•{ What if I don’t feel like it . . .

What if I don’t feel like it today? What if I just don’t want to? What if I just want to do nothing.

In an instant I could put on a smile and play the happy role that is required for day-to-day operations. This farce was something I started again lately as a coping mechanism. At any other time all the smiles and expressions would be the real thing, therefore I it isn’t lying. I am happy, but it is buried under everything else that’s more important than the reasons why I adopted this persona again.

The endless barrages of engagements I have to go to, and people that are coming around don’t leave me much time to do anything but put on the role that brings forth results. Another engagement is waiting at the top of the steps.

I can imagine the whole thing.

I’d have to smile – of course. Then add a touch of elevation to my voice at just the right time when introducing myself to make it sounds like I am excited to be here. A tilt of the head, cue the slight wide eyes and trickle of laughter. Great. That’s it. They’re so happy I made it and think that I’m excited too. Now shift expression to that of interest and make slight adjustments variant on present company. Keep the act going until a reasonable amount of time has passed and then I slip away.

But what if I don’t want to today . . . This endless show takes its toll and when I do have time to myself I’m too exhausted to even enjoy it.

Outfit: .Queenz. Inceptive
Jewelry : Romazin – Set
Belle Epoque { Parisian Painter } Bag Brown

Pose ::LW: BENTO Poses – These Memories

•{ Come here . . .

Any moment now he would walk in through the door and find her waiting on his couch. Wouldn’t that be a surprise? Especially since he didn’t know she was coming. Two weeks ago he had given her a key to his place and she had warned him about random pop-up visits. Honestly, she knew that’s what he was expecting and until today she had resisted.

There was excitement he tried to downplay in his voice when he called her around Noon. He spoke about the deal he had made and what it would mean for the company. To her, it sounded like a celebration was in order.

She left work early and picked up a bottle of wine before she gathered her things from her place and went to his.  After a bit of preparation everything was in order.

Presently she heard the key in the lock. She propped herself up. Ready. The door opened and he paused as he stepped through, a slow smile pulling at his lip when he saw her on the couch.

“An intruder,” he said as he stepped in and locked the door behind him. He tried to keep his eyes on her as he hung up his coat. “In my home.”

Her eyes locked on his. She said, “Come here.”

He made a show out of pulling his phone from his pocket. “Perhaps I should call —.”

“Come. Here.” She had cut him off. This time her words held a harder edge. He smiled, and those eyes of his danced with mirth as he tossed the phone on the table and approached.

Outfit: 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Tryneowy Silks / harness @ We love RP  
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. *JAILY* -BRUNETTE

Shot inside the MINIMAL – Secret Room Sofa /no poses/
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Mar 17 Cordelia Curtains Blue
{Concept} 13. NEWYORK. Floor lamp B

pose is my own. . .

•{ Weekend Plans . . .

Everything was set for the weekend getaway. Both of them have had a grueling week. She didn’t know about him, but she needed this time away like a person needed air. A few nights ago he told her that they were going to ‘run away’. It was the most wonderful thing she had heard all week. The only thing was – she wasn’t told what to bring or where they were going.

He knew how she felt about surprises.

The day of the trip bag was delivered to her door along with instructions. Bring yourself and this bag. The problem was, there wasn’t anything in the bag but flowers, a bottle, and a box of candy.

He was planning something. But what?

Outfit: Scandalize. Christy. @ Collabor88
Hair: Stealthic – Rebellion

Pose is :LW: BENTO Poses – Purpose @ A+ Event

dust bunny . overnight bag
dust bunny. postcards
dust bunny . hanging shelf . natural
dust bunny . hoya plant

*Artisan Fantasy*  Origami Toy Trio – Love Letter
:[Plastik]:– Trite Mirror
GD: Kokeshi Tales – Princess / Prince of Devotion (retired item)
+Half-Deer+ Origami Dream – Crane – Cream
+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Tied
Apple Fall Wooden Trunk

MINIMAL – Forgotten Lamp 4
Fancy Decor: Carriage Clock
Sway’s [Emmi] Dresser . ebony

.peaches. Bria’s Vintage Bed – Love –

•{ So Over Winter . . .

To say she was tired of the snow would have been an understatement. Usually she didn’t mind the winter and always looked forward to the snow. This year it was different. Winter felt just a little bit colder and it was working on her mood in a serious way.

Throughout the week her mind kept drifting to thoughts of warm breezes and summer sun until she decided to do something about it. She booked a flight. By the time the weekend rolled around she was sitting in the sands of a warm beach, soaking in the sun.

She stretched and let out a sigh as she turned her face up to the sun. “I’m so done with winter.”

Hair: Analog Dog – proud mary – dark reds
Outfit: Giz Seorn / ARWEN SHIRT [Gypsy]

Decor: Nutmeg. Old Wooden Boat

Pose is by me . . .

•{ Elevator Call . . .

As soon was walking to the elevator that’s when my phone rang. The ringtone told me it was you. It wasn’t a normal phone call, but a FaceTime call.

I rolled my eyes as I pulled out my phone and pressed the button for the elevator. I tried to hide my grin, but it came through anyway. Your face filled my screen as soon as I answered. You were already smiling in the coy way that you have. “You couldn’t wait to see me?” I said, feeling the smile pulling at my cheeks. “I’m just getting in the elevator.”

You almost laughed. I saw you holding it back. “What? What’s funny?” I asked. You didn’t answer. You just kept looking at me with that laugh behind your lips. Then I started laughing too. That’s when you finally spoke.

“I always want my girl to smile.” You said. It was so corny. So you. I laughed as I hung up phone. A moment later the elevator reached your floor.

Outfit: -AZUL- Owena @ Mainstore. 
HairVanity Hair:: :Baller. @ Anybody Event.
Accessory : Suede Handbag *DeSSion*
Backdrop: taikou / midnight tokyo elevator backdrop

Pose is my own . . .

•{ Wanderlust . . .

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert

The wind was picking up and the sky was starting to darken. Despite the weather warnings, she had chosen this weekend to pack all her things and start a new life 2000 miles away. The moving truck had broken down a handful of miles back and instead of waiting for a replacement to come, she decided to stacked everything on top of her car. Getting everything up there was a miracle.

With the pending storm on the horizon, it would be just her luck if it started to rain now. Maybe she should have waited for the truck. It was too late to turn back now.

The paved road was the fastest but, she saw a side road and it looked to be a shortcut. Alright, she was going to go for it! Her little jalopy sputtered, shook, and rattled as she traversed down the old country road. While driving through a small farm down she saw something in the distance.

She pulled to the side and got out the car. The wind yanked at her skirt and grabbed her hat, but she managed to take hold of it before it blew away. Walking forward a few steps she got up on her toes and squinted her eyes.

“There! There I see it!” She proclaimed to herself, pointing ahead of her. Sure enough, peaking past the side of a mountain, was the glimmer of city lights. The shortcut was a good idea. Now all she had to do was outrun the coming storm.

Jacket: !~SV~! Cropped Leather Jacket
Dress: :Moon Amore: Helena Dress.
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ ~ Breeze – Browns

Car: -DRD-  – The Pack Rat – White – Static Car
Pose / Prop: {Bittersweet + Strange} Poses  Wanderlust (hat prop) @ Uber – September

Taken at Sol Farm.