•{ Rooftop Signs . . .

There was something about rooftops – it was one of the places she always found herself going when she needed to breathe. For up here she could see the city and things seemed ‘quite’ in their own way. When she was high up everything below was smaller, even her problems which were ‘down there’ didn’t seem to matter.

It was a particularly bright day today so she sat back along the bigger vents and rested in their shadows. Traces of the sun’s rays hit her, but that was okay. Everything was perfect up here. On the rooftop.

Outfit: Una. Brina @ equal10
Hair: Exile:: – Drive

lop backdrop – roof
ionic : Rooftop Chimneys & Antennas  (old gacha)

•{ A spy-deer . . .

School today was crazy, but what was even more so was the weather. It was so cold she could hardly feel her fingers and that meant she couldn’t hold her phone, let alone use it, to video talk to her friend Jazzy on the way home from school. Like, seriously, isn’t there some law about sending kids to school when it’s below freezing?

Navi trudged home through the cold and snow as fast as she could. Jazzy wasn’t at school today and she simply had to be told about what had happened in 3rd-period.

“An’on’ome?” Navi called out as soon as she got in the door of her home. She was checking to see if her mom was home. She wasn’t. At least not yet. All the better for now she could rave to her friend without her mom listening in.

Before she could even finish sitting by the window, she quick dialed Jazzy and her face was on the screen. “Girl . . . you should have been there today!”

“I miss all the good stuff when I’m out,” came Jazzy’s voice from the other side of the phone.

“Okay, you know Jason, right? He — “


“—Came right up to me and — “


“ —Put hand on my shou—“


“Oh my god, what?” Navi exclaimed. “What is so important?”

Jazzy pointed to Navi, “There’s a deer or, whatevah, behind you.”

Navi turned to see what her friend was talking about. Indeed, there was a deer looking in at them through the window. She started laughing as she turned back to her friend. “This animal is ‘bout to be all up in our conversation.”

Both girls laughed before getting on to more important matters . . .

Head: LAQ ~ Ivy head – Ivy
Top: neve  – duo plaid
Pants: neve– donna denim
HairVanity Hair:: Big Stuff

Pose and background from Something New~ Window Wonderland

•{ Doing it again . . .


That was it. All it took was clicking on the ‘X’ in the corner of the message window to close the conversation. She stared at the now blank screen of her laptop, her mind dancing a ghost-image of the messages and images back in her eyes. It’s not there, she told herself. There’s no proof it was ever there at all.

She took a deep breath not realizing she had been holding it in since she clicked the button. A painful emptiness settled in her chest and made her whole body feel heavy. She turned her head away from the screen and sat fully back against the couch. Slowly her eyes closed and she lifted her arms to rest on the couch cushions. She was finding it hard to breathe and this position lifted her chest and opened her airways more. Hopefully it would bring relief as well.

The room was quiet now except for the low whirring hum of the laptop’s fan. The only other sound was the loud thumping of her heartbeat between her ears.

She knew it was trouble when his message popped up on her screen earlier that night. Nearly every fiber of her being screamed at her not to open it. But she had. And like the sweetest of sin it felt so good. The ecstasy flowed, filled with joy in measures untold until . . .


The moment ended and she realized that she was doing it again. . .

Inspired from “Again” by John Legend

“. . .I feel so alive, it won’t last but it’s alright
Fleeting joy and faded ecstasy
Here goes again, sneaking fruit from the forbidden tree
Sweet taste of sin

And I’m doing it again
Yes, I’m doing it again
Oh, I’m doing it again
I said it would end
But here it goes again . . “

Outfit: Una.. Jessica @ Kinky Event
Skin: [ session ] Tasha Tone06 (Catwa applier) @ Dubai Event
Hair: DOUX – Brandie hairstyle

Pose from Amitie Chester Sofa

Other things:
*pm* Creator Burnout – Not Yet Burnt Out Laptop
Tentacio rose develope
Tentacio bowl of roses

•{ Paths We Take . . .

Life is full of decisions and directions. There are always things trying to pull us one way or another. She knew the path she had to take, but this realization did not make it any easier.

The path was familiar to her. She had planted the roses her herself and it was where she often liked to go. Though now the place that had brought her joy and peace now felt cold and hard. Talks had transpired and many meetings were held, and the only decision that made sense was finally realize.

What happens now? As she walked down the path she not only felt the weight of every step, but also the wheels of change.

Outfit: !!!SMD!!! Anatasia of Emeris Gown Set-Crimson @ We love RP  

Other Items:

Pose is from PurplePoses Pose 602

Shot inside FOXCITY.Photo Booth – Good Form (White Marble

•{ Silks and Satin . . .

Adorn her up in silks and satin
Upon her skin inscribe your pattern.
Set her down for all to see
She’s your centerpiece of beauty.

Body that’s kissed by the sun
Better tie her down, so she don’t run
For things that are always on display
Have a habit of running away . . .

Outfit: Una.. Kathy Silks @ We love RP  
Tattoo: Juna: Mendy Gold tattoo. @ We love RP  
Accessory: [The Forge] Face Chain, Gold

*Paper Moon* Painted Plaster Elephant Planter – Carnation
Alchemy – Desert – Pillow piles – Gold/Red (old Gacha)
34 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Old Rugs
Hanging Flowers – Light Pink
[Plastik]:–Elephant Trinkets Dark

Shot inside: MINIMAL– Mood Salon

Pose from the Amitie  – Fem XXX

•{ Come here . . .

Any moment now he would walk in through the door and find her waiting on his couch. Wouldn’t that be a surprise? Especially since he didn’t know she was coming. Two weeks ago he had given her a key to his place and she had warned him about random pop-up visits. Honestly, she knew that’s what he was expecting and until today she had resisted.

There was excitement he tried to downplay in his voice when he called her around Noon. He spoke about the deal he had made and what it would mean for the company. To her, it sounded like a celebration was in order.

She left work early and picked up a bottle of wine before she gathered her things from her place and went to his.  After a bit of preparation everything was in order.

Presently she heard the key in the lock. She propped herself up. Ready. The door opened and he paused as he stepped through, a slow smile pulling at his lip when he saw her on the couch.

“An intruder,” he said as he stepped in and locked the door behind him. He tried to keep his eyes on her as he hung up his coat. “In my home.”

Her eyes locked on his. She said, “Come here.”

He made a show out of pulling his phone from his pocket. “Perhaps I should call —.”

“Come. Here.” She had cut him off. This time her words held a harder edge. He smiled, and those eyes of his danced with mirth as he tossed the phone on the table and approached.

Outfit: 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Tryneowy Silks / harness @ We love RP  
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. *JAILY* -BRUNETTE

Shot inside the MINIMAL – Secret Room Sofa /no poses/
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Mar 17 Cordelia Curtains Blue
{Concept} 13. NEWYORK. Floor lamp B

pose is my own. . .

•{ Castaway . . .

The sun was blazing down on him and he scooted back to rest against the mast. There was a small bit of shade from the sail that offered him some relief. What he really wished he had was water. The irony of being adrift was that the water sailed upon wasn’t for drinking. In the barrels he found was ale, and while that helped him forget his troubles, it did nothing to really quench his thirst.

It had been three days since he was set adrift on his make-shift raft. Limited supplies and a map that was barely legible, he wasn’t sure where the wind was taking him, or if he’d even make it there.

Outfit: Una.. Braden @ We love RP  

Set from .:Evilkyoot:. Pirate Raft (old item)

Pose is my own . . .