•{ Pick the Flower. . .

In the garden where the flowers bloom
You’ll find a certain something waiting for you.

A fest for the eyes
A pathway to demise
A rose with all the thorns
Ready to leave you torn

Still with your hands you embrace
Saying pain is common place
This flower won’t be your doom,
Instead you help it bloom. . .

Skin: [7Deadly Skins] –  GWENYTH bom skin – Taupe @ Skin Fair 2020
Head: LeLUTKA Lake Head 1.1 @ Skin Fair 2020
Hair: TRUTH Vivid – March Gift

Pose is Synnergy// Dirty Thoughts Bento Pose @ The Pose Fair
Backdrop is from Synnergy// Bed of Roses Backdrop @ The Pose Fair

The following showcase the Gwen skin from [7Deadly Skins] at theSkin Fair 2020. Shots were taken on Medium Settings using CalWL wind light in Firestorm. Head is LeLUTKA Lake and the body is Legacy.

•{ Sunsets and Angels . . .

As I look back over my days
Why is it that beautiful things always fade
The blue skies always turn grey
Tell me have the happy days gone away?

There’s magic all in the air
But we walk around like nothing is there . . .
How can we be so unaware
Travelin’ with our heads down, feeding despair.

But there’s a light and it shines in the dark
It’s right there deep down in our hearts.
Don’t turn away even when it blinds your eyes
Watch it grow, pushing back at the night.

You’ll find the hope that was always inside
Create those happy days from the night . . . .


Outfit: Una – Love Corset @  Kinky
Hair: tram F1124
Wings: RO – Eternity Wings – Innocence Container

Pose is  from Diversion – Unravel Me Poses

•{ At The Carousel . . .

I’ll wait for you by the carousel,
Follow the path we know so well
Down the turn and through the trees
By the moonlight you shall see.

The fireflies, they shine so bright
Though they won’t be here for all the night.
Come see me now while the time is right
For everything ends at the stroke of midnight.

Outfit: Giz Seorn – Easton
Hair: .ICONIC – NELL. @ The Liaison Collaborative

Pose is from Diversion – Slow Down @ Flourish

Shot on location at Candlewood

•{ Dance for Me . . .

And he said,
“Dance for me, Girl, I want to see you move
Be a delight for me, you need me to approve.“

She smiled at him
With a twinkle in her eye
And sashayed her hips
As she walked on by.

There was magic in her steps
There was captivation in her thighs
Every move she made bent him to her will
By the time she was done
She had him truly beguiled. . . .

Outfit: Una. Alesandra (Green) @ We Love Role-Play {Opening Feb. 4th}
Hair: Unorthodox Maddy Hair

Accessories: [The Forge] Face Chain, Gold

Pose is my own . . .

•{ Grey Space . . .

Settle in to the grey areas
Where things aren’t always what they seem
Yet they’re always what they pretend to be.

Happy or sad, all-round melancholy
It’s peaceful and serene because you can simply be.

Scene design:
The following items are from @ LootBox January

02. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Kitchen PG Lootbox].
04. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Square Rug]
06. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Gold vase]
07. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Square Vase]
10. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Decopillow]
12. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Small Table]
14. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Sofa]

Raindale – Laverton Grandfather clock (black).
Raindale– Laverton branches wall art 2 (gold)
Raindale – Laverton branches wall art 2 (black)

[IK] Shabby Mudroom – Wall Deco.
[IK] Shabby Mudroom – Ilustration (A-D)
[IK] Shabby Mudroom – Mesa
[IK] Shabby Mudroom – Plant

Other items

Toronto-Kitchen air vent
Toronto-Kitchen shelf B

BackBone But First, Coffee – Stack of Plates and Cups.
BackBone But First, Coffee – Hanging Hooks
BackBoneBut First, Coffee – Coffee Cup Lights

[ zerkalo ] Shiny Shabby Boho-colored kitchen – Breadboard
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Pans
Apple Fall Books w/ Deer Head Bookends
GD: Kokeshi Tales – Prince of Hope
GD: Kokeshi Tales – Princess of Hope

Shot inside: 01. Lagom – N.Y Loft [Skybox] LOOTBOX