My battle . . .

Thought my battles were done ,
but another one needs to be won.

All the lessons that I’ve learned,
get me ready for another turn.

Shadows of the past
caught up to me at last.

Life’s wanting me to give in,
it’s time to rise up and take another win.

  • Original poetry


Outfit: Mushliu – FairyBones Gacha  @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival {Until Mar. 7th}
Hair: Yasum*MESH*Cyber Dreads*headpiece (old Gatcha)
Accessories: C L A Vv. Feather Tribal Ear Cuff (Natural)
Arte – War Paint – 6 Colours
Izzie’s – Face & Body Blood & Wounds

pose: *F*ckin Ningas* Mandragora Pose + Katana

{Roawenwood} Red Leafed Maple
{Roawenwood} Dungeon Entrance Ruins – Treasure Chest Feb. Exclusive
[MedievalFantasy] cranepile1

Journey home

She put the bag in the car and leaned on the door, sighing as she reached up and adjusted her glasses. The house was right across the way.  Funny. It looked a lot closer than it was, but that was the trick of the flatlands. It was hard to tell distance when there was not much to break up the landscaping.

Wouldn’t take much longer to get there.  An hour, possibly two, and she would be there.  It didn’t matter how far it was. In her heart she was already there.

Home isn’t a place, but it’s a feeling.  No matter where the road took her, she was always home.


I’m coming home
I’m coming home
tell the World I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
tell the World I’m coming
– J. Cole  “I’m coming home”

Top: Petite Mort – Rose Maxi Cardigan @ Tres Chic { Until March 10th }
Pants: Petite Mort – Drty Medwash Patch Bellbottoms @ Tres Chic { Until March 10th }
Hair: *ARGRACE* Cowboy Hat / MINAMI – Coppers
Accessories:[The.Plastik]: Diamondine Glasses

Pose: FOXCITY. Thoughts

Shot on location at: Sol Farm

Watch your steps. . .

There are many roads which we travel.   Some are easy, others can be quite difficult. Oftentimes we go the same direction everyday to get to and fro from our daily activities. We know the path inside and out. We know it so well that we can travel it with our eyes closed.

The problem arises when we’ve become complacent and have stopped being aware of where our feet are going.  Before you know it, you ended up in an unexpected place.

Keep your eyes open.  Even a well-worn path can lead one astray.


Outfit: ::Una ::  Iddun Gacha @ Whimsical {Starts Feb. 18th}  
Hair: Truth HAIR February VIP gift – HoneyAna
Accessories: [Cubic Cherry]  {Pixie} orbs @ Treasure Chest – February

Pose: <K&S>  ~Next to the wall~1. Pack 4
Scene: Mushilu. –  Small Pavillion @ The Enchantment {Until Feb. 28th }


Being a Lady . . .

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

 Margaret Thatcher quotes (British Politician and Prime Minister. b.1925)

In a world where we are asked to adapt to task and do things that seem impossible.  Let us never forget who we are, nor the power and strength that comes from being a woman.


Dress: . K E L I N I .  Muse Dress *White*
Hair: booN KBO906 hair chocolate

Shot on location at: Anduril 

Crawling in the Dungeon


***** Press Release! *****

Treasure Chest is a monthly themed mystery subscription box with a focus on new, high quality exclusive original fantasy, steampunk, post apocalyptic & sci-fi roleplay creations.  This month Treasure Chest is running a special ten for a thousand promotion, meaning you pay just L$1000 pre reveal for 10 designers amazing creations – that’s literally only L$100 for each designer’s release!  You can subscribe by joining the Treasure Chest SL group inworld between 1st-14th to reverie the months Chest on the 15th!  To learn more about Treasure Chest and see past chest contents visit

February’s theme for Treasure Chest is the Dungeon Crawl; the iconic basis for RPG’s of all genres – a group forms at the local gathering spot and hears of a dangerous opportunity that could see them all rich beyond their wildest dreams if they have the courage to venture into evils lair. Dank dungeon or abandoned city, mad inventor’s tower or derelict hulk – they must gather their weapons, strap their armor on, tool up and set out to brave the unknown.  What might our intrepid heroes wear and equip themselves with, and what could they find lurking in those dangerous, far from abandoned treasure filled halls?  Join us for Treasure Chest February and find out!

Our dungeon delving creations will be brought to you by:

  • Adoness
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  • Souzou Eien
  • Unrepentant

The team has put together a special sneak peek image of the amazing creations the designers have been working on for this months Treasure Chest.  Take a look and see if you can guess waiting for you in February’s Dungeon Crawl Chest – and don’t forget, after reveal it goes up to the full price so make sure to sign up for yours now!

Out of Character . . .

“I’m out of character
I’m in rare form
If you really knew me
You’d know it’s not the norm

Cause I’m doing things that I normally won’t do
The old me’s gone I feel brand new
And if you don’t like it . . . “
— lyrics from Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight

The people who don’t know you see you do something different and are quick to ask what’s wrong.

What are you doing? This isn’t like you. You’ve changed. Those are some of the things they tend to say. You can’t be something other than what they know! How dare you step outside of the box that they made for you? You’re ruining their whole perception!

You’re not suppose to rock the boat and do something new.

To all the people who thought that they knew, listen up for I got something for you.

Outfit: [Kenny Rolands]  LENA SEXY BODYSUIT -BLACK- @ The Kinky Event { Until Feb 19th }
Shoes: Blueberry / Show Time / Maitreya – Po Shoes *Famous* (Gatcha Item)
Accessories: **Real Evil Industries** LUX Lolita Necklace

Scene: BellePoses – The Sweet Escape (cage)

Pose: [DeePosed] Precious 1

There will be days . . .

There will be days where nothing goes as planned.  Days where you can’t roll your eyes enough.  Days in which every single thing gets on your  nerves.

There will be days.

There will be days where the “I told you so’s” abound. Days in which everyone will have a contracting opinion to your own and they will “know what you should do.” There will be days where you’ll say, “That’s it!  I’m not going to be nice anymore!” and even being evil backfires.

When those days come and you feel that you’re at your wits end, don’t forget to breathe.  Remember, you’ve made it through all your bad days so far – this is simply another victory waiting to be had.

Outfit: Yasum *MESH* Snow Queen* EPIC (old gatcha )

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Bianca Mesh Hair – Style 2 – Browns

Accessories: From :[The.Plastik]: @ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival { Opening Feb. 7th }
:[P]:- Daemonus Gatcha:// Aea Eyes LIGHT / Bone Jewelry / Viki Bindi
:[P]:- Daemonus Gatcha:// Dae Headdress RARE
:[P]:- Daemonus Gatcha:// Dae Makeup RARE
:[P]:- Daemonus Gatcha:// Dae Tattoo RARE

Pose: <K&S> ~Portrait photography~ 7