•{ The Fight in Us . . .

No matter what happens, you go to keep going. This isn’t the time to give up. Now is not the time to lay down the proverbial sword. I know you’re tired. You’ve been pushing forward every day. Pushing on past the aches and strain; battling against the seen and unseen.

It would be so easy to give in. Let someone else do it. Why should you keep going when so many others have settled and stopped?

Is it really worth it?

Is it?

You started on this path for your own reasons and with a firm goal in mind. Remember why you started. Remember what is waiting for you at the end, for there is an end!

It’s okay to take a break. Slow down. Breathe. It’s okay to stumble, fall, and even loose your way for a while – but don’t that be your end.

Pick yourself up and keep going.

Outfit: Luas x BJK – Renfri @ Lootbox
Accessory: Mushilu – Sigfrida gacha B

Pose is Poseidon Bo Staff 5

Scene from Mushilu – Camp Ruins

•{ Stealing The Boat . . .

This was monumental. This was the type of thing that would set the course for her entire life! Everything that she had done so far would be nothing compared to this. Visions of glory and fantastic places filled the head of 6-year old Scotia as she carried another armful of purple and pink wisterias to her small boat. She had placed her boat in the furtherest spot she could get to, and where her parents wouldn’t be too suspicious of her playing. It was a lovely day outside, and they let her play as long as she was safe.

Dorado, the golden retriever puppy, yipped and jumped playful in the grass. “Quiet. If you make too much noise they’ll get sus-pes-cious!” Scotia said as she started to drape the flowers along the side of the boat. A grand adventure needed a grand looking boat, and as a bonus this one would smell nice too. She had it all worked out: a quick trip down to meet the faires and then back in time for stories and bedtime. Her mother had told her that they were out there and now she was going to see them for herself!

It took her a few moments to get the flowers arranged the way she wanted, but when she was done, she was satisfied. Planting both feet firmly on the ground she pushed her little boat into the lake. “Dorado come on!” And she scrambled into the boat. A few yips and the pup splashed through the water and hopped in as well. She laughed as he shook off the water and ran around the boat.

“Sit down or we’ll fall,” she laughed, wiping the water off her face. “Silly doggie.”

The boat had no sail, nor did it have any oars, but none of that occurred to the little girl. Perhaps it didn’t as there was a slight breeze and the bouncing of the dog, had caused the boat to begin drifting. Scotia hummed happily to herself as she thought of all the wonderful things that were about to happen.

Little did she know that her parents knew actually what she was doing and were watching her from a hidden vantage point down stream. They had a surprise for her.

Body – ~ToddleeDoo – Kid
Skin: Baby Faces. FACE OLIVIA 500
Flowers: LOVE – Wisteria wall cover –

pose is from Something New~ Spring Butterfly (incl. Boat + dog + butterflies) @ Pose Fair Market


(Read the First Part here….)

Duke Aphrall watched the Lady Helena stand from the Council table and walk out of the room, leaving the Prince’s Council meeting behind. Though her face was the epitome of calm composure, he wondered if she was seething in frustration the same as he. Since she had arrived in their kingdom Prince Very had given her only a day to rest from her travels before he pressed on her the importance of the trade route being reopened between his kingdom of Renly and hers of Moulat.

This news must have come at a surprise to her, for Aphrall had not briefed her on his strategy before she had been called before the Prince. Though if she was, she didn’t miss a beat in her response. Lady Helena and her entourage caused quite the buzz around the palace. Their outfits were vibrant, full of lacework and gauze – items that were hard to come by here, and dress cuts that were considered indecent by this kingdom’s standards. Helena wore her differences like a badge of honor and, Aphrall thought, as a way to stress to the Prince all the things he was not able to have.

The air in the room was suddenly stifling, and the other Council members were at a slight unease as they waited for what would happen next.

“Father,” Duke Aphrall began after the doors had closed behind Lady Helena. “If I may speak freely?”

“It has been a week and you have yet to convince her of trade. Was that not our agreement?” The Prince cut in with words of his own. “I have allowed you to that Moulatian here with the members of her company, have given them suitable rooms right here in the palace, freedom to go along the grounds as they wish, and my generosity is flung in my face with her unwillingness to do one thing in return.”

Aphrall’s chair groaned against the floor as he stood quickly. “First of all, that Moulatian has a name. She is the Lady Helena of Moulat, cousin of the Queen, and heir to the Kingdom. You should —“

“Watch your tone.” The Princes’ sharp words cut off that of his sons and time froze for a few moments. He drummed his fingers on the table, a plan coming to mind. “Lady Helena shall be our guest until such time an agreement is made. That is all.”

Duke Aphrall grit his teeth but said nothing more to his father the Prince. Instead, he left to find his Lady.

Lady Helena was abiding her time in the western gardens of the palace. She liked it there for in it were old ruins – added as decoration surely – but they reminded her of home. Her people believed in the old arts and traditions, and they had a way of talking to the plants and trees. Some called them mystics. This was how the Duke found her, sitting amongst the flowers. Her ladies moved aside as they saw the Duke near.

She looked up as she saw him approach. “I was warned what would happen if I came here, yet I believed otherwise and trusted your words.”

“Helena, listen to me,” Duke Aphrall extended his hand. “Come. Please. Sit with me. I assure you my intentions are as true as before.”

Helena took his hand and rose from the ground, and followed him to the bench nearby. “Darling. Listen. Listen to me.” He began. “All you have to do is sign the papers to re-establish trade.”

“And what if I don’t?” A letter had already been dispatched to her Queen days ago speaking on the situation and asking her opinion. “What if she does not agree?

Duke Aphrall pulled her into his lap and kissed her hand. “Then I do not believe he will let you go.” Sensing her tension he continued. “But don’t worry. I will take care of everything.”

. . . . To be continued. . . .

Wearing :

Toptoksik – Remnant Uniform Top @ Ota-Con Event

Pantstoksik – Remnant Pants @ Ota-Con Event

Ryanna (that’s me)
Outfit: !gO! Telimena – Sunrise
Hat: !dM deviousMind “Elizabeth” **ROSE**

Decor: @ Fantasy Faire
Simply Shelby – Medieval Stone Corner Bench
Simply Shelby – Wildflower mix

Pose is FOXCITY – Close

=|A Faire Story|= Between the Kingdoms: Pt1

It was something that wasn’t supposed to happen. Not at this time, or in this place. When the young Duke Aphrall presented his case for betrothal to his father Venry, the crowned Prince of Relantry, he was met with outrage.

“This is not the way we do things,” the Prince raged. “She’s from Moulat! And after what they did to us —”

“What they did to us?” The Duke interrupted, preparing his protest. “We were the ones who abandoned them when they needed us. Not the other way around.”

One of their most profitable trade routes had been with the neighboring Kingdom across the sea. For years they had kept good relations with the people and were able to acquire exotic fruits, spices, and goods. Due to this, Relantry had prospered for over a hundred years.

Everything came to a halt when Moulat was hit by famine forty years ago. Prince Venry had recently risen to power in Relantry. Moulat reached out to Relantry for aide, but none was given, for the Prince feared that famine would strike his kingdom as well. Thus the trade agreement between the two kingdoms was over, and the two have been enemies since.

Not wanting to lose ground with his father, Aphrall took another route. “We could establish trade with their Kingdom again. It would be a win for both of us.”

This was a factor Prince Venry was open to discussing. “You do not have my blessing, but you may bring the lady here. We shall see what will become of her stay.”

Duke Aphrall was satisfied with that answer and set about making the arrangements to have his Lady brought over from Moulat. He even had matching outfits for the pair of them to wear so there was no question that they were to be seen as a couple. A few days later Lady Helena of Moulat arrived, and Duke Aphrall went out to welcome her . . .

. . . . To be Continued

Outfits are Duchy of Devonshire by Belle Epoque . Coming to the Fantasy Faire Opening April 23rd 

Backdrop : Madras Royal Entrance BackGround

Pose is Rack Poses – Like A Sir!

•{ Tides and the Waves . . .

The tide rolls in from the sea; and the waves they crash. Never evenly. Though their destination is the shore, does it matter which gets there before?

Pulls and tugs, all the same. Grabbing the sand as it wants to stay. ‘Come with me, come close’ are the words the waves lay upon the sand. Taking the grains to make a home, no further than the shallows do they go.

Doesn’t it know? Doesn’t it see? There’s a grand majesty within the sea. Before the waves and brought in by the tide, for in the deep is where it lies.


Kulaan (check out his Flickr)
Bracelet: ROZOREGALIA – Archelon Bracelet
Shirt: FurtaCor – Karev Shirt
Pants: FashionNatic – Enrique Bants – Beige
Shoes:[Deadwool] – Oxford Shoes – Tan

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Hair: .:EMO-tions..  Hairpiece u/ Hair Wrap @ Salon 52
Shirt: -Pixicat- Tony Cardigan @ FaMESHed April
Pants: Mangula Zoe Set Capri

Pose is  from Diversion – Swing By – @ La Vie en Pose

•{ I’m not your . . .

I’m not your ‘Baby’
I’m not your ‘Girl’
Step any closer
And I’ll give my bat a whirl

You say I’m just ‘talkin’
Com’on girl; play nice.
I’ll be the one smilin’
When your body is cold as ice . . .

Outfit: Giz Seorn: Nyx Corset Suit @ Uber 
HairVanity Hair:: Bullet Proof @ Vanity
Necklace: Cae :: Kitten :: Collar

Pose is  from Diversion – Lunacy @ Aenigm

MINIMAL – September Group Gift 2019
KraftWork Bus Stop Grunge Scene

•{ Queen Rises . . .

“I was a princess made of ashes; there is nothing left of me to burn.
Now it’s time for a queen to rise.”
― Laura Sebastian, Ash Princess

Skin: :::WILD:::Skin Sahara GENUS Caramel Coffee @ Skin Fair 2020

Outfit: ERSCH & DREAMCATCHER – Victoria Gacha
* Unrigged Collar RARE
* Unrigged Crown
* Sleeve -red-
* Dress RARE

Pose is from Stardust – Rosie  @ Bloom
Shot inside the FOXCITY Photo Booth – Flutter

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