•{ Patient wolves . . .

“If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf.” – Nikita Khrushchev

“Patience Nayla.  Patience,” she said as she stroked the fur along the wolf’s neck. They had been waiting for a chance to strike and the time was drawing closer. From their position on the field she had seen the players move into place and the stage set itself. 

The wolf was getting restless and, truth to tell, so was she. Though to be really effective one had to strike at the precise moment. 


The following can be found at the new round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Luas –  Grenna Armbands
Luas –  Grenna Bra Garnet
Luas –  Grenna Bracer Brown
Luas –  Grenna Collar
Luas –  Grenna Skirt Garnet
Luas –  Grenna Socks Brown

Pose/prop: Eternal Dream Poses  – Feral Heart 03


Decor: Mushilu – Stone & Tree @ We ❤ RP  

Break Free

BMe Gown


Inside each and every one of us is the power to change. The power to break free of the thoughts acting as debilitating anchors.

How can I be happy when there’s so much sadness around me?
How can I be strong when everything keeps beating me down?
How can I go on when no one seems to care?

Change your way of looking at things. Change the way you think. Stop saying that things are easier said than done. Stop saying “If only this, then that.”

Stop looking for reasons as to why you can’t, and realize all the reasons you can.

There are so many amazing things being done every day by people who defy the world’s expectations. There are so many people who are happy with less than what you have.

A new year is approaching fast.  Isn’t it time you start believing in who you are and what you can do? Not what society, your friends, your family, says what you should, or shouldn’t do.  They are not you, and they never will be.

Take a breath and set yourself free.


Dress: BlueMoon enterprise – Lady Ratherbe Gown ~ Ruby @ Fair Play – December
BlueMoon enterprise – Advent Gift ~ Golden Shawl @ Fair Play – December

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Solace –  browns @ We ❤ RP – December

pose: *Eternal Dreams* Spells

Expectations hit with reality

Every day there are expectations. The coffee that was ordered (or made) should be hot, the light is suppose to work after flicking the switch. The car will start and get to the place we’re going. Big or small, life is full of expectations.

Influenced by the media – things read, heard, and seen – and by the people around us, expectations are slowly formed. The new job is about to start and, from what has been told about the place and of the people, the first day is expected to go a certain way. A whole week has been dedicated to reading all the required books and the student has crammed until their eyes were sore, so when it’s time to take that test they expect positive results. Two people meet for the first time and instantly click – it’s expected to be the start of a wonderful friendship. While things may go to plan, there are times when expectations go awry.

“I did everything right, even went beyond the call of duty, so what went wrong? That person didn’t do half the things I did and they succeeded.” Sound familiar? What about: “I didn’t expect it to be so easy!”

When expectations hit against the hard wall of reality it can either be great, or it can be a disappointment. It’s not too much of a problem when things go better than expected. However, when a lot of energy has been spent thinking about how things are going to be, and then nothing goes the way it is planned, disappointment comes to call. It can even be a deterrent from trying that particular thing again. Sometimes one can get accustomed to being disappointed, and let down, that they expect negative outcomes. The anticipation of failure and opposition seems logical because those are the only things that expectation has ever given as a reward.

Expectations are wishes, desires, wants: they are not final. If things don’t go as planned, try again! Keep working at it and find a way. Good or bad, reality always plays a hand that could throw everything for a loop.


.::KL Couture::. Carole (turquoise) @ Sneak Peek
::Gabriel:: Allie Shoulder bag
Vanity Hair: Sonata-Dark Browns
Elysium – Karla wedge sandals – noir
{Indyra}: Heirloom Necklace Trio
*MM* Resin Bangles

Pose: Eternal Dreams – Bag Pose @ Designgers Circle

Shot on location at: Tavnoc by Night

Retail Therapy


One of the things I do when I’m feeling a bit off balance is shop. Get a new outfit (or three), and don’t forget the shoes and accessories to go with it. Retail therapy, that’s what it’s commonly called. The joys of pretending that you have an unlimited credit card and the world is at your disposal.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me there is something liberating in being able to pluck something off the shelf, toss it on the register, and pay for it without even batting an eye. (Though I may be batting more than an eye later as I cast spells and put up wards to rebuke your credit card statement, but that’s later.) There’s a myth about a ‘Black Card’-or maybe it’s silver- that has no limit to its spending. I’ll take that for an hour or two.

The melodic *cha-ching* may be sweet music to our ears, but it doesn’t solve the underlying issue that brought on the splurge.  This new dress, found in the Lybra main store, was the perfect attire for my shopping therapy session. Casual, yet a bit chic, it allowed the movement I needed to stay on the go-go-go. Adding to it, their free pair of sunglasses, and I was set! I may not have an endless wallet, but I can look like I do!

In the end, however, we will have to face whatever it is we were trying to ignore. When this happens, do it with all the fiver and bravado you had when tossing down the money.

Dress: !:Lybra:! Babi

!:Lybra:! BF Sunglasses BURNT (free non-group gift)
Exile:: Kissing Strangers Naturals
Petite Mort – Black felt floppy hat
MG Necklace – Babette – Combo Small – JET SILVER
INDI Designs – De Luca ankle boots black

Pose: *Eternal Dreams* Tallulah

I wish . . .

Give your wishes wings and let them fly

Give your wishes wings and let them fly

As a little girl I was told a few things about wishes: that I could wish upon a star, make a wish  while tossing a penny into a fountain, and even that they could be made as I blew out the candles on my birthday cake.  As I grew older, wishes became the substance of dreams to which I had to bring into reality.  Whether as a child, or an adult, there is one thing about wishes that hasn’t changed: wishes are something that you wanted. They are things you work towards and do what you can to make them happen.

Some people wish for a lot money, other wish to have the latest game, or see someone that they idolize, and many other things.  For some people, what they wish for with all their heart is a cure for cancer. It’s a disease that has no cure and doesn’t discriminate.  It effects the lives of those who have it, and those of the people who care for them. For those effected, their wish is simple.  They wish a cure.

Six years ago I lost my mother, she battled cancer for the better part of two years, and during that time the only thing I wished for was for her to return to being the woman I knew.  Before that I watched my grandmother fight and loose her battle with cancer as well. Even now my other grandmother is having her own battle with cancer. There is something I can do instead of simply wishing for a cure – I can help fund resources to make this a reality.  Relay for Life – from the American Cancer Society – raises funds to help find a cure for this disease.

At this years Fantasy Faire – Azul – is offering two dresses – one of them being Pepeké. When you purchase this item, 100% of the sale will go to Relay for Life. There are also multiple kiosks around where you can donate to help bring us closer to finding a cure, and you can even donate online.

So what do I wish for? I wish I had a better job. I wish that I could eat that double-fudge devils food cake with caramel topping and not gain a pound. I wish I could open my mouth and say all the things I’m afraid to say.  I wish that one day there will be a cure for cancer. I wish that everyone would do their part in helping to find a cure, and spread awareness about this disease.

I wish . . .



Dress: -AZUL- Pepeke /Exclusive FantasyFaire2015 
Tattoo & eyes: DeLaSoul~ Ceredil – Candace @ The Fantasy Fair
Hair: Exile::Dream of Paradise Naturals
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

pose: Eternal Dream – Fata @ The Fantasy Fair

Taken on location at : *StoryBrooke Gardens*

Time to Hunt

Looking for my target

Looking for my target

I love fancy dresses – I do. The way a ballgown moves, there’s simply something about it that puts me in a good mood. Though, let’s be practical, you can’t always go around looking like Cinderella. Sometimes you have to rip off the skirt, wipe on the war paint, and get a little dirty.

And that’s exactly what I did. Leaving all my other cares behind with the high heels and lace, I picked up my bow and went for a hunt – how else was I to get food for the next day? The town market was overrun and besides, I needed the fun.

Target acquired

Target acquired

As I walked through the forest I was reminded of other things that I want, and what I’m willing to do to get it. While going in at full speed and attacking it may seem to be the answer, sometimes you get better results with patience and a steady hand – just like when you’re shooting a bow.

When you start on a path that will lead you to the things you want, there will be difficulties. Sometimes your target will get away, but that doesn’t mean you give up. The fun is often in the chase. Though, I suppose that is when you need to settle on the purpose of your venture. Are you hunting simply for sport, or do you have something else in mind.

For me? Well, right now I’m hungry and I have my eyes on the prize.

And here we go

And here we go

(All items found at the Fantasy Faire 2015!)
[Gauze] The Alchemist – Female Set

*~*HopScotch*~* Warpaint

/Wasabi Pills/ Jasmine Mesh Hair

Poses: Eternal Dream – Lita (bow and arrow included!)

Shot on location at Obsession Exposed Gallery and Gardens