•{ Elevator Call . . .

As soon was walking to the elevator that’s when my phone rang. The ringtone told me it was you. It wasn’t a normal phone call, but a FaceTime call.

I rolled my eyes as I pulled out my phone and pressed the button for the elevator. I tried to hide my grin, but it came through anyway. Your face filled my screen as soon as I answered. You were already smiling in the coy way that you have. “You couldn’t wait to see me?” I said, feeling the smile pulling at my cheeks. “I’m just getting in the elevator.”

You almost laughed. I saw you holding it back. “What? What’s funny?” I asked. You didn’t answer. You just kept looking at me with that laugh behind your lips. Then I started laughing too. That’s when you finally spoke.

“I always want my girl to smile.” You said. It was so corny. So you. I laughed as I hung up phone. A moment later the elevator reached your floor.

Outfit: -AZUL- Owena @ Mainstore. 
HairVanity Hair:: :Baller. @ Anybody Event.
Accessory : Suede Handbag *DeSSion*
Backdrop: taikou / midnight tokyo elevator backdrop

Pose is my own . . .

•{ The Barbershop . . .

There’s a barbershop right down the street where, I’ve heard it said, the Past comes to meet. It’s not a place of glitz or flare, and people sit in vintage chairs. Though there’s always something for  you to find , it’s people that are kind.

So if you got some time to spare, or need to do something with your hair, I recommend going there . . .

Scene Design . . .

The following is from Serenity Style at the 6th Republic November

Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop -Photo Frames
Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop -Picture 1
Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop -Price List Board
Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop- WAITING CHAIRS
Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop- CHAIR RARE
Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop -Lamp
Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop -Dresser
Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop -Shaving Soap
Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop -Shaving Razor Blade
Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop -Shaving Brush
Serenity Style- Valentino’s Barber Shop -ULTRARARE

Other items
dust bunny . darling hanging plant
[B. <3] Antique Coat Rack (Rustic)
Fapple– Bistro Magazines
Apple Fall Victorian Radiator

•{ Window Seat . . .

I don’t have anything fancy to say this time around. Sometimes that happens. I’ve had a lot going on recently – even took a few weeks away from blogging due to having surgery. Thankfully, it all went well.

Now I’m in a state of recovery, and it’s not as easy as people would have you believe. Some days are good. Others? Not quite so much, but it’s all a process.

So this is what I have today. No matter what happens, nothing is going to keep this girl down.

Outfit: Scandalize. Valentina. @ FaMESHed

Pose: [ Focus Poses ] Frosty Morning

•{ . . .Contemplation . . .

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.”

 Albert Einstein


Shirt: Clef de Peau. VN Tee Beige  @ The Men’s Department {opening Sept. 5th}
Jeans: not so bad  . mesh . LEO jeans . navy  @ The Men’s Department {opening Sept. 5th}
Accessories:  [VO.Z] Accessories Collection @ PocketGacha [ Until Sept 15th ]

[VO.Z] AC Bento Rings –
[VO.Z] Anchor Pendant Necklace – Silver
[VO.Z] Be Brave Bracelet – Iron

Tattoo:  { Speakeasy } Dazz @ PocketGacha [ Until Sept 15th ]

Pose from Ana Poses – The Chair Abadon

•{ Late Night Call . . .

The call came late that night, but she had been expecting it. When she had arrived home after work there was a package waiting at her door. It was from him. 

She had let the package sit on her table while she put away her things. Curiosity tugged at her, but she loved the feeling of anticipation. When she eventually did open it she laughed in delight, took the contents, and headed off to change.  For him to get her something like this was a bold move. Joke was on him – she was just as bold.

Therefore, when the call came she was prepared and laid out on the couch before answering her phone. It was a video call, so she made sure to hold the phone high enough so he would be treated to an entertaining view. “Hey Daddy. . .” she said with a coy smile on her lip. 

He started to speak then held his words. Seeing this made her smile all the more.  He cleared his throat and tried to add an edge of anger to his words as he frowned, “Someone couldn’t wait?”

She knotted her brows and pouted. “I wanted to surprise you.” 

“No pouting, from what I see you look amazing.”

Her pout was quickly replaced with a smile. “Coming over?” 

On the phone she saw the background his camera change. He had gotten up. “I’m already on the way.”  After which he hung up and she put her own down with a sigh.  

He often worked late, their schedules didn’t often match up, but when they did there was nothing quite like those late night calls.

Outfit: Scandalize..Maily @ Kinky Event 
HairVanity Hair:: Baccara.

Pose: POSE MANIACS – Midnight Talk @ Level 

•{ Cautionary Shed . . .

Come inside the garden shed 
The beams are low
So watch your head.

The sun is bright
Things look inviting
Could their be a secret hiding? 

With all the delights to see
What danger could their possibly be . . .

Scene Design: 

The following items can be found @ *PocketShop* August

Madras Tiffany Letter Jar Decor
Madras Tiffany TNT Decor
Madras Tiffany Stool Decor
Madras Tiffany Table Decor
Madras Tiffany Flower Jar Decor
Madras Tiffany Bowl Decor

Infinite – Kiki’s Table (Gold)
Infinite – Kiki’s Lamp
Infinite – Kiki’s Futon (PG)
Infinite – Secret Book 
Infinite– Kiki’s Water

Other items:

:[Plastik]:– Arizanne Decor:// Arch @ TLC August 
Madras – 08 Doux White hang light decor.
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 13. Sleepy Pup
05 Madras Floral Frame 1
[DDD] Twinkling Ivy