•{ Start on the way . . .

The sun is rising
It’s a brand new day
Get up
Get going
Start on the way

Yesterday is gone
And tomorrow’s ahead
Let’s live in the present
Make new memories instead

Scene Design:

The following is from [ kunst ] & [ILAYA] @ July’s PocketGacha
• Country table RARE /  Country stool (a) /  Candlestick holder / Bread and cake box
• Tin metal box (a) / Tin metal box (b) /  Soup plates / Soup saucers / Clay vase (a)

MADRAS 07 Doux Door wall decor @ July’s PocketGacha
MADRAS 05 Doux Rug Decor @ July’s PocketGacha

[Merak] – Butterflies Love. @ July’s PocketGacha
[Merak] – Decorative Basket @ July’s PocketGacha
[Merak] – Books Decor @ July’s PocketGacha
[Merak] – Geo Shelf @ July’s PocketGacha

Other items to note: 

Apple Fall  Throw Cloth – Blue Gingham
{what next} Draped Curtains (LINEN)
*Artisan Fantasy* Origami Toy Trio – Love Letter



•{ A few moments . . .

She hadn’t even realized that she had fallen asleep. Though in her dreams she could make everything the way she wanted, not limited to laws of reality and logic. There in her dreams she wouldn’t be so tired. Not physically tired, but the type that wasn’t remedied by sleep.

All she needed was a few moments. A bit of time. She would be okay. Her intent was to simply lay in the field of flowers and soak in the energy from the setting sun and the Earth, then get back up and tackle the task she had yet to do.

That’s what she intended. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep.

Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work. Ralph Marston

Outfit:  Una. – Elia (Blue Dress / Jacket) @ July’s PocketGacha
Jewelry: **RealEvil** Aleena Necklace
Pose is from Stardust – Summer Breeze – @  The Seasons Story

•{ Life in a Circle . . .

Sometimes you’re up and other times you’re down. Sometimes all you can do is keep going because if you stop you’re going to break. As we strive to keep going, often we’ll get stuck in a pattern. A circle. 

The pattern is safe. The pattern is what you know. The pattern is something you know how to deal with. Everything outside is chaos but my circle has everything that I understand. When things go wrong in life we go to that circle. We go to that safety. We go to what we know. 

There’s nothing wrong in going to a place where you feel secure. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to deal with whatever it is that made you retreat to your circle. All things in their own time.  

We know that eventually we’ll have to step out and deal with things on the outside but until then we’re just focused on getting by.  And that’s okay. It’s okay because while we’re in that circle we’re allowing ourselves to find peace and come to terms with whatever it is we’re going to face.

That must be faced.

It can be tempting, but we know that we can’t keep living life in a circle . . .

Outfit: Cotton – Safietou 
HairVanity Hair:: Baccara. @ Trés Chic 

Pose/Prop: Glamrus . Focus Cube 

•{ Time to play . . .

Kitten’s ready
It’s time to play
I’ll be here quietly waiting 
For the end of the day

Be prepared
approach me slowly
I got the time 
But it’s for you only. . .

The following items are from :[Plastik]: and can be found at The Epiphany 

  • Ankle
  • Armlet
  • Bindi
  • Bracelet
  • Decorated ear (left and right)
  • Halo
  • Necklace
  • Sparkcloud
  • Marble (with hand hold pose)
  • Kitsune Mask – Crimson

Hair: Truth Hair/ Tinsley
Background: House Of Shade – Bae Window Backdrop

•{ To breakdown here . . .

She had been on the road all night traveling down the two-lane highway that seemed to stretch on to forever. There were hardly any other cars and, with very little change in the flat scenery bereft of trees, it wasn’t hard to imagine that she hadn’t been going anywhere at all. Simply spinning tire wheels as she stood in the same spot

Sometimes that’s what happens – no matter how far a person travels they never seem to get anywhere.

The sun was rising and she pulled off to the side of the road, turned off the engine and got out the car to stretch her legs. Her destination lay at the end of this long road but she was starting to worry about the car. Around an hour ago strange sounds had started going from underneath the hood and they didn’t seem good. Maybe she should have planned this ‘getway’ better, even her gas gauge was flirting on empty. The road wasn’t suppose to be this long.

“I’d sure hate to breakdown here,” she said to herself as she leaned on the hood of the car. There was nothing behind her but tracks, and nothing up ahead but more road. “Out in the middle of nowhere knowin’ I’m in trouble if these wheels stop rollin’.”

Everything was at the end of this road. She just had to stay the course and keep going. She eased off the car and opened her door. “So, God help me, keep me movin’ somehow,” stated as she sat back in the drivers seat and started the engine.  It rattled and she had to pump the gas twice before the engine finally kicked over.

She waited a moment before she headed off down the road once more. “I’d sure hate to break down here.”

(Story inspired from the song, “Break Down Here” by Julie Roberts)

Outfit: [Kenny Roland] AMANDA @ Cosmopolitan {Starting July 15th}
Hair: AnalogDog – 42 – dark browns.
Pose: :: Focus Poses Convertible Car  ::  

•{ Looking out . . .

It was never just about getting away so much as it was the ‘getting to’ and, right now, getting away to the next point was more than anticipation would allow. 

She waited on the stairs and kept a look-out for his car. Wouldn’t he be surprised to find her waiting and ready to go. That morning she had pulled out the map and the guide book and charted out a few destinations.  This trip would take a few days with everything she had planned, but it would be well worth it. 

Just as she was about to put her hand down his car pulled into the driveway. She could see the surprised look on his face behind the windshield and it made her laugh. Grabbing the map she stood up.  It was time to head out. 

Outfit: Una. – Lipa @ Vanity {Until July 25th}
HairVanity Hair:: Team Single @ On9
Pose: FOXCITY... Stairs (Sitting) Bento Pose Set
Backdrop: CK. Elite Studios  Island Retreat Backdrop @ Dazzle