•{ Way back to you. . .

It was an unfavorable match, frowned upon by her father and the other ranking nobles of the Court. He was a Craftsman and she a Court Lady. They never would have crossed paths if she had not gone into town that day on a dare. But she had and as soon as their eyes met their stories had changed. Private messages sent back and forth and covert meetings taken in the cover of night became habit, but it wasn’t long before their secret rendezvous became known to her father and she was forbidden to see him again.

That was over a month ago. Though every day since she woke to find a letter stuck in the crevice of her window from him, asking to meet. Her father had been clear: if they were found together he would be exiled. Therefore she never went. She tired to forget about him and hoped hat he would forget her, but the notes continued to come.

One day, she decided to slip away and meet with him, resolving within herself that she would keep her distance.

Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long
No matter what I say or do
I’ll still feel you here ’till the moment I’m gone

She arrived at the appointed spot and saw him almost immediately and froze. All the feelings she worked hard to bury were making their way tot he surface. He stood, but when he started walking towards her she quickly turned her back to him. “Please stop sending me messages,” her plea was soft, but if she spoke any louder she was sure to be betrayed by her own voice.  “If they find out . . . If they catch you —“  The rest of what she was to say was cut short the moment she felt his hand touch her shoulder.

Oh, you loved me ’cause I’m fragile
When I thought that I was strong
But you touch me for a little while
And all my fragile strength is gone

“Ma’shiara. Ma’shiara look at me.”  His voice was deep and strong, and in hearing him say her name that steel she had filed herself with began to wear away. His hand moved from her shoulder. Ma’shiara slowly turned around as he took her hand. Though she didn’t look at him, but down instead at the hand he held.

He smiled at her and pulled her to him as he took a seat on the bench. Next thing M’ashiara knew she was sitting on his leg.  Sensible reason said she that she shouldn’t be there, but she wasn’t listening to that anymore.  The longer he held her hand the more warmth from it spread through her body.

Ma’shiara lifted her eyes and looked at him with a mixture of joy and fear. “If they catch us they’ll send you away,” she said.

He lifted her hand towards his lips. “Then I’ll find my way back to you,” he said before he kissed her hand. That was all it took for that wall she built to come crashing down.

Set me free, leave me be
I don’t want to fall another moment into your gravity
Here I am, and I stand
So tall, just the way I’m supposed to be
But you’re on to me and all over me
Lyrics from “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles


Benjamin Doulton (thanks for posing with me!)
Outfit:Una::Jhon Green
Hair: *Dura* B82-DARK

Ryanna (That’s me)
Outfit:Una:: LadyAria @ We ❤ RP  

**Real Evil**Raven Rings Set – Bento 2.0
.aisling. Aphrodite – Headdress RARE

Pose: FOXCITY.. Close


•{ Create me . . .

Create me a life much better than this
Bereft of all the things I’d miss
Fill it with faces
And glorious new places
With tales that stretch on for years.

Scene design:
..::THOR::.. Get Inspired! – Art and Craft Stool @ New round of Kustom9
..::THOR::.. Get Inspired! – Quotes Coffe Mug @ New round of Kustom9
..::THOR::.. Get Inspired! – Studio Floor Lamp @ New round of Kustom9
..::THOR::.. Get Inspired! – Potted Succulent 2 @ New round of Kustom9

Serenity Style – Draftsman Table
Serenity Style – Draftsman Stool
Serenity Style – Draftsman Side Table
Serenity Style – ChoiBoi The Light Backdrop RARE

KraftWork Suspended Art.
KraftWork Home Sundry Floor Cushions

{vespertine} – my little artistic clutter.

Nutmeg. Chesterfield Sofa
Nutmeg. Rug Blue


•{ Dear Coffee . . .

“It seems to me that trying to live without friends is like milking a bear to get cream for your coffee. It is a whole lot of trouble, and then not worth much after you get it.”

 Zora Neale Hurston

Skin: Aurealis. Deidra @ Skin Fair 2018
Eyebrows: LUXREBEL  EMMA Eyebrows @ Skin Fair 2018
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial – Underwater – Browns
Top: [Aleutia] Catalina @ On9 {Until March 31st}
Pose: :LW: Bento Poses – Don’t Know Why  @ The Liaison Collaborative {Until March 26th}

*** Review: Aurealis has put out three (3) new skins for the 2018 Skin Fair.  The one I’m displaying is called “Deidra” and it’s for Catwa and Omega.  It comes in eight (8) tone varieties giving a wide range to chose from for any specific need.  The shots were taken with Medium graphics on CAIWL wind light settings. No editing or retouching.

•{ Missed you today . . .

I missed you today
Said all the things I couldn’t say
Like why’d you have to leave that way.
Death should have passed not came and stayed

I missed you today
A few more days and it’d have been your birthday.
All this should have been a different way . . .
Joking and laughing about what we’d do that day
And from responsibility make our getaway.

It’s suppose to get easier so they say,
I missed you today . . .

Hair: TRUTH HAIR  / Makena
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears
Skin: :[Plastik]:– Beryllite Skin @ The Liaison Collaborative
Accessories::[Plastik]:– Sweet Mouse [Shoulder Pet-Creme] @ The Arcade – March
:[Plastik]:– Sweet Mouse [Shoulder Pet-Truffle] @ The Arcade – March
*N*(GIRL) – Sakura Petal Wing

Pose: from L y r i u m – Bento Series Set 7

•{ Bask in the Sun . . .

Lay with me here in the sun
From down till the day is done.
Set your mind at ease
Relax and sway with the breeze
Let time do as it’ll please

Hat/Wrap .: fiore :. RICHA Lovely headwrap
Eyes: Avi-Glam. Prestige Eyes – Fatpack. @ Skin Fair 2018
Skin: .: fiore :. JADE Catwa Applier – SPF45 @ Skin Fair 2018
Tattoo:.:AuricA:. Molly @ Skin Fair 2018
Shape. . . my own

Fiore has put forth a few skins for this years Skin Fair 2018.  The ones I have on display below are made for Catwa. There are six (6) varying shades from which to choose depending on your preference. The tone is even throughout and detailed shading.

•{ Come closer . . . (a review)

I know what you’re wanting I can see it in your stance
Wearing hesitation because you’ve given you’re last chance

Come over here, to me dear, and let’s take it back a notch
there’s originality in every casualty and I’ll prove to you your lot

Take another step, we’re not done yet
Give me all that you’ve got . . .

Suit: BlankLine TurtleneckSuit [Gray] @ The Men’s Department
Facial hair: .::CDC Beard Gift 06 Men Catwa / Omega.
Pose: KZ poses – Wishful

Review : The full body mesh avatar by Exmachina is fairly new to the grid.  As the name suggest it comes with nearly everything a buyer needs to start their mesh journey, even a head and a modifiable shape. The fingers are Bento enabled so they are able to be posed and face has some modifiable abilities also.

The avatar also is omega compatible therefore, if you choose to use a skin other than the four (4) tones provided you can, as long as you pick up the Omega relay. This also enables you to customize the body with facial hair, tattoos, and other Omega friendly items.

The HUD is extensive, giving the buyer many options  and save slots. There are even hand poses built into the HUD.

For the review shots below I am wearing the Free tintable Hairbase which can be found in the store and the unedited body shape. Shots were taken with Medium graphics on CAIWL windlight settings. No editing or retouching.