•{ I’ll be the Watcher . . .

They say we are what we are,
But we don’t have to be,
I’m bad behavior but I do it in the best way,
I’ll be the watcher (watcher) of the eternal flame,
I’ll be the guard dog of all your favorite dreams . . .

— Lyrics from “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy

Outfit: [Have Unequal]  #31 Cindy Outfit_Black Fire_Maitreya_ULTRARARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 
::Taisce:: Blessed Shoulder Plate @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 
[Fallen Arms Rough] Energy Blade Unscripted (*note: mod to fit smaller  size) @ We love RP  

Pose is from the ::Poseidon:: Shinobi set
Set: VARONIS – StarDust Background


•{ With the eyes . . .

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”
Albert Einstein

Eyes: ANATOMY – Archangel Eyes @ We love RP  
Skin: Revoul .Aleisha Catwa applier in RE30
HairVanity Hair:: Bloomed
Bangs: Sintiklia – Holiday season Tannen/bangs1,vip bangs

Gloves: Belle Epoque { Le City } Gloves White
Necklace: Albion ScriptWorks: Arwen’s Necklace & Circlet @ Enchantment

•{ What the hell . . .

Damnit. He really screwed up this time. It was all his fault. There was only himself to blame. How could he have been so stupid? She had come to him looking for a little validation and understanding, but the only thing he gave her was discontent.

You’re not the only one who has problems, he shouted to her at the time. He had told her to stop complaining and do something about her issues. What she did was place her keys (no, his spare keys now), on the counter and stormed out of the apartment. He called after her but she didn’t even turn around. He had watched from his balcony as she hailed a cab and rode off down the street.

That was two days ago.

He left her messages. He went by her job. All of it was to no avail. He had had a bad day that day. He was allowed to have them. She had gotten mad at him before but this time it felt different. What the hell was he going to do now?

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant ~Nyoki Hair – Winter
Beard: DOUX – Mesh beard
Tattoo:Endless Pain Tattoos–- Hybrid @ We love RP  

[The Forge] Damios Bracer, Gunmetal
*PKC* Simple Male Bento rings

Pose: from Animosity – 104 Pose Pack @ TMD

•{ Love on the Wall . . .

Write love on the walls
Let it infuse the room
And seed in your soul
So your light shines through

Scene Design:

*Paper Moon* Painted Plaster Elephant Planter  @ We love RP  

[noctis] Victorian Rattan sofa wa rose pillows @ We love RP  

Refuge – Emme Crate Table / Seat / Candles. @ FaMESHed

Bee Designs Sarah Living Room gift. @ Gatcha Garden

:[Plastik]:– Sohkis Teapot:// Regal
:[Plastik]:– Sohkis Teacup:// Regal

BUENO– Hanging Lamp-White

Fapple– Angel Oak Book Shelves
Apple Fall Victorian Radiator
5. Apple Fall Book Shelf
Mesh India  06 MI Hanging Pot 2

dust bunny . hoya plant
dust bunny . blanket storage table
(Milk Motion) planter box 3
22769 – Side Table – COMMON

Dahlia – Lazy Days – Bundled Kitty – Brown – 03. RARE
MINIMAL – Forgotten Stack Books 10

*OAL*/*SP Asilah Rug

Shot inside MINIMAL – Paris Views Scene @ Uber

•{ Dance for Me . . .

And he said,
“Dance for me, Girl, I want to see you move
Be a delight for me, you need me to approve.“

She smiled at him
With a twinkle in her eye
And sashayed her hips
As she walked on by.

There was magic in her steps
There was captivation in her thighs
Every move she made bent him to her will
By the time she was done
She had him truly beguiled. . . .

Outfit: Una. Alesandra (Green) @ We Love Role-Play {Opening Feb. 4th}
Hair: Unorthodox Maddy Hair

Accessories: [The Forge] Face Chain, Gold

Pose is my own . . .

•{ After the dance . . .

The party lasted well into the night. It was full of laughter, fun, and dancing. Oh the dancing. Her partner had taken her by the hand and didn’t let go. She didn’t want him to either.

The hour had gotten late and she was tired. He was kind enough to escort her home. She left him at the door though, wouldn’t invite him in. He said he understood and waited until she was inside before he started towards his home.

In the darkness of her home she made her way over to the couch and laid down. Almost immediately she could feel herself melting into the cushions as she started to relax. She was worn out – not from all the dancing, but all the socializing. Maybe she would rest on the couch, just for a little bit.

Outfit: Una  Olga Dress @ We love RolePlay November

:[Plastik]: Vindeluna – Victoria Lamp
{anc} garden. rose 6Li. RARE
ionic : Ladder Books
Scarlet Creative Distressed Lace Table
NOMAD // Brocante // Chaise longue

pose by me . . .

•{ Find Your Song . . .

Music is the language of the soul. There is so much expressed in a single note that often cannot be expressed by words. Each heart has its own rhythm. Each person moves to the beat of their own drum. Take time and listen to life’s song.

Music. It’s all around you. Find your voice. Join the chorus. It’s beautiful. It’s lovely. It’s your song and the world wants to hear.

Outfit:  Una – Juno (short version)  @ We love RolePlay September
Hair: DOUX – Sonya hairstyle [Brunettes]

Decor: Little Branch – Sunflowers {Field}

Pose: from L y r i u m VIOLIN