•{ Just a Call . . .

It was a call. One simple call that lasted no more than two minutes, but had changed everything.

She leaned against the wall with her phone in her hand. Every now and then she would turn it up to look at the screen. Maybe she hadn’t heard what she had. Maybe it was all a delusional conversation from an overworked mind.

It wasn’t.

No matter how she tried to deny the reality, some times things were finite. What was she suppose to do now? She had traveled all this way . . .

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•{ Our lives could change. . .

The clock struck. It was another hour into the night and the sky was growing darker. She stepped out on her balcony and adjusted the fur shawl on her shoulders while looking out to the cityscape around her. It was a warm night for this time of year and it left the sky slightly overcast. It was, in many ways, a lovely night. Too bad she wasn’t able to enjoy it for what it was.

All Pretty like the sun, you burn it up, you burn me up
All ashes I become, I’m all swept up
All spaces in between, you fill me up, you fill me up
And as the night falls low, away we go.

She checked her phone for the third time tonight to see if there was a reply to the message she had sent the other day. Of course there wasn’t. There wouldn’t be. She shouldn’t expect there to be and yet . . she did. He said he would meet her tonight and, despite everything, she choose to believe it. That was a couple days ago. There hasn’t been a word from him since. With a sigh she leaned against the balcony doors.

All pretty like the scars, we both have ours, its who we are
Oh show me everything, where your going, where you been
All time its not too late, I’m standing here, the world can wait
And as the night falls low, away we go . . .

What she didn’t know was that he was there. At the time he had told her he would arrive at her place. But he wasn’t at her place. Not really. He was across the street at the park, leaning half hidden behind a lamppost. From there he could look straight up to her window. He saw her looking for him. Perhaps he was a coward and maybe even a bigger fool for hiding out after he had been the one to set up the meeting.

His phone vibrated in his hand and it was her. Of course it was her. “You gave me everything you had, “ he said to himself as he watched the phone ring. “Gave me your life, I couldn’t give you my heart. You said our lives could change.” It stopped ringing and he slipped the phone in his pocket, turned and walked away. “But our lives can’t change.”

(Inspired by the song, “Pretty like the sun” by Prime Circle)

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•{ A spy-deer . . .

School today was crazy, but what was even more so was the weather. It was so cold she could hardly feel her fingers and that meant she couldn’t hold her phone, let alone use it, to video talk to her friend Jazzy on the way home from school. Like, seriously, isn’t there some law about sending kids to school when it’s below freezing?

Navi trudged home through the cold and snow as fast as she could. Jazzy wasn’t at school today and she simply had to be told about what had happened in 3rd-period.

“An’on’ome?” Navi called out as soon as she got in the door of her home. She was checking to see if her mom was home. She wasn’t. At least not yet. All the better for now she could rave to her friend without her mom listening in.

Before she could even finish sitting by the window, she quick dialed Jazzy and her face was on the screen. “Girl . . . you should have been there today!”

“I miss all the good stuff when I’m out,” came Jazzy’s voice from the other side of the phone.

“Okay, you know Jason, right? He — “


“—Came right up to me and — “


“ —Put hand on my shou—“


“Oh my god, what?” Navi exclaimed. “What is so important?”

Jazzy pointed to Navi, “There’s a deer or, whatevah, behind you.”

Navi turned to see what her friend was talking about. Indeed, there was a deer looking in at them through the window. She started laughing as she turned back to her friend. “This animal is ‘bout to be all up in our conversation.”

Both girls laughed before getting on to more important matters . . .

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•{ Last Minute Flight . . .

It was a last minute flight. They called her a few hours ago and needed her to fly out immediately to handle a work situation. Her schedule was full, literally full to the brim with many things she still had to do in preparation for the big day next week. She had tried to find a way out of this obligation, but it wasn’t plausible. If she didn’t go, what she had been working on for the past few months would be lost.

With a sigh she kicked herself into high gear and hurriedly packed a bag with the barest essentials. Anything she forgot she would get when she arrived. Flight was booked on her way to the airport and she arrived just on time to make it.

Once the plane was in the air she took out her laptop and started to work. The attendant brought her muffins and a strong coffee. She couldn’t focus on work. She hadn’t been able to reach the person who mattered most to her before she left; and had only left him a voicemail. He was dealing with business too but she still wished she could have spoken to him in person.

Everything was going to be okay. She would get this work done and be back to him in time for their big day.

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•{ Let’s Play a Game . . .

It was getting late in the evening and he had had a long day at work. The stressed of it followed him all the way home. A turn of the key and he opened the door to his apartment and stepped in. It was dark inside.

“I’m home,” he called out off-handily as he locked the door and tossed his jacket and bag to the corner. He headed for the kitchen to see what she left him to eat. “What’s for din….” His own words caught when he turned the corner and saw her sitting there on the floor, dressed in a lingerie piece he hadn’t seen before, with the game ‘Twister’ before her. “ …ner.” Right now he was interested in a different type of meal.

She wore a coy smile on her face and her finger flicked the game’s spinner. “I thought we could play a game . . .” she said, her eyes watching him as he began to circle around her. He loosened his tie and began to take off his shirt. “You do like games, don’t you?”

He kneeled behind her, his mind a puzzle undone by the sight of her. His body leaned forward – it was almost like he was on auto-pilot. First, his hips met hers. Then, his chest met her shoulders and each time the image became sharper in his mind. His arm went around her and brushed against the back of her head – it was that which made her turn in his direction. Taking the chance he pulled his tie over her eyes. There was no objection.

She spoke playfully, with a strong hint of laughter in her voice. “You know, I haven’t played Twister in a long time, but I don’t remember it playing out like this.”

He slid his hand across her face, and abruptly drove it down, past her jaw. He closed it off around her neck, his fingertips melting into her skin. He leaned against her and he moved his head to the side of hers. His lips conquered by a large grin made room for his words to push out of his throat in a joking tone, laced with a suggestive hint.
“Well, looks like we’re going to have to play out our own Twister, then.”

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•{ The Fae and the Samurai . . . |a story|

Once upon a time . . .

“Why did you come here?” The Fae asked him as she stood in the archway of the old ruins. The place was beautiful once, some may argue it was even more so now that vines had crept up its walls and the stonework was cracked in a myriad of places. The smell of the earth was all around. It was no wonder that the Nature Spirits had taken it as one of their homes.

The Samurai had stopped his approach at the base of the ruins stairs and stood looking at the things all around him. This place was one he had passed many times and nothing seemed extraordinary about it – just a temple fallen into the hands of time. He never saw anything there before but vines. Now his heart was open and he had faith that he would find what he needed in this place.

Despite the warmth in the air the man felt a chill when he looked at her. “My child is very ill,” he started off speaking slowly. His voice held a conviction that wasn’t shown in the slight way his legs trembled as he headed up the stairs. “We fear she will not last to see another sunrise. I have buried her, to her neck, in the earth as the stories have instructed.”

The Fae laughed. “A story has brought you here?” The grasses blew and small specks of light freckled the air. These were minor Fae, and their voices sounded like whispers on the wind. “I have no time for men who put their faith in a tale.”

And she started to turn away from the Samurai. As she did, the light that was there and the warmth began to recede. He could not miss this opportunity. “Wait!” He cried. He took the stairs two at a time though the distance between him and the Fae never decreased. Still he tried to catch her. “I am here for you, oh great Fae of Nature! To beg for her life.”

The Fae raised her hand and the Samurai stopped. Before he had been far away from her, but now he was within arms reach. He almost feel backwards. Being this close to her he could feel heat like a sun pouring from her. It felt as though his inner being was being burned, but he did not back down.

The Samurai lowered his hands to the step in front of him and bowed his head low as he started to recite words from the story he read: ‘Bury the sick in an earthen bed, cover all but their head. If your broken heart will shed, the Fae of Nature will give them life in your stead.”

When he ended there was silence, and its weight pressed down on him. He could also feel the Fae’s eyes on him as sure as he felt the heat. The silence stretched. Had it been a few minutes? Hours? He couldn’t tell how much time had passed for the light in the old temple seemed the same as it was when he first arrived. As time had no hold.

Then he sensed movement in front of him and he dared to lift his head. When he did he saw the Fae sitting on the top step. She was the color of bark and her wings like leaves; their golden vines reflecting the light and blinding his eyes to the details of her. She was looking at him. “Place your head upon my lap.”

The Samurai did as he was told, finding the strength to raise from his spot and get to the landing. He laid upon his back and placed his head on her lap. As soon as he did this the heat he had been feeling vanished and was replaced with a warmth he could bask in forever.

Her fingers brushed along his face. His eyes closed and his breathing steadied to a slow rhythm. “The earth feels your pain,” said the Fae. “Your heart has bleed into the soil touched by your hands and it has been watered by your tears. For all the years you have left, to her you freely give?”

“I give her all that I have.” There was no hesitation in the Samurai’s response. He had come here willing to give his life and that had not changed. He raised his hand up to the Fae and she let him touch her face. Her own arms closed about him as she cradled him the way a mother would a child.

As he laid there, with his head in the lap of the Fae of Nature, the last thought he had, was of his daughter pushing her way out of the earth . . .


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•{ The last evening . . .

The last few rays of the sun were still breaking through the sky, though any moment they would be taken up and the sky would be fully enveloped in evening. With it would come the need for her to turn on the lights and prepare herself for the guest that we’re coming over.

She was starting to regret the plans she had made during her moment of extroversion. At least they were coming over to play Billiards. She could navigate around that and the social gathering may not be as tiring.

In any case, it was the last social event of the year and she was determined to end it on a positive note.

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