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•{ About Class . . .

“Class is an aura of confidence that is being sure without being cocky. Class has nothing to do with money. Class never runs scared. It is self-discipline and self-knowledge. It’s the sure-footedness that comes with having proved you can meet life. ”
― Ann Landers

Suit: NATIVE URBAN – Alpha Suit


Pose is oOo – Together Two

Backdrop: MADRAS Royal Entrance BackGround

•{ Almost Human . . . ?

Take a look in the mirror
And what do you see
Do you see it clearer
Or are you deceived
In what you believe
‘Cause I’m only human after all
You’re only human after all

— Lyrics from “Human” by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

Outfit: 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Shallan @ We ❤ RP
Hair: EscalateD – Samara @ We ❤ RP
Tattoo: :[Elven-Tide]: Cyber – Black

Visor: Visor by Violetiliy

Pose is Diversion – Disconnected @ Cyber Fair
Backdrop is Diversion – Cyber City Room @ Cyber Fair

•{ . . . Contemplate

When all these things
Run through my mind
Are you listening
Do you have the time?

What it seems like
Ain’t what it is
When everything you’re saying
Is falling on deaf ears

So I sit here and wait
Figure out on my own
The next move to take . . .

Hair: CAMO – Wes Dreads @TMD
Shirt: toksik – Loner Shirt (Poker) @ The Warehouse 
Sunglasses: -SU!- Poison Sunglasses

Pose is *~*HopScotch*~* The Wait I (Male) @ Soon at Pose Fair . . .

•{ Toxic . . .

It’s getting late to give you up
I took a sip from my devil’s cup
Slowly, it’s taking over me

Too high, can’t come down
It’s in the air and it’s all around
Can you feel me now?

With a taste of your lips, I’m on a ride
You’re toxic, I’m slippin’ under
With a taste of a poison paradise
I’m addicted to you
Don’t you know that you’re toxic?
And I love what you do
Don’t you know that you’re toxic?

— Lyrics from “Toxic” by Britney Spears

Outfit: Art&Ko Sorumin – Grunge Gacha @ Lootbox
Hair:Unorthodox Nico Hair

Pose is from West End Bento Poses – Reality Check

•{ New Phone . . .

The day was only half over and she had only begun to shop. The boutique shops on the upper-side of town always held little-known gems so they were the best places to if you wanted to find a unique piece.

Her phone rang while she made her way to her car. It had rung a couple times before she reached the car and pulled out her phone and looked at the number. Problem was, the phone was new and her contact list had not finished syncing yet. Did she know this number? With a shrug she answered. “Hello?”

“Hello?” Came the voice on the other end. “Is that how it is now? Hello?”

She knew who it was now, and she scoffed as she opened the car and put her bags in all the while expertly balancing her phone. “And what if it is?” That was her retort.

“I see, you got jokes.”

“What’s that? New phone, who this?” And she pulled the phone away and laughed as she hung up. *Click*. They’d call back and, if they didn’t, well, she had shopping to do.

Outfit: Scandalize – Lulu @ Tres Chic 
Hair: Magika – Gemma
Pose is K&S – // I need a taxi // Bento poses

:.:UNICORN::. / BACKDROP San Francisco