!

Who is ready for something new? The Ark is a brand new event brought to us by Pale Girl Productions.  It will run for two (2) weeks ( Sept 13 – 26 ) and will showcase new and exclusive items relating to animals.  From decor, clothing, tattoos and more, The Ark is an event not to miss! 

Please note the the Sims are PG, that means make sure to censor yourself and cover the privates.  Also, during the first weekend, there will be a complexity limit of 50K.  If your scripts total above that number you will be ejected. 

See you at The Ark! 

[ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Selvage%20Island/194/64/108 ] 

The Ark is sponsored by :

Jinx  ||  Taox Tattoo  ||  Alternative Urban Couture  ||  Insurrektion

Pale Girl Productions is announcing the following designers as participants in The Ark:


The Ark - with Sponsors


•{ Foxes . . .

“In a society where every man is fox-minded, you need to be foxier than the fox!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

Scene Design:

The following are from the Rezz Room  at the @ MadPea Pet Friends Fair
[Rezz Room] Log Cabin
[Rezz Room] tree trunk
[Rezz Room] Pond
[Rezz Room] Red Fox Laying
[Rezz Room] Red Fox Sitting
[Rezz Room] Red Fox Watchout
[Rezz Room] Red Fox Up
[Rezz Room] Red Fox Playing
[Rezz Room] Red Fox Hunting

Other items:
Little Branch : SpringBlossoms Tree
(Fundati) Mossy Rock

•{ Just relax . . .

“Try to relax and enjoy the crisis” – Ashleigh Brilliant

The both of them had had a whirlwind of a week, and it wasn’t over yet. Though in all the madness going on they found time to come together for a bit of relaxation. A simple break from the demands and obligations imposed upon them by life. For a little while, they were going to relax.


Adam (thanks for posing with me!)
Pants: [Deadwool] Kojima jeans – no wash
Shirt: [Deadwool] Lorenzo Shirt @ Equal10 
Hair: Volthair – Daniel @ Equal10 

Ryanna (that’s me!)
Outfit:[Aleutia]Mary Jane @ Vintage Fair 2019
Hair: .EscalateD. Alina  @ Vintage Fair 2019 
Boots: =Zenith= Leather Boots with Lace Socks

Pose is :LW: BENTO Poses – I’m With You @ The Liaison Collaborative

andika/the seasonal treat-Limoncello set
Serenity Style– Kynne Station Waiting Bench

•{ Come here . . .

Any moment now he would walk in through the door and find her waiting on his couch. Wouldn’t that be a surprise? Especially since he didn’t know she was coming. Two weeks ago he had given her a key to his place and she had warned him about random pop-up visits. Honestly, she knew that’s what he was expecting and until today she had resisted.

There was excitement he tried to downplay in his voice when he called her around Noon. He spoke about the deal he had made and what it would mean for the company. To her, it sounded like a celebration was in order.

She left work early and picked up a bottle of wine before she gathered her things from her place and went to his.  After a bit of preparation everything was in order.

Presently she heard the key in the lock. She propped herself up. Ready. The door opened and he paused as he stepped through, a slow smile pulling at his lip when he saw her on the couch.

“An intruder,” he said as he stepped in and locked the door behind him. He tried to keep his eyes on her as he hung up his coat. “In my home.”

Her eyes locked on his. She said, “Come here.”

He made a show out of pulling his phone from his pocket. “Perhaps I should call —.”

“Come. Here.” She had cut him off. This time her words held a harder edge. He smiled, and those eyes of his danced with mirth as he tossed the phone on the table and approached.

Outfit: 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Tryneowy Silks / harness @ We love RP  
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. *JAILY* -BRUNETTE

Shot inside the MINIMAL – Secret Room Sofa /no poses/
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Mar 17 Cordelia Curtains Blue
{Concept} 13. NEWYORK. Floor lamp B

pose is my own. . .

•{ Start the Journey . . . // a Fairelands Story

Fantasy Faire 2019

Life is not just about the things one does, it’s also about the journey. Sometimes the road is easy, other times it’s fraught with hardship and pains, but every step along the way helps shape our fate. The funny thing is that sometimes we get presented with a path that we never saw coming.

I have often dreamed, of a far off place. Where a hero’s welcome will be waiting for me . . .

Every 100 years the Stone Ogres rise from the earth. During the next ten years, the realms thrive as the Orges’ magic courses through the land. Many children born during the year of the Ogre have magic flowing through them and most powerful ones are trained to become Guardians of Magic.

The sa’Besae, a tribal race of bipedal cats, guard the Stone Orges; and are the only ones capable of mining and collecting their power…

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•{Soul of a Flower . . .

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”  — Gerard De Nerval

It has been a busy day for me and I don’t see the rest of the week letting up any time soon. Nevertheless, we are nearing the end of another week. Soon the seasons will change and, where I am, it will be Spring. A time of new beginnings as the old adage goes.

Just like the seasons, we change as well.Make sure you bloom in whatever season you are in.

Outfit: !dM deviousMind “Cherry” – CherryFawn -FawnCrown *RARE* @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 

 Hair: Exile:: – Flowers in the Sun

*NAMINOKE* RubyNecklace1 Eyemask @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 
*NAMINOKE* RubyNecklace1 armlet  @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 

Skin: !Lumae Sylryth Group Gift