•{ I’m not your . . .

I’m not your ‘Baby’
I’m not your ‘Girl’
Step any closer
And I’ll give my bat a whirl

You say I’m just ‘talkin’
Com’on girl; play nice.
I’ll be the one smilin’
When your body is cold as ice . . .

Outfit: Giz Seorn: Nyx Corset Suit @ Uber 
HairVanity Hair:: Bullet Proof @ Vanity
Necklace: Cae :: Kitten :: Collar

Pose is  from Diversion – Lunacy @ Aenigm

MINIMAL – September Group Gift 2019
KraftWork Bus Stop Grunge Scene

•{ Take a Picture. . .

“The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness ”
― Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Earth from Above

I don’t have much to say today. I’ve tired. I’ve tinkered out words a few handfuls of time only to erase it again just as quickly. For now I leave you all with the above quote. Don’t worry – the regularly scheduled writing will return . . .

Outfit: Giz Seorn – ‘Cosima’ @ FaMESHed
Hair: .:EMO-tions..  *ARABELLA* @ Salon 52

Pose is  from Diversion – Snap @ Access 

Shot on location at Auld Lang Syne, Isles of Scotland.

•{ Our lives could change. . .

The clock struck. It was another hour into the night and the sky was growing darker. She stepped out on her balcony and adjusted the fur shawl on her shoulders while looking out to the cityscape around her. It was a warm night for this time of year and it left the sky slightly overcast. It was, in many ways, a lovely night. Too bad she wasn’t able to enjoy it for what it was.

All Pretty like the sun, you burn it up, you burn me up
All ashes I become, I’m all swept up
All spaces in between, you fill me up, you fill me up
And as the night falls low, away we go.

She checked her phone for the third time tonight to see if there was a reply to the message she had sent the other day. Of course there wasn’t. There wouldn’t be. She shouldn’t expect there to be and yet . . she did. He said he would meet her tonight and, despite everything, she choose to believe it. That was a couple days ago. There hasn’t been a word from him since. With a sigh she leaned against the balcony doors.

All pretty like the scars, we both have ours, its who we are
Oh show me everything, where your going, where you been
All time its not too late, I’m standing here, the world can wait
And as the night falls low, away we go . . .

What she didn’t know was that he was there. At the time he had told her he would arrive at her place. But he wasn’t at her place. Not really. He was across the street at the park, leaning half hidden behind a lamppost. From there he could look straight up to her window. He saw her looking for him. Perhaps he was a coward and maybe even a bigger fool for hiding out after he had been the one to set up the meeting.

His phone vibrated in his hand and it was her. Of course it was her. “You gave me everything you had, “ he said to himself as he watched the phone ring. “Gave me your life, I couldn’t give you my heart. You said our lives could change.” It stopped ringing and he slipped the phone in his pocket, turned and walked away. “But our lives can’t change.”

(Inspired by the song, “Pretty like the sun” by Prime Circle)

Dress: Giz Seorn – ‘Elena’ Dress & Stole @ Mainstore 
HairVanity Hair::  Joy @ Anybody

Shot inside FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Neighborhood
Pose is my own . . .

•{ Last Minute Flight . . .

It was a last minute flight. They called her a few hours ago and needed her to fly out immediately to handle a work situation. Her schedule was full, literally full to the brim with many things she still had to do in preparation for the big day next week. She had tried to find a way out of this obligation, but it wasn’t plausible. If she didn’t go, what she had been working on for the past few months would be lost.

With a sigh she kicked herself into high gear and hurriedly packed a bag with the barest essentials. Anything she forgot she would get when she arrived. Flight was booked on her way to the airport and she arrived just on time to make it.

Once the plane was in the air she took out her laptop and started to work. The attendant brought her muffins and a strong coffee. She couldn’t focus on work. She hadn’t been able to reach the person who mattered most to her before she left; and had only left him a voicemail. He was dealing with business too but she still wished she could have spoken to him in person.

Everything was going to be okay. She would get this work done and be back to him in time for their big day.

Outfit: Giz Seorn – Cute Winter Sweater
HairVanity Hair::  Bloomed

Shot inside FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Flight Club (Night)

Pose is :LW: BENTO Poses – Pretending (from the Cozy Time Bench set)

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Apple Fall – West Village Blueberries & Cream Muffins
[sYs] PURSE Bag (Rigged) – royal 1

•{ Don’t impress me much. . .

She wasn’t the type that was easily impressed. Her disenchanted stare was one of the best. Therefore when she got a call from the office on this early morning, asking her to hear the latest clients pitch, she all but rolled her eyes over the phone. Her calendar was filing up and she really did not have the time.

She had agreed anyway.

This guy had likely been very persistent in getting a meeting with the company. When he came to her office he was overly lively and spoke faster than a mile a minute. She raised her hand to silence him and gave him a polite smile as she took a seat took a seat on her couch.

He was motioned over to chair and directed to place his things down. Soon he was ready to start his presentation, and, from what she saw, she already wasn’t impressed.

Outfit: Giz Seorn – Bexley Dress @ FaMESHed January
Boots: Eudora3D Raven Boots @ FaMESHed January
Necklace: **RealEvil** Aleena Necklace
Hair: DOUX – Mecca hairstyle

Pose from Amitie –  Breakfast at Tiffanys (couch included)