•{ Feels like Rain . . .

When she started out it was a bright and sunny day. Though after those first few steps, nothing seemed the same. The grass that was soft, suddenly didn’t feel the same. The blue sky was now tinged with grey. Warm air held a chill that triggered a response in her brain. Everything was telling her, ‘I think it’s gonna rain. . . ‘

Outfit: GIZ SEORN : Bodysuit @ POP-UP WEEK in Mainstore 
Hair: Wasabi // Peyton

Pose is from  :LW: BENTO Poses– Innocence collection @ Tres Chic
(Grass comes with the fatback)

•{ Fish and a Boat . . .

Drifting along the river when
Besides the boat were fish friends
Who wanted me to come down to them
So out stretched my arm with a slight bend
Thoughts raced of the time I’d spend, but then
Reality, came pushing in
Reminding me that I live in the World of Men . . .

Hair: DOUX – Elijah hairstyle
Outfit: Mangula Yeray Set Dress @ Uber 
Shoes: Mangula Yeray Wedges Sandals @ Uber 

+Half-Deer+Flowerhead Goldfish – Dream –

pose is from SomethingNew~ Sailing Solo (boat included)

•{ Out in the Distance . . .

When you look out in the distance
You see it never was that far

Ohhh No

Heaven knows your existence
And leads you to be everything you are


There’s a time for every soul to fly
It’s in the eyes of every child
It’s the hope, the love that saves the world
And, ohhh, we should never let it go . . .

—Lyrics from “I Believe” from Fantasia Barrino

Top:Giz Seorn:: Tess Wrap Top @ Uber 
Pants: Giz Seorn:: tTess Pants @ Uber 
Hair: [THRONED] Jocelyn Hairstyle v2

Pose [InDiGo] Her Solitude Set @ Pose Fair Market