•{ Bury Me Here . . .

Bury me where I lie
Do it before the sunrise
Let there be no tears to cry
Not even a forlorn lullaby . . .

Outfit: Una. SEKMETH Mummy Bodie RARE @ The Arcade October 
Mask: Una. SEKMETH Mummy Face RARE @ The Arcade October 

Pose is from .lovelysweet. Bloodspell @ La Vie en Pose 


•{ Down This Road . . .

Come along with me
Journey along this road
To where we’re gonna go?
Not quite I know.

What is clear to me
Are all the things we’re gonna see.
Traveling down this road,
Steady, here we go…

Special thanks to my niece Danni for riding with me!

Horse: ~*Water Horse*~ Animesh Riding Horse (English Warmblood)
Horse Skin texture: *CINNAMON* WHRU&WHRH- Blue & Red @ The Ark
Little Branch – Southern Magnolia Shrub @ The Ark
(Fundati) Mossy Rock
[DDD] Hewn Stepping Stone

•{ Ready for Autumn . . .

The Autumn season is in the air
Fresh warm scents are everywhere
Don’t forget the sweets and treats
And a glass of mulled wine, that can’t be beat . . .

Set Design

The following is from andika[mulled wine] set @  Uber 

  • Cup Cake-a Dispenser
  • Cup Cake-b Dispenser
  • mulled wine Dispenser
  • apple board
  • mulled wine Pot
  • wine Bottle

Other items:
*LODE* Head Accessory – Wild Strawberry [white berries] (used as decor)
*LODE*  Head Accessory – VESNA [dry vintage] (used as decor)

•{ Take a Picture . . .

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”
― Diane Arbus

Take a picture to remember me by
Believe in the camera,
The lens won’t lie.

Don’t trust your ears
and what they hear
Our memories will make them unclear

Actions change with mood and the weather
Want to trust those
But we know better.

So take a picture
Do it now
For in it there is truth
Somehow . . .

Head: GENUS Project  – Baby Face
Skin: [ session ] Hope Tone06 (Genus applier)
Hair: Analog Dog – Octave – dark browns @ Hair Fair 2019 
Tattoo: Stardust – Camilla – white @ Uber

Pose is my own

•{ Before You Go . . .

I got places to go
And you’ve got them too
But before you go
I got to get a kiss from you

So slide into these arms
Forget the world and all it’s charms
Just give me one more kiss
To let me know life is more than this. . . .

Thanks to Adam for posing with me!

Hair: DOUX – Sonya hairstyle [Brunettes]
Top: SPIRIT – Nuju shirt [INDIAN RED]
Shorts: SPIRIT – Nuju shorts [DARK BLUE]

Pose is from Diversion – Perfect Distraction @ Make Me Blush 

Apple Fall Preserved Poppies
Apple Fall Fern Specimen
Exposeur – The White Room – Dresser
Apple Fall Juliette Tea Cup, Honey & Lemon Tea
PLAAKA KettleShelf

Shot inside the FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Neighbourhood

•{ Talking Through Pictures . . .

Talk to me through pictures
Tell me what they say
Will it make you take a look
Or turn and walk away.

There is no one who’s perfect
That’s not who we’re meant to be
But what we say through the images
Can spark cascades of memories.

Remember when . . .
And then you . . . .
Those were the times.

So you talk to me in pictures,
And I reply in mine.

Outfit: Una.. Daisy @ FaMESHed X 

**RealEvil** Quinn Rings Set
Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Waldorf Pearl and Carved Roses

Pose is Po^Z – Off Limits (couch included).