•{ From a Rose . . .

“. . .There is so much a man can tell you, so much he can say
You remain my power, my pleasure, my pain
Baby, to me, you’re like a growing addiction that I can’t deny
Won’t you tell me, is that healthy, baby?
But did you know that when it snows
My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen?. . .”

Lyrics from “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal

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Eyes: ANATOMY – Lover Eyes @ We love RP  
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•{ Our lives could change. . .

The clock struck. It was another hour into the night and the sky was growing darker. She stepped out on her balcony and adjusted the fur shawl on her shoulders while looking out to the cityscape around her. It was a warm night for this time of year and it left the sky slightly overcast. It was, in many ways, a lovely night. Too bad she wasn’t able to enjoy it for what it was.

All Pretty like the sun, you burn it up, you burn me up
All ashes I become, I’m all swept up
All spaces in between, you fill me up, you fill me up
And as the night falls low, away we go.

She checked her phone for the third time tonight to see if there was a reply to the message she had sent the other day. Of course there wasn’t. There wouldn’t be. She shouldn’t expect there to be and yet . . she did. He said he would meet her tonight and, despite everything, she choose to believe it. That was a couple days ago. There hasn’t been a word from him since. With a sigh she leaned against the balcony doors.

All pretty like the scars, we both have ours, its who we are
Oh show me everything, where your going, where you been
All time its not too late, I’m standing here, the world can wait
And as the night falls low, away we go . . .

What she didn’t know was that he was there. At the time he had told her he would arrive at her place. But he wasn’t at her place. Not really. He was across the street at the park, leaning half hidden behind a lamppost. From there he could look straight up to her window. He saw her looking for him. Perhaps he was a coward and maybe even a bigger fool for hiding out after he had been the one to set up the meeting.

His phone vibrated in his hand and it was her. Of course it was her. “You gave me everything you had, “ he said to himself as he watched the phone ring. “Gave me your life, I couldn’t give you my heart. You said our lives could change.” It stopped ringing and he slipped the phone in his pocket, turned and walked away. “But our lives can’t change.”

(Inspired by the song, “Pretty like the sun” by Prime Circle)

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Shot inside FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Neighborhood
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•{ Pretty Can’t See . . .

And he said, ‘Pretty Baby you’re so special to me. With my eyes how I wish you could see, the visage of your majesty. Pretty Baby please come onto me. Can’t you see it’s our destiny.”

Words like honey with a touch that was warm, can cloud the mind like a mid-summer storm.

Striving to see with eyes that aren’t yours. The failure of it keeps making you unsure. And every day he’s there knocking on your door saying, “Pretty Baby, you’re more beautiful than before.”

So you close you eyes, you’re blind and cannot see through the many layers of past insecurity. Knowing deep down that it could never be that the ‘Pretty Baby’ he speaks of is me . . .

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Tattoo:Stardust– Grace Tattoo @ Collabor88

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•{ . . . Metro Thoughts

He had a long way to go yet, to get to where he wanted. Always feeling like he was coming from the wrong side of the tracks, trying to slip into the high society lifestyle. It was going to take some work – a lot of work – for him to reach the goals he set.

An exasperated sigh left his lips as he leaned back to the steel fence that outlined the subway. Right now the day was quiet, a few people passed by here and there, but that was because the station didn’t open for a couple hours yet. He had arrived early in hopes that it would spark motivation. He gave a pat to the bag which hung off his shoulder. Its contents were his motivation.

His eyes followed the steps down and he tired to peer into the darkness. He was going to be the first in the station and arrive to work before everyone else, and work harder than everyone else. One day his dreams will not be dreams anymore.

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•{ Sunsets and Angels . . .

As I look back over my days
Why is it that beautiful things always fade
The blue skies always turn grey
Tell me have the happy days gone away?

There’s magic all in the air
But we walk around like nothing is there . . .
How can we be so unaware
Travelin’ with our heads down, feeding despair.

But there’s a light and it shines in the dark
It’s right there deep down in our hearts.
Don’t turn away even when it blinds your eyes
Watch it grow, pushing back at the night.

You’ll find the hope that was always inside
Create those happy days from the night . . . .


Outfit: Una – Love Corset @  Kinky
Hair: tram F1124
Wings: RO – Eternity Wings – Innocence Container

Pose is  from Diversion – Unravel Me Poses

•{ All Mad Here . . .

“I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night. Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle!”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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•{ A spy-deer . . .

School today was crazy, but what was even more so was the weather. It was so cold she could hardly feel her fingers and that meant she couldn’t hold her phone, let alone use it, to video talk to her friend Jazzy on the way home from school. Like, seriously, isn’t there some law about sending kids to school when it’s below freezing?

Navi trudged home through the cold and snow as fast as she could. Jazzy wasn’t at school today and she simply had to be told about what had happened in 3rd-period.

“An’on’ome?” Navi called out as soon as she got in the door of her home. She was checking to see if her mom was home. She wasn’t. At least not yet. All the better for now she could rave to her friend without her mom listening in.

Before she could even finish sitting by the window, she quick dialed Jazzy and her face was on the screen. “Girl . . . you should have been there today!”

“I miss all the good stuff when I’m out,” came Jazzy’s voice from the other side of the phone.

“Okay, you know Jason, right? He — “


“—Came right up to me and — “


“ —Put hand on my shou—“


“Oh my god, what?” Navi exclaimed. “What is so important?”

Jazzy pointed to Navi, “There’s a deer or, whatevah, behind you.”

Navi turned to see what her friend was talking about. Indeed, there was a deer looking in at them through the window. She started laughing as she turned back to her friend. “This animal is ‘bout to be all up in our conversation.”

Both girls laughed before getting on to more important matters . . .

Head: LAQ ~ Ivy head – Ivy
Top: neve  – duo plaid
Pants: neve– donna denim
HairVanity Hair:: Big Stuff

Pose and background from Something New~ Window Wonderland