•{ Snowfall . . .

She leaned back and let out a sigh, tipping her face upwards to the lightly falling snow. Next to her he shifted, adjusting his position. “Uncomfortable?” She asked..

“No,” came his short reply.

“You hesitated. You are uncomfortable, aren’t you?”

He plucked a few snowflakes off the knees of his pants. “It’s starting to snow.”

Spreading her hands she laughed. “Look around you, its snowed and we’re sitting in the snow -“

“On a blanket.”

Instead of rolling her eyes she only grinned and pushed back into his side. “Just enjoy it, COLD!” While she was talking he had taken his hand and slipped it under her coat. She was warm and his hand was not.

He grinned from ear to ear, reveling in his small victory. “What is that you were saying?”

Now she shivered, but if he thought she was going to cave and want to go inside he better think again. Besides, after the initial shock died down she was fine. “I told you to wear gloves.”

What Munky is wearing (check out her blog here)
Jacket: !MOZ “Pia” Belted Leather Jacket
Jeans: !MOZ Roll Cuff Jeans
Boots: *Tentacio* – Aran boots pink
Gloves: CLBlue – Formal Gloves(short)

Hair: -Fabia- Gerda

What Ryan is wearing (That’s me!)
The follow is from Gabriel   @ The Epiphany
1.::GB:: M51 Jacket / Black RARE (using the high neck / Fur attachment )
3.::GB:: M51 Jacket / Dull Wine
6.::GB:: Leather strap pants / Black
11.::GB:: Flat buckle sneakers / Black


Pose is :LW: BENTO Poses– *Love On The Brain @ Trés Chic. 

Other items:
:HAIKEI: Just lazy Rug / V.3.
Sway’s [Clyde] Winter Home Gacha – Winter Cottage- RARE@ Gachaland
.:Tm:.Creation – Don’t go Away Scene @ The Boardwalk

•{ Take the Sword . . .

Who will come and take the sword

She waits for you at journey’s end
Straight up the path
And around the bend

Who will come and take the sword
Though it is a prize it’s not the reward.

With innocence written on her face
To count her out would be a mistake. . .

Outfit is from !dM deviousMind “Eclipse” ** Found at LOOTBOX Dec2018** (bloggerBOX).

Hair: Unorthodox Sierra Hair –

Pose is: *FN* Bless This Sword Pose + Katana

•{ Feel the Wind . . .

It was one of those warn winter days where it felt like the end of Autumn. She needed a day like this where the wind was blowing and the sun was bright in the sky. With her cat in tow she headed for the park.

There was so much going on in her life that it felt good – just for a moment – to sit and let the stress go. She leaned against a fence and let out a deep breath. At that moment the wind came through and pulled at her hair and tossed a few stray leaves around.

Just for a moment it was time to breathe and let it go.

Outfit: Giz Seorn – Evelyn
Hair: *ARGRACE** Saki – Cocoa

Trees: Little Branch _OrangeTree.v2

Pose is Le Poppycock *Dear Autumn* Flights of Freedom (Gacha)
Comes with: Fence, leaves, and cat

•{ Petals and Decisions . . .

He had been busy lately and they hadn’t crossed paths in a handful of days so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She had checked the arrival of the subway train quite a few times before deciding to come. It would be a surprise – he didn’t know she would be there.

As she was waiting she began to feel insecure. Perhaps this wasn’t the right thing to do? He would arrive from the subway, she would say ‘surprise’, and then what? Maybe she should go.

There was a daisy growing beside the bench and she plucked it. If she couldn’t make up her mind perhaps the flower could do it for her.

Outfit: Scandalize. Teila @ Collabor88
Pose is Expressive bento poses He love me, he don’t love me

Apple Fall Metro Entrance
KraftWork Bus Stop Concrete Bench

•{ are bad girls . . .

“Forget what you thought
‘Cause good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught
So just turn around and forget what you saw
‘Cause good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught”

– Lyrics from 5 Seconds of Summer “Good Girls”

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face
Top: (*<*) 1313 Trenched Jacket – Blue  @ LootBox
Skin: -Birth- ‘Jenny’ Genus Applier Tone 5 @ Kinky Event
Hair: Vanity Hair::Venezia @ Salon 52

Pose from Le Poppycock *Provocatrice* Clandestine Operation

•{ Coffee date . . .

How about we meet for coffee a quarter after Eight
Don’t mind the hour, it’s hardly late.
Let’s get together for a coffee date . . .

Jacket :Una.. Yume Jaket RARE @ The Epiphany {Opening Jan. 15th}
Dress : Una.. Yume Sequins Dress RARE @ The Epiphany {Opening Jan. 15th}
Hair: .ICONIC: Jewel @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Accessories Lazuri Classic Pearls Drop Earring / Necklace

Pose is :LW: BENTO Poses  – So Close @ Pose Fair January 

Backdrop:  BUENOMulder Loft Building-Gray